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Victory will be achieved soon, says Grand Mufti

TARTOUS, (S.T) – Blasts, assassinations and massacres being perpetrated by terrorists won'tundermine Syrians' determination to achieve victory, the Republic's Grand Mufti said.

Dr. Ahmad BadreddinHassoun called on those who have been misled and those who call themselves opposition to reconsider their stances, stressing that freedom couldn't berealized through murder, bloodshed and bombings.

In a meeting with martyrs' families on Wednesday at the Arab Cultural Center in Tartouscity, Hassoun said :"Victory will be achieved soon, and the conspiracy against Syria is at an end."

The Grand Mufti stressed that Syria is now paying the price of its stances towards just Arab causes, its support for the resistance, its refusal to abandon the Palestinian cause, and its rejection of dividing Lebanon and invading Iraq.

For their part, martyrs' relatives said that every drop of blood being shed on Syria's soil will make the Syrians stronger and more determined to defend their homeland.

On the other hand, the Grand Mufti met displaced families, temporary living in the Social Affairs and Labor department and al-Bassel Camp.

He affirmed that they will return to their homes within the next couple of weeks.

Some 300,000 displaced people have arrived in Tartous government, fleeing terrorism in Homs, Aleppo and Damascus countryside. The government is working hard to provide them with all facilities.

Basma Qaddour

Syria Calls on Japan not to convene a Meeting Perpetuating its Crisis




DAMASCUS,(ST)_"Syria has learned with deep regret the Japanese  Government's decision to host a conference on  Syria , as its  organizers seek to perpetuate the sanctions imposed on it," said  an official at the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. 

 The source added Thursday  that it was proved  that sanctions imposed by western,  and Arab Gulf countries against Syria  are immoral, harmful to common Syrian citizen, devastating for the  Syrian national economy and  an unholy attempt to divert the government's efforts on  meeting the aspirations of its people.

 "These sanctions are  contrary to the principles of sovereignty and the UN General Assembly resolutions , which stand against  unilateral sanctions as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries," the source added.

 The source  expressed  Syria 's hope  that Japan will reconsider  convening  a meeting  that will contribute to increase the sanctions imposed on it,  stressing  that such a meeting would adversely affect the living conditions of the Syrian citizens who are the most  vulnerable as a result of these sanctions.

 The invitees to this meeting, the source explained, are the same who participated in previous meetings, and are not the friends of Syria nor of  its people, rather they are conspiring  to destroy and fragment  Syria 's unity and territorial integrity.


T. Fateh 




One woman, one child killed by terrorists' mortars in al-Meidan

 GOVERNORATES,(ST)- One  women and  a ten-year old child  were killed and two other men wounded  when terrorists on Thursday morning  fired  several mortars shelling against al-Meidan Quarter , targeting  a public garden  and a residential complex.

The terrorists' attack  resulted in damaging several houses and cars,  according  a police source in Damascus.

In Aleppo countryside,  scores of terrorists were killed  and six trucks loaded  with their weapons and ammunition  were destroyed  on Glaheim al-Sfeira axis, whereas other terrorists were killed  in their attack against the scientific research center in Aleppo.

Among the killed terrorists were Abu Hamzeh of a Saudi nationality, leader of the so called Bazza battalion" and Mustafa Jamal, leader of the so called "Bakri al-Duleimi battalion."

In Homs, al-Mubarekeyah village in al-Qsir district is declared safe after the armed forces killed the terrorists who were terrifying  the residents and  destroyed their  cars and equipments.

In Idleb countryside, scores of terrorists were killed, their shelters and four cars equipped with medium range machine guns destroyed in Marrat al-Numan outskirts, according to an official source.

The source added that the armed forces continue cleaning operation in Maarat al-Numan city from terrorists who assaulted and horrified  citizens .

In Deir al-Zour the armed forces killed several terrorists in the public road near the commercial bank. One of the most dangerous wanted terrorists Mahmoud Mheisen al-Zeyab was killed.


Syria Times




Just solutions for ME issues required from Obama Administration, says Mikdad


DAMASCUS, (S.T) _Just solutions to the Middle East issues are now required from the US President Barak Obama after the deadly mistakes committed by US administration over the past two years.

This remark was made by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, on Wednesday in a phone call with the BBC TV Channel.

He added the Syrian people expect the US would contribute to reaching a just solution to the issues of the Middle East as the exceptional circumstances throughout the past two years, especially in the Arab region, resulted from the US policy towards the Middle East and the unlimited support of the previous US administration for Israel.

"The Syrian people closely followed the US elections due to its significant role in drawing up international policies," said Mikdad ,refuting any current communications between the Syrian leadership and the US administration.

He asserted that what is required now is to exert more efforts to notch up global stability and solve international problems.

As for the possibility of changing the US stance related to military intervention in Syria,Mikdad said:" We expect that the US under the new circumstances, is not going to take such step because it will be destructive."  

He sees that the US defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan besides the economic crisis in the US makes it unable to intervene again in any part of the world.

Moreover, Mikdad cited intervention in Syria's internal affairs through the US support to the media and to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

"After the events of September 11th, the whole world expected that the US will stand against terrorist acts in Syria or in any other part of the world as they would have negative repercussions on the US, the region and the whole world," said Mikdad.

He expected the US will not use the double-standard policy which the previous and current US administrations have adopted, hoping that the new administration will restore its role which goes in line with the stances of China and Russia for solving the problems peacefully.

