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8 citizens martyred, 25 wounded by mortar shells

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ At least 8 citizens were martyred and other 25 ones were wounded by  mortar shells on Damascus and its countryside.

A mortar round, which was fired by terrorists, was reportedly landed in a home in al-Mqelbeh town in Damascus countryside, causing martyrdom of 4 citizens, including 2 children, from one family.

A source at Police Leadership told SANA that the mortar round also left material damages at the scene.

Other three mortar rounds were landed in al-Adawi area of Damascus province, claiming lives of 4 citizens and wounding 25 others (including a woman and a child).

The mortars, in addition, caused serious damages in al-Faiha'a nurseries at the scene.

Every day, the foreign-backed terrorists launch random mortar rounds on the capital to scare citizens, kill them and destroy the country's infrastructure.


President Al-Assad issues legislative Decree on Kidnapping Crimes


DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued legislative decree No. 20 for the year 2013 on Kidnapping people and the due penalties.


Army advances in Adra area

PROVINCES,(ST)_The Syrian Arab Army goes ahead with fighting foreign-backed terrorists in several provinces and advances in different sites, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists groups. 

According to SANA, units of armed forces carried out on Tuesday operations in Adra, Shab'a Farms, and Harasta areas in Damascus countryside where many terrorists were killed or injured and their vehicles were destroyed.

The armed forces have reportedly advanced in Tal Kerdi farms in Adra area after carrying out intensive operations against terrorists groupings there.

Meanwhile, a lot of terrorists were reported to be crushed in fierce clashes broke out between armed forces and terrorist groups in Der Ezzour and Homs countryside.

The armed forces, in addition, repelled terrorists' attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon into Syria through al-Mathome and Halat sites in Tal Kalekh area of Homs.

Most of the terrorists were killed or injured while the others fled towards Lebanon.

Elsewhere, the armed forces destroyed two machinegun-equipped cars and eliminated al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists who were inside them in Kafer Nabboda town in Hama countryside.

As many as 40 countries have reportedly exported terrorists to Syria in order to weaken its army and economy for Israel's interest.


Al- Miqdad Receives FAO's New Representative Credentials

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs  and Expatriates Dr.  Faisal al-Miqdad received on Monday  the credentials of Erico Hebei   as a representative for the UN  Food and Agriculture Organization FAO in Damascus.
Dr. Miqdad noted the  importance of FAO 's  activities and the need to deepen and expand mutual cooperation relations between the Syrian government and FAO at  various levels especially  humanitarian assistance to Syria under  the current  circumstances .
Miqdad stressed that FAO and other UN  organizations should work to halt  inhumane sanctions imposed on Syria  by the UN  and its Western allies , affecting  food security of innocent Syrian citizens.
He expressed readiness of the Syrian government  to deliver humanitarian assistance provided by FAO and UN organizations  to all Syrian citizens, wherever they are.
"Syria has achieved  self-sufficiency and food security for its people over the past years but the attack by   Western countries and the  systematic destruction of its   infrastructure by armed terrorist groups resulted in increasing  sufferings of innocent civilians  in attaining  their  basic needs" , Dr. al-Miqdad said.
For his  part , FAO representative expressed  his  organization's readiness to cooperate with the Syrian government in various fields to withstand the crisis   as Syria is known for its  constructive cooperation with FAO.


T. Fateh  

Al-Halqi: President Al-Assad's directives promote comprehensive national dialogue

DAMASCUS (ST)- Chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi, the ministerial committee charged with implementing the political program for solving the crisis in Syria held a meeting on Monday with members of the political bureau of the National Ahd Party.

Al-Halqi  underlined the importance of President Bashar al-Assad's meeting with the ministerial committee and his constructive directives for doubling efforts, pointing out that President Al-Assad's directives promote the committee to go forward in the comprehensive national dialogue.

Premier highlighted the role played by  the national parties in  enhancing  the culture of tolerance, rejecting violence  and accepting others opinion through constructive dialogue, reiterating that the government is serious to held dialogue  with all political, economic and social forces, including opposition groups and armed people who give preference to reason   and leave  arms.

For his part, Secretary-General of the National Ahd Party Ghassan Abdul-Aziz Othman said that the political program to solve the crisis is a historical opportunity that all political parties must seize to put an end to bloodshed in Syria, underlining the positive measures taken by the government in boosting dialogue and contact among all people and its ability to confront the comprehensive economic war targeting Syria. 

Members of the party's political bureau offered their viewpoints on how to solve the crisis through developing human resources, combating corruption, developing the public sector, authorizing women, and encouraging dialogue among all spectrum of society.



Mortars landed in residential areas in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ A citizen was martyred and four others were wounded by mortar attack on Esh al-Warwar alley  in Damascus.

"Terrorists launched today (Monday) evening two mortar rounds on the alley causing serious damages, martyrdom of a citizen and injuring other four ones," SANA quoted a source at Police Leadership as saying.

In the same province, a mortar round landed in a home in Bab Sharqi area in Damascus leaving material damages. No one was reportedly hurt.


Al-Lahham censures terrorism-supporter governments

HAVANA,(ST)_Mohammad Jehad al-Lahham has appealed to world parliaments to press terrorism-supporter governments to halt their practices, citing astonishing attitude of some states that allege combating terrorism and, at the same time, offer all forms of support to terrorists.

The Speaker of the People's Assembly also called on the international community to back political plan to peacefully resolve the crisis in Syria and stand by efforts being exerted to halt violence being perpetrated by armed Takfiri terrorist groups in the country. 

"Systematic destruction"

Speaking to the Cuban Workers Newspaper after his participation in the 128th International Parliamentary Union's General Assembly meeting held in Ecuador, al-Lahham said: "the terrorism backed by some international and regional states targets Syrian people and land, and seeks to systematically destroy the country's infrastructure and properties (public and private ones)."

He warned against dangerous role of delusive mass media that falsify facts and fuel violence.

Al-Lahham decried terrorism supporters, particularly the Turkish government, that arm and shelter terrorists to be exported to Syria.

"The Syrian delegation's participation in the IPU meeting helped explain the reality of what is going on in Syria," the Speaker said.

He thanked Cuba, all Latin American states and the  BRICS nations for supporting Syria, noting deep-rooted ties between the two countries (Syria and Cuba).

US unjust blockage

"Syria condemns the unjust 60-year old blockage imposed by the US on Cuban people," Al-Lahham said, stressing that the blockage is a breach of the UN charter and international law.

 He asserted that Syria is to achieve victory thanks for its people's awareness and determination and their support for the leadership.

Basma Qaddour