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Al-Halqi underscores Syria-Iran strategic relations

Premier Wael al-Halqi underscored on Wednesday the deep-rooted historic and strategic ties between Syria and Iran and the role of these relations in confronting the US-zionism schemes in the region.

Al-Halqi's remarks came during a meeting with Iran's ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Ruiza Shibani.

"there is a necessity to upgrade economic and developmental ties between both countries and expanding the base of inter-trade through adopting appropriate mechanism that facilitate procedures between Syria and Iran, "stressed al-halqi.

Al-Halqi voiced appreciation to Iran for rapid response as regards meeting Syria's requirements of medicine and other needs.


Heads of States Congratulate President al-Assad On Christmas and New Year

DAMACUS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad received on Wednesday  congratulatory cables on the occasions of Christmas and New Year from Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Lebanon and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in addition to international figures.

In their  cables, they expressed best wishes to the Syrian People and President al-Assad.

President al-Assad expressed best wishes for the senders, wishing them a good, just and peaceful  new year.


Terrorists Attack al-Jbeiseh gas Line, Scores of them Killed, Wounded

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_In a series of daring operations, army units on Tuesday inflected  heavy losses on the ranks of armed terrorists in Duma, Daraya, Hujeira, al-Zeyabeyeh, and  Babila  areas in rural Damascus .

Three citizens were wounded when terrorists  fired a mortar shell at Iskenderun school which is home to a number of families that fled the terrorist of the armed forces.
In the context of targeting of national cadres the  armed terrorist group assassinated civil engineer  in the General Construction Company Louay Muhannad al-Hourani  and his son Muhammad in al-Waer quarters in Homs, before they stole his car and  fled  away.

In Daraya leader of one terrorist group Muhammad Rasheed was killed besides Muhammad  al-Houri , Asem al-Souqi, Muhammad Rajab, Wesam al-Firskh, Tareq Matouk, Abdul Qader Sourani, Rashed Khsheineh, Ezzat Yahya and Ayman Ashour, while one shelter and a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition at the southern entrance of Daraya were destroyed and 15 bombs weighing between 30-70 Kg were dismantled on the western farms of the town.
In al-Zeyabeyeh town  several terrorists were eliminated and  their  3 anti- aircraft  23 caliber machine guns  and two heavy machine guns were destroyed.
All members of one terrorist group were killed near the court in Babeila including leader of one terrorist group Fayez Ahmad Saad, nicknamed as Abu Hamzeh and  terrorists Imad eddine Najib and  Muhammad Ali and their arms and ammunition, including heavy machine guns and assault rifles were destroyed.
Leader of the so called " the Golan Martyrs "terrorist group, Khaled Shahin, and terrorists Muhammad al-Khouli , Osama al-Tellawi and Muhammad al-Khouri were eliminated  in Duma
Meantime, armed forces units  destroyed  tens of terrorists shelters in Aleppo city and country side and left them killed or wounded, in Azaz,  al-Sfeira, Khan Touman, Qarrasi village, Rasm al-Abboud, Mang, al-Mansoura,  and al-Oweijeh.
In the city of Aleppo several terrorists concentrations were destroyed in  al-Naqqarin, and al-Jindoul area where terrorist Hussein al-Zeib known as al-Jindoul sniper and terrorist Muhammad al-Marnadi were killed.

In Homs, a large amounts of weapons were confiscated in a terrorist shelter in Deir B'albeh  including 43 mortar shells , 465  Dushka machine gun bullets,  1085 PKC submachine bullets,  , 7 grenades ,5  TJP grenades ,  6 RPG and 120 machine gun bullets of 5.14 mm size  updated communications equipment and a field hospital.
In rural Homs, leader of  the so called " Hesya free Battalion " terrorist group  Khaled al-Jalouti, nicknamed Abu al-Shanakel , Ibrahim al-Homsi, Sanad Marwan al-Rweili, Muhammad Deib, Hayyan al-Ali and Mustafa Deib were eliminated.

