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National Unity is Syrians' Way for Salvation

 SWEIDA, (ST)_ Due to Syria`s firm and principled stances in defending Arab just causes, namely the Palestinian one. Certain foreign parties conducted conspiracies against the country and its leadership.

In a meeting on current crisis and its dire-repercussions on our national unity, Sheikh al- Akel of the Muslim al- Mouahedeen al- Druze, Hakmat al- Hajari, said  that Syria is a mosaic  harmonious rich portrait,  but there are many statements which aim at describing the country `s latest developments as a civil and sectarian war . This is completely wrong and not real .Syria is immune against such a war. Throughout history Syrians live together under the umbrella of homeland .The harmony brotherhood, tolerance and co-existence between Muslims and Christians in addition to other sects in the Syrian society is an example to be followed .We in Syria live as one family .

In an exclusive interview with the Syria Times in Sweida Governorate, Sheikh al- Hajari added  that what is currently taking place in Syria is not a civil war; but certain parties are working to push the Syrians towards this position; but to no avail , expressing hope that  the end for the crisis is very close, calling on all the Syrian citizens for abiding by national unity as the only way for salvation .

"We are a civilized nation. Our land is the land of religions and prophets .We export love, education and tolerance to other nations .Throughout history we played basic role in bridging gaps among different civilizations." Sheikh Hakmat said, appealing for immediate stop of violence, and expressing full confidence in the awareness of our people in putting an end to this ordeal.

Asked about al-Sweida Governorate`s role in ensuring the displaced demands, Sheikh al- Hajari replied:  all the governorate`s sons opened their homes and hearts for their brothers, adding that this is not strange or new in our society .During Lebanon latest crisis and Iraq invasion by the American and British troops, we hosted 100.000 Lebanese in and  a large number of Iraqis in the governorate," citing also certain official and non- governmental exerted intensive efforts for offering all out moral, humanitarian, health and  financial support  to the displaced.

Sheikh al- Hajari underscored that all men of religion should preach and call for forgiveness and tolerance concentrating on national unity and its positive impact on our society, namely in confrontation of chaos and lack of security.

"We must live under the jurisdiction of law, order and work with our political leadership to overcome the crisis." Sheikh al- Hajari reiterated.

Sheikh al- Hajari described the meeting held recently in Sweida by Sweida officials and their counterparts from Dra`a as a normal event , asserting that such meetings are not new but the current crisis and the lack of security halted such meetings.

"We always aspire to meet our brothers if they were in Dra`a or in other Syrian governorates due to the meetings` role in strengthening brotherhood ties. The latest meeting came within the framework of confronting bids aiming at sowing sedition among our people." Sheikh al- Hajari added.

In reply to a question about the role of Qatar and Golf states in escalating the crisis, Sheikh al- Hajari said the governments of these countries are working on halting any peaceful solution to the crisis; the people of these states will realize sooner or later that they are in need for new political leadership .

''Syria is a civilized and secular country, and we as men of religion call always for adhering to our national and historical principles, asserting that neither the Ottoman colonialism nor the French or British can defeat our determination, Skeikh Hakmat al- Hajari concluded.


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Syrian-Iranian Scientific Cooperation Agreement Signed




TEHRAN,(ST) _ A joint scientific cooperation agreement including scholarships and exchange of scientific, educational and cultural visits ,  activities and scientific publications was co-signed  by the chairpersons  of  both the Syrian National Scientific Olympic Commission  and the Iranian  center for educating outstanding  students in Tehran on Tuesday.

Head of the Syrian side pinned great hope on exchanging  scholarships for Olympic students  , securing sophisticated laboratories for students and drawing  a plan for the processing of a number Iranian-model schools in Syria to ensure best use of the Iranian experience.

  Stress was laid on strengthening scientific cooperation, the exchange of experience and making maximum utilization of available resources, especially in areas pertinent to the Olympic Commission, between the two countries .


