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Minister al-Zoubi slams Doha Meeting

 DAMASCUS, (ST) – Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, slammed  Doha meeting branded it as another attempt to revive the "Istanbul Council" under a new name.

Al-Zoubi remarks came during the Memorial Service to Commemorate the martyrdom of Press TV correspondent, Maya Nasser, in the terrorist attack which targeted the General Staff Headquarters in Damascus .

"the meeting aimed at setting up an new formulation for the opposition to conspire against Syria accompanied by a media propaganda in a desperate attempt to undermine the morale of the Syrians who adhere to their homeland and the sovereignty of their decision,"al-Zoubi added.

The Doha meeting ,the minister went on to say,is nothing but a political hallucination, indicating that we should look at the whole issue from a national perspective and its stance towards terrorism, the killing, the violence, arms, compromising the national sovereignty and the national unity instead of looking at it from the angle of the political components of Doha Coalition.

Al-Zoubi stressed that "Doha Council will be treated similarily as Istanbul Council, adding that the Syrian leadership and state insist on dialogue between the political forces and the representatives of all spectra of the Syrian people so that any upcoming government will be obliged to the outcome of this dialogue.


The minister made it clear that martyrs will pave the way  for victory in Syria,

 "the conspirators seek to prolong their aggression on Syria  in an attempt to destroy the state's economic and scientific capabilities, "al-Zoubi confirmed ,so  all these attempts will enhance the Syrians' unity and their rallying behind their leadership and consolidate their commitment to their constant principles.

Al-Zoubi highly praised the Syrian media and their cadres as well as the journalists' sacrifices.

 "we are proud of those who have been kidnapped or martyred or those who are still performing their duties and have respect for their sacrifices," said al-Zoubi. .

The Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Raouf Sheibani said that martyr Maya conveyed the truth to the world opinion without distortion at a time all facts have been distorted under the US-Zionist domination of the international media.

 Sheibani reiterated his country's call for respecting the Syrians' opinions and their legitimate demands and working on to solve the crisis in Syria through comprehensive and constructive dialogue.


Syrians Make a Distinction between Friends and Foes

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ " When opposition groups are not rooted  in the homeland  , nor able  to win people 's support, they will be mere external tools, used for the destruction of the country, said Syria 's  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal Miqdad  on Wednesday.

 "After the failure of the US- established  Istanbul council, the Americans tried to bring in  a new frame in Doha, at the expense of the Arab causes", al-Miqdad said  in an interview with Russia Today TV, noting " The world seeks one direction  and they go for the opposite".

 He added that the crisis in Syria should be settled within a peaceful context, and national dialogue, but the first decision taken by the opposition coalition in Doha was refusal of national dialogue and persistence to continue spreading chaos in Syria.

 He said that the Syrians can make distinctions between their friends and foes, noting that the Arab League knows their enemy and Syrians distinguish the friend from the enemy, so Arab League has become and establishment of ashes, because it is subjugated to foreign instructions.

 "We will defend our people by legitimate means, guaranteed by the International law, the Humanitarian Law and the UN Charter", al-Miqdad said, adding that all indicators point that  a foreign intervention in Syria is indeed impossible and difficult.

 H. Shamout


Scores of Terrorists killed, their Weapons Confiscated




GOVERNORATES, (ST)-Twenty terrorists were killed during the clashes between the two terrorist groups in al-Aseela area in Aleppo over disagreements on sharing stolen stuffs.

Meantime, three women and four children were wounded when a terrorist group, led by Khalil Abdo al-Shaghel opened fire on Women's  march at Sheikh Lutfi quarters, demanding  the exit  of the terrorist groups from the area.

Meantime, an official source denied on Tuesday  certain media reports on  thwarting an attempt to blow up a  booby trapped with "1.5" tons of explosives near the checkpoint of the host palace in Aleppo, stressing  that this news is categorically untrue.

Scores of terrorists were killed and their weapons were destroyed or confiscated when they clashed with the armed forces in Tel al-Shoghour  site in Jesr al-Shoghour countryside.

Meantime, six cars fitted with medium and heavy machine guns and large number of terrorists  were eliminated when the  armed forces chased one terrorist group, terrifying citizens  in the mountains and forests surrounding Mahmpel town , an official source told SANA.

The source added that the engineering units dismantled yesterday a 40-Kg explosive device planted by terrorists in the industrial area in Idleb .

Terrorists on Tuesday assassinated  the director of the roads general establishment branch in Idleb Eng. Abdul Razzaq al-Youssef , while he was in an official mission with engineer Ahmad Daboul, the company 's branch director and eng. Maher Khallouf the director of the technical department  to inspect a bridge  damaged by terrorists near Mhampel town.

All members of a terrorist group led by Jamal al-Dahla were exterminated on Tuesday in Erbin town , Damascus countryside, and official source said, adding that the army  engineering units dismantled dozens of explosive devices implanted by terrorists in people's homes and the streets of the town to be  detonated by remote control.

