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Six Civilians Martyred in New Terrorist Attack

Damascus, (ST)- Six citizens were martyred today (Thursday)  including three children and one woman, when terrorists targeted by two mortar shells the " Pullman" Garage in al-Qaboun area in Damascus.
A source at the Interior Ministry told SANA that the terrorist act  also resulted in wounding other civilians with many of them in critical health conditions, admitted to hospitals for necessary medical treatment.



Through dialogue we build modern Syria

It is taken for granted that the call for dialogue which has been launched recently by president Bashar Al-Assad between all the involved parties; namely the national political parties will be the cornerstone for building modern Syria and it will also play key role in putting an end to continued bloodshed in the country.

The dialogue also will demolish the dire repercussion of current crisis especially in the social and economic fields

Yes dialogue is what we need at this critical times . it is also the demand of all Syrians due to its role as the only guarantee for unifying all parties and bring them back to the lap of the homeland.

On the president call for dialogue, the former member of the governorate's council  in al- sweida city Hind abu-Mansour stated that Syria with its heroic history is bigger than any conspiracy and the great people of Syria is will safeguard the homeland's unity and sovereignty .

abu-Mansour  added ''in my name and in the name of every women in this governorate I call on all the Syrians for taking part at this dialogue,' 'the former official also added , asserting that the political solution is the only guarantee for putting an settlement for Syria's crisis.

She also said that Syria is the homeland of all Arab people and it also opened its door for all the resistance parties in the Arab world due to this it mustn't suffer any more

"It is time for halting any conspiracy that is targeting our homeland. Dialogue plays main role in building new Syria and it is the only way for defending our people form Terrorism " She underlined.

Head of the municipality bureau in al- Sweida governorate,  Issam abu- Yahya also said that The national dialogue based  on president Basher al- Assd's political solution is the only way for building modern Syria.

The lawyer Salim Diab also said from the early beginning of the crisis the Syrian leadership recognized the conspiracy and its aims regarding destructing Syria .

''our wise political leadership is calling now for dialogue as the only entrance for putting an end to the crisis. ''the lawyer also confirmed.

We must accept the views of the others and we must participate in this dialogue as well as we must discuss the negative and positive sides .

''In cooperation and hand in hand we can save  our homeland's independence and sovereignty as well as we can built modern Syria.'' The lawyer underscored.

Nahla Maaz/ Sweida

Daraya's Mosques Under Terrorists Fire

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ All mosques, and shrines of  Daraya  city have been the target of the armed  terrorist  groups which booby trapped their entrances,  violated their sanctity and desecrated  the main doors.

The volume of  destruction  in these holy sites is crystal clear  in the following illustrated report, which shows the effects of terrorism that left by terrorists as an evidence of  scandalous shame to them and those who support them with money and weapons .. al-Touba "repentance" Mosque, situated in the Eastern farms of Daraya,  the  Caliphs Mosque, al- Khawlani great mosque,  which is under construction in al- Corniche area, the recently built al-Rida mosque, al-Sadiq al-Ameen mosque, al-Hassan and al-Hussein mosque in the northern west sector of the city  and al-Sayeda Sukina shrine.






Palmyra Civilians Martyred in Suicide Bombing. Scores of Terrorists Eliminated

   GOVERNORATES,(ST)_In qualitative operations  the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on terrorists ranks  in Erbeen, Zamalka , Harasta , al-Sbieneh, Tell Kirdi, Duma, Hujeira and al-Zabadani farms and Daraya city in rural Damascus.

Terrorists Fayez Kabab, Fawzi Khubbieh, Hisham al-Shimali, Mahmoud Oyoun, Mustafa Hamadeh, Ghassan al-Helo, Muhammad al-Rayes, Muhammad Antar, Mahmoud Abdul Malik, Abdul Mohsen Jarash, and leader of al-Qaeda affiliated one terrorist group nicknamed Abu Hussein al-Joulani, were among the killed during the operations.

The armed forces also eliminated scores of terrorists in al-Otaiba farms and restored security and stability to Harran al-Awameed and Kifreen town in rural Damascus where terrorists

Mahmoud Bakkar, Fouad al-Sel, Fahd Saleh, Abdo al-Heilani, Hassan Eid, Husam Asad, Fadi Herrania,Zaher al-Riesh   and Murad Rouq were killed and their weapons and ammunitions destroyed or confiscated.


