Al-Jaafari: Hysteria Plaguing Western, Arab Capitals because of Syria's Decision to Hold Presidential Elections

 NEW YORK- A kind of hysteria has plagued Western and Arab capitals since Syria announced its decision to organize the presidential elections and it is now hitting the United Nations circles, Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations has said.

In a statement to Al-Ikhbariyah Syria TV yesterday, al-Jaafari said that "France has pushed towards obtaining a western-backed anti-Syria UN resolution aiming to refer Syria's file to the International Criminal Court."

The French draft resolution aimed at putting political pressure on the Syrian government, impede the presidential elections and create a state of constitutional, political and security vacuum that leads to undermining the state's sovereignty and opens the door widely for foreign intervention under several pretexts like humanitarian aid, criminal court or terrorism fighting, according to al-Jaafari.

"The West insisted on proposing this draft resolution for voting despite knowing that Russia will vote against it, because it paves the way for another draft resolution which is supposed to be submitted by Britain within the coming days and which is more dangerous than the French one as it is connected with the humanitarian issue," al-Jaafari said, pointing out that the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon has issued a report on the humanitarian issue in Syria but it was full of political mistakes and misleading information.

Al-Jaafari expected more hysteria to hit the terrorist groups inside Syria and more political hysteria abroad, but Syria has got many friends who respect its political and diplomatic stances and who are keen to convey Syria's point of view to the world.

H. Mustafa