T. Fateh





More Civilians Killed by Foreign-backed Terrorists




DAMASCUS,(ST) _ Bodies of 3 civilians, including a woman,  and 6 others wounded 3 of them in critical conditions  arrived in Yousef al-Azmeh hospital, after terrorists attacked on Wednesday,  Mezze 86 Quarter  with mortars shelling,  a source in the hospital said.

 Meantime, Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi inspected the site of the explosion which hit Mezze Quarter on Monday and resulted in killing 11 civilians and scores of wounded .

 In statements to pressmen at the explosion site, the Prime Minister stressed that maintenance workshops will rehabilitate all destroyed infrastructure, and shelters will be provided to displaced citizens, affected by the terrorist attack, adding that:" terrorists' crimes will not undermine our stances, and we will win the battle, thanks to the solidarity between our people and army."

 For his part, the Governor of  Damascus, Dr. Bishr al-Sabban  promised that  "the  infrastructure and public services in the  devastated quarters  will be rehabilitated  within 48 hours to secure the return of affected citizens to their homes as soon as possible."

 On Wednesday morning, a terrorist group  assassinated judge Eyad Nadweh  in front of his house in Barzeh Quarter  in Damascus, said a police source .

The source added to SANA  that terrorists  detonated an explosive placed in his car, while  on his way to work .

 Worthy mentioning that martyr  Nadweh is the misdemeanor  judge in the Damascus Countryside Court of Appeal  .


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Terrorist Acts Uncover Some UNSC Members Involvement in the Crisis in Syria, Says Foreign and Expatriate Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST) – the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Tuesday sent two identical letters to the Chairman of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General. "Ever since the commencement of the crisis in Syria, a number of permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council have been giving misleading images of the forces that helped put Syria on the track of violence, killing and destruction with the aim   of bolstering their own policies as to  destroy Syria,  country and people." said the letters.

" Over the past  few days, Al Qaeda and other armed criminals led- blind terrorism, hit many areas in Syria, killing and wounding hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children," asserted the letters.

The Ministry made it clear that the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups which are supported by some permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, in addition to their open collusion, blatant funding and arming of terrorists including providing them with Stinger missiles uncover the truth of what is happening in Syria and the sides responsible for terrorism.

" France, Turkey and specifically Qatar, in addition to Libya which has become an incubator hatching terrorists, have fully  adopted  the acts of terrorists providing them with facilities in contradiction with the related UN Security Council's resolutions on counter-terrorism," said the letters, adding that this is accompanied by mobilizing  misleading media means to rally the global public opinion against Syria.

The Ministry pointed out that one in a series of terrorist bombings which took place in Syria recently was in al-Mazzeh 86 area in Damascus on November 5th, 2012, which claimed the lives of tens and injured tens, in addition to blowing up a civilian bus in al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, which killed five citizens including women and children and another attack on the same camp with Mortar shells which also claimed lives.


”Some media outlets uncovered one of the many war crimes committed by the so-called opposition in the town of Selkin, as a video was published showing terrorists murdering a number of unarmed Syrian Arab Army soldiers and civilians, torturing them then shooting them in cold blood," noted the letters.

The Ministry said that other Syrian cities witnessed dozens of incidents which were reported to the Security Council officially, but it didn't receive an objective response from the Council, adding that terrorist gangs are now besieging citizens and starving them, driving them to the edge of disaster and depriving them from the humanitarian aid which the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have been attempting to deliver to the towns of Harem and Selkin for over two months.

''So we didn't hear any response from the so-called  custodians of human rights ,defenders of international and humanitarian law!'' added the Ministry.

''According to international law, countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Turkey, Britain, France and the United States which  are funding and arming terrorist groups led to perpetrate crimes in Syria, and that countries that claim falsely to combat terrorism continue to protect these crimes and cancel  the Security Council's role in taking the simplest procedures to condemn them, noting that this was done by the United States, Germany and Britain recently," clarified the letters.

