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Army Defensive Operations Continued

GOVERNORATES, (ST)- The hoers of the Syrian Arab Army continued Tuesday their defence operations against the foreign-backed armed terrorist in different parts of the country.

Tens of terrorists, some of them of Arab and foreign nationalities, were killed or wounded in Aleppo, Aleppo Countryside, Damascus Countryside, Edlib, Hama and Homs.

According to SANA, the Syrian Armed Forces operations inflicted heavy damage and big losses upon the terrorists, where tens of machine-guns equipped vehicles, armoured vehicles, stolen cars and ambulances were destroyed.

During the Army operations, big quantities of munitions, explosives, c-4 inflammable materials, grenades, and machineguns were confiscated.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Armenian Humanitarian Aircraft Lands in Aleppo

An Armenian aircraft carrying humanitarian aid for Syria has landed in the northwestern Syrian city of Aleppo, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said.

On Monday Air Armenia’s aircraft landed at Erzurum Airport in Turkey’s east to be searched by Turkish authorities. Ankara said it was a routine landing in line with reached agreements.

The Turkish authorities had granted permission for the flight over its territory on condition it was inspected at Erzurum. After that, the transport plane continued its flight onward to Aleppo.

Syria is home to a large Armenian diaspora community of around 80-100,000 people, of which 50-60,000 live in Aleppo.

The plane was carrying sunflower oil, jam, peas, caviar, rice, sugar, flour and macaroni, Turkish website Airporthaber said.

Relations between Armenia and Turkey have been tense over a number of issues, including the genocide of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915-23 and Turkey’s attempts at its denial.

On October 10, Turkish F-16 fighter jets forced a Syrian A320 on a Moscow-Damascus flight to land at an airport in Turkey, after which it was searched for several hours. The Turkish authorities removed 12 boxes of cargo, which media reports quoted the authorities as saying contained electronic components for air defense radar systems.

Russia denied having sent any weapons or military equipment on that flight.

According to SANA, the humanitarian aid from Armenia were distributed to the needy as to sustain the damage inflicted by armed terrorist groups, not to mention the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrians.

The Governor of Aleppo, Mohamad Wahid Aqad, welcomed the Armenian aid as a translation for the standing cooperation relations between Syria and Armenia and the friendly people of both countries.


(RIA Novosti- ST)

Decree to fill vacant parliamentary seats

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Tuesday decree No.379 stipulating for setting the first Saturday of next  December as a date to hold legislative elections to fill vacant Parliamentary seats .

 This decree comes after the People's Assembly (PA) suspended on October 2012 the membership of Ikhlas Badawi and Ali al-Bash over going off the parliament institution and all state institutions and openly conspiring against the homeland and jeopardizing its civil peace.

 The PA decided unanimously to take legal action against the two suspended members.

 Besides these two vacant seats in Aleppo city, there are other three ones in the cities  of Hasaka, Idleb, and Hama.

These three seats became vacant as MP Saddam Jadaan al-Dandah ( from Hasaka) was appointed as Syria's Ambassador to Iraq on October 9, while the other two MPs; namely  Ghassan Qintari (from Idleb)and Nizar Mousa (from Hama) were appointed governors in Der Ezzour and Tartous  respectively.

The PA is elected every four years. It consists of 250 members according to Decree 113 for 2012, 172 of whom represent the workers and peasants sectors, while the other 123 MPs represent the rest of the sectors.



Al-Jaafari: UN Security Council Should Shoulder Responsibility

 NEW YORK- (ST)- Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr.  Bashar Al-Jaafari has urged the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility towards implementing its resolutions regarding the continuity of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan and regarding the Palestinian refugees issue.

 Al-Jaafari, in  Syria's statement on the Middle East situation during a UNSC session last night, called upon the Council to deal seriously with the continuation of the 45-year old Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan, and implement the unanimously adopted international resolution No. (497) for 1981 which considered Israel's decision to annex the occupied Golan as null and void and as having no legal validity. He also urged the Council to implement other related resolutions.

 "The decades long UNSC refrain from claiming responsibility in this connection confirms that some of the Council's members adopt selective policies regarding the implementation of the resolutions, particularly when the issue is connected with Israel," al-Jaafari said, reiterating that representatives of the UN General Secretariat are more concerned than others in providing the Council with honestly updated information about the Israeli violations in the occupied Golan.

