Mhardeh Locals Took to the Streets to Celebrate the Syrian Army's Victory over Terrorism in the Northern Countryside of Hama

HAMA, (ST)- Mhardeh locals took to the streets of the city to celebrate the Syrian army's victory over terrorist organizations in the northern countryside of Hama. These organizations used to target innocent people in the city and its vicinity with rockets on a daily basis only because they support their army and leadership.

The locals expressed their happiness at getting rid of terrorist attacks, stressing their full support for the Syrian army in bringing back safety and security to the entire Syrian territory.

 Over the past eight years, Mhardeh city has been a story of steadfastness and resistance against terrorism. Its people never gave up or left their lands and homes despite daily terror attacks by terrorist groups, as they were confident that the Syrian army will come to rid them of terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa