Turkey a Key Player in the Terrorist War on Syria: Deputy PA Speaker

GENEVA, (ST)- Turkey is a key player in the terrorist war on Syria through the support it has been providing to terrorists and through its direct aggression on the Syrian territories, Deputy Speaker of Syria's People's Assembly (PA) Najdat Anzour has stressed.

 Anzour, who is leading the Syrian parliamentary delegation to the meetings of the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) currently held in Geneva ,  said that the Syrian Arab Republic condemns the Turkish occupation of Afrin city being an illegal act that violates the International Law and the UN Charter and it called on the invading forces to immediately withdraw from the Syrian territories they occupied after two months of aggression that killed and wounded thousands of people and displaced tens of thousands others.

  The PA Deputy Speaker criticized the claims made by Speaker of the Turkish parliament in which he tried to justify his country's support for terrorism in Syria and aggression on the Syrian lands, saying that "the statement of the head of the Turkish delegation falsifies facts to a large extent." 

Anzour added that all the Security Council resolutions have stressed the need to preserve the unity of the Syrian lands and people and to respect Syria's sovereignty. "However, the Turkish regime has not only violated the simplest rules of dialogue and human rights, but it has also threatened to occupy more Syrian lands. Therefore, we reiterate the importance of stopping the Turkish practices and attacks which don't only threaten the lives of civilians and the unity of Syria, but also prolong the war in the service of terrorism and its supporters and endanger international peace and security."

The participants also focused on the importance of finding a solution to serious issues like poverty, famine, education and violence in the world.

Hamda Mustafa