 Al-Jaafari added "Syria regularly informs the General Secretariat with such violations the "latest of which were  the increasing kidnapping crimes committed by Israeli occupation authorities against Syrian citizens within the Syria side of the ceasefire line, and Israel's wide-range military drills on the occupied Golan lands in a war-like measyre against Syria."

 Al-Jaafari: Those who allege cautiousness about Syrian people's rights must not ignore the right of the Syrian people to restore their occupied land

 Al-Jaafari asserted that those who allege, during the current crisis in Syria, that they care about the rights of the Syrian people, must not ignore this people's right to restore their occupied lands. They must not also ignore the suffering of the Syrians under occupation in Golan.

 "Those who claim care about the rights of the Syrian people, should not keep silent over Israel's incessant settlement building process in the occupied Golan and the building of a racist segregation wall in eastern Majdal Shams town. They shouldn't keep silent over Israel's refusal to hand over the mines map to concerned international organizations," al-Jaafari said, pointing out that the mines implanted by the Israeli occupation in Golan have claimed the lives of 726 Syrian citizens including 227 children, most recent cases of which took place early this month.

 The Syrian UN Envoy pointed out that the Palestinian people have been suffering for more than six decades because of the Israeli occupation inhuman practices, and they are still waiting to be given their slightest rights represented in establishing an independent sovereign state over their own lands.

 He remind the UNSC of the decades long ordeal of more than five million Palestinian refugees displaced from their homeland and whose lands and houses were confiscated. He also referred to the occupation authorities' settlement building campaigns and to the Israeli continued violations of human rights, International Law, and all international legal references as well as continued violations of moral and humanitarian standards in the occupied Arab territories.

 Israel still defies the international legitimacy by its intransigence and aggressive policies .

 Al-Jaafari said that Israel still defies international legitimacy by its  intransigence and aggressive policies, adding that it impedes any chance of achieving peace in the region, as it benefits  from the direct protection provided  by certain influential  states in the Security Council and  outside it too.

"In spite of all that, certain sides which claim being the International community  still raise questions in an attempt to grope its way in the Arab-Israeli conflict in a manner similar  to the attempts made in the Middle Ages to determine the sex of the angels. ", Al-Jaafari noted.

 He questioned : How many decades must pass on the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories so that  some would acknowledge the need take serious measures  to end this occupation , and how many innocent victims among  the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese must fall to convince others  that there is a real tragedy that should end. How many settlements in the occupied Arab territories should be established and how  many apartheid walls should be built  in the occupied territories.  To what extent the sanctity of   Islamic and Christian holy sites must be violated to awaken the conscience of these same countries as to stop the Israeli perpetrated crime.

 Syria's representative to the UN referred to the reports filed by dozens of inquiries of the fact-finding missions to the Security Council and the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council and the United Nations specialized agencies throughout  decades and said, "Are these reports not sufficient to diagnose the size of  the Israeli aggression and terrorism against the  countries and peoples of the region ".

 Ambassador Al-Jaafari pointed out that there were  more than a one  thousand resolution adopted  by the  United Nations in  its various organs demanding an end to the Israeli occupation and condemn Israel 's  gross  violations  and systematic and aggressive practices, asserting that this should  be enough to embarrass those states and make them  abandon their  unlimited military, economic and political support to  Israel.

 Al-Jaafari added  that these  raised questions are addressed to the  countries supporting Israel, which  always claim  keenness  to implement  the provisions of international law , to fight terrorism , maintain the credibility of the United Nations, and  ensure respect for human rights .

 He expressed astonishment that the one who claims commitment to maintain the region 's stability and security, has turned a blind eye  to Israel's  continued threats  to regional and international peace and security through its continuous threats of war drums against  the countries of  the region and its frenzied quest to drag even its  allies into  this war. He  wondered  how can these  countries remain silent about Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapons while, it is still outside the  Nuclear non- proliferation treaty, pointing that Israel still refuses to confirm its  participation in the International Conference, due to take place after one  month as to clean  the Middle East  from all of mass destruction  weapons,  recalling Syria 's continuous commitment to establish such a  region.

