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Aviation Movement at Damascus Airport Normal

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Planes are landing and taking off normally at the Damascus International Airport, the DIA Administration stressed on Thursday, pointing out news reported by some anti-Syria media about the airport are baseless.

H. Mustafa

Syria rejects Doha Summit decisions

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian Government has censured handing Syria's seat in Doha summit to illegitimate party.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the government underscored that the unprecedented decision adopted by the Arab League on March, 26th, 2013 is a blatant preach of the AL charter and joint Arab action rules.

It cited that this decision, which targets Syria' role and resistance policy, will have dangerous repercussion for the league's future, joint Arab action and Arab national security.

"The Arab League' decisions have helped increase blood shedding in Syria, encouraged terrorists and terrorism, and obstacled efforts being exerted by states and parties to bring about a political solution based on dialogue among Syrians and rejection of foreign meddling in its internal affairs," the statement read.

"dangerous precedent"

It added that the March 26th-decision is a dangerous precedent and destructive to the league making it completely lose  credibility." The league's current policy has consolidated submission to the carrot and stick policy being adopted by some states, particularly Qatar, which imposed policies contradicting the AL charter in an implementation of Israel's agenda and that of some western states which back it."

The statement clarified that the Doha Summit's decision encouraged approach of violence, extremism and terrorism which poses threat to the whole world as it (the decision) provides a false cover to some states which explicitly declare their support for terrorism in Syria.

It asserted that the AL is involved in the crisis and it can't be a part in reaching solution.

Syria warned the states which play with fire through arming, training and sheltering terrorists that they won't be safe when fire reaches them.

Syria to continue combatting terrorism

The government said: "Syria will press ahead with combatting terrorism and protecting homeland and citizens to protect its unity, independence and sovereignty," asserting that the Syrian people are looking forwards to dialogue and seeing positive results of efforts being exerted to halt violence under the political plan outlined by President Bashar al-Assad on January 6th –speech.

The government stressed that the Syrian Arab Republic completely rejects Doha Summit's decisions related to the crisis in Syria and all the dangerous repercussions, saying it has every right to take suitable procedures to defend its sovereignty and its people' interest.

Basma Qaddour        

President Al-Assad sets 4 tracks to guarantee political plan success

DAMASCUS,(ST)_President Bashar al-Assad has directed the ministerial committee entrusted with materializing the political plan to resolve the crisis in Syria to concentrate on four tracks to guarantee success in the coming period.

The four tracks include establishment of an integrated relation between the ministerial committee and sub-committees in all provinces, bringing about national dialogue bases through ongoing consultation talks with representatives of the Syrian people.

Besides, they contain identifying the mechanism of the state's management of dialogue between Syrian society's blocs, and supporting local reconciliations being held in several areas as they will help restore stability and security across the homeland. 

The president met on Wednesday  with the ministerial committee headed by Prime Minister Dr.Wael al-Halqi.

According to SANA , talks also dealt with the last –period mechanism followed by the committee to implement the three-stage political plan endorsed on January 9th, 2013.

The committee's members cited importance of such meetings to rectify work, stressing their keenness on paving the ground for launching the comprehensive national dialogue and sparing no effort to implement the political plan to solve the crisis.

The ministerial committee includes Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministers of Information, Justice, National Reconciliation, Transport, Industry, Red Crescent Affairs, and People's Assembly Affairs.

So far, it held dozens of meetings with political and social parties.

Basma Qaddour


Armed forces eliminate dozens of terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of armed forces continued pursuing terrorist groups that perpetrate criminal acts against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure.

According to SANA, a fighting flared up between armed forces and terrorist groups in Jobar and Adra areas in Damascus countryside and al-Senaa and Sheikh Yasin alleys in Der Ezzour. 

Many terrorists were eliminated.

The armed forces, in addition, destroyed a number of terrorists' vehicles including three cars and killed two terrorist leaders in alEtaibeh area in the same province (Damascus countryside).

Meanwhile, several al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorist groupings were reported to be shelled by army in al-Rehaneya village of Lattakia countryside.

Over the past few days, dozens of random mortar rounds and terrorist blasts rocked Damascus claiming lives of many citizens and wounding others.

According to al-watan newspaper, the mortar rounds fired by terrorists from east al-Ghouta in Damascus countryside are an evidence of their failure to penetrate the capital.   

The terrorist groups are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.

Syria is facing proxy terrorism by Syrians and foreign fighters to weaken its army and economy to serve Israel's interest in the region.


