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Deteriorated Health Conditions in the Golan , Result of Occupation Repressive Practices- Minister

GENEVA,(ST)_ Minister  of Health, Dr. Saad Nayef stressed  health conditions of the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan "are  deteriorating as a result of the Israeli occupation and its repressive practices" ,  and the lack of   health care services .

In his speech during a session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva dedicated to health conditions in the occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Palestinian territories , the Minister noted  continued suffering of Syrian prisoners in Israeli jails , resulted in disabilities such as sight loss and ,liver infections , acute intestinal infections, spinal pain and other injuries and life-threatening diseases .

He added that  Syrian and Arab prisoners are continuously used   as experiments to test drugs and subjected to the worst kinds of torture and ill-treatment in order  to extract confessions from them   for acts , they did not commit .

 He  also pointed the Israeli occupation authorities burial of  nuclear waste and barrels  containing radioactive materials and toxic substances in secret warehouses within the Golan territory in addition to mining the cease-fire line with nuclear mines and radioactive materials, stressing that such acts are but a  crime contrary to all norms of international humanitarian  conventions and a flagrant assault to the Syrian people.

 "Syria  holds the Israeli occupation authorities responsible   for any environmental or health complications in the villages of the Golan result from the burial of this toxic waste " the Minister stressed.

 "The  Israeli occupation authorities ignored over the past years repeated requests by Syria, on  the need to provide medical service for the Syrian citizens in the villages of the occupied Golan, especially building  construction four health centers in Majdal Shams, Buq'ata , Ein Qenya and al-Ghajar  villages." He underscored.

 "The Immoral practices of the Israeli occupation authorities confirm the international community's inability to carry out its responsibilities towards the rights of Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan", the minister said , calling  on WHO "to intervene immediately and take effective action to stop the inhuman Israeli practices against the health of the Syrian citizen."

 The World Health  Assembly  which approved a draft resolution on the health conditions in the occupied  Golan, by a majority of votes and opposed by Israel and the US , Canada and Australia  due to be released at the end of its meetings  next week. " 

The resolution demands WHO Director-General to provide technical assistance related to the health of the Syrian population in the occupied Golan. 

The Assembly began works of its 66th session on Monday and will continue through  May 28, with the participation of 194 countries. 

T. Fateh 

Bettors on enemies have no role in Syria's political future, says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister has said those who are hesitant and subversive and betting on homeland's enemies have no role in drawing up Syria's political future.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the ministerial committee tasked with materialization of the political plan to resolve the crisis in Syria, was speaking as the committee met a number of charity associations' heads.

He clarified that all the political and social parties met the committee see the implementation of he three-stage political plan based on launching a comprehensive national dialogue and rejecting foreign meddling is the only solution to the ongoing crisis in the country.

"Even armed groups have realized the conspiracy hatched against Syria and they started to lay down their weapons to join defending the homeland," al-Halqi said, stressing that the process of national dialogue has already launched.

According to SANA, the today-meeting focused on role of civil society in disseminating the culture of love and tolerance, developing human resources and carrying out charity works through lending poor and displaced people a helping hand.

It also revolved around political and economic situation in the country.

On January, 9, 2013, the cabinet endorsed the political plan outlined by President Bashar l-Assad in his speech delivered on January 6th.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Basma Qaddour   

Mikdad Meets Bogdanov

MOSCOW, (ST)-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal  Mikdad on Thursday met Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov.

Top the meeting's agenda was discussing best ways  to achieve the political solution to end crisis  in Syria and to launch the national dialogue among the Syrians through Syrian leadership.

"The said dialogue must be  based on the inevitability of preserving Syria sovereignty and territorial integrity and non-interference in its internal affairs, "says Mikdad.

Mikdad and Bogdanov  asserted  that the said goals pose the basic reference in any effort to solve the crisis in Syria.

On Wednesday, Mikdad met  the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov where  they reviewed issues related to the Russian-US initiative to hold an international Conference to resolve the crisis in Syria.

In this regard, Lavrov voiced his country's  high appreciation to the Syrian leadership's constructive reaction to the suggestions related to the international conference on Syria.


Syrian Arab army eliminates more than 69 terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of armed forces have eliminated more than 69 terrorists outside Homs, Damascus, Aleppo and Idleb provinces amid reports of continuity of fierce fighting  in two fronts.

