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Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari: Syrian Government fulfills its constitutional role to maintain security and stability and fight terrorism

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_  Syria 's permanent representative  to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari  highlighted the political  and diplomatically- played  battle waged by Syria,  the efforts  exerted by the Syrian  mission at the UN and secrets of  what is happening in the corridors of the International Organization in targeting Syria and her national and international role.

In an exclusive interview with Tsihreen daily issued on Sunday, Dr. Al-Jaafari  said that the term " Middle East"  was first used by  the British diplomacy in 1902, and was intended to  identify  the region, which is bordered by India to the east and the Red Sea to the west. With the establishment of the United Nations, the meaning of the area  changed to be limited to the  Arab Asian countries, Egypt and Palestine and "Israel".

Syria's Mission at the United Nations has an important role in explaining the truth of what is happening in Syria and the position of the Syrian government, Dr. Al-Jaafari  said, focusing on the course of attempts to internationalize the situation in Syria by certain Arab, regional and western countries,the UN security council held since the beginning of the current events in Syria more than 54 official meetings addressing the Syria issue.

The UN Council also held dozens of informal consultations, and adopted three resolutions (Resolutions 2042 and 2043 and 2059) , five presidential statements and ten press releases about Syria. "We were able, in cooperation with friendly countries in the Council, to prevent the adoption of three unfair European draft resolutions and the several initiatives proposed by the " Qatari" President of the UN General Assembly pushing for military intervention in Syria's internal affairs," al-Al-Jaafari  said, adding  that before these meetings, the  Syrian delegation has always explained  the reality of the situation in Syria and the dimensions  of the unjust campaign against it.

 Replying to a question on priorities to maintain  communications with other countries to explain the Syrian issue and follow up its developments at the UN, al-Al-Jaafari   explained that the Syrian Mission at the UN gives  great importance to coordination with the ambassadors of friendly countries, particularly Russia, China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, Ecuador, Cuba, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and the DPRK and Zimbabwe as well as with permanent delegates of other countries such as Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Finland, Norway, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Hungary, Rwanda, Niger, Bangladesh, Angola in order to mobilize support for the Syrian position at the UN .

He continued that the Syrian Mission also works with the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement, which comprises the majority of the UN Security Council member states as well as with Member States of the Group of 77 + China, with important political and geographical groups such as the Asian Group, the African Group, the Latin countries Group and the Group of small States.  This coordination falls in the service of our issues at the United Nations, citing also the contacts with  ambassadors of several Arab countries such as Algeria, Iraq, Oman, the Sudan, Mauritania and Yemen.

 Answering another question about why some countries adopted a position on the Syrian crisis by virtue of incitement and disinformation campaigns led by hostile  media and Western pressure  and the change  made in this position, the Syrian Representative to the UN  explained : " We have already cultivated the  results of the efforts we made  throughout the crisis, as  the UN General Assembly secretariat and all members states become convinced , of what we had said,  of the presence of terrorist groups and armed members of the al-Qaeda  committing terrorist acts in Syria. Besides, the Syrian government fulfills its constitutional role to maintain security and stability and fight terrorism. "  He explained  that all  world countries  pledged to  cooperate in order to eliminate terrorism , guided by  16  international conventions against terrorism, the International Strategy for combating terrorism adopted by the General Assembly in September ,2006, and  relevant UN Security Council Resolutions  numbered 1267 (1999) , 1373 (2001) ,1624 (2006) , 1988 (2011) and 1989 (2011).

 Moreover, regional agreements were signed to this effect with Arab countries to cooperate against terrorism, and the Adana Agreement signed between the Syrian and Turkish sides, added Dr. Al-Jaafari.

  He indicated certain countries ignore these facts and continue conspiring to weaken Syria as to serve both  the interests of Israel and their own, noting that  the western countries members at the UN security council obstructed  five times the issuance of press releases condemning the terrorist bombings that claimed the lives of dozens of children, women and elderly in Syria and this in itself constitute direct support for terrorism.

 On the third double Russian and Chinese  veto, al-Al-Jaafari  said  that the Russian-Chinese veto marked the end of the uni-polar phase ,the  American hegemony on the United Nations, restored  balance to the international arena, and foiled attempts by certain countries to repeat the scenario of Libya in Syria and continued violation of the principles of the  international law,  under false pretexts and slogans such as the spread of democracy , the fight against terrorism , maintaining human rights and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, etc..

 Despite the traumatic events Syria is experiencing and the amount of pressure imposed on the Syrian diplomacy at the UN, yet   it remained present in the events of the United Nations to defend the Arab issues and the Palestinian issue, in particular.

