Terrorists Systematically Destroy State Infrastructure, Key Resources- Information Minister

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_  " The main part of what is happening in Syria is borne on the media war, as media turned into one of the tools of war on Syria," said information minister Omran al-Zou'bi.

During his meeting on Tuesday with a Czech media delegation al-Zou'bi added :" It is not a matter of coincidence that all types of  media share and coordinate with each other , having the ability to fabricate  and falsify events in Syria ,  noting that since the beginning of the crisis, Syria has been in war with international terrorism .. Al Qaeda and its arms of "al-Nusra front" and the main executive party on the ground. "

The Minister explained that  these media and those who stand behind the terrorist attack on Syria exploited  the historic moment in the region , when certain social segments  sought  to achieve economic reforms which were  transformed  into confrontation with terrorism, due to the deployment  of thousands of non- Syrians.

The Minister detailed  that the terrorism Syria faces , is  the first confrontation between an independent sovereign state and terrorists came in directly  and in large numbers , with the support of intelligence agencies,  with training camps on Turkish border for training  ,arming,  and financing terrorists, pointing out   that " thousands members  of  extremist Islamist  organizations in the northern Lebanon and Syria 's  border with Jordan, bringing al-Qaeda closer to Europe than ever ." 

"Therefore , one who thinks  isolated  from  what is happening in Syria, is mistaken." The minister stressed.

"Terrorists in Syria destroy systematically  the  state 's infrastructure and vital resources which the Czech Republic  contributed in building  by virtue of relations of friendship and cooperation between  the two countries to include  the electrical grid , transport routes, hospitals, schools, power and fuel transmission lines ." the minister added, pointing that this assault  aims

to destroy Syria as the  only an un-indebted  country in the region, an  exporter of wheat ,provides water for Jordan and adopts a free education system and other strategic policies in various fields.

The minister added that the aim  is to destroy the Syria 's civilized example  , as a country of  religious ethnic and cultural diversity  and  co-existence, by entities and states based on religion or doctrine as  the case with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The Minister called on the Czech delegation to learn closely    and convey the reality of events in Syria, pointing out that the Ministry of Information invited since July 2012 more than 93 media delegations from different countries to visit Syria   and that US and British media stations and foreign and Arab press delegations are stationed in Damascus. A fact makes allegations about the media blackout practiced by the Syrian government false.

For their part, members of the visiting media delegation expressed happiness for being in Syria and for given  the opportunity  to objectively  convey the true picture of  what is taking place in to the  Czech public opinion and uncover the truth on  how much contradictory information and misconceptions and confusion are  deliberately made against Syria  in order to serve those who seek to dominate nations and destroy people's lives.


T. Fateh

Armed Forces Wipe Out Dozens Of Terrorists

PROVINCES, (ST) – Units of the Armed Forces demolished on Tuesday several terrorist hideouts and gatherings in a series of qualitative operations in a number of provinces.

In Homs countryside,An official source told SANA reporter that the Armed Forces razed terrorist sites in Eastern al-Bweida, Aqrab, Taldaw, al-Saen and Talbiseh towns in Homs countryside eliminating  several  terrorists and injuring  others.

Army units continued pursuing armed terrorist groups

 In Daraya and al-Nabek areas in Damascus countryside, Army units continued pursuing armed terrorist groups there killing and injuring  scores of terrorists and destroying their weapons and  cars used by terrorists to convey  weapons and ammunition.

On Damascus-Homs highway ,an armed terrorist group attacked a truck loaded with hundreds of gas cylinders near al-Rahma Gas Station .

Elsewhere ,units of the Armed Forces carried out a series of qualitative operations in Idleb countryside(Ariha and Jissr al-Shughur) and eliminated scores of terrorists and destroyed their weapons.

The daring Army's operation also included other  areas in Idlib,Deir ez_zour,Daraa and in Aleppo where terrorists perpetrates a notorious crime as they detonated an explosive device near the southern wall of the Grand Ommayad Mosque .


Daring Operations against Terrorists Continue

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Monday inflected heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists during attacks on their shelters in rural Damascus, Homs, Idleb and Aleppo .

In rural Damascus,  several terrorists who had committed acts of killing, looting and robbery of public and private property in Yabroud were killed  and a repository for their weapons near Raas al-Ein town was destroyed.

Leaders of three terrorist groups were killed  near Shefonia  town including among others Kheiro Saleh, Muhammad Hawa, Abdul Fattah Hawa, Muhammad Sweidan and Fawzi Khubbia.
In Hujiera, Bahdalia and Saeyda Zeinab areas direct hits were achieved against terrorists, while  scores of other  terrorists were killed when a booby trapped car  exploded in the grocery market while they  were trying to transport  it elsewhere.

In Damascus city, four explosives  each weighs 4Kgs were dismantled in  Sheikh Khaled area in   Rukn al-Din.

One citizen was killed and his wife and two  children were wounded when terrorists fired a mortar shell at a residential area in al-Madamia in rural Damascus.

Several civilians were wounded  and material losses inflicted , when terrorists fired their mortar shells at several houses in al-Qaboun area, while two shells fell near Abu Obeida al-Jarrah mosque, but no casualties  were reported.

In Aleppo, the armed forces carried out qualitative operations against terrorists shelters  in Khan al-Assal, where 4 cars fitted with machine guns, 4 armored vehicles and missile launchers were destroyed.

