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Al-Mikdad stresses Syria's Determination to Fight Terrorism




MOSCOW, (ST) - A number of Western and Gulf States in addition to Turkey have been working hard to escalate the situation in Syria. Their incessant attempts to provide financial and weapons to armed terrorist groups in the country have unveiled the real goals of these parties who have been conspiring on Syria to force her give up her stances and policies in confrontation of Israeli occupation.

 The remarks were made by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Al-Mikdad during his meeting Sunday with Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Ginadi Gatilov, who stressed Russia's concern over the increasing activities of the al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria.

 Gatilov reiterated Russia's support for Syria and rejection of military intervention in the country, affirming the need to reach a political diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.

 He expressed Russia's satisfaction over Syria's cooperation with international parties to improve the humanitarian conditions of the victims of armed terrorist groups, urging the international community to intensify their efforts in this regard.

    Al-Mikdad briefed Gatilov on the reality of current events in Syria, particularly the armed terrorist groups' escalation of their criminal acts against innocent civilians and their incessant attempts to destroy the public and private infrastructure.

 Al-Mikdad stressed the Syrian leadership's determination to fight terrorism and hold a national dialogue which restores security and stability to the country, pointing out that the reforms carried out by President Bashar Al-Assad embody the aspirations of the Syrian people.

 Al-Mikdad thanked Russia, on behalf of the Syrian people and leadership, for its principled supportive stance on the Syrian crisis, stressing that such stance expresses this friendly country's commitment to the UN Charter, the International Law and the principle of not interfering in other countries internal affairs.

 Methods of enhancing Syria-Russia relations were discussed during the meeting which was attended by Syria's Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad and a number of Gatilov's assistants.


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Scores of al-Qaeda Terrorists Exterminated , their Weapons Confiscated




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_  "Bodies of 3 martyrs, including one boy and one  girl, and 35 wounded  persons  arrived at Tishreen military hospital, following  the terrorist explosion  in Ish al-Warwar area in the outskirts of Damascus on Saturday evening, according to a source at the hospital .

The source detailed that terrorists  detonated a booby trapped car in al-Khazzan  ( Reservoir)  area, resulted in killing and wounding of a  number of citizens including children .

The source added that 8 children were wounded  in the blast, several wounded  civilians are in critical health conditions.

According to SANA the explosion took place in  a densely populated public square , caused considerable material damage to adjoining  buildings and nearby parked cars.

Meantime,  the armed forces  units carried out on Saturday  a series of qualitative operations which targeted  hidings and gatherings for terrorists  in Daraya, Hujeira, al-Zeyabeh, Beir Sohom, Aqraba, and Douma towns and inflicted heavy losses  on them, according to an official source.

The source explained that most dangerous terrorists were exterminated  in Hujeira and al-Zeyabeh, including two terrorist groups leaders Khaled al-Naser and Walid al-Shummari, one Iraqi terrorist, known as Abu al-Qasem al-Iraqi, one Iraqi leader of terrorist group of al-Nusra front Ali Suleiman, besides terrorists  Firas, Samer aand Ahmad al-Zuqeimi and Muhammad Saleh al-Rubei'.

The source continued  that the armed forces exterminated several al-Nosra Front terrorists near Abu Ayman farm and al-Manazara square  in al-Zeyabeh town and destroyed  two cars fitted with heavy weapons and mortars which were used by terrorists to target the town's residential areas.

 In al-Huseineyah the armed  forces  destroyed  two  Kia Rio  cars and  one pickup loaded with ammunition and mortar  and killed the terrorists inside them at the entrance of al-Basel street.

" A van loaded with explosives and 4  cars  which were ferrying terrorists and transport weapons and ammunition  to them were destroyed on the road  al-Asmar" bakery , while one  car and 4 motorcycles used by terrorists were also destroyed in  Fayez Mansour  street in Hujeira town", the source continued.

Meantime, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded in al-Hajar al-Aswad " black stone", Douma,  and Aqraba airport, where  scores of terrorists, who tried to attack it  were killed or wounded and their Peugeot car was destroyed  by the armed forces  .

In Aleppo, dozens of terrorists were exterminated in a cleansing operation  from the terrorist groups in Bustan al-Bacha area.

More terrorists were killed near Gamal Abdul Naser School in al-Sheikh Lutfi area including  one  leader of  al-Nosra front  organization affiliated group Khalil Issa al-Shaghil, two terrorists Ayman Khattab and Mahmoud Khattab and other 6  non-Syrian terrorists  while large number of  terrorists were wounded.

