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Mortar attack on Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE,(ST)_A citizen was martyred on Wednesday by mortar attack on a al-Assad suburb in Damascus countryside.

The terrorists fired today a mortar round landed in the square of al-Assad suburb (a residential area) causing martyrdom of a citizen and wounding two other at the scene, SANA reported.

Last night, the terrorist also launched mortar rounds on Jaramana area (in Damascus countryside) for the second time in a week.

At least 4 citizens were martyred and 11 ones were wounded by the mortar shells which targeted al-Qaryat alley in the area.


Al-Halqi praises Arab intellectuals' abide by defending Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Premier Dr.Wael al-Halqi underscored on Wednesday that Syria is facing a global political, economic, military and media war targeting its' vital role in the region.

Prime Minister praised national Arab intellectuals' adherence to defending Syria in international and Arab activities, stressed that Arab intellectuals have an important role in unmasking what is being hatched against the Arab nation.

Al-Halqi's remark was made during a meeting with Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union, Samih khris.

In the meeting, the PM said: "steadfastness of the Syrian people and their support for national army and leadership will foil the conspiracy," calling on all Syrians to take part in national dialogue to draw up bases for the country's future.

For his part, Khris appealed to all honest Arabs to defend Syria as it is the last citadel of steadfastness and resistance in the Arab region.

Ministerial committee meets DVP

Later on, the Premier, who chairs the ministerial committee tasked with materializing the political plan, and the committee's members held talks with members of the Democratic Vanguard Party's politburo.

The two sides exchanged opinions to guarantee success of the national dialogue conference and all steps adopted by the government to pave the ground for implementing the endorsed three-stage political plan to resolve the crisis.

The party's Secretary General, Nofal Nofal told reporters after the meeting that there is a dire need for spreading dialogue and tolerance among all Syrian people.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.


Armed forces cleanse Maqam Sakina of terrorists

Provinces,(ST)_The armed forces have cleansed Maqam al-Sayeda Sakina ( Sakina sanctuary) and the surrounding area in Daraya suburb in Damascus countryside of terrorists.

A military source told SANA that the armed forces carried out today (Wednesday) dawn a successful operation during which all terrorists inside the Maqam and around it were eliminated.

It added that a big number of explosive devices inside the Maqam were dismantled and weapons were confiscated.

In addition, the armed forces killed number of terrorist leaders in Jobar area of Damascus countryside.

Meanwhile, army destroyed three cars for terrorists and a mortar in Aleppo. It also shelled hideouts of terrorists in countryside of Idleb, Homs, and Der Ezzour.  

A lot of terrorists, who were inside the hideouts, were reportedly killed or injured.

On the other hand, locals of al-Masrab village in west Der Ezzour countryside foiled terrorists groups' attack on their village.

According to SANA, the locals killed and injured most of the terrorists.

The Syria Arab Army is fighting foreign-backed terrorists exported from 40 states.

The terrorists, who are supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain, France and the US, perpetrate criminal acts against citizens and target the country's infrastructure.


National Popular Forum for Supporting Syria Rejects Doha Shameful Summit Decisions

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Under the slogan "Rejecting Doha Humiliation and Shame Summit Decisions", the meeting of the Higher Commission of the National Popular Forum for Supporting Syria kicked off on Wednesday with the participation of parties, organizations and political figures from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq and Algeria.

The ongoing crisis in Syria will be the main focus of the meeting, in addition to the repercussions of the current developments at the Arab, regional and international arenas.   

H. Mustafa

Al-Jaafari: Arms Trade Treaty does not Refer to Arming "non-State Terrorist Groups

NEW YORK,(ST)_ Syria's  Permanent Representative to the UN  Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed  Syria 's full support to the global trend towards building an international community, free from dominance  and based on UN  Charter principles  built on justice, equality and peace.

In a speech he delivered  during UN General Assembly voting  on the draft resolution on the adoption  of the draft Arms Trade Treaty, al-Jaafar added : We have worked over the years like other UN  Member States in order to reach a good treaty, and not for having an inapplicable  treaty that  will be used exclusively only as pressure on others in the future, as happened in other important decisions , pointing out that Syria was not against the treaty and has a belief that if it is completed as required it will be  a major asset for the international community.


He added as saying, "we need a good treaty that we do not regret later that it is not politically exploited by some countries against each other.

AL- Jaafari said that Syria  did not object to regulating the international arms trade, but opposed the draft because it did not refer to the arming of "non-state terrorist groups".

Some of the countries behind the draft treaty, he said, were "fully engaged in supplying terrorist groups [in Syria] with all kinds of lethal weapons".

Russia’s  Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin described as a significant shortcoming the lack of a clause in the draft treaty about banning the supply of weapons to non-state entities.

The assembly had heard from member-states’ ambassadors objecting to, or supporting, the draft.

The UN General Assembly has passed the first global arms trade treaty by 154 votes to three, with 23 abstentions.

Iran, North Korea and Syria had sought to block the treaty governing a trade worth some $70bn (£46bn) annually.

Russia, the world's second-biggest major exporter, was among those states which abstained from the vote at the Assembly in New York.

The treaty prohibits states from exporting conventional weapons in violation of arms embargoes, or weapons that would be used for acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or terrorism.

It also requires states to prevent conventional weapons reaching the black market.

Cuba's Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez said the draft contained "ambiguities" which gave it "serious limitations" and that it favoured the interests of arms exporters.

Last week, a UN treaty-drafting conference failed to reach consensus after objections from Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Iran said the treaty was full of flaws and loopholes and North Korea said it was unbalanced.

The draft was then sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who was asked on behalf of nations backing the treaty to put it to a vote in the General Assembly on Tuesday.

T. Fateh

8 citizens martyred, 25 wounded by mortar shells

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ At least 8 citizens were martyred and other 25 ones were wounded by  mortar shells on Damascus and its countryside.

A mortar round, which was fired by terrorists, was reportedly landed in a home in al-Mqelbeh town in Damascus countryside, causing martyrdom of 4 citizens, including 2 children, from one family.

A source at Police Leadership told SANA that the mortar round also left material damages at the scene.

Other three mortar rounds were landed in al-Adawi area of Damascus province, claiming lives of 4 citizens and wounding 25 others (including a woman and a child).

The mortars, in addition, caused serious damages in al-Faiha'a nurseries at the scene.

Every day, the foreign-backed terrorists launch random mortar rounds on the capital to scare citizens, kill them and destroy the country's infrastructure.


President Al-Assad issues legislative Decree on Kidnapping Crimes


DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued legislative decree No. 20 for the year 2013 on Kidnapping people and the due penalties.