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Syria Denies Closure of Arab Interpol Office in Damascus

In a statement on Saturday, the  Interior Ministry refuted categorically that statement by the general secretariat of the Arab Ministers of Interior Council  issued on April 17  claiming that the Syrian  Ministry of Interior closed  the headquarters of the Arab  Interpol office in Damascus.

The ministry described the said statement as part of the media campaign and  misguided fabrications by the so-called "Arab League" , revealing premeditated intention  to transfer the Arab Criminal Police office , located in Syria since 1965.

The Interior Ministry  also confirmed that the office was  closed in order to preserve its assets and documents after the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers transferred its functions, adding  that Syria  while continue to protect  the office,   deplores the slurs used by its Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers against  the Syrian Interior Ministry as part of an organized campaign against Syria and joint Arab action.


T. Fateh

5 Thousands More Displaced Syrians Returned from Jordan

DARAA,(ST)_ About 5 thousands of displaced Syrians returned on Saturday  to Daraa from al-Zaatari camp  in Jordan, said an official source thereby , "number of displaced Syrians who  returned  from Jordan increased to  more than 55 thousands in recent months."

"Most of the returnees came  via illegal crossings because the Jordanian authorities confiscated their official documents , including  identity and family cards, the source added," stressing that authorities concerned  "will issue family and personal cards for the  returning citizens at full speed."

The source recalled that the government appealed all displaced Syrians abroad who left the country illegally to return back through official  the crossings and border points.

Several displaced Syrian returnees said  "the Jordanian authorities are trying to prevent them from returning to their homeland because they are a source of funding for these authorities which confiscate  more than 70 percent of aid relief," stressing that Jordanian security forces  "anyone who wants to leave the camp to pay US $ 200. "

They pointed to the deteriorated conditions in al-Zaatari  camp and  the inhuman treatment of  the Jordanian authorities to the camp 's  residents .


T. Fateh

Syrian army arrest 50 terrorists in Damascus countryside

PROVINCES,(ST)_Whilst armed forces continue shelling terrorist groupings in the country's east and south, it is reported that stability and security have been restored to four towns in Homs province, in central Syria.

An official source told SANA that Qadish, al-Mansoreya, al-Radwaneya and al-Sa'adeya towns in al-Qsir country side in Homs province are now under full control of the Syrian Arab Army after cleansing them from terrorists in qualitative operations carried out by units of armed forces.

This advance coincides with targeting several terrorist groupings in al-Rastan area in the same province where many terrorists were eliminated.

Elsewhere, the armed forces destroyed today (Saturday) a factory for producing explosive devices in al-Bweda area in Damascus countryside. All terrorists, who were inside the factory, were reportedly killed.

In addition, as many as 50 terrorists have been arrested in an ambush in al-Hseneya in Damascus countryside.

As for army's operations in Idleb and Der Ezzour provinces, SANA reported that dozens of terrorists were eliminated and their vehicles were destroyed in today's operations.

Terrorist attack

In a separate incident, several citizens have been wounded by terrorist attacks targeted residential areas in Damascus countryside and Aleppo province.

Terrorists fired today RPGs on al-Dahara alley in Artoz district in Damascus countryside leaving wounded and serious damages in homes and public utilities at the scene.

However, in Aleppo province, two children were wounded by mortar shell landed in al-Jameleya alley.

Syria is in a state of war and its army is doing its duty as regard defending homeland and citizens, and fighting terrorist groups to restore stability and security across the country.

The terrorist groups, who are exported from 40 countries, perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are funded and supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.


Patriarch Lahham Called for Pope's Initiative on the Troubled East


BEIRUT,(ST)_ Patriarch Gregory III Laham, of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Melkite Catholic warned Pope Francis during a meeting with in the Vatican  on Thursday that the  escalated situation in the region will  threaten world  peace and  Christian presence in the East , especially  in the holy land,  appealing him to launch an initiative towards the tense situation in the Middle East.

Patriarch Lahham thanked the Supreme Pontiff on the positions taken towards the situation in Syria and the region and  his hard quest towards peace and advocacy to build peace in the Middle East on solid foundations.

He suggested to  Pope Francis to meet  with patriarchs of churches in Syria to discuss with them means  to stabilize people in their own land as witnesses of faith and hope for their communities and with  Eastern Catholic Patriarchs to activate Christian-Muslim dialogue  and promote convergence opportunities among  religions.

T. Fateh

Military source denies reports of blast at Der Ezzour officer club

DER EZZOUR,(ST)_ A military source denied on Friday reports that an explosion had happened inside Officers Club in Der-Ezzour province.

"The reports circulated by the Saudi -owned  al-Arabiya TV Channel are groundless and part of fabricated news that aim to buoy up terrorists' spirit," the source said.

It added that the armed forces continue targeting al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists' hideouts in the province.

On the other hand, SANA reported that a fighting broke out between two terrorist groups in al-Hwiqa alley in the same province.  The groups' members were killed or injured.


Dozens of terrorists killed in army shelling

PRIVENCES,(ST)_Units of armed forces in Homs province are preparing for new operations in al-Qsir countryside as fighting with armed terrorist groups continues in other provinces.

The Beirut-based Al-Mayadden TV Channel reported the new operations in Homs come after the Syrian Arab Army have imposed control over Abl town, which is a strategic site and links with the Lebanese Irsal town.

In the same province, a unit of armed forces repelled a terrorist group's bid to sneak from Lebanon into Syria to perpetrate destructive acts, according to SANA.

Meanwhile, the army's artillery shelled terrorists' hideouts in several areas in countryside of Damascus and Idleb where dozens of terrorists were killed and many others injured.

"A mortar was destroyed and nearly 13 terrorists were killed in a qualitative operation carried out by a unit of armed forces in Masraba town in eastern Ghota area In Damascus countryside," SANA reported.

On the other hand, the Syrian TV channel said that two terrorist groups quarreled in Hajera area (in Damascus countryside) over sharing loots ended in the death of many of them.

Elsewhere, it was reported that fighting continues in several sites in Aleppo province.

An official martyred

In a separate incident, terrorists assassinated yesterday noon Director of Planning at the Social Affairs Ministry, Ali Ballan, in Damascus.

A source at the ministry told SANA that the terrorists shot Ballan dead while he was inside "AlKanoon" Restaurant in east Mezza Vellat area.     

Syria is in a state of war and its army is doing its duty as regard defending homeland and citizens, and fighting terrorist groups to cleanse the country from terrorists.

The terrorist groups, who are exported from 40 countries, perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are funded and supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.


National Vaccination Campaign Next Sunday


DAMASCUS,(ST)_In coincidence  with the world Immunization week, the Ministry of Health will on Sunday launch the national vaccination campaign in all health centers and mobile clinics distributed in provinces .

The campaign which will continue until April 29th,  targets under five year old children who  will be given oral polio vaccine and MMI RSS vaccine and for children under school age who did not take measles vaccine in 2012.

The aim of the campaign, according to Dr. Nidal Abu Rashid, director of the Ministry 's national vaccination program is to increase health awareness in the community about the importance of the vaccine in protecting children from serious diseases .

The national vaccination program in Syria, which was launched in 1978 provided protection for millions of children and achieved many successes, including the eradication of polio, as no local polio case  reported since 1995 and the elimination of neonatal tetanus in 1997 and  made important strides in eliminating  measles.

World Health Organization WHO stresses that  immunization could prevent two to three million deaths each year by vaccines such as diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps and diabetes pneumococcal, polio and diarrhea caused by rotavirus, tetanus and yellow fever.


T. Fateh