Al-Laham Meets Algerian Delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST) -  Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, Speaker of the People's Assembly, underscored the important role that has been exerted by the National and Arab parties and figures in mobilizing popular and official efforts to face the Western projects that aim at dividing the Arab nation.

Al-Laham's  remark came during his meeting on Tuesday with an Algerian delegation comprising  political, media and legal figures.

He stressed that Syria will succeed in confronting the ongoing crisis it faces because its option is that of the Arab peoples, who are rejecting imperialism and submission.

"Syria was and is still paying the price for supporting  resistance and defending the Arab rights and issues against the conspiratorial projects aimed at taking over the Arab nation's resources," al-Laham added.

Al-Laham highlighted the negative role of the Arab League that has been part of the conspiracy against Syria  by blocking off the Syrian satellite channels aiming at masking the terrorists' crimes and the instigation it has practiced against the Syrian state through Gulf-funded channels who were involved in the  Syrians' bloodshed.

The Speaker cited Saudi Arabia and Qatar among the main Gulf countries that have been supplying the terrorists in Syria with money and arms, denouncing the hostile countries' accusing  Syria of not cooperating in delivering the humanitarian aid  as part of instigation against the Syrian state.

He affirmed that the Syrian government is exerting great efforts to deliver aid to the citizens in need, condemning the UN representatives' silence over the US-Western backed armed terrorist groups' acts of  hijacking aid convoys from reaching their destination.

"The People's Assembly has an active role in the efforts to achieve national reconciliation and launch national dialogue, noting that the political program to solve the crisis in the country. Furthermore, he stresses  the participation of all national forces and parties in the comprehensive national dialogue, including the national opposition forces which reject terrorism and foreign interference,"  stated al-Laham.

For their part, the Algerian delegation members asserted  the Algerian people's solidarity with  the Syrians to confront the conspiracy targeting Syria's pan-Arab role, pointing out that their visit aims at inspecting the real situation to expose the falsification and misleading media concerning the events in Syria.

They called for forming an Arab popular parliament  as  an alternative to the official Arab and regional institutions that have failed to defend Syria and to bring to light the truth about the daily crimes committed by  the armed groups.



Syrian Arab Army Takes Control of 2 Towns in Homs, Progresses in Aleppo Countryside—Shells Hit Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_The countryside of Homs and Aleppo provinces is still witnessing fierce fighting between the Syrian army and foreign-backed terrorists amid reports of confiscating weapons outside Damascus and shelling terrorist groupings in Daraa, Idlib, Lattakia and Hassaka provinces, according to military and media sources.

The Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel reported today that the Syrian army took control of Mhin and Hawwarin towns outside Homs few days after defeating terrorists from the nearby Sadad town.

It clarified that the purpose of imposing control over certain towns in Homs countryside is to cut off supply line to 'gunmen' in al-Qalamon areas outside Damascus.

As for developments in northern Aleppo province, the TV channel said: "There is intense fighting between the Syrian army and the 'opposition gunmen' in al-Layramon area to the north-west of Aleppo and in Tal Arn to the south-east of Aleppo." 

It confirmed that the Syrian army is making  progress in al-Layramon area.

Another fierce fighting flared up between the Kurdish defense units on the one hand and al-Nusra Front and the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' on the other in Sosek town outside al-Raqqa province and in towns of al-Manajer and Waghebsh outside al-Hassaka province, according to al-Mayadeen channel.

No details were reported on the result of the fighting. 

RPGs seized

Meanwhile, the official news agency said that the armed forces seized  RPGs inside a car for terrorists and nabbed the driver in Wadi Barada area, to the west of Damascus. It published photos for the RPGs seized in the car.

The terrorist lost more weapons when the armed forces destroyed a boat loaded with munitions in al-Rastan lake in central Homs province and targeted arms-laden cars in Tal Hamis outside Hassaka province, according to the agency.

The losses of terrorists were not only in arms but also in souls as dozens of them reportedly died in today's strikes in several restive areas in Daraa, Idlib, Lattakia and Homs provinces.

 The capital hit by shells

In a separate development, several shells hit Souq Medhat Basha, Bab Msallla area and Abo Remmaneh area in the heart of the capital [Damascus].

 The shells, which were fired by terrorists, landed on a clothing factory in Medhat Basha market, on a building at Bab Msalla square and on Apostolic Nunciature (Embassy of the Vatican). 