AL is not for a Political Solution to Crisis in Syria- Churkin

Moscow, (ST)_ Russia's permanent representative to UN Vitaly Churkin  stressed that handing over  Syria's seat to the Arab League to Doha coalition will not help  a political solution to the crisis in Syria noting  "this means the Arab League stopped  searching  for a political settlement to the crisis."

In a statement  quoted  by Russia Today online, Churkin added that   "since the beginning the Arab league dealt  with the Syrian issue under the influence of certain forces and extremist states that  have a hidden agenda," adding  that giving Syria 's seat to Doha coalition  is  inconsistent with laws and  that Syria 's  membership  was not dropped  from the AL, but frozen.

The Russian  official said that  "Freezing  Syria 's  membership to  the AL  since the beginning  of the crisis indicated that the AL is not inclined to a negotiable  solution " pointing to other steps taken by the AL concerning  the crisis in Syria  that raised Moscow's  confusion when in 2011 it sent  send an observer mission to Syria then  terminated  the work of that mission when it  began sending objective information about  the events there.


T. Fateh

President Al-Assad Urges BRICS Leaders to Help Halting Violence in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) -  President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday urged BRICS leaders, meeting in South Africa, to help attaining stability in the world.

In a letter sent to South African President Jacob Zuma and Chairman of currently convened BRICS Summit, President Al-Assad stressed that the Group has become the hope of the oppressed people who suffer blatant foreign interference in their affairs.

"Syria has been suffering for the past two years from foreign, regional and Arab- backed terrorism which claims the lives of civilians, destroys Syria's infrastructure and cultural heritage and aims to undermine Syria's identity as the home of coexistence and equality among all the Syrians," President Al-Assad said.

He urged the BRICS summit leaders to work hard to attain immediate halting of violence in Syria in order to make the political solution a success as this solution needs an evident international will to dry terrorism sources and to put an end to the process of financing and arming terrorists.

The President added: "Being a strong political, economic and civilizational bloc which seeks the attainment of peace, security and justice in today's troubled world, you are invited now to do your best to end the Syrian people's suffering caused by the unjust economic sanctions which violate international law as they directly and badly affect the daily lives of our citizens." 

President Al-Assad expressed the Syrian people's hope to cooperate with BRICS grouping being a just force that aims to disseminate peace, security and cooperation among the peoples of the world away from the hegemony and dictates from which the people in the Arab region have suffered for decades.

He called upon BRICS states to play an effective role in halting the meddling of certain parties in other countries internal affairs and to work hard to achieve democracy in international relations.

H. Mustafa         

Premier Appreciates True Media Coverage of Events in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST) _Prime Minister Dr. Wael Halqi stressed the need that various  media  should demonstrate transparency, objectivity and credibility while covering  events in Syria, considering that  misinformation is one of the key levers of the global  war against the Syrian people.

During his meeting  with the delegation representing the German  "Jul A G" media  establishment, al- Halqi  expressed appreciation for the European and world  media which  conveys the true  events  happening in Syria to the  world honestly and sincerely in order to unmask the  reality of the war, hatched against Syria by  Arab and Western countries through sending  , takfiris and "al-Nusra Front " terrorists  to Syria to undermine her steadfastness and implementing  divisive schemes in the Arab region.


 He pointed to the  unjust western economic  siege against the Syrian people and held western governments responsible  for its consequences.

He stressed  that the democratic process is deeply rooted  in Syria , noting the  continuous strive to meet  the requirements of the Syrian people to judicial, administrative, social, economic and legislative reforms , reflected in  the political program  to  resolve the crisis and the government's bid to implement it  in collaboration with all  Syrians  who are keen  to maintain the  unity of Syria's land and people.

" In parallel , the government seeks to secure citizens living needs , including foodstuffs ,oil derivatives, electricity and medicines,  besides  working on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of what was destroyed by the  armed terrorist  Takfiri groups in various  country 's provinces." The Prime minister said.

For his part, the German media delegation indicated the   distorted image of what is happening in Syria as a result of misinformation and what they have seen  of firm solidarity between the Syrian army, people and leadership in confronting terrorist groups.

Dr al-Halqi  expressed hope that the visiting delegation will  convey the reality of what they have seen in Syria to the world, stressing that the Syrian people will emerge victorious,  thanks to cohesion between the  army , people and leadership in addressing this global war ,  drying the sources of terrorism and restoring  security and stability to Syria.


T. Fateh