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A National Vaccination Campaign for 1.5 Million Syrian Children

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Ministries of Health and Education on Sunday launched a  vaccination campaign in all  the country 's schools for  measles, rubella and mumps / M.M.R / vaccines ,  targeting school children from the 1st to the 4th grades.

One and a half million students will be immunized during the campaign to take place  March and April.

Minister of Health Saad al-Nayef told reporters  during a tour on  al- Sharif al-Radi school in Sheikh Saad in al-Mazze area that the campaign falls in the course of the ministry's efforts to improve children  , explaining that the campaign will also give meningitis and oral paralysis vaccines to  first grader students  in schools that did not complete its vaccination program. Their number is estimated at  465 thousand children.

The Minister noted that the campaign  is in parallel with another  vaccination campaign at temporary residence centers for displaced families  including measles vaccine for children from 6 months up to 15 years and oral polio for children under five, indicating that the vaccine will be given to target groups of children, regardless of their previous vaccines .

For his part,  Minister of Education Dr. Marwan al-Wez said  that the ministry will make every effort for the success of the campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, adding  that the success  of the campaign is a message to the whole world on that  the strong  will of the Syrian people is  defying and  challenging terrorism.

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People’s Assembly approves two laws in economy and tourist domains

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Headed by Deputy Speaker Fahmy Hassan, the People's Assembly on Sunday approved a new economic sanctions law.

The law aims to combat economic and financial crimes and to protect the national economy, in addition to ensuring normal process of economic activities in the framework of transparency and the rule of law.

Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad, pointed out that this law comes in line with the economic development which Syria is witnessing, to prevent  economic crimes under normal and exceptional circumstances and to achieve judicial reform and development.

People's Assembly also approved a bill on establishing the Tourist Record at the Ministry of Tourism and its directorates in the governorates.

Minister of Tourism Hala al-Naser said the law on the establishment of the tourist records  aims to introduce and publicize licensed tourist work sites and facilities to provide concerned  people with further  information on any tourist institution in Syria.

The session of People’s Assembly also centered on issues related to infrastructure, such as covering the watercourse of Yazeed river, and job opportunities.

Minister of Health Saad al-Naif and the State Minister for the People’s Assembly Affairs Mohammad Turki al-Said attended the session.   

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Syria ,coexistence stronghold in the region, says S.Africa VP Motlanthe

 PRETORIA, (ST)- "sitting to the talks  table by all Syrians is the only solution to the crisis in Syria where those who are involved in negotiations are due to draw Syria's future in the interest of citizens taking  into account that who rejects dialogue under any pretext should be pointed at as a man/body who seeks to step up bloodshed, "said  Vice President of South Africa Khalema Motlanthe .

Montlanthe 's remarks came during a meeting he held with  the  Presidential Political and Media Advisor Buthaina Shaaban.

'what is going on in Syria is a repetition to what has happened in Iraq and an attempt to weaken Syria , the last stronghold which  defending the Arab rights and the last example of coexistent in the region,"added Montlanthe

Montlanthe reiterated that the Syrian people are the true guarantee to end violence and overcome all colonial plots which target Syria as a country, people, history and future.

For her part, Dr. Shaaban briefed Mr. Montlanthe on the developments of the ongoing crisis in Syria and the dirty role played by some media outlets  as regards escalating  the conflict.

She expressed Syria's appreciation for the south African stances to restore security and peace to the country, hoping South Africa to play a role at BRICS meeting in a bid to  halt violence and supporting the political solution in Syria.