At least a citizen was martyred and 3 others wounded in the mortar attacks that left serious damages at the scenes.


Shaaban: "coalition" represents Saudi Arabia

DAMASCUS,(ST)- “If the various parties have the political will to put an end to the Syrian suffering, to the crisis in Syria, they can do it within weeks. If they can only stop financing the arming [of "rebels" in Syria] and the smuggling of terrorists across the border from Turkey, 50 percent of the crisis in Syria would be over in two weeks’ time,” Dr. Buthaina  Shaaban,the presidential political and media advisor, said in an exclusive interview to RT.

" the Syrian government was ready to take part in Geneva-2 peace talks without any preconditions. The Syrian  government is ready to sit down for peace talks with “people who represent the political opposition” of the Syrian population, but not the "armed rebel groups", Dr. Shaaban said. 

For example, the coalition represented by Saudi Arabia “has nothing to do with the Syrian people,” underlined Shaaban.

“We would like to know, ‘Who do these people represent on the ground?’ Do they represent the [Al-] Nusra Front or Al-Qaeda? They do not represent the Syrian people.”

" the Syrian government is a legitimate and elected ,so it  is interested in Syria's future and integrity of its lands, "underscored Shaaban.

She made it clear that Saud al-Fayssal,the Saudi Foreign Minister ,has no right to talk on behalf of the Syrian people.

Shaaban  added that Russia, China and Iran want to help put an end to the war in Syria, but other parties “have been putting up obstacles for two years” to undermine the solution of the crisis.

Dr. Shaaban also urged US Secretary of State John Kerry to be more constructive, “not to change his narrative” and to “take the same stance” every time he speaks about the crisis in Syria.

 “The US Secretary of State should honor his words … and take the same stance everywhere he goes, so the people would understand what [the US stance is],according to RT.


Prime Minister: Eradication of Terrorism in Syria is Just Matter of Time

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Prime Minister Dr. Wael Halaqi  stressed the  importance of the role of Arab  intellectuals and academics in addressing the " cultural invasion and takfirist  thought aimed at the destruction  and normalization of the Arab mind by maintaining Arab national identity and its  historical ties with the various civilizations of the world , in fighting  Zionist –US schemes , revealing facts and refuting lies . 

Meeting yesterday with a delegation of prominent Algerian political , media and legal figures, the Prime Minister indicated  that " Syria is a country of civilizations and a spring of cultures , which call for love tolerance and will remain the fortress that breaks ambitions of the invaders " and that Algeria, the  country of one and a half million martyrs,  " will  only be with the Arab nationalist line , in defense of just Arab causes." 

The Prime Minister highlighted the various  military , political, economic , information , social and cultural aspects of the aggression against Syria , pointing out that this aggression that targets the capacity of the Syrian Army and to weaken the potentials  of the Syrian state in favor of the Zionist entity,  could not undermine the steadfastness of the Syrian army , which achieves  daily " epics of heroism and great achievements in chasing  armed terrorist groups and restoring  security and stability to Syria . "

He pointed out that " the eradication of terrorism in Syria is just a matter of  time  and that Syria have made significant strides in the fight against terrorism and mercenaries who are coming  from different countries of the world " , noting  that Syria will go to Geneva conference without preconditions and everything to be  agreed upon will be authorized by the  Syrian people , who will decide their  future through the ballot boxes and referendums.

He indicated  the participation of some Arab and European regimes to  exporting  terrorism to Syria and abandonment of the identity  of Arab nationalism, noting that the Arab League " deviated from its course and turned into a place of conspiracy against Arabs and Syria and a theater  for empowering  western policies in the region",  while some friendly countries , led by Russia, Iran and China and the BRICS countries proved sincere  positions towards the Syrian people to get them out of the crisis.

For his part, Minister of State for National Reconciliation , Dr. Ali Haidar stressed  that national reconciliation will be with the Syrians exclusively , as an expression of " a political  and democratic will to secure the interests of all Syrians  " under the title of national reconciliation and the establishment of a network of  proper relations among the  Syrian people for  shaping the future of a renewable,  democratic and  pluralist Syria  .

