Zoubi: Accusation on Syria Use of Chemical Weapons False, Groundless

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Information Minister Omran Zoubi stressed that news made by certain Arab and Western countries hostile agencies and TV stations on Syria 's use of chemical weapons are categorically false , mere fabrication and groundless, explaining that if Syria possessed chemical weapon it would not use it, because of the moral and nationalist values , the Syrian leadership and people enjoy.

"When we say that Syria will not use chemical weapons even if it is available, it means it will not use it against its own people and this is a self-evident matter which does not need explanations and data, "the minister said in a telephone call with the Syrian TV last night.  

The minister continued that Syria requested UN investigation in Khan al-Asal crime when terrorist groups used chemical weapons and invited the international investigation committee and is cooperating with it, a fact confirmed by UN sources to this end.

The minister indicated that the accusations made against the Syrian government in this regard are condemned , false and fall within a more than two- year and a half year scandal .

 "We categorically deny that the government had used chemical weapons on the Syrian territory and this will not be made in the future, despite our convictions that the proportion of non-Syrian foreigners fighting in Syria is the largest percentage in the armed terrorist groups , whose presence constitute an onslaught to the Syrian territory and sovereignty," the minister underscored.

The Minister continued that whenever there is an international meeting, the armed terrorist groups commit violent acts violent and ugly massacres in an attempt to provoke the public opinion against the Syrian government and people, noting that the outside world no longer deals with this method which becomes exposed and of known targets.

The Minister went on that during the few past days, the armed terrorist groups committed several mass killings massacres, pointing out that the government is documenting these massacres by collecting available details ,data and information and address them via the Ministry of Foreign to international bodies , who are aware of the side which commits such violent and dirty acts.

The Minister noted that the Syrian armed forces carry out assigned duties and the Syrian diplomacy works at maximum energies positively in all directions while the Syrian media exposes these terrorist groups's coward and treacherous behavior.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army makes fresh gains in Homs, drives terrorists out of villages in Lattakia countryside

PROVINCES,(ST)_Restoration of stability and security across the country is the purpose of the ongoing military operations against foreign-backed terrorists.

Today, Units of the armed forces restored stability and security to orchards (well known as al-Basatin area) stretch between al-Ghouta , al-Waer and al-Qarabis quarter in the central Homs province after eliminating all terrorist groupings.

An official source told SANA that several smuggling tunnels were discovered in the orchards, noting that this achievement would cut off supply lines to terrorist inside the old city's quarters.

It added that an army unit and border guards thwarted at dawn an armed terrorist group's bid to sneak from the Lebanese territories through Joseh area into al-Qusayr country side in Homs.

Another army unit hunted down a terrorist group in al-Zara farms outside Tal Kalkh and killed many of its members amid reports of pounding many hideouts of terrorists in al-Holeh area.

Army controls 3 villages

Around 180 Km north-west of Homs, precisely in the northern Lattakia countryside, another achievement was recorded as the armed forces imposed control over three villages –Talla, BeitalShkohi, and Kafreyeh- after mowing down the terrorists, who infiltrated into the villages and attacked locals.

An official source confirmed that dozens of terrorists, among them were 8 identified Libyan and Tunisian nationals, perished in the villages.

Other terrorists of Saudi nationals were also among the dead in operations targeted terrorist groupings in the Eastern Ghouta (farms of al-Ahmadeyeh and al-Bahareyeh) and in suburbs of al-Qabon, Jobar, Harasta as well as in areas of al-Kesweh, al-Nabk  and Yabroud outside the country's capital (Damascus).

Well over 15 thugs were killed in a qualitative operation in Rima farms in Yabroud area, according to SANA.

Intense fighting in Aleppo

At the same time, it was reported that an unknown number of terrorists from al-Nusra Front was hammered in several west-south and west- north areas in Aleppo province.

Heavy machine guns and weapons were destroyed on the edges of Rasm al-Abbod airbase, alNaqqarin, Hamimah, and on the Ezaz-alAlqameyeh road, as terrorists' attempt to attack Meneg airbase was foiled.