In details, the units of armed forces killed 20 terrorists and destroyed 7 vehicles loaded  with ammunitions and weapons in Dahr al-Qadib area and south stadium in al-Qsir city in the central Homs province.

A military source stressed that other terrorists were eliminated in the northern quarter and west of the commercial market in the same city, noting that several terrorists' hideouts were pounded in towns of al-Dab'a, al-Eastan, Talbeseh, Bet Hajjo, Tal al-Ghar, Kesin,  al-Amereye, and Aqrab.

On the other hand, the units of armed forces have found a facility for producing explosive devices, a rocket launcher and three field hospitals in Basatin al-Waer in Homs amid reports of cleansing it from terrorists.

The armed forces also targeted terrorist groupings on Homs-Mesyaf road, and in quarters of Hod, al-Khaledeyeh, al-Warsheh, al-Hamedeyeh, al-Qarabis, and Joret al-Shayah.

In addition, they continue delivering knockout blows to terrorists inside al-Qsir city and repel terrorist groups' bids to infiltrate from Lebanon and al-Hasya's area into al-Qsir city to back the terrorists.

At least three terrorist leaders have been killed there.

Damascus countryside

Meanwhile, the units of armed forces carried out qualitative operations against terrorists' hideouts in Zamalka, Erbin, Harsta, Jobar, al-Jarba, al-Bahhareya, Wadi Ein Tarma, and al-Nabk areas outside the capital resulted in killing more than 12 terrorists.

Other 13 terrorists have been eliminated in Barzeh quarter and surrounding farms in Damascus whilst 4 explosive devices, of the weight 30-50kg/each, have been dismantled.

The explosive devices had been planted by terrorists south-east Tishreen Hospital in Barzeh quarter to be detonated by remote control.

Clashes in Aleppo, Daraa

In the northern Aleppo province, the units of armed forces continue targeting terrorist groups and their weapons near central prison, Hritan- al-Kastilo road and al-Layramon area.

An official source told SANA that at least 17 terrorists have been killed on al-Msalameyeh-Aleppo road.

In the eastern Idleb province, the armed forces have persuaded armed terrorist groups in al-Majas town and north Abo al-Dohor military airport, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

In the southern Daraa province, the armed forces have clashed with terrorist groups in Daraa al-Balad and killed many terrorists there, according to the Syrian alikhbaria al-Soreyeh T.V channel.

Strong boom heard in old Damascus

In a separate incident, a mortar shell detonated over the old Damascus area without leaving casualties.

An official source declared that the shell fired by terrorists from al-Sbeneh town outside Damascus was detonated in the air and caused strong sound heard by locals at the scene.



President Al-Assad: Pan-Arab Parties have Crucial Role in Confronting Extremist Thinking

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al--Assad on Thursday underscored  that the national and pan-Arab  forces can play a vital role as regards curbing extremist and takfiri  ideas and confronting the foreign plots targeting the Arab people .

The President's remark  was made during a meeting with a Tunisian delegation .

The delegation, spearheaded by  Dr. Shukri Bin Suleiman Harmasi ,the Principles Party Secretary General ,included representatives  of Tunisian parties and political, economic and popular movements.

High on the meeting was debating the latest developments in Syria and Tunisia in particular and the changes witnessed in the Arab region in general.

"there is a crucial need to adhering to the Arab principles and identity and clinging to the values of Arabism to live up to expectations  concerning the changes in the Arab world," President Al—Assad underlined.

His Excellency  also  briefed the Tunisian delegation on the dimensions of the crisis in Syria and the firm Syrian stance on confronting terrorism , its regional and international supporters and on the political solution to the crisis.

President al-Assad recalled the  deep ties linked  the Syrian and Tunisian peoples, which were reflected by the Tunisians' rallies they held  in support of Syria's steadfastness .

"the Syrians appreciate the Tunisian people's solidarity  and  do believe that  those Tunisians who were misled to fight in Syria representing themselves only, "Al-Assad affirmed.

The delegation members ,for their part, voiced  the Tunisian people's solidarity with Syria and their appreciation of the Syrian people's steadfastness and unity with their valor army in the face of the foreign conspiracy and aggression led by Israel some regional and west nations.