Members of the  visiting delegation spoke about  their earlier experience in the face of terrorism and activation of mechanisms and means of national reconciliation, stressing their support and solidarity with the Syrian people who defend all the Arabs and willingness to offer their expertise and abilities , adding   that Algeria will be " only an Arab  and will not infiltrated , as some members of the Arab League , nor  a place for conspiracy against Arabs and Syria" .

T. Fateh

Al-Zou'bi: Saudi Arabia must stop supporting terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the Saudi diplomacy, led by  its desperate minister, will be definitely disappointed, underscored Information Minister, Omran al-Zou'bi.

Al-Zou'bi's remark came during a telephone conversation with the Syrian TV aired on Monday.

"because he lacks experience, Saud al-Fayssal, the Saudi Foreign Minister, is leading the Saudi policy to nowhere but  failure and eventually to a deadlock, "added al-Zou'bi.

"Fayssal  is obsessed with a mere idea that the house of Saud is able to determine the Syrian people's fate .Here,I'd like to confirm that Syria(state, land and people)will stand firm and President Bashar Al-Assad will remain president despite their conspiracies ,"underlined al-Zou'bi.

Al-Zoubi recalled the 2006 Israeli aggression war stressing that Saudi's diplomacy stood by Israel against the resistance where they(Saudis)got disappointed as a result of the Israeli's defeat.

"actually, the Saudi aspirations reflect the Israeli policy in the region, noting that the Saudi diplomacy is doomed to failure whether Geneva Conference took place or not.

"We are not going to Geneva to hand power as al-Fassyal wishes," he stressed.

Al-Zoubi added that the Syrian state is not just an authority or a government, rather it is a homeland for steadfastness and confrontation and it is a homeland for civilizations and this is why it cannot be handed to those who do not understand civilization, humanity, liberty or democracy.

As for the Arab foreign ministers' meeting ,which was held yesterday and called on the Doha Coalition to attend the Geneva conference ,al-Zou'bi branded the said meeting as  "farce" as Saudi Arabia is going to Geneva because the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, ordered it to not politically curb Geneva.

The Information Minister made it clear that  what is going to happen in Geneva is a political process and not a hand over of power or forming a transitional governing body, and those who imagine anything other than that will have to read Geneva Communiqué or they have better not to come to Geneva.

"Saudi Arabia must  stop adopting the policy of terrorism against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Saudi Arabia is responsible for the destruction of the nation,"affirmed al-Zou'bi.


Syrian Arab army wards off attacks on checkpoints—Homs Car bomb kills 6 citizens

PROVINCES,(ST)_Successive victories  have been scored against foreign-backed terrorists on all axes over the past few days.

Today, a military source declared that units of the armed forces took control over al-Hazm al-Wastani area on the outskirts of Mhin and Sadad towns in central Homs province in the wake of defeating terrorists there.

It added that many armed terrorist groups were eliminated and 3 cars equipped with various types of machine guns as well as Israeli-made guns were seized on Mhin-Sadad road.

This fresh achievement comes few days after imposing control over Sadad town in Homs province and over the strategic Sfeira town and al-Azezeyeh town in Aleppo province. It is also preceded by making notable progress in the ongoing battles in Sbeneh area in the southern Damascus countryside and in Barzeh suburb – to the north of the capital [Damascus].

The armed forces are going ahead with fighting terrorists everywhere to restore stability and security to the country.

They ambushed terrorists at Abo al-Shamat area to the east of l-Dmer area outside Damascus and warded off attacks on army checkpoints in Erneh area in the same province [Damascus countryside].

Moreover, the armed forces clashed with armed terrorist groups in the heart of the eastern Ghouta and in Darayya as well as in al-Nabk area outside Damascus, according to the official news agency.

The clashes coincided with confiscating weapons in Hama province and arresting the terrorist, who assassinated Salim al-Bakri –Member of Hama Governorate Council.

Israeli-made rockets seized

A military source said: "the competent authorities, in cooperation with locals, seized a chunk of arms and ammunitions- containing the Israeli-made Lau rockets- in Joret hawwa quarter in Hama city."

It added that two bomb-making factories were found in towns of al-Khaledeyeh and Khattab in the western and northern Hama countryside.

On the other hand, the Syrian TV channel reported that 21 terrorists were eliminated in towns of al-Rawda and al-Bweda in northern Lattakia country, noting that the armed forces mowed down 2 Iraqi terrorists   when they tried to attack an army checkpoint in al-Forolloq area.