In a qualitative operation in rural Idleb, the armed forces  exterminated scores of terrorists in Bennesh city and

destroyed 4 pickups fitted with machine guns and 4 vans , and the mercenary terrorists inside it, SANA reported.

It  added that in M'aret Mesrin and the surrounding  of Saraqeb city,  the armed forces exterminated  several terrorists  including  Abdul Khaleq Oweid known as al-Jarrah, Hussein Oweid known as Abu Yaman, Majed Alameh known as Sheif al-Islam, Muhammad Mousa, Mazen Maqdouni and Muhammad Razzaz.

 Large quantities of arms and ammunition included automatic rifles, machine guns ,military uniforms and a variety of bombs were confiscated.

In rural Lattakia,  the armed forces   restored security and stability to Qstal al-Maaf area and  the adjoining hills ,  and al-Rabie'a junction after exterminated scores of mercenary terrorists, an official source said, adding that the armed forces  removed mines implanted by terrorists in the forests surrounding  Qastal al- Maaf area.


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Backing terrorism in Syria hinders international efforts to solve crisis, says al-Jaafari


NEW YORK, (ST)_Syria asserted on Friday that a comprehensive political solution based on a dialogue among the Syrians and led by Syria itself is the only way to halt the ongoing crisis.

In a speech before the UN General Assembly, Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN said: "on behalf of the Syrian government, I want to voice once again our full support for the mission of the UN Envoy LakhdarBrahimi, and our readiness to cooperate with him according to the agreed basis that forms the framework of his noble mission. I mean Kofi Annan's six-point plan and Geneva statement." 

Bashar al-Jaafari clarified thatDamascus has agreed with Brahimi,on the necessity to find a comprehensive political solution in Syria with the participation of all parties."

Syrian government's call for dialogue

SANA quoted Al-Jaafarias saying :"Since the beginning of the crisis, the Syrian government has called for dialogue which was ignored by the majority of the opposition sides", adding that some Arab, regional and international countries that are backing armed terrorist groups also ignored the call as they reject peaceful political solution to the crisis.

He stressed his country's response to every sincere initiative aimed at solving the crisis politically and rejecting calls for foreign intervention, notingthat dialogue can't be held in countries that are involved in shedding Syrian blood.

"There are now on the Syrian scene those who want to establish an Islamic state in Syria that applies Islamic Sharia," he said, noting that these sides are very far from a true understanding of the tolerant principles of Islam.


Al-Jaafariadded that some countries are sponsoring and supporting terrorism in Syria while claiming to care for peace in it, stressing that the regional and international parties involved in the crisis in Syria must be convinced that the solution should be political and not through supporting the terrorist groups in Syria.

He underlined that Syria cooperated with the Arab observers' mission, adding that "You remember the scandal which happened at the UN Security Council at that time… General al-Dabi, who chaired the mission at that time, didn't attend the session. Despite all that, Syria also cooperated with the UN Envoy Kofi Annan and the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) and welcomed the six-point plan and the Geneva statement," adding that the armed groups and the countries backing them insisted on rejecting these initiatives.

Al-Jaafari noted that remarks made by officials of the countries which are sponsoring , funding , arming and harboring these groups and encouraging them to commit terrorist acts revealed the sides and countries which are working tofoil the said initiatives.

No condemnation!!??

"How could we understand the fact that certain countries hindered the adoption of statements condemning terrorists attacks in Syria six times, knowing that these attacks claimed the lives of large numbers of Syrian civilians and were condemned by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon," said al-Jaafari.

He added: "One of the delegations at the UN Security Council justified the rejection of decrying the terrorist blasts took place in Jaramana by saying that there is no information. We don't understand this behavior as anything other than supporting terrorism and encouragement for violence."

Qatar arms terrorists

He cited in this context reports by U.S. newspapers revealing that Qatar has provided the gunmen in Syria with U.S.-made anti-aircraft Stinger missiles, adding that those gunmen threatened to use these missiles to target the civilian planes in the Syrian airspace.

"Yesterday, those gunmen assaulted members of the UNDOF… shouldn't we conclude that there are powers on the ground and outside Syria that have no interest in making the comprehensive national dialogue a success?" he asked.


On the other hand, al-Jaafari said: "The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of our people who became refugeeshurts us," citing that Syria was the first country in receiving refugees and the number of refugees in Syria, including Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese, reached 12% of the Syrian population.

"The Syrian government repeatedly stressed that it wants the refugees to return their homeland," added al-Jaafari, saying: "It is true that some of them don't want to return, but some sides prevent part of them from returning as to exploit them and exaggerate their numbers."


