Syria's Steadfastness Changed Regional, International Equations: Shaaban

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "Syria's steadfastness and the support of its allies has changed the regional and international equations," Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said during "al-Baath Dialogue Forum" held on Monday under the title "Secrets of the American Policy..Wikileaks as An Example".

She pointed out that many political and media secrets of western countries have been revealed over the past weeks.

 According to Shaaban, Syria approaches the coming era of relations with the East and the West with a tolerant and cooperative spirit with all the powers that want to cooperate with Syria as to convey the truth to the world. It also seeks enhancing the principle of respecting countries' sovereignty and the non interference in the internal affairs of other states.

 "The latest developments at the international arena are putting the world face to face with a new world order that necessitates much thinking and work to draw up strategic political and media plans at the regional and international levels," Shaaban said.

The role of the West is suffering deterioration in the current era, added Shaaban, pointing out that within the next five years, "we won't see the Europe we are seeing today". She clarified that such a situation was reflected in the European Parliament resolution against Russian media outlets; a procedure that indicated how confused the European Union has become to the degree that it fears TV channels to divide the EU and affect the Europeans' ideas.   

On his part, Isam al-Takrouri, Professor of law at Damascus University, asked why Washington ignores Wikileaks documents on its war crimes but focuses on other leaks that includes accusations to its enemies.

"Washington's inaction towards Wikileaks documents about its crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and about its crimes of spying indicates that Washington either doesn't want to give credibility to these leaks or it wants to send a message to its enemies telling them that it has immunity against prosecution.

Hamda Mustafa