Eight civilians killed, 25 wounded by brutal Turkish aggression

Eight civilians were killed and twenty five others wounded as a result of the continued Turkish aggression on the city of Ra's al-Ein and nearby areas despite the announcement of the Turkish regime about reaching an agreement with Washington to suspend the bombardment for 120 hours.

News correspondent in Hassaka quoted local sources as saying that eight civilians were killed and twenty five injured as a result of the savage Turkish air and artillery shelling which targeted the village of Um al-Kheir and Zarkan district in the vicinity of Ra's al-Ein city.

The correspondent added that the Turkish offensive also targeted residential buildings, mosques, churches and monasteries causing the displacement of thousands of citizens.

Earlier, the US Vice President Mike Pence said that an agreement was reached with the Turkish regime to suspend the aggression to allow Qasad to withdraw from the so-called "Safe Zone".