"because of its commitment to fundamental Arab causes and supporting resistance, the said aggression target Syria ,"asserted the delegation.

"Syria is the last bastion of Arab nationalism .We are confident ,under the leadership of President Al-Assad ,Syria will emerge victorious of the ongoing crisis, "The Tunisian dignitaries underscored.

They added that the anticipated  victory will not be only for  the Syrians  but also for the entire Arab world  as Syria is "the last line in  defense of Arabism and the highest national interests."

However ,the Tunisian delegation expressed their sorrow and apology for the participation of some misled Tunisians in the fighting in Syria, stressing that the Tunisian people (all walks of life)are fully aware of what is going on  in Syria.

In this regard, the Tunisian people have succeeded to a large extent in reducing the flow of Tunisians towards Syria.

"a lot  of the Tunisian youth now want to volunteer to fight on the Golan front and stand by their Syrian brothers in the face of the the Zionist occupation.



Syria Calls on WHO to Help Lifting Imposed Sanctions

GENEVA,(ST) _ Health Minister Dr. Saad Nayef  called on World Health Organization (WHO) to help lift  the economic and banking sanctions imposed on Syria, which had a direct impact on the health sector and ensure maximum financial resources to meet increasing  health needs of the sick , wounded and the most vulnerable.

In a speech during a session for the World Health Assembly on Wednesday the minister  stressed the need for  WHO help in securing  drugs for  chronic diseases and tumor patients and contribute to the rehabilitation of affected health facilities

The minister pointed that before the current crisis,  Syria 's health sector made remarkable strides, reflected in health indicators, particularly related to mothers and children, noting that 98 % to 100%  of children under five year old were immunized, no  polio cases were reported since 1995,  great steps  were achieved  in the eradication of measles  and that  life expectancy is 71.5 year per person  compared to 58 year in 1970.

He  also noted the great achievements attained in Syria 's health sector in terms of infrastructure and human resources with 1921  health centers  and 124 public  hospitals equipped with highly qualified  medical staff  of 32 thousand doctors of different  specializations..

The Minister continued  that Syria has been able in recent years to achieve  medicinal self-sufficiency  with 72 drug-laboratory cover approximately 93 percent of the local market needs  and  the Ministry  imports only 7% of generic drugs such as vaccines ,oncology and hormonal drugs.

He indicated challenges  and common pressures , Syria 's health sector is facing,  such as population growth and increasing numbers of patients with common chronic diseases caused by lifestyle changes and the high cost of their treatment.

He elaborated that under the current crisis , the Ministry faces  new challenges pertinent to the economic blockade imposed on Syria, and attacks  by terrorist groups  resulted in killing 87  medical personnel , injuring 91 others and, kidnapping  21 and demolishing  54 hospitals  and 410 health centers and stealing ,burning more than 400 ambulances and looting of 20 drug-laboratory, whose machines were dismantled, transported and sold in certain  neighboring countries illegally.

The Minister of Health emphasized  that, in spite of all these challenges, the ministry is making efforts to continue providing free health care services,  including  open-heart surgery ,kidney transplantation and the treatment of patients with tumors , in collaboration with local and international non-governmental organizations.


T. Fateh 

Syria 's Enemies Regressing : al-Shaar

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Minister of the Interior Muhammad Ibrahim al-Shaar  stressed  that crimes and vandalism  carried out by armed terrorist groups  fall in the context of the  scheme to undermine Syria's  unity and steadfastness in the  service  of US  interests and security of Israel, noting the role of armed and internal security forces in deterring  Takfiri  terrorists and mercenaries.

Upon  attending a tactical manifestation,   carried out by  members  of the order keeping and security forces, minister al-Shaar stressed that terrorists  began to regress and refract,  thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian people , who devoted themselves to defend and safeguard their  country's dignity and pride .

He pointed out that the recent Israeli aggression on Syria is only a confirmation of the involvement of the Zionist entity in what is happening in Syria and direct coordination with the armed terrorist gangs to raise  their collapsed morale before the   strikes of the  armed forces.

The Minister noted  efforts of the  army officers ands the order- keeping forces  to raise the level and efficiency of training  so as to be ready to defeat aggressors.

The manifestation  included several quality combat training shows,  and the participants showed high  skills , abilities and experience they have gained through training.


T. Fateh