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Internet and Communications Services Back

DAMASCUS, (ST)- All internet and communications services in Damascus were back into service after technical workshops completed repairing the failure which caused the cutoff  last Thursday,reported SANA.

" internet and communications services were back into service in Damascus and its countryside after a failure in the main network in Damascus Countryside had been repaired," underscored Eng. Bakr Bakr, Director General of the General Establishment of Communications


DIA operates normally, says Information Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST) – "the aviation at Damascus International Airport is operating normally",Ministry of Information said on Saturday ..

The Ministry denied news broadcast by some TV satellite channels as "untrue", stressing that the Airport road is completely safe.

Ghaida Abdul-Latif , Director General of the Syrian Arab Airlines(SAA), made it clear on Saturday that aviation at Damascus International Airport is running normally according to the schedule.

In a statement to SANA, Abdul-Latif said all flights scheduled Saturday morning for Cairo, Jeddah, Amman, Aleppo, Lattakia, Riyadh and Lattakia-Deir Ezzor already took off, adding that afternoon flights headed to Kuwait, Lattakia, Qamishli and Moscow will run as scheduled.

She confirmed that the Airport road is secure and that workers at the SAA  establishment and at the Airport are on duty.

Abdul-Latif called for keeping civil aviation away from media fabrications and political issues and agendas as the mission of civil aviation is limited to extending bridges of communication among people, stressing that Syria is influential in the world through its geographical and cultural position and that nobody can isolate it.



Stolen Medicines at a cost of 100 million SP, Confiscated from Devastated Terrorists




 Governorates,(ST)_ Heavy losses were inflected in the ranks  of terrorists, when the armed forces attacked them in Bustan al-Bacha and the road between Kafer Hamra and Allirmon, where the armed forces confiscated an  armored vehicle used by the terrorists for transporting  weapons in Aleppo.

In another context, the  armed forces  seized medications in the terrorists hidings in Allirmoun area, estimated  at a cost of 100 million Syrian pounds, stolen  by the terrorists from Aleppo 's hospitals  and health centers,  an official source reported to SANA.

The source detailed that  the drugs include all types of vaccines and antibiotics ,broad-spectrum human  insulin,  cancer-treatment drugs ,anti-inflammatory  medications , tons of cotton and gauze and veterinary medicines and vaccines for  poultry diseases.

Meantime, 8 terrorists were killed and 13 injured when a booby trapped car was detonated  in Hujeira in rural Damascus , whereas other terrorists  in Daraya, al-Zeyabeyah and al-Bweida  were exterminated including Khaled Salloum,  Mohammad Kheir eddine, Yasser al-Sabbagh, Maher Shdid, Fatehi Hammoudeh, Ammar Abdul Razzaq and terrorist Samer al-Bisrawi of the Iraqi nationality.

In Homs, the armed forces  destroyed in qualitative  operations hidings of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nasra front in al-Khaledeyah and Baab Hood quarters , resulted in the elimination of a number of terrorists, including leaders of the armed terrorist groups which  commit acts of murder and looting in several areas.

The  armed forces  , on the other hand, foiled three infiltration  attempts made by  terrorists from Lebanon to the Syrian territory in Tell Kalakh area ,inflected heavy human and material losses in their ranks, and forced them to retreat into Lebanese territory.

In Idleb countryside, the armed forces destroyed terrorist hidings in  Falyoun, Kafer Rouhin, Bennish, Bakfaloun and Kourin villages , and killed or wounded scores of them.

Meantime, one army unit  destroyed two vehicles fitted with  Dushka machine guns Dushka in Harem city  and eliminated scores of terrorists of  the so called  Idleb Martyrs Brigade, including  Meis Saqer, Anwar al-Muhajer and Abu Ali Janum, where as terrorists Omar Bakro and Nader Salim were exterminated in Bsenia town in Harem countryside.