In Aleppo city and countryside, scores of terrorists were left killed or wounded and a number of their shelters   were destroyed including weapons and ammunition they used in their criminal acts against citizens, especially in Sheikh Saad area, where  terrorists Ammar al-Ahmad, Ahmad al-Hamdo, and Muhammad Ahmad Jarkas were killed.

Meantime, the internal security forces confronted with one armed terrorist group attempted to assault a police school in Khan al-Asal , and killed all its members including  terrorist Ahmad Jum'a al-Baha.

In Deir ezz zour countryside , one  armed forces unit,  in cooperation with  citizens  retaliated  terrorists attempt to attack water purification plant in Jazrat  Melag  town  and left its members killed or wounded. Saad Abdul Hamid al-Basheer and Fawaz al-Basheer were among the killed.

In rural Homs, the armed forces destroyed a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns with the terrorists inside them in Tell Dahab town, whereas operations are ongoing in chasing terrorists in al-Sultania, Jobar, Kafraya, al-Zafarana, Rasm al-Hadidi and al-Amereia villages and towns.

In Palmyra, several civilians were martyred including one woman and others wounded, when two suicide bombers detonated their booby trapped cars near the garage in the al-Jamia residential area in Palmyra. Heavy material losses were inflicted at the site of the explosion.

In rural Hama, several workers in one of the Ministry of defense factories in Braq village were killed or wounded while leaving homes after the end of working day by a terrorist booby-trapped car suicide explosion.



PM: door is open to parties determine to be in dialogue

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian government is pushing ahead with preparation for national dialogue conference through holding talks with  all parties to reach common viewpoints.

Today (Saturday), Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who heads the ministerial committee recently formed to follow up implementation of the political plan, met Secretary General of the Syrian National Youths Party, Maher Merhej, and politburo's members.

The talks revolved around the steps taken by the government to implement the first stage from the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria, SANA reported.

Al-Halqi restated that the government is open to all social and political parties that determine to involve in the political process to make the political plan success.

"The political plan is the only and objective way to surpass the ongoing crisis and achieve victory over the crisis," the premier said.

Opposition abroad

Following the meeting, Merhej told reporters that the party is communicating with the national opposition abroad.

"We agreed with the ministerial committee upon the mechanism of press coverage of the national dialogue, referendum in the future stage, return of displaced citizens, and giving information about detainees," Merhej added.

He noted that the party has prepared a list about its representatives in the national dialogue conference.

The committee which contains Deputy PM for Economic Affairs and Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs, met several political parties in the past weeks. 

Basma Qaddour

Terrorist Groups Recruit Minors in Syria to Fight in Combats

Terrorist  groups are recruiting children to involve them in the fighting aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government, despite the international law bans recruiting minors as fighters, broadcasted an international television channel on Wednesday.

The mercenaries train children on how to use a gun, disarm an enemy, kill him with a knife or even their own hands, broadcasted Iranian Hispan TV channel.

"When they arrive here they are children; later they turn into kiling machines, said Abdel Razaq, a member of a terrorist  group.

Amateur videos show soldier children who fight against the Syrian Arab Army forces in Syrian cities, said the source.

The children are even forced to dig their own graves before joining the armed groups, added the source.

According to international laws, people under 18 years old are banned from taking part in any military or espionage operation.

The television channel quoted the coordinator for children's protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), Jean-Nicolas Beuze, as saying that using children to fight in combats is a serious violation of their rights.


China is Committed to Objective Solution for Crisis in Syria- Minister

BEIJING ,(ST)_ China 's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi stressed  his country's commitment to  an objective, fair,  responsible and positive role to resolve the crisis in Syria.
During a meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates  Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad on Wednesday in Beijing, the Chinese minister  hoped to get Syria out of this crisis as soon as possible and to restore stability.
He explained that  China understands the difficulties experienced by Syria and  will continue to make efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis, noting  China 's  interest in the views of the Syrian side and bilateral communication  via diplomatic channels.
For his part, Dr. Miqdad expressed  Syria's appreciation for the efforts made by China, regionally and internationally to resolve the crisis in Syria . He commended  China 's principled stances at the  international forums  in seeking to solve challenges the world faces ,through full respect for the UN Charter and the principles of international law , especially  non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and the fight against terrorism.
al-Miqdad presented the political program  to resolve the  crisis in Syria and the steps taken by the Syrian government for its implementation.
Syria's Ambassador to China and senior officials representing the two sides, attended the meeting.