 Focusing on this fact,  al-Jafaari  said that Syria 's absence  from attending the meetings of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation  resulted in weakening   the performance  of the two Arab and Islamic groups and to  drop support for the Palestinian Cause, as the two organizations have become  under the control of the Qatari and Saudi Petrodollars and  the impact of Turkey, noting, in this regard,   the continued refusal of the Western group to accept Palestine as just an Observer member at the UN , while this western group is using the Arab group  to undermine Syria 's interests at the  UN.

 On the   different approaches  of the U.S. media's handling of events in Syria,  as there have been several articles and investigations in major U.S. newspapers revealing the involvement of Arab states and terrorist organizations in the escalation of the situation in Syria , whereas other  U.S. media involved in the falsification of the facts  about the crisis in Syria, al-Jaafari outlined that  although objective   US media appeared recently  and worked on the dissemination of the real situation and highlighted the involvement of Arab states and regional in providing arms and money to armed groups and warned against the risk of penetration of al-Qaeda in Syria, the U.S.  objective media remained absent with the heavy presence  of an enormous  media  machine directed  against Syria and working on fabricating lies.

 On whether contacts were made with the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari said that he met with Ibrahimi for several times, briefed him on the situation in Syria  , listened to his vision  on how to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, and assured him the Syrian government's commitment to helping to provide a  success for his mission.
" The Syrian government had cooperated with all UN initiatives and earlier ones, on  the ground of Syria 's openness  to  seek a peaceful solution to the crisis  in Syria, away from outside interference and in a manner that preserves her  security and sovereignty.

 Responding to a question regarding the Syrian issue at the UN security council , Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari said that the the key to overcome this crisis is manifested  in the will of the Syrian people to resolve the crisis away from any foreign agenda; a solution that rejects outside interference and preserves national unity and sovereignty.

 " I invite the Syrian national opposition to engage in national dialogue ,  to refrain from investing  their energies  in serving  foreign agenda , which do not serve  Syria, to take part in the process of making the future of Syria , so as  to preserve the blood of the Syrians and keeps the homeland safe  for the better future of the  next generations." Dr. Al-Jaafari concluded.









Information Minister: Syria is Soon to Overcome the Crisis and Return More Powerful


LATTAKIA, (ST)_ The defence of Syria is but the national destiny and not a political alternative, underscored Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi.

Minister  al-Zoubi reiterated that no power in the world whatsoever can defeat Syria, given the presence of the Syrian hero Army and the Syrians' belief in their Cause.

In a lecture here Monday, Minister al-Zou'bi pointed out that attempts are being made on the ground as to destroy the Syrian Society and its structure and as to allude to the presence of differences among the Syrians, who do live united a one life and not a shared one.

The Minister added that the national opposition is opposition in political work and differences with them are for Syria and not against Syria, highlighting the importance of the criteria and national sovereignty symbols that should be fully respected by the opposition: the Presidency of the Republic, National Flag, National Anthem and the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces.

Minister al-Zou'bi blasted the non-national opposition fear of voting ballots and of the Syrian Public Opinion judgement, describing the ongoing movements of this non-national opposition abroad as 'bubbles' and its work as 'clinically dead ''.

Minister of Information underscored that Syria is near to overcome the crisis and return more powerful, thanks to the unity of the Syrians, their Army and Leadership.

. Minister al-Zou'bi underlined that any war against Syria, if imposed, would be faced with the defence of the Syrians and would never be a picnic for the aggressors.

Earlier on Sunday,  Minister al-Zou'bi underscored that the aggression against Syria is definitely  to fail  and regardless of how long it goes, thanks to the Syrians' awareness, unity, belief and to their deep rooted civilization.

In a meeting with media here Sunday, Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated that the ongoing aggression is doomed to failure regardless of how much it would cost the Syrians and their public and private properties and the infrastructure in different sectors.

Minister al-Zou'bi pointed out that latest escalation of the terrorist armed groups aggressions reflects but the bankruptcy and incapacity of the conspirators and their proxy tools, which are embarrassed before their foreign masters because of the failure to achieve the sinister objectives of the conspiracy.

Minister al-Zou'bi pointed out that the outcomes of the so-called spring in the Arab countries is linked to the outcomes of what would happen in Syria, because many of the Arab People have realized that the conspirators on the Arab Nation have been sparing no efforts as to exploit Arabs to their colonialist agendas.

The Minister of Information spoke of the ongoing measures as to develop the National Media and bolster its role in exposing lies and fabrications.