In the same province (Aleppo), the armed forces clashed with armed terrorists when they tried to sneak into the old Aleppo city and safe areas in quarters of Salaheddin, al-Amereyeh and al-Rashidin.

Locals and army 'hand -in -hand'

In the southern Daraa province, the armed forces eliminated dozens of terrorists in 14 towns and shelled an arms depot, heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles.

They, in addition, warded off a terrorist group's bid to sneak into towns of Harfa and Beit Jen outside al-Quneitra.

"Locals cooperated with the armed forces and killed many of the terrorist group's members." An official source declared.

It noted that many terrorists were also killed in a fighting raged between an army unit and an armed terrorist group on Hadr-JebbataalKhashab route.

In Hama province, a military source said that a Pickup car with Turkish number plate loaded with four rockets was confiscated in al-Hardaneh town outside al-Salameyeh.

Weapons-loaded cars destroyed

Some 425 km to the west of Hama, in Der Ezzour province, the armed force bombarded 10 weapons-laden cars at al-Halabeyeh square and al-Seyaseh bridge as they were trying to enter the city (Der Ezzour).

On the other hand, an armed terrorist group was crushed when it was trying to burglarize paper factory in al-Hseneyeh town in the same province.

Last night-clashes in al-Hwiqa, al-Sina'a and al-Orfi quarters, according to an official source, ended in eliminating many bandits.

Further bandits were also mowed down as they were trying to enter al-Jafra area in Der Ezzour province and Bsida town in Ma'arret al-No'aman in Idlib province.

Elsewhere, an army unit repelled an armed terrorist group's attack on a garrison in al-Melebyeh area, to the south of al-Hasakeh province. 

The death toll in the said confrontations is unknown.


President Al-Assad issues decree No.55

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday issued legislative decree No. 55 for 2013.

The decree provides for  licensing private companies for protection and guarding services.

"it is the Interior Ministry which will be responsible for granting  licenses  to the said companies, allow them to use firearms, and approving candidates for work.

It is to be noted that these companies will be in charge of  training their employees and equipping them as well.

These companies are prohibited to carry out any detective or information gathering work.

Guards ,operating  in such companies ,will have to wear a uniform bearing labels identifying them as guards and the name of the company they work for, and they are not allowed to bear arms outside their duty  or use it in tasks other than the ones appointed to them by the company.

Guards are authorized to arrest any individual that attempts to trespass or attack locations, individuals, items or funds under their protection, and they must promptly inform the police. Furthermore, guards must adhere to the rules of justifiable defense established by law in their use of force.


Defense Minister: Syria Will Triumph Over Internationally-Backed Coward Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Lt. General Fahd al-Freij has stressed that Syria will triumph over the coward terrorism which is being supported by more than 80 states and which aims at implementing the Zionist-American schemes in the region.

In a statement during the tour he made in al-Khalideyya town in Homs to inspect the Syrian Arab Army units there, al-Freij affirmed that fighting the armed terrorist groups in the alleys of al-Khalideyya suburb and clearing the area's buildings from terrorists is a "great military miracle".  

LT. Gen. al-Freij, who inspected the army units which have restored security and stability to al-Khalideyya, stressed the Syrian armed forces' determination to pursuit the terrorists and get the homeland rid of all their aggressive and criminal acts.

H. Mustafa

Syrian Arab army cracks down on terrorists, wipes out hideouts in 7 provinces

PROVINCES,(ST)_Around 63 areas in seven provinces in the country have reportedly witnessed intense operations against foreign-backed terrorists which ended in eliminating an unknown number including  non-Syrians.

According to SANA, units of the armed forces clashed with terrorists in Barzeh suburb, just 3km north-east of Damascus, and targeted several  hideouts and groupings in areas of Jobar, Erbin, Zamalka, Doma, al-Dyabeyeh, Hajjira, Bet Sahm and al-Nabk  and in farms of al-Zamaneyeh, al-Qasemeyeh and Der Salman outside the capital (Damascus).  

As many as 11 identified terrorists were among the dead in the said areas.