Basma Qadour


Palestinian cause is Syria's compass, says Foreign and Expatriates Ministry


Damascus,(ST)_Syria will stand firmly against any attempt to involve Palestinians in what is happening in Syria, a reliable source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.

"The only compass for Palestinian refugees in Syria and elsewhere is Palestine and clinging to their firm right. Most importantly, the right of the return", added the source.

Concerning the escalation of the armed terrorist group's attacks against the Syria-based Palestinian camps, clarified the source" over the past few days, the armed terrorist groups stepped up its terrorist attacks across Syria including the Palestinian camps in Damascus and Daraa. These attacks, aimed at involving Palestinians in the current events in Syria, claimed the lives of many innocent Palestinians as happened in Aleppo and recently at al-Yarmouk camp when terrorists blew up a bus packed with children and women causing the death of five Palestinians and wounding others. Furthermore, terrorists bombarded the said camp with mortar rather than destroying Syrian and international organizations which provide them with facilities ever since Nakba in 1948".

"Syria has defined its position vis-à-vis Nakba which hit the Palestinian people as the Palestinian cause is Syria's compass concerning its policy and stances. Syria did not hesitate in rendering human and material sacrifices to support the brotherly Palestinians to attain their legitimate rights. Syria's suffering now, to a large extent, is a result of its stances as regards supporting the Palestinian struggle and their rejection to attempts aiming at liquidating the Palestinian cause." the source made it clear.

The source went on saying" Syria calls upon Palestinian factions, organizations and leaders to distance themselves away from vicious schemes of the terrorist groups who are carrying out hostile plans against Palestinians aspirations in the benefit of Israel and its supporters.

"Syria will continue ensuring safety and good living conditions to the Palestinian people", concluded the source.


Syria Times


National Unity is Syrians' Way for Salvation

 SWEIDA, (ST)_ Due to Syria`s firm and principled stances in defending Arab just causes, namely the Palestinian one. Certain foreign parties conducted conspiracies against the country and its leadership.

In a meeting on current crisis and its dire-repercussions on our national unity, Sheikh al- Akel of the Muslim al- Mouahedeen al- Druze, Hakmat al- Hajari, said  that Syria is a mosaic  harmonious rich portrait,  but there are many statements which aim at describing the country `s latest developments as a civil and sectarian war . This is completely wrong and not real .Syria is immune against such a war. Throughout history Syrians live together under the umbrella of homeland .The harmony brotherhood, tolerance and co-existence between Muslims and Christians in addition to other sects in the Syrian society is an example to be followed .We in Syria live as one family .

In an exclusive interview with the Syria Times in Sweida Governorate, Sheikh al- Hajari added  that what is currently taking place in Syria is not a civil war; but certain parties are working to push the Syrians towards this position; but to no avail , expressing hope that  the end for the crisis is very close, calling on all the Syrian citizens for abiding by national unity as the only way for salvation .

"We are a civilized nation. Our land is the land of religions and prophets .We export love, education and tolerance to other nations .Throughout history we played basic role in bridging gaps among different civilizations." Sheikh Hakmat said, appealing for immediate stop of violence, and expressing full confidence in the awareness of our people in putting an end to this ordeal.

Asked about al-Sweida Governorate`s role in ensuring the displaced demands, Sheikh al- Hajari replied:  all the governorate`s sons opened their homes and hearts for their brothers, adding that this is not strange or new in our society .During Lebanon latest crisis and Iraq invasion by the American and British troops, we hosted 100.000 Lebanese in and  a large number of Iraqis in the governorate," citing also certain official and non- governmental exerted intensive efforts for offering all out moral, humanitarian, health and  financial support  to the displaced.

Sheikh al- Hajari underscored that all men of religion should preach and call for forgiveness and tolerance concentrating on national unity and its positive impact on our society, namely in confrontation of chaos and lack of security.

"We must live under the jurisdiction of law, order and work with our political leadership to overcome the crisis." Sheikh al- Hajari reiterated.

Sheikh al- Hajari described the meeting held recently in Sweida by Sweida officials and their counterparts from Dra`a as a normal event , asserting that such meetings are not new but the current crisis and the lack of security halted such meetings.

"We always aspire to meet our brothers if they were in Dra`a or in other Syrian governorates due to the meetings` role in strengthening brotherhood ties. The latest meeting came within the framework of confronting bids aiming at sowing sedition among our people." Sheikh al- Hajari added.

In reply to a question about the role of Qatar and Golf states in escalating the crisis, Sheikh al- Hajari said the governments of these countries are working on halting any peaceful solution to the crisis; the people of these states will realize sooner or later that they are in need for new political leadership .

''Syria is a civilized and secular country, and we as men of religion call always for adhering to our national and historical principles, asserting that neither the Ottoman colonialism nor the French or British can defeat our determination, Skeikh Hakmat al- Hajari concluded.


Nahla maaz


Syrian-Iranian Scientific Cooperation Agreement Signed




TEHRAN,(ST) _ A joint scientific cooperation agreement including scholarships and exchange of scientific, educational and cultural visits ,  activities and scientific publications was co-signed  by the chairpersons  of  both the Syrian National Scientific Olympic Commission  and the Iranian  center for educating outstanding  students in Tehran on Tuesday.

Head of the Syrian side pinned great hope on exchanging  scholarships for Olympic students  , securing sophisticated laboratories for students and drawing  a plan for the processing of a number Iranian-model schools in Syria to ensure best use of the Iranian experience.

  Stress was laid on strengthening scientific cooperation, the exchange of experience and making maximum utilization of available resources, especially in areas pertinent to the Olympic Commission, between the two countries .


T. Fateh