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Homs Governor: Last Batch of Gunmen Expected to Leave Homs' al-Waer District before May 20

HOMS, (ST)- Talal Al-Barazi, Homs Governor on Wednesday expected that the last batch of gunmen will leave al-waer neighborhood before May 20th according to the reconciliation agreement reached in the district and the implementation of which began on March 18th.

He made the remarks on Wednesday as a new batch of militants, who refused to join the reconciliation agreement in al-Waer neighborhood in Homs, was leaving the neighborhood along with some of their family members.

 Al-Barazi told SANA reporter in Homs that 300 to 400 militants along with some of their family members are expected to leave the neighborhood, confirming that the evacuation process is continuing successfully and without any obstacles.

According to the reporter, the ninth batch of militants and some of their family members started to leave al-Waer area and head towards the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, in implementation of the reconciliation agreement reached on March 13th in al-Waer neighborhood, which aims at clearing the neighborhood of arms and militants and paving the way for the return of governmental institutions to the district.