An attack on Nebbel town repelled

In  northern Aleppo province, many terrorists were hammered in Somar restaurant near the central prison and in Khan al-Assal, al-Layramon, al-Mansora, al-Rashedin quarter, Bestan al-Qasr, al-Zebdeyeh, Tal Ref'at, al-Atareb as well as at al-Kastillo junction, surrounding of Rasm al-Abbod airport and at the entrance of Ezaz city.

Heavy machine guns, mortars, anti-aircraft missiles, and rocket launchers were destroyed. .

The armed forces, according to an official source, warded off an armed terrorist groups' bid to infiltrate into the Meneg airbase and an attack on Nebbel town's locals in the same province (Aleppo).

They also pounded many terrorists' hideouts in towns of al-Janodeyeh, al-Qnayeh, Kafr Rohin, al-Hbat, and Jabal al-Arba'en in Idlib province amid reports of dismantling two booby-traps –weighing 50kg/each- in al-Mastomeh town. 

Terrorists from Arab countries

In further developments,  , it was reported that 9 identified terrorists of Arab nationalities were among the dead in towns of al-Bsaleh, Sida, al-Hanot, al-Abdaleh, Sahm al-Golan, Tafas, Tsil, Adwan, al-Qsebeh, Nawa, al-Mahajeh, al-Najeh, Ein Dekr, Ezr'a, al-Hrak, al-Mleha, Bosra al-Harir, Enkhil, Der alBokht, and Qita- in southern Daraa province,  in the vicinity of the Jordanian border.

The identified terrorists were from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Libya. 

More squads were crushed in villages of al-Bjareyeh, Kharab Askar, Abo Qasayeb in al-Qameshli province while a tunnel was destroyed by the armed forces in al-Orafi quarter in Der Ezzour province.

Homs' quarters

In  central Homs province, the armed forces pounded an arms dump in Bab Hod quarter and wiped out hideouts of terrorists in Jeb al-Jrah, Rahom, al-Tweb, al-Rabyeh, and Talbeseh towns outside the city.

An official source confirmed that many bandits were killed on the outskirt of bab S'ba'a quarter and in Joret al-Shayyah and al-qarabis quarters.

Detonation of explosive devices

In a separate incident, terrorists detonated two explosive devices in Bestan al-Dor area in Damascus and in al-Holeh area outside Homs where at least a citizen was martyred and 4 others were wounded.


President al-Assad calls on Boosting Values in Ramadan

DAMASCUS, (ST) – On the eve of Laylat al-Qadr ,President  Bashar al-Assad on Sunday evening took part in the Iftar meal along  with Syrian social dignitaries including political party representatives, politicians, independent figures, Muslim and Christian religious figures, representatives of unions and syndicates, and NGO's representatives.

Addressing the attendees, President al-Assad delivered a speech in which His Excellency zeroed in on boosting values and amity in Syria particularly in the Holy Month of Ramadan(the month of tolerance and good will).

In His Excellency's speech, AL-Assad also spoke about  the latest development of the crisis currently hit Syria, the victories being achieved by the noble Syrian Arab Army  in defense of the country and the Syrians' solid support of the armed forces only to protect Syria and its capabilities.



Patriarch Laham: Neither West nor Americans will shape our future

Beirut, (ST)- " Syria's crisis echo in  the entire Arab homeland.this simply means  that  every individual  in the region is part of the crisis and part of the solution as well  and no one should distance himself away  ,"said  Patriarch Laham in a televised interview .

 Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III Laham of Antioch and All the East made it clear  that the Syria's issue  is high on  today's agenda  as it has a solid bond  with the Palestinian cause and its repercussions  will reflect on Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq and later on the Gulf.

He underscored  that the reason behind non-finding a solution to the crisis so far  is because of some countries which  arming and bankrolling terrorists .

" Syria has become a place for a war of interests, which makes a solution non-existent, 'underlined the patriarch.

"Syria's unity is the unity of the Arab world, and it's neither  the West nor  the Americans will  make our future, but we will make it with our own hands, "stressed Laham.

"Further  armament would prolong the crisis and lead to increasing death toll  of victims, "warned Patriarch Laham