''Our choice is to confront and sacrifice for our principles and ideas; we would never allow the enemies of Syria to succeed in the sinister colonial schemes,'' reiterated Minister al-Zou'bi , in another meeting held with media men in Tartous Governorate.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


Terrorists kill seven Civilians in Daraa, Destroy Civilian Houses

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Seven citizens were killed  and scores wounded  when terrorists detonated three booby trapped cars in three sites in  the city of Daraa,  an official source said.

Meantime,  scores of terrorists  were killed or wounded  and their cars and machine guns were destroyed, when the armed forces attacked their gatherings in several areas in Aleppo city and countryside.
In Deir ezz zour, several terrorists were killed  in the  boat  they used for transporting  weapons and ammunition  in the Euphrates river, according to an official source. The source added  that the armed forces  confiscated a space communications stations, used by terrorists to contact with satellite channels, partners in shedding blood of the Syrians.

An official source told SANA that a unity of our armed forces ruled on a number of terrorists and destroyed a boat including the terrorists, ammunition and weapons in the Euphrates River.

The source added that the unit of our armed forces seized a space station in Busraya street in Deir al-Zour were used by terrorists to communicate with partner in crime channels Syrian bloodshed.

In Harasta , Damascus countryside, the armed forces killed several terrorists .

A tunnel linking  three residential blocs  was discovered  near al-Sheikh Mous  mosque, which was used as a center for  the terrorists in planning their criminal operations.

In al-Nabk district of Damascus countryside, terrorists in al-Fateh quarters, in Nabk district, were killed while they were booby  trapping a car,  according  to an official source.

In Damascus city, two women were wounded, one in a critical condition  when terrorists fired a local made missile  at a building in George Khouri square. Materail losses were inflicted.

One mortar fired by terrorists hit residential houses in al-Teliani area  in al-Jesr al-Abyad district resulted  in heavy material losses. No human casualties were reported, according to SANA.


Syria Times.


A terrorist unveils the ugly face of terrorists groups


Kidnapping and raping women, houses robbery and spreading chaos and vice in addition to killing are the foreign-backed terrorists groups's main task in Syria.

Following is a report released by SANA correspondent on one of those terrorists who revealed the ugly face of terrorists.

"firstly, they compelled me to join what so-called "Liwaa al-Tawheed" as they entered my house by force abducting my wife and daughter and then raped my wife .So I was defenseless joining them along my cousin", narrated the terrorist Mustafa Osayfra.

Before joining the terrorist group,Osayfra,26,was a butcher at the Bab al-Faraj area,Aleppo.

"my job was to spy on army check points, security posts while wandering on my bike only to camouflage to appear as a normal citizen.Then I informed terrorists on what I saw, added Osayfra.

Concerning abduction and looting perpetrated by terrorists,Osayfra made it clear that the leader of the terrorist group was responsible for these things ordering terrorists to enter empty houses to steal them.

On armament,Osayfra said that some terrorists provided them with arms.

Osayfra clarified that the terrorist Mohammad Imad,used to released "fatwa" that provides for stealing citizens ,sect provocations, cursing  sects and every thing done by the terrorist groups are but "jihad" for the sake of Allah.

"fatwa" also provides for that everyone who do not follow their "wahabist salafist`doctrine are unbelievers.




Two Terrorist Explosions Resulted in Heavy losses in Daraa




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_  Scores of civilians were killed or wounded and  heavy material losses were inflicted, when  terrorists detonated two booby trapped cars  in the city of Daraa.

In Deir ezz Zour, seven terrorists were killed including terrorist Ahmad Abdul Karim, leader of the so called Tareq Bin Zeyad Battalion in al-Jubeilah quarters when the armed forces targeted his group which was engaged in acts of murder and sabotage, according to an official source.

The source added that other five terrorists were killed, including  Muhannad Sweid and Muhamad al-Haweyli  in al-bu Saraya street, where huge amounts of drugs were found  in one terrorists shelter.

In Homs,  the armed forces exterminated  several terrorists, including one sniper,  in Jouret al-Sheyah area, while hunting for terrorists, according to an official source, which added  that the armed forces continued crushing the terrorists in the said area.


Syria Times




Minister of Information: Doha Meeting is a New Form of External Intervention




DAMASCUS,(ST)- "The  current meeting in Doha comprising  personalities and organizations of the Syrian opposition abroad, in the presence of Arab foreign ministers , is but  a new form  of foreign interference, marketing  a new form of  Istanbul Council at the international, regional, local and people levels," said  Minister of Information,  Omran al-Zou'bi  on Thursday evening, in an interview  to the Syrian TV.

" The initiatives proposed  to Doha meeting were US made," the Minister said , adding it is normal to have a variety of opposition in Syria, but it is humiliating and even insulting to meet under the instructions , agenda and financial support of others,".