Political plan-committee holds talks with judicial body

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The ministerial committee tasked with materializing the endorsed three-stage political plan held on Monday talks with a number of judges and lawyers.
The talks revolved around the judicial body's role in achieving social justice and equality among citizens, and judicial legislations recently issued to facilitate legal measures, SANA reported.
Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, who chairs the committee, talked about the key role of judges and lawyers in dealing with files of detainees and abductees,noting credibility and impartiality of the judiciary.
As for the first stage of the political plan, al-Halqi said that the committee continues holding meeting with all political and social parties that determine to take part in the national dialogue based on national principles.
"Those who bet on foreign meddling and false victories are losers because the destiny of both people and army is to be in one rank to rid of terrorism and terrorists and restore stability and security al over Syria," the PM said.
He underscored that the government lends a hand to all honest citizens to surpass the two-year old crisis and rebuild Syria.
The judges and lawyers presented their vision to solve the crisis through drawing up economic policies and programs, backing public sector, attaching great importance to youths, supporting armed forces, enhancing principle of independent judiciary, and spreading culture of dialogue in the Syrian society.
Thus far, the committee held more that 28 meeting to reach common viewpoint about launching the national dialogue.
On January 9th, 2013, the cabinet endorsed the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad in January 6th-speech to resolve the crisis in Syria..
The ministerial committee, which was formed to implement the plan, includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

Locals killed in mortar attack on Hassaka

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 25 citizens were martyred and injured in a new terrorist attack on locals of Tal Tamer town in Hassaka province.

The terrorists fired on Monday morning several mortar rounds on the town destroying seven homes and leaving causalities, SANA reported.

This attack was in revenge on the locals who prevented the terrorists last week from burgling wheat silo near the town.

Meanwhile, the armed forces shelled several vehicles and hideouts of terrorists in different areas in countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Idleb, and Homs.

They also clashed with terrorist groups in the aforementioned areas, killing a lot of their members. Some of the terrorists are not Syrian.

The terrorist groups perpetrate criminal acts against citizens all over Syria and destroy the infrastructure. They are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.


French, British Attempts to Arm Terrorists in Syria Blatant Violation of UN Charter, International Law, Underscores PA

DAMASCUS, (ST)_The People's Assembly  sent three identical letters to President of the European Parliament, Chairman of the French National Assembly and President of the British House of Commons.
"the People's Assembly strongly deplored French and British government's  attempts to legalize arming terrorist groups and takfiri jihadists in Syria,"the letters read.
"these attempts are nothing but a blatant  violation of the UN Charter, the EU law, the international law and the UN Security Council resolutions which all ban backing terrorism and urge all countries to unite in combating it,the PA asserted".
The PA called on the addressees to visit Syria in a bid to take a close  look at the events and to ''meet non-Syria takfiri Jihadists under arrest, who were trained in neighboring countries, especially in Turkey with the aim of creating an Islamic Caliphate .
The PA branded French-British attempts to arming terrorists in Syria as dangerous  because the   takfiri Jihadist groups ideologically linked to al-Qaeda terrorist organization .
The letters noted that the Turkish government has been working in coordination with Qatar and Saudi Arabia to facilitate the infiltration of these Jihadists since the onset of  the crisis in Syria in 2011


BRICS to contribute to materialize Geneva Communiqué, says S.A President Zuma

JOHANNESBURG,(ST)-"indeed, it is very important to be informed on what is going on in Syria via direct contact between Syria and South Africa,"said President of South Africa Jacob Zuma.

Zuma's remarks came during a meeting with Presidency's political and media advisor Buthaina Shaaban.

Zuma expressed his regret over what is going on in Syria ,affirming that he will spare no effort  along with the BRICS to contribute to materializing the Geneva Communiqué  ,halting violence as soon as possible and launching the political dialogue.

For her part,Shaaban voiced Syria's appreciation to S.Africa's wise stance as regards crisis in Syria.

"the political program to solve the crisis in Syria ,proposed by President Basher Al-Assad, to halt violence and to launch dialogue without preconditions, "Shaaban told Zuma.

Shaaban called on Zuma to support the said program during the forthcoming BRICS summit  due to be held in South Afriaca (26-27 march).

During the meeting ,Shaaban briefed president Zuma on latest developments in Syria ,regional and international dimensions of the crisis and its repercussions on the region.

Some countries are relentlessly seeking to ramp up the bloody conflict in Syria through funding and arming terrorist groups.

The meeting was attended by Minister of International Relations and Cooperation  in S.Africa Maite Nkoana Mashabane.