In rural Idleb, the armed forces killed or wounded scores of terrorists in Kafer Rouhin, Kafer Jales, al-Daneh, Zardaneh, Balioun and Saraqeb towns , including  leader of one terrorist groups nicknamed as Abu Salah al-Hariri,  and destroyed their weapons.

In collaboration with  citizens of al-Madmouma village, the armed forces  clashed with the so called  "Shaam hawks Brigade"  terrorist group and killed or wounded  many of them and arrested others, and confiscated their weapons and a car fitted with   of 14.5 caliber  machine gun. 

In rural Homs, the  armed forces destroyed  a factory for manufacturing  improvised explosive devices and two ammunition and weapons shelters  in Teldo area, where terrorists Nour Mohey eddine, Yahya al-Ekish, Tamer al-Shamali, Ali al-Helawi and Mahmoud Zeiter  were killed .

In rural al-Qseir, the armed forces  and the border guards foiled an infiltration attempt from  the  Lebanese territory at al-Salhia gate site.

All members of one terrorist group were killed or wounded when the armed forces destroyed their shelter in al-Ghinto farms in Talbieseh.

All members of one terrorist group were eliminated in Daael in rural Daraa, and five terrorists  from al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra group were eliminated and other five wounded  as they infiltrated to the  Syrian territories from Jordan. 


Syrian Community in Algeria Sends Humanitarian Aid To Syrian Children

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Syrian community in Algeria announced its intention to send humanitarian food aid for Syrian children affected by terrorism of the armed terrorist groups and unjust economic sanctions imposed on the Syrians.

Fawaz al-Laham, Vice-President of the Executive Office of the Association of the Syrian Arabs in Algeria, declared in a statement to SANA that "members of the Syrian community donated about 6 tons of milk and supplies to the Syrian children". The commodities have been transferred to Algeria International Airport in preparation to be transfered to Syria as soon as possible.

Al-Laham added that some of Algerians who are brothers to the Syrians have contributed by offering aid which will be transferred by Syrian Arab Airlines, and in cooperation with the Syrian embassy in Algeria.

He also confirmed the constant readiness of the honorable members of the Syrian community in Algeria to put themselves at the disposal of the nation , homeland and the leader Mr. President Bashar al-Assad, asserting their support  to the Syrians in confronting the ongoing crisis.


Federation of Industry Chambers: Acting Pharmaceutical Factories Able to Meet Market Needs

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Chairman of the Federation of Industry Chambers Fares al-Shehabi has urged owners of pharmaceutical factories to put their warehouses at the disposal of the Health Ministry so as to meet the market needs for pharmaceutical products.  

In a statement to SANA, al-Shihabi said: "the current crisis in Syria necessitates from all to shoulder their social responsibilities urging owners of pharmaceutical firms to cover production costs without seeking revenues in order to contribute to manufacturing good medicine with suitable price that takes the living standards of citizens into consideration and to alleviate the economic repercussions of terrorist acts."

Al-Shihabi pointed out that the pharmaceutical factories, still acting, can meet the market's needs if the government is able to provide necessary protection to drugs convoys at international highways, as several convoys have earlier been robbed by terrorist groups, a matter that caused shortage in certain kinds of medicine in a number of provinces.


 H. Mustafa

Prime Minister:Dialogue to Resolve the Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)-"the national economic stakeholders' role is very important as regards backing the national economy plus supporting Syria's struggle in a bid to overcome difficulties and challenges, "Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said.

Al-Halqi's remarks came during a meeting  held on Monday with Ghassan al-Qalaa, chairman of the Union for Chambers of Commerce and a number of businessmen and industrialists.

During the meeting, al-Halqi  briefed businessmen on the administrative procedures and security and judicial guarantees given to the internal opposition and other related issues.

"I invite the businessmen who were forced to leave Syria to back home to strongly participate in rebuilding the country, "affirmed al-Halqi.

"there is  a dire need to boost confidence among all parties only to make the dialogue a success," chairman of the Chambers of Commerce, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and industry stressed .

Al-Halqi, members of the Ministerial committee agreed  that dialogue is the best choice to come out of the crisis, adding that the government is serious in inviting all social and political powers, including opposition abroad and the armed groups to take part in the dialogue process.



Renowned Syrian Actor Yassin Bakosh Martyred in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Renowned  Syrian actor Yassin Bakosh was martyred  yesterday evening by a mortar shell fired by an armed terrorist group on his car in front of his house in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus,  at the age of 75.

In a statement to SANA, the martyr brother   Mowaffaq Bakosh brother said  the martyr was buried on Monday at al-Taghaliba cemetery in al-Salhia quarters.
The  Ministry of Information offered condolences on the demise of actor Bakosh  to his family , to  the Syrian people and friends of the   creative artist.
The late actor was  born in Damascus in  1938 He was  known  of a beloved comic character he played in the series with artist Dureid Lahham and the late actor  Nihad Qalai including  Sah al-Noum (Wake Up)  and " salt and sugar",  in addition to his participation in many movies.

He also played in scores of comic TV and Cinema works and  was best known in playing the character of " Yasino" .

In recent years he  acted  in several comedies and historical works, including :  Yassin Tours .. Yassin in the kitchen .. Saif bin ze Yazan .

The late actor  survived for 11 children.