He indicated that it was revealed lately that everyone who crosses the Syrian borders is registered as a refugee, noting that there are hundreds of thousands of the Syrians who cross to the neighboring countries in their cars to buy some materials and return, and that they are not refugees, yet they are listed as refugees to put pressure on the Syrian government.

Recognizing existence of terrorists in Syria

Al-Jaafari stressed that the international community should recognize the existence of terrorist groups in Syria supported and sponsored by countries that pretend they are keen on human rights, adding that one of these countries sentenced a poet to life in prison for composing a poem criticizing the Emir of that country.

Al-Jaafari called for respecting the UN Charter that is based on the principle of preserving the  independence of member countries, not meddling in internal affairs, respecting international law and not sponsoring terrorism or arming opposition groups.

"We submitted 250 letters to the UN Security Council and to international organizations, 3 of which documented the names of non-Syrian terrorists linked to Al Qaeda with formal confessions of the terrorist acts committed in Syria… all these letters were ignored and remained unanswered… we are still waiting for a reply from those who pretend they want to fight terrorism," he said.

Al-Jaafari reiterated that the Syrian people want change, but this change must be in accordance with the aspirations of the Syrians, and not in response to foreign interventional agendas that are void of good intentions.

Brahimi: Political solution is the way to create new Syria

In a similar speech at the UN General Assembly session, UN Envoy to Syria LakhdarBrahimi reiterated that the political solution is the way to create a new Syria and implement political steps that satisfy the Syrians' aspirations and preserve the country's sovereignty and unity, stressing that any credible political process can be applied and realized.

"There are obstacles hindering a political process for ending the Syrian crisis, and these obstacles are listed in the final memo of the Geneva meeting,"said Brahimi,clarifying that the Geneva document must be translated into a Security Council resolution to be effective.

He noted that his talks with Syria's neighboring countries' leadersproved to him that they cannot draw up an applicable peace plan in the near future, and that it's now up to the UN and specifically the Security Council to reach consensus on a plan for Syria.

Brahimiconcluded by calling for seeking methods to work together to focus on mutual and group interests to end the crisis in Syria.

Ki-moon: Military solution won't end violence in Syria

For his part, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asserted that a military solution won't end violence in Syria, stressing that building a free and democratic Syria requires democratic dialogue and negotiations.

"UN will work to facilitate dialogue," said Ki-Moon, noting that this would succeed only if everyone acknowledged the necessary steps to unify the efforts of the international community and particularly the Security Council.

"If the international community can rally its efforts behind Brahimi and behind a single process, it can avoid the worst and enable Syria to rise from this crisis," said Ki-Moon.





Internet and Communications Services Back

DAMASCUS, (ST)- All internet and communications services in Damascus were back into service after technical workshops completed repairing the failure which caused the cutoff  last Thursday,reported SANA.

" internet and communications services were back into service in Damascus and its countryside after a failure in the main network in Damascus Countryside had been repaired," underscored Eng. Bakr Bakr, Director General of the General Establishment of Communications


DIA operates normally, says Information Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST) – "the aviation at Damascus International Airport is operating normally",Ministry of Information said on Saturday ..

The Ministry denied news broadcast by some TV satellite channels as "untrue", stressing that the Airport road is completely safe.

Ghaida Abdul-Latif , Director General of the Syrian Arab Airlines(SAA), made it clear on Saturday that aviation at Damascus International Airport is running normally according to the schedule.

In a statement to SANA, Abdul-Latif said all flights scheduled Saturday morning for Cairo, Jeddah, Amman, Aleppo, Lattakia, Riyadh and Lattakia-Deir Ezzor already took off, adding that afternoon flights headed to Kuwait, Lattakia, Qamishli and Moscow will run as scheduled.

She confirmed that the Airport road is secure and that workers at the SAA  establishment and at the Airport are on duty.

Abdul-Latif called for keeping civil aviation away from media fabrications and political issues and agendas as the mission of civil aviation is limited to extending bridges of communication among people, stressing that Syria is influential in the world through its geographical and cultural position and that nobody can isolate it.



Stolen Medicines at a cost of 100 million SP, Confiscated from Devastated Terrorists




 Governorates,(ST)_ Heavy losses were inflected in the ranks  of terrorists, when the armed forces attacked them in Bustan al-Bacha and the road between Kafer Hamra and Allirmon, where the armed forces confiscated an  armored vehicle used by the terrorists for transporting  weapons in Aleppo.