"The leadership in Syria, led by President Bashar Al-Assad believes in dialogue between  effective  forces and parties which own  political programs and visions,  not between  the opposition and the government if those forces  actually seek Syria's interest," he noted.

Syria's people geography, history and culture is targeted

The minister stressed that Syria 's people, geography, history and culture  have been always targeted by invaders and  enemies , because  Syria has been always  the castle of Arab nationalism, civilization and secularism.

Terrorist groups will be exterminated

He noted that terrorist groups will not succeed in Syria, because they do not have the incubating  environment,  and , in general, the Syrians are not extremists  nor intellectually or behaviorally.

The Minister viewed the  Ottoman  project as but a fabulous project  nested  in the mind of Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  who believes that he can achieve it through extremist religious groups , stressing that this project will  undermine  his  career , political future and his government.

"The only option which can succeed in Syria is sitting at the table of  national dialogue,  which is  open to everyone  and for the sake of Syria," he said , noting that such a dialogue  will conclude  results governed by  the will of the people of Syria , which is the decision-maker at the ballot box.

A war of terrorism against Syria

Minister al-Zou'bi explained that the war against Syria is but  a war of terror. He underscored   that withstanding this  terrorism is not only  a  Syrian constitutional responsibility  ,  but an international duty ,  noting that there  are  UN resolutions  which stress that all States should  combat terrorism.

Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that any consensus decision by any international side  should compel  Turkey, Qatar and many other countries to refrain from exporting terrorism to Syria ,  and then maintaining a solution will not take a long time , under security administrative, and social solutions  and reconciliations.

The minister continued that what matters Syria of  the role of  the UN envoy Lakhdar al-Ibrahimi is to achieve the UN six-point initiative , foremost halting violence  and eliminating reasons behind it , namely the infiltration  of terrorists, financing and arming them.

"The talk of civil war in Syria is  unrealistic.  What is happening is that the Syrians are facing  a foreign- backed  terrorism ," the minister explained.

On the  recent anti-Syrian statements  made by  Nabil al-Aaraby , Arab League secretary General, the minister said that " al-Araby 's statements  revealed his  personal political attitude , which is also a partial reflection of  his foundation, thereby  it is no longer possible to talk about the role  of the true, positive  or honest mediator  of the Arab League ."

  He stressed that Qatari leaders are not the focal  or reference to any moral matter, but could be a reference to the crime, murder , bloodshed and the destruction of national sovereignties  and the return back of mandate and occupation to the Arab nation.

Syria's support for the Palestinians is behind attacking it

"The Syrian people are punished, because they considered  the  question of Palestine as their own ", the minister said, adding that the  Syrian and Palestinian peoples  face the same  enemy,  therefore the Palestinian people, are entitled ,  nationally, morally and humanly not to allow  attempts aiming at undermining Syria. 

On the key role played by the Syrian media under the crisis, Minister al-Zou'bi made it clear  that the both the  government and private media  continue performing set responsibilities. He made assurances  to the Syrians  that nobody can silence  this media,  because there are options,  "we are working on our TV channels  broadcast via Internet and there are about 22 friendly  stations that broadcast news and convey facts , in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and the Syrian Radio and TV Station".


T. Fateh




Countries sponsor conferences outside Syria back terrorism, says Human Rights Network


DAMASCUS, (S.T)_ The Syrian Human Rights Network called on international community to penalize the countries that are supporting and sponsoring conferences of opposition created by Istanbul and Qatar.

This call is based on the fact that these countries are breaching the UN Resolution No. 1373 through backing terrorism in Syria and aggravating the  bloodshed in Syria .

The network's statement reads: "The only real social component of the opposition formed by Istanbul and Qatar are the Qaeda-linked armed terrorist groups such as  Jabhat al-Nusra and the salafis, 'jihadists' and takfiris that have been wanted by the international community since September 11th events."

It asserted that the "Istanbul-Qatar opposition" 's conferences being convened according to the US style outside Syria are "false" because they are far away from the Syrian society's concerns.

"The Syrian society has rejected these conferences and all forms of foreign interventions," said the network.

It affirmed that those conferences are considered manipulation of the people's destiny and a flagrant intervention in the affairs of a sovereign country which is a UN-member .

"These conferences are violating the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights, the UN principles and the Declaration on the Right to Development," said the network.

Moreover, the network noted that there is a significant difference between an elected government and a government imposed from the outside, demanding the human rights organizations, particularly the Human Rights Council, to condemn those conferences "because they neither reflect the Syrian citizens' view nor that of the real opposition whether inside or outside Syria."

Basma Qaddour