 He added that this Syrian stand was  translated in Launching her initiative by the end of 2003 through its membership in the  UN Security Council to rid the region of all weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. He explained that  the same countries which prevented the success  of the  Syrian initiative, are speaking now hypocritically  about the threat of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

 Al-Jaafari cited the feverish attempts made by  some delegations in support  of the  continued Israeli occupation of  the Arab territories, asserting that these attempts also   provide to insert  other topics of discussion as to keep the Council's deliberations on this item apart from the  main objective for which the council  was established , namely  ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab territories , based on UN Security Council  resolutions Nos. 242, 338 and 497.

 Al-Jaafari added  that Syria has much to refute all these allegations reported by the delegations of the  countries which spared no efforts to escalate the crisis in Syria and foil any peaceful solution for  this crisis, through violation of the International law and the  UN Charter , and interference in the internal affairs of Syria and  in an attempt to take the right  of the Syrian people  to determine their own future , choose their political system and to abort all bids to convene a national  comprehensive dialogue.

 Flagrant  foreign interference in Syrian affairs obstruct  efforts for national reconciliation

 Ambassador Al- Jaafari stressed  that flagrant  foreign intervention in Syria's  affairs is obstructing  efforts for  achieving national reconciliation and  national comprehensive dialogue, reiterating that the support provided by  these countries to undermine  Syria 's sovereignty  by encouraging terrorism and  providing all forms of logistical ,  financial  and political support to the  terrorist armed groups in Syria constitute another flagrant  intervention in the Syrian affairs.

 The Syrian permanent representative to the UN  criticized that way the Security Council or some of its members react differently to terrorism phenomenon in Syria, and in Mali, for example,  though the terrorism in Mali is the same as the one  that is targeting Syria  across the borders  of neighboring countries.


H. Mustafa/ T. Fateh




Premier al-Halqi: Economic Situation Good and Satisfactory

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The economic situation, though of the siege and unjust sanctions imposed, is good and satisfactory, Premier Dr. Wael al-Halqi underlined here Monday.

Premier al-Halqi pointed out that all the needed for commodities and food supplies are available in the market and with sufficient quantities.

The premier added during a meeting with a delegation from the General Union of Women, that the Government's efforts are on as to rehabilitate, reconstruct, the utilities, and public facilities damaged by the armed terrorist groups, which hit all of Syria's vital sectors, including Mosques and worshipping places , the last of which was the Grand Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo.

Premier al-Halqi voiced pride in the steadfastness of the Syrians and their unity with their  Armed Forces in confronting the conspiracy and terrorism, as to overcome the crisis and bolster national reconciliation in preparation for the coming after-the-crisis phase of the renewed, strong and free Syria.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Presidential Decree for instant restoration of Aleppo 's Umayyad Mosque destroyed by terrorists

DAMASCUS_ (ST) President Bashar Al-Assad  issued Monday   Presidential Decree No. 18 for 2012  establishing  a Committee  in charge of carrying out  maintenance, rehabilitation  and restoration  works for  the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo.

The committee is headed by the  Governor of Aleppo Mohammad Wahid Aqqad.

The Decree set a time limit for the completion of maintenance and repair work  in the mosque up to 12.31.2013 .

The decree also avails to the seven-member committee in addition to the Chairman of the Committee to use local expertise needed as  to accomplish its  assigned tasks.

Bilad al-Sham Scholars Union, lauded in a statement President Al-Assad's decree, and condemned the aggressions launched by armed terrorist groups against the Mosque.

The Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo was attacked by the foreign-backed terrorist groups; the Syrian Army soldiers were able to clean the mosque from the terrorists.

Ministry of  Awqaf (Religious Endowments)  asserted in a statement, that the attack against the Mosque is but an aggression against the sanctity of religion and its value and a grave signal in the life of the Nation and as part and parcel of continued aggressions against Islamic sanctities, on top of them is the Holy Jerusalem, in execution of a scheme by Zionist enemies and the USA, which supports and backs misguidance  and injustice.


Syria Times

Activities with FAO reviewed

DAMASCUS-(ST), Deputy Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Syria, Dr. Salim Zahwa, reviewed a number of income generating projects supporting women. The step comes within the framework of technical cooperation between FAO and Agriculture Ministry.

 Dr. Zahwa reviewed the organization's activities carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. The services offered by FAO includes veterinary services, technical support and training to some 338 families.


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