In another context, the  armed forces  seized medications in the terrorists hidings in Allirmoun area, estimated  at a cost of 100 million Syrian pounds, stolen  by the terrorists from Aleppo 's hospitals  and health centers,  an official source reported to SANA.

The source detailed that  the drugs include all types of vaccines and antibiotics ,broad-spectrum human  insulin,  cancer-treatment drugs ,anti-inflammatory  medications , tons of cotton and gauze and veterinary medicines and vaccines for  poultry diseases.

Meantime, 8 terrorists were killed and 13 injured when a booby trapped car was detonated  in Hujeira in rural Damascus , whereas other terrorists  in Daraya, al-Zeyabeyah and al-Bweida  were exterminated including Khaled Salloum,  Mohammad Kheir eddine, Yasser al-Sabbagh, Maher Shdid, Fatehi Hammoudeh, Ammar Abdul Razzaq and terrorist Samer al-Bisrawi of the Iraqi nationality.

In Homs, the armed forces  destroyed in qualitative  operations hidings of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nasra front in al-Khaledeyah and Baab Hood quarters , resulted in the elimination of a number of terrorists, including leaders of the armed terrorist groups which  commit acts of murder and looting in several areas.

The  armed forces  , on the other hand, foiled three infiltration  attempts made by  terrorists from Lebanon to the Syrian territory in Tell Kalakh area ,inflected heavy human and material losses in their ranks, and forced them to retreat into Lebanese territory.

In Idleb countryside, the armed forces destroyed terrorist hidings in  Falyoun, Kafer Rouhin, Bennish, Bakfaloun and Kourin villages , and killed or wounded scores of them.

Meantime, one army unit  destroyed two vehicles fitted with  Dushka machine guns Dushka in Harem city  and eliminated scores of terrorists of  the so called  Idleb Martyrs Brigade, including  Meis Saqer, Anwar al-Muhajer and Abu Ali Janum, where as terrorists Omar Bakro and Nader Salim were exterminated in Bsenia town in Harem countryside.

Meanwhile, the engineering units dismantled 15 bombs weighing between  75- 100 kg equipped with wireless connections for remote bombing,  planted by terrorists on the Mahmpel – Jesr al-Shoughour highway in Idleb countryside,

In Lattakia , the competent authorities  confiscated  large quantities of ammunition ,machine guns and sniping machines inside a shelter for terrorists near the public park in al-Tabeyat quarters,  SANA reported, according to an official source.

The source detailed that the confiscated weapons included 7 assault rifles , 5 M-16 machine guns ,3  NATO  type snipers , anti-tank mines , 42 ammunition pockets  and two sophisticated satellite transmission systems, 11  bombs, 10 thousand bullets, 50 machine gun ammunition and several  mortar shells.

In Hama the armed forces exterminated several terrorists  who carried out acts  of intimidation and looting and  confiscated their weapons. Among the exterminated terrorists were  Khalid Mohammed Ali Khalif , member of  the so-called Khalid ibn al-Walid Brigade.

In Busra , two citizens were killed  and other 7 wounded while huge material losses were reported when a terrorist detonated a booby trapped pickup loaded with vegetables in the  populated western quarters of the city.


Syria Times




A Message from President al-Assad to Venezuelan Counterpart

CARACAS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter to President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, conveyed by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad.

Nicolas Maduro Moros ,the Vice-President of Venezuela ,who received al-Mikdad relayed salutation from President Chavez and hopes that President al-Assad will overcome the terrorist campaign against Syria.

"Venezuela's stance regarding the ongoing events in Syria is firm and clear. Caracas is confident that the conspiracy will be foiled, affirming that Syria's victory is a victory to all countries that fight for preserving their sovereignty and independence, "affirmed Moros.

Moros made it clear that Bolstering cooperation with Syria in all domains is a must in a bid to enable Damascus to overcome the repercussions of the imperialistic western aggression.

The leadership and people of Venezuela, Moros went on saying, are monitoring the steadfastness of the Syrian people and consider it a heroic struggle representing the conscience of free peoples that defend their countries' independence and sovereignty.

He also expressed his country's rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and voiced condemnation of the media campaign which aims at undermining Syria and its ability to confront the imperialistic schemes in the region.

For his part, Dr. Mikdad briefed Moros on the situation in Syria and the western aggression which aims at weakening its stances that oppose the western and Israeli schemes in the region in cooperation with their tools in the Arab Gulf and in Turkey who fund, harbor and arm terrorist groups who are responsible for perpetrating massacres against innocent Syrians.

Dr. Mikdad highly appreciated Venezuela's stances for support of  Syria (politically ,economically and internationally).