Scores of citizens, including children and women were wounded on Tuesday when a booby trapped car was detonated in the main square of Ein al-Fiejeh town in rural Damascus, an official source reported, adding that the terrorist bombing  resulted in  huge damage in the homes of the people of the region and destruction of 11 cars, including a fire truck , which was parked in the place.

In Homs, two children were killed and other 6 persons wounded including one woman, when terrorists detonated an explosive device behind " the exhibitions" city in al-Waer quarters . Heavy material losses were reported in the site of the explosion.

Syria Times




Russia's attitudes are based on moral principles, says Mikdad




DAMASCUS, (ST) _ Russia's attitudes towards Syria are based on moral principles and basis of international legitimacy, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said on Tuesday.

In a meeting with, Alexander Nazarov, Director of Russia Today channel, Mikdad praised Russia's balanced attitudes towards crisis Syria is going through in particular and the world issues in general.

"Unlike some western countries, Russia's attitudes aren't based on narrow and selfish interests," said Mikdad.

He lauded Russia Today's credibility, noting that other channels proved to be involved in terrorist acts in Syria have no longer credibility.

Mikdad also briefed Nazarov on the latest developments in Syria in light of the vicious attack on it.

For his part, Nazarov said he was glad to visit Syria and meet Syrian citizens and officials,  adding that this helped him understand what is going on in Syria and to see the conspiracy against it.

B. Qaddour




Further governmental support for affected people, says Social Affairs Minister

Means of alleviating the suffering of peoples affected by terrorist acts all over Syria, including needs of displaced families temporary living in shelters are the main issues being tackled by the Syrian government.


Minister of Labour and Social Affairs stated on Tuesday that the 10th meeting of Higher Relief Committee (HRC) recently reviewed measures to be adopted during winter besides international organizations' programs in this regard.


In an interview with the daily al-Thawra newspaper, Dr.Jasem Zakariya said: "the ministry offered S.P20 million to support "Ahl al-Sham" initiative to provide affected people with basic assistance".


70 associations accredited


He added that S.P40mln is due to be offered by the government to civil associations by the beginning of winter, noting that 70 associations have been accredited in coordination with Foreign Ministry.

 "These associations have already reached partnership deals with donor states," said the minister, highly appreciating the role of Russia and Armenia who offered humanitarian aid to the affected people in Syria.

 He cited that, so thus, three Russian cargo planes and two Armenian ones have arrived Syria carrying humanitarian aid.

 Most damaged areas

On the other hand, Dr. Zakariya said the ministry has allocated a billion Syrian pound as an aid for the most damaged areas, affirming that HRC's heads are to supervise the process of distributing this amount among the needy.

 "The civil associations' budget is subjected to laws," said the minister, noting that the association's new law will reconsider the mechanism of accountability.


 The ministry is convening weekly meetings with citizens and it will take into consideration complaints being sent via e–mail to the ministry's website.

In another topic, Dr. Zakariya pointed out that the ministry has offered S.P480 mln to the families that are taking care of peoples suffering from cerebral palsy.

"The government support will also include the families that are sheltering citizens whose homes damaged in volatile areas," the minister added.

Time bombs

 Regarding the ministry's social vision towards random areas, Dr. Zakariya said : " around 40-60% of citizens are living in these areas which have been time bombs during the crisis. So, the ministry is going to set up centers for youths care in these areas".  

Besides, the ministry seeks to establish a real partnership with civil society to develop random areas to be an example.

 Basma Qaddour


FAO to Help Damaged Areas


DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Agriculture Subhi Abdullah and the Representative of  Food  and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Dr.Abdulla Taher Bin Yahya, recently discussed ways of distributing urgent aids of seeds, sheep, and fodders to the people in the damaged areas.

They also agreed to accelerate the work and distribute the aids in some governorates.  

 Nada Haj Khidr




Terrorist Groups Shed Palestinian Blood




DAMASCUS, (ST) - The People's Committees in Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees in Damascus asserted that armed groups backed by world, regional, and Arab governments are supporting terrorists in Syria to shed Palestinian blood at the service to pass a Zionist project in Syria.

 Armed groups yesterday shelled the Yarmuk Camp by a large number of mortars, according to SANA.

 The People's Committees, in a statement, terrorists' acts in the camp killed a huge number of persons and wounded others in a bid to involve the Palestinians in the camp in a worthless battle in the benefit of the Israeli entity.  

 Terrorists groups shed Palestinian blood to exploit the Palestinian –Syrian unity to raise conflict between the two brotherly peoples, added the statement.

 The world conspiracy is executed by the American, Turkish, Qatari governments and their agents.

  The People's Committees have called for an urgent initiative to adopt a clear attitude and take suitable measures to help and protect the Palestinian people and unveil the dimension of the conspiracy which aims at displacing the Palestinian refugees of their camps and liquidating the Palestinian cause.


H. Shamout