Meanwhile, the engineering units dismantled 15 bombs weighing between  75- 100 kg equipped with wireless connections for remote bombing,  planted by terrorists on the Mahmpel – Jesr al-Shoughour highway in Idleb countryside,

In Lattakia , the competent authorities  confiscated  large quantities of ammunition ,machine guns and sniping machines inside a shelter for terrorists near the public park in al-Tabeyat quarters,  SANA reported, according to an official source.

The source detailed that the confiscated weapons included 7 assault rifles , 5 M-16 machine guns ,3  NATO  type snipers , anti-tank mines , 42 ammunition pockets  and two sophisticated satellite transmission systems, 11  bombs, 10 thousand bullets, 50 machine gun ammunition and several  mortar shells.

In Hama the armed forces exterminated several terrorists  who carried out acts  of intimidation and looting and  confiscated their weapons. Among the exterminated terrorists were  Khalid Mohammed Ali Khalif , member of  the so-called Khalid ibn al-Walid Brigade.

In Busra , two citizens were killed  and other 7 wounded while huge material losses were reported when a terrorist detonated a booby trapped pickup loaded with vegetables in the  populated western quarters of the city.


Syria Times




A Message from President al-Assad to Venezuelan Counterpart

CARACAS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter to President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, conveyed by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad.

Nicolas Maduro Moros ,the Vice-President of Venezuela ,who received al-Mikdad relayed salutation from President Chavez and hopes that President al-Assad will overcome the terrorist campaign against Syria.

"Venezuela's stance regarding the ongoing events in Syria is firm and clear. Caracas is confident that the conspiracy will be foiled, affirming that Syria's victory is a victory to all countries that fight for preserving their sovereignty and independence, "affirmed Moros.

Moros made it clear that Bolstering cooperation with Syria in all domains is a must in a bid to enable Damascus to overcome the repercussions of the imperialistic western aggression.

The leadership and people of Venezuela, Moros went on saying, are monitoring the steadfastness of the Syrian people and consider it a heroic struggle representing the conscience of free peoples that defend their countries' independence and sovereignty.

He also expressed his country's rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and voiced condemnation of the media campaign which aims at undermining Syria and its ability to confront the imperialistic schemes in the region.

For his part, Dr. Mikdad briefed Moros on the situation in Syria and the western aggression which aims at weakening its stances that oppose the western and Israeli schemes in the region in cooperation with their tools in the Arab Gulf and in Turkey who fund, harbor and arm terrorist groups who are responsible for perpetrating massacres against innocent Syrians.

Dr. Mikdad highly appreciated Venezuela's stances for support of  Syria (politically ,economically and internationally).


"Halting of Financing, arming and Sheltering Terrorists, Best Way to Help us Continue Reform Process", says Al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)- The Syrians seek building and leading a Syrian-made democracy that embodies the aspirations of the citizens, not a Salafist, bloody and sectarian one imposed on them from abroad through armed violence, Syria's permanent representative at the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has stressed.

In Syria's statement during the meeting of the 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly, dedicated for discussing a draft resolution against Syria, al-Jaafari said "the proposed draft resolution is completely far from goodwill, transparency or keenness to protect human rights in Syria as it holds the Syrian government responsible for the outcomes of all the ongoing events in the country without condemning the armed terrorist groups and the countries which use these groups as tools".


He added that some of the participating delegations are exploiting the Committee's work to serve their political intervention purposes which contradict UN Charter and principles of international laws pointing out that these attempts negatively affect the future of international political action regarding the protection and enhancement of human rights.


Al-Jaafari regretted some Arab countries' acceptance to present the draft resolution which claims protecting human rights in Syria, stressing that these countries have allowed the Western group to use them as the "Horse of Trojan" to serve their interests in the region.


"These Arab countries, including Qatar, had done the Israeli aggression on Gaza a great favor by presenting the draft resolution against Syria the same day the Israeli warplanes was raining Gaza with bombs," al-Jaafari said.