The Ministry reiterated Syria's demands that the Security Council play its role in condemning international terrorism and forcing some countries to halt arming, funding and harboring the terrorist groups.

Furthermore, the Ministry warns against the repercussions of violating the  Security Council's  resolutions on counter-terrorism, international humanitarian laws, human rights laws, and threatens security  and peace in the region and the world as a whole.

"Instead of supporting terrorism, the said countries should encourage Syrian opposition sides to engage in national dialogue to resolve the crisis through negotiations among Syrians themselves.'' concluded the letter.

M. Daoud   

A terrorist blast hit Wurud Quarter kills 10,wounds scores

Damascus(ST)-A terrorist explosion struck al-Wurud quarter in damascus Countryside on Tuesday evening.

The blast took place in a densely populated area claiming 10 lives and injuring more than 30 in an initial outcome. 

Earlier,a terrorist group assassinated on Tuesday brother of the Peoples' Assembly Speaker in Midan suburb in Damascus.

Mohammad Osama al-Laham, the Speaker's brother, was shot and killed as he drove to work , a source in the governorate told SANA.

The assassination of al-Laham, who holds a Ph.D in Agriculture, comes in the wave of the terrorist groups' brutal acts that target national intellectuals .

Terrorists' dens targeted in Homs

Meanwhile, a unit of armed forces targeted number of armed terrorist groups' dens in the town of Taldaw in Homs countryside and inflicted heavy losses on them.

According to a source in the governorate, a number of vehicles equipped with weapons and two factories for making explosive charges and locally- made missiles were destroyed by the army forces.

A Number of Terrorists in Deir Ezzor eliminated

Moreover, a unit of the Armed Forces scuffled with an armed terrorist group in al-Mouazafin neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, killing a number of them and causing them heavy losses .

Another unit of the Armed Forces clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Bousaraya St. in Deir Ezzor city where one of the wanted terrorists, Abdullah Yasin al-Nayef , was killed.

A source in the city told SANA that armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists.

Qualitative operation in Lattakia

In the same context, a qualitative operation was carried out by the Armed Forces in Kensaba area in Lattakia countryside, eliminating a number of terrorists and wounding others.

 Vehicles ,which the terrorists used to carry out their attacks, were destroyed and their weapons were confiscated. A source in the countryside told SANA.

The seized weapons included machineguns, RPG launchers and a variety of ammunitions.

The Armed Forces are pursuing terrorists in the woods surrounding Kensaba area to clear it and restore security.

Syria Times


UN Humanitarian Organizations for Continued Support to Vulnerable Syrians under Crisis




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Though claiming care for the Syrians, the Arab countries did not  even donate  one dollar for the Syrian people, especially the Gulf countries, rather contribute to the killing of Syrians," said the deputy minister of foreign affairs and expatriates, Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad,  stressing the need of unmasking    these countries , which contributed, in funding  al-Qaeda organization in massacring the Syrians , and the  special  support  given to the Turkish government which facilitates the deployment  of terrorists to Syria by direct  support and financing from the Gulf states.

Al-Miqdad statements came during a meeting held at the Damascus Sheraton hotel on Monday  at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates for members of the humanitarian team which  includes all  UN humanitarian organizations, and  governmental sides concerned  in the " response plan" laid as a frame between the Syrian government and the UN organizations concerned.

al- Miqdad  stressed that the Syrian government unlimited cooperation with these organizations  in meeting  the requirements  of the affected population in Syria,  is provided  under the guidelines stipulated  in the  annex of the  UN  General Assembly  Resolution No. 46/182 on strengthening UN  humanitarian assistance in emergency situations, especially full respect for the  country 's sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity.

He continued that the Syrian government provided all facilities required forms for international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected citizens, through the Syrian Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC office in Damascus.

