Syrians Nationwide Hold Rallies in Protest against Trump's Declaration on Occupied Syrian Golan

PROVINCES – The Syrians in several provinces, including Damascus, Aleppo, Sweida, Hassaka and Quneitra on Thursday held protests in which they expressed rejection of the US President Donald Trump's Declaration on occupied Syrian Golan.

In Damascus, the Syrian artists organized a rally in front of the headquarters of the United Nations to express their condemnation  of Trump's move.

Chairman of the Syrian Artists' Syndicate Zuheir Ramadan handed the UN representative in Damascus a statement stressing the Syrian artists' refusal of the declaration which is an unprecedented move in the history of countries and is also a challenge to the entire world, the United Nations, its affiliated organizations and its resolutions that affirm the status of Golan as being a Syrian Arab land occupied by the Israeli enemy.

 "The declaration comes to compensate for the failure of the American policies in Syria and the defeat of the US tools in the country as to give the occupation entity and its partners a dose of optimism following the victories of the axis of resistance," said the statement    

In Hassaka, hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the Education Directorate building to protest  Trump’s move and to express solidarity with the people of occupied Syrian Golan.

 The protesters hailed the steadfastness of Golan people and affirmed that such decisions won't affect the Golan and that this sacred Syrian land will be liberated by the Syrian Arab army sooner or later.

Hassaka Education Director Elham Sorkhan said that trump's declaration on Golan is null and void and it completes the conspiracy hatched against the Syrian people.

Other speakers in the rally affirmed that the goal of such American decisions is to keep the region in a state of instability and chaos in order to serve Israel's interest.

In Sweida, the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Sweida province gathered in front of the Union's building to condemn Trump's Golan move and greet the steadfastness of the people of occupied Syrian Golan.

Chairwoman of the Union branch in Sweida Wafaa al-Aflaq said that Trump's declaration won't change the fact that the Golan identity will continue to be a Syrian Arab. She stressed that any procedures by the United States and the Israeli occupation entity regarding Golan are considered as an aggressive and illegal act that contradict international laws and conventions.

In Aleppo, judges and lawyers rallied in front of the Palace of Justice in the province to stress their condemnation and illegality of Trump's declaration on occupied Golan. They affirmed that trump's move will be a nail in the coffin of the US Aggressive policies.   

Hmada Mustafa