He stressed the political, moral and financial bankruptcy of the so-called Arab League, pointing out that this group has become ready to provide free services to all who want to target any Arab state.

Al-Jaafari stressed that Syria is committed to the principles of justice, equality and democracy, reiterating that the Syrians are looking forward to building and leading a home-made democracy that embodies their aspirations not a sectarian, bloody and Salafist one made abroad and based on armed violence and sedition to destroy the Syrian state and society.

"The Syrian people seeks building a justice and equality-based society away from foreign intervention by countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia which know nothing about human rights," al-Jaafari stressed, pointing out that these two countries aren't members in the International Charter for Civil and Political Rights until now despite the fact that this charter has become an international reference since 1976, while Syria had been a Charter member since 1969, that is; after Qatar had won independence from the British occupation.

The Syrian UN Envoy regretted some countries' attempts to justify the terrorist acts and massacres committed by armed terrorist groups against the Syrian people, wondering if mutilating and cutting dead bodies, slaughtering innocent people, displacing the citizens on sectarian basis are considered by these countries, which proposed the draft resolution, as small violations that aren't worth mentioning.


Al-Jaafari affirmed that some countries, which adopted the draft resolution, are a main component of the crisis and a sponsor of the unstopped and escalating violence in Syria due to their sectarian sedition incitement. 

"Hands off Syria, stop your petrodollar money which helps terrorists and killers divide and destroy countries, lift your sanctions on the Syrian people and halt your vicious media war and sectarian incitement against Syria" al-Jaafari said, addressing those who claim they are keen to protect the Syrian people's rights.

He pointed out that he has recently presented an official letter on behalf of the Syrian government providing for the names of 143 foreign terrorists, including Libyans, Saudis, Qataris and Tunisians, killed in Aleppo battles.

Al-Jaafari stressed that the "best way to help us go ahead with the reform process is by halting the financing, arming and sheltering of armed terrorist groups and preventing their infiltration into Syria across borders with neighboring countries, particularly Turkey."

He urged UN member states to show their respect for human rights by observing facts not by conspiring and falsifying the reality of events. He also urged them to understand that what the Syrian government is doing aims at preserving its sovereignty and enhancing the reforms supported by the majority of the Syrian people.

The UN General Assembly 3rd Committee had adopted a draft resolution against Syria, proposed by the United States, European countries including France, in addition to some Arab countries. The resolution ignores the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups and al-Qaeda affiliated parties against the people of Syria. It also ignores hundreds of press and international reports confirming the existence of foreign terrorists carrying out armed operations in Syria. 

H. Moustafa   

Heavy Human, Material Losses in the Ranks Al-Qaeda linked Terrorists


GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Two booby-trapped terrorist explosions in the main Square of Jaramana City caused Wednesday morning fatalities and material damage,  according to SANA preliminary information.

According to SANA reporter in Jaramana, the explosions coincided with the terrorist explosion of two explosive devices at al-Nahdha and al-qriat Quarters.

According to Ministry of Interior, the terrorist attacks caused the martyrdom of 34 citizens, scores of mutilated corpses, and 83 serious injuries.


Heavy material losses and damage were also reported in the buildings nearby the targeted areas.

Earlier, scores of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists were killed or wounded in both  al-Thawra city in al-Raqqa   and in al-Hassaka rural areas, where 10 cars each equipped  with Dushka machine guns were destroyed..

In Idleb, terrorist group leader of al-Qaeda affiliated  al-Nusra front Abdul Majeed Khuder and four snipers  were killed when the armed forces  attacked them  in Mahmpel  and destroyed their  weapons and ammunition used in attacking citizens and  public and private property,  an official source told SANA.

The source added   that  the armed forces  destroyed variety of weapons, including  RPG launchers , mortar launchers and machine guns 14.5  mm  caliber,  assault  rifles and sophisticated  communication devices .

a headquarter and a depot for ammunition and weapons  and terrorists in it, members of the so called " al-Atareb martyrs Brigade" were killed in  Atama town in  Harem city.