"Halting the  funding provided by certain  countries in the region to the  armed terrorist groups would remove the most important causes behind  human suffering of  the Syrians, " al-Miqdad  said,  adding that "the unilateral sanctions imposed by the USA, the EU and other regional countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar against our country  obstruct prospects of development towards ensuring  basic services to citizens , worsen the humanitarian situation and  obstruct the efforts  to import  medicines, medical equipment and spare parts  needed  for running   and maintenance of  public utility systems,  constitute  the main reason for the suffering of the Syrian citizens and a serious impediment to improve the living conditions of the Syrians under the current crisis."

He  highlighted the  efforts  made by the Syrian government to provide  emergency aid to the Syrian people suffering  under the crisis, noting that  a sum of  one billion Syrian pounds was allocated at the  Central Bank of Syria to compensate  affected citizens .

He explained that some  547  temporary shelters were opened provided with necessary  services, adding that  some 35 health care centers for pregnant mothers and children  were rehabilitated  out of 199  terrorist-  looted or burnt health centers and  some 60 damaged ambulances out of total 303 ambulances were restored

Both the  UN regional coordinator  for humanitarian affairs Ridwan Nweiser , and the UN resident Coordinator Adam Abdul Mouala  stressed  that the Syrian government,  through ministries concerned, NGO 's, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the ICRC office in Damascus  ensured aids to affected citizens  and  ensured secure access to all UN employees  in their visits  to the Syrian regions, unconditionally.

They detailed that the UN which has worked for  long decades in Syria, when it was  the most stable and secure  in the world, will not give up supporting it under the current crisis. They renewed the UN commitment to provide  all needed support  for the Syrian people.


T. Fateh




Terrorist Attacks against Syrians Escalated

 GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ Eleven civilians were killed and tens wounded at Mazzah86 Quarter in Damascus in a terrorist car explosion Monday.

According to SANA, 31 wounded were hospitalized to Al-Mowasah hospital, and 24 others, most of them with severe injuries, to Youssef Azmeh hospital.

Huge material damage was also reported.

Meantime, the terrorists shelled a mortar shell at a civilian bus at Street 30 in Yarmouk camp in Damascus, killing 5 civilians, including children and women.

In Hama Countryside, at least 2 civilians were killed and 10 injured in a suicide car explosion.

Five  citizens were killed including children and women and other five wounded when terrorists on Monday targeted by mortars shelling  a passengers  bus  in the 30th Street in al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus .

A source in Damascus Hospital said  that bodies of 5 martyrs: one woman and three children and other five wounded persons  arrived in the hospital, one is seriously injured, adding that necessary medical treatment were provided  for the victims.

A source in " Palestine " hospital said that the body of one martyr and five wounded  arrived in the hospital as a result of the  bust attack.

In Hama countryside, two citizens were massacred and other ten were wounded when a booby trapped car was detonated by a suicide bomber near the " Rural Development center"  in al-Zeyara area in al-Ghab district , according to an official source, which added that heavy material losses were inflected at the explosion site .

The source noted  that the explosives, used in the  terrorist act,  weighed one tone of high explosives.

Meantime, the armed forces  targeted two gatherings  for the terrorists near the thermal station and to the south of ICARDA   and  destroyed two cars and the terrorists inside them resulted in its destruction.

In Kafr Naha the armed forces three  destroyed  three shelters  for the terrorists and confiscated  their weapons,  and deterred attempts made by  terrorist groups  to enter Aleppo through Kafer Hamra, and al-Leirmoun and  left  them either killed or wounded.

In Deir ezz Zour several terrorists were killed including  Abdul Karim Muhammad Yassin and Rakan  al-Zaghir, while a quality cooperation  was carried out by  the armed forces  in al-Mayadeen  resulted  in heavy losses in the lines of the terrorists.

In Harasta of rural Damascus, the armed forces destroyed a car carrying  anti-aircraft  machine 23 caliber   and destroyed three cars used  by terrorists  to transport weapons and ammunition, and killed several terrorists who were terrifying citizens  in the city. Among the killed terrorists in al-Sabeel quarters  is Harasta was a leader of one terrorist group Hasan al-Agha.


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