A car loaded with Grad-rockets and 5 others equipped with machine guns were wiped out in the same area amid reports of destroying many arms-laden cars in areas of Kharab Askar and Tal al-Jayer outside Qameshli province.

Car bomb explosion foiled

While in southern Daraa province, the armed forces foiled terrorists' bid to blast an explosives-laden car near 'Belal' Mosque in al-Mansheyeh quarter in Daraa al-Balad.

An official source said that the car was exploded before reaching the quarter and the suicide bomber was killed, citing that the car was bobby trapped in al-Nakhleh area where al-Nusra Front-liked terrorists are sheltering.

Five days ago, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bid to blast a car bomb in the same area.

Terrorists kill 9 citizens, wound 56

However, today morning, the terrorists exploded a car bomb in al-Thabteyeh town in the eastern Homs countryside killing at least 6 citizens – including 3 children and a woman-and leaving more than 37 others wounded. 

Other three citizens were reportedly martyred and 19 other wounded when shells- fired by terrorists- landed on residential quarters in Jaramana city and on al-Wafedin camp outside Damascus.

The terrorists, in addition, fired shells on Homs refinery setting ablaze  a tank containing Naphtha.

Last week, the terrorists caused fire in several tanks containing various oil derivatives after launching shells on the refinery.

B. Qaddour  

Syrian Gov. Spares no Effort to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Every Citizen Nationwide, Stresses Mikdad


Deputy Foreign and Expatriate Minister has said that the Syrian government doesn't impede the humanitarian aid to citizens in any area across the country and blamed terrorist groups and their supporters for making the humanitarian situation much worse in several areas.

Faisal al-Mikdad, who was speaking in a news conference held today on 'humanitarian side in the crisis', underscored that the Syrian government fully cooperates with humanitarian organizations, working in the country, to deliver aid -food and medicine- to those most in need nationwide under the UN regulations.

But, he added, the terrorist groups hinder reaching the aid to citizens through hijacking aid convoys and stealing them and prevent citizens from leaving restive areas to use them as 'human shields'.

"Recently, the terrorist groups shot down two planes whisking aid to 60.000 citizens besieged in Nubel and alZah'raa areas in Aleppo province. They also stole Aleppo-bound aid convoys carrying medicines," Mikdad said.

He added that his country will do its utmost to deliver aid to every citizen, noting that the Syrian government has evacuated 4500 citizens, who were used as human shield, from al-Moaddameyeh area in the western Ghouta outside Damascus.

"We hope that the international organizations will coerce gunmen to allow citizens to leave the turbulent areas," Mikdad said.

Here, he praised the role of the Syrian Red Crescent in relief field, talking about the key role of the Higher National Relief Committee, headed by Minister of Social Affairs, in delivering humanitarian aid to citizens in all shelters and all areas, including the turbulent ones.

On the other hand, Mikdad censured the international community's sitting idly by as the foreign-backed terrorists continue violating human rights.

The polio vaccine

"The terrorist groups hinder providing medical services to children in Der Ezzour province. That is why the polio has spread there," he said.

"Now, there is a polio vaccination campaign and the Syrian government is responsible for every child. We will do everything to give the vaccine to every child everwhere," Mikdad added.

He appealed to the international community to give the vaccine to the Syrian children in camps in neighbouring countries.

Political reasons

"Before the crisis, Syria was among the leading countries in providing medical and social services to citizens," Mikdad said, stressing that the terrorist groups have systematically targeted the country's infrastructure and public utilities- schools, hospitals, roads, factories, power plants, water resources and grain silos.

He made it clear that the countries that support the terrorist groups operating in Syria seek to obtain political goals through making the humanitarian situation of citizens worse.

Not only terrorist acts but also the economic sanctions being slapped against Syria by EU, the US and the Arab League have contributed to the suffering of citizens, according to Mikdad.

He said: "Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China are among the countries that have offered aid to Syrian citizens, while the US, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia kill the citizens of Syria."  

 Finally, we raise a question: why the international community is not interested in delivering aid to Syrian citizens, who are enduring miserable conditions in camps in nearby countries, and just focus on delivering aid to Syrian citizens inside some restive areas?? !!!

Reported by:  Basma Qaddour