Meantime,  15 terrorists were killed when a roadside bomb exploded while they were planting it  on the road in rural Idleb.

More terrorists were also killed or wounded  in qualitative attacks carried out by the armed forces against a training camp for terrorists groups  in Kafr Takhareem and in  Jidar Bakfaloun village in rural Idleb.

In another context, the army  engineering units  dismantled four explosive devices  each weighs 100 Kg on Arieha- Mahmpel  road, planted by terrorists .

In Aleppo and its countryside,  the armed forces destroyed two cars fitted with machine guns and killed or wounded terrorists manned them , in a qualitative operation in Karm al-Jabal, while scores of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists were killed in al-Saleheen  area.

More casualties were inflected on terrorists  ranks in Aleppo city when  the armed forces attacked their hidings  in Allirmon near  Mazda agency, Abu baker mosque, the fodder establishment, Bustan al-Qaser, al-Sukkari and Bani Zaid areas.

Terrorists , members in al-Qaeda organization,  Ahmad Khalil Idrees, Basheer Kharban and Muhammad Nour Abboud, nicknamed  Abu Khaddouj , who carried out acts of looting and stealing at the entrance of  Zamalka town were also  exterminated.

In two qualitative operations , the armed forces eliminated  gatherings of al-Qaeda terrorists near al-Ridwan hospital in Daraya.

In Homs,  the armed forces targeted one gathering of mercenaries and terrorists and killed many of them in al-Shoumareyah village  of rural Homs. Among the killed was terrorist Abdullah al-Waou.

Meanwhile, all terrorists inside a residential house were killed  in al-Fayzeyeh village  while  one explosive device  went off as they were devising  it , SANA reported, adding  the explosion resulted  in killing three children in a nearby house, where heavy losses were inflected.


Syria Times




Government Approves New Bills on Combating Corruption, Stresses Need to Protect State’s Vital Institutions

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Cabinet weekly session on Tuesday was dedicated to discussing the latest political developments in the country, explaining the situation of the economic and services sectors and reviewing measures necessary to protect vital institutions from terrorist attacks.

The cabinet also discussed and then approved several bills on establishing an independent Commission for Combating Corruption, on fighting illicit profit and on establishing the Control and Inspection Department.

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi underlined the challenges and difficulties facing the health, services and electricity sectors, reiterating the important role that can be played by civil society and government parties in all Syrian governorates to protect vital industrial institutions and highways so as to provide necessary services to the citizens.

Omar Ghalawanji, the Deputy Premier for Services Affairs and the Minister of Local Administration talked about the damages caused by the armed terrorist groups’ attacks against the services sector’s facilities, pointing out that branch committees are formed to enhance the protection of vital industrial and economic institutions.

Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Qadri Jamil reviewed the economic situation and the government’s procedures to ensure food stuff and oil derivates to citizens. He stressed the availability of enough reserves and storage for local needs, particularly wheat and flour.

Electricity Minister Imad Khamis pointed out that the ministry is implementing electricity rationing program because of the terrorist attacks which have been targeting power generating and transferring stations. He referred to the efforts being exerted by the ministry and its affiliated institutions to lessen the rationing hours and to maintain the electricity system and fixing its damages.

For his part, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Saeed Hanidi reviewed the obstacles facing the oil and gas sector due to the incessant terrorist attacks on gas and oil pipelines. He underlined the measures adopted by the ministry to ensure necessary oil products, fixing damages caused to pipelines and resuming the pumping operation to refineries.

Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar also reviewed some follow up measures and steps to solve some issues related to the ministry’s tasks.

Transport Minister Mahmoud Said reviewed the ministry’s procedures to support air and maritime transport system, in addition to maintaining railway networks.

 For his part, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jasem Zakaraya briefed the cabinet on the stages implemented in the youth employment program.  In this respect, the Cabinet discussed the issue of ensuring job opportunities to martyrs families.

H. Moustafa