In Teldo town terrorists Farouk Bakkour, Jihad Salem, Othman and Hassan al-Shandeyah and Majid al-Youssef were killed  when the armed forces destroyed their mortar shell  and a locally made base fitted with four rockets.
In Hama  countryside, several terrorists were killed or wounded near al-Mubarakat village, including  Khaled Ahmad al-Ahmad al-Kleib and Khaled Mahmoud al-Khaled and their weapons confiscated.
In the context of targeting the country 's  infrastructure, one armed group  attacked the   al-Jbeiseh gas pipeline extending from al-Jbeiseh  gas plant to Homs , 30 kilometers north Deir ez-Zour, resulted in the  leakage of about 5.1 million cubic meters of gas at the  site of the explosion  and the breakdown in the factory.
An official source at the Oil Ministry told SANA that the damaged factory  was feeding the  fertilizer plant and power stations with gas ,  adding that maintenance workshops are working to repair the damaged line during the next few days.


Awqaf Minister, Patriarch Yaziji: Moderate Policy, Islamic-Christian Fraternity Protect Homeland against Dangers

DAMSCUS, (ST) - Minister of Awqaf Mohammad Abdul Sattar Assayed and Patriarch John X Yaziji of Antioch and All East for the Greek Orthodox have underscored that Syria's moderate policy and model of Islamic-Christian fraternity will keep the homeland safe from dangers.

Meeting Patriarch Yaziji at the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus on Tuesday on the occasion of assuming the Patriarchate seat, the Awqaf Minister said "Arab civilization was built by both the Moslems and Christians of the nation. Syria will continue to be an example to be followed by other nations as regards enhancing religious fraternity."

The Minister pointed out that the awareness of the Syrian people will be the guarantee of Syria's inevitable victory over conspiracies.

The meeting was attended by several Islamic scholars.

IHRC Chief: Western and Gulf Media Reports on Syria Untrue




Governorates(ST)-International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Chief, Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan, stressed that the western and Gulf media reports on the events in Syria are "untrue."

In an interview with the Syrian Arab TV, Amin Khan pointed out that the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) condemns terrorism across the globe without any discrimination.

He added that the terrorists in Syria are receiving money and weapons from Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the so-called "Free Army" is just a group of terrorists.

He asserted that Syria has been the victim of the same terrorism targeting Pakistan and other countries because al-Qaeda organization which was fighting in Afghanistan against the U.S. occupation is now present in Syria.

IHRC Chief vehemently condemned the Qatari and Turkish policy which is based on funding terrorists to destabilize the Islamic countries.

He called on all sides in Syria to get involved in dialogue and find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria according to Geneva Statement, calling on the opposition to change its course of supporting terrorism and to stop being mere tools in the hands of other countries.

Dr. Amin Khan revealed that the IHRC will host an international conference to solve crisis in Syria next February in Lebanon and several heads of states and international organizations' chiefs will be invited.





Dialogue and peace for building Syria ,says John X Yazigi

DAMASCUS, (ST) –Marking the New Year, a divine mass was held on Tuesday at the Mariamite Cathedral for Roman Orthodox in Damascus .

The mass was headed by Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox, John X Yazigi.

Yazigi called for dialogue and peace for building Syria and starting the new year with amity and peace.


Fresh Batch of Military Faculty Graduated

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Under the patronage of Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, President Bashar al-Assad, a new batch of the Military Faculty was graduated on Monday.

On behalf of President Bashar al-Assad , head of the Military Faculty attended  the celebration ceremony .

At the commencement of the ceremony,attendees observed a one-minute silence in  honor of the martyrs, then  the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic was played.

"Syria has proven to be the citadel of steadfastness which can never be undermined,"said head of the faculty.

He expressed confidence that Syria will get out of the crisis stronger thanks to the awareness of its people, the bravery of its army, the wisdom of its leadership and the faithfulness of its friends.

He called on the graduates to do their utmost  to develop their knowledge ,experiences and to be an example for bravery and discipline.