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Several terrorist hideouts shelled

PROVINCES,(ST)_The army units have shelled on Sunday terrorists' hideouts in different sites in countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Idleb, and Homs, killing and injuring many of terrorists.

In addition, fighting raged in other sites in the same provinces between armed forces and terrorists.

The fighting ended in killing and injuring many terrorists, according to SANA.

Meanwhile, other terrorists were eliminated in an ambush by army on the road linking Idleb to Sermin.

Most of the killed terrorists are reportedly not Syrian.


On the other hand, the armed forces killed a group of armed terrorists, who stormed al-Berj alley in Homs countryside and killed 10 citizens (including women and children) and looted several shops and homes.

According to SANA, the terrorists attacked the alley because the locals rejected to shelter them in their homes.

Terrorists set fire to 3 oil wells    

In a separate incident, terrorist groups set fire to three oil wells in Der Ezzour, causing a daily lose estimated 4670 oil barrels and 52.000 cubic meter of oil.

The terrorist groups set the fire after a quarrel broke out between their members over sharing stolen oil.

Thus far, the terrorists set fire to 9 oil wells.  

The Syrian Arab Army is fighting foreign-backed terrorists to restore stability and security across the homeland.

The terrorist groups, who are exported from 40 countries, perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are funded and supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.


Government Keen to Provide Basic Services to Aleppo – Al-Halqi





DAMASCUS, (ST) - Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has stressed that the government is keen to provide the main services to the citizens of Aleppo and it is working hard to eliminate the obstacles facing the government's aid convoys to the city center.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV on Friday, al-Halqi said services in Aleppo are relatively acceptable, but not up to the expectations of the government and the people in Aleppo, because of the continuous armed terrorist groups' attacks which target all sectors particularly services like electricity, health and gas supplies.

H. Mustafa




Syrian Christian Communities Celebrate the Easter


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Christian Communities in Syria that follow the Western (Gregorian)  Calendar  celebrate today ( Sunday)  the Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ,  messenger of love and peace,  by holding prayers and Masses in churches and worship places.



Algerian Relief Aid from Algeria to Syria

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE ,(ST)_Food and relief assistance  and medical aid arrived on Saturday at Yabous center on the Syrian-Lebanese border offered by  the Algerian people to the Syrians affected by crimes of the armed terrorist groups.
" The aid is composed of  40 tons of medical and  food  supplies provided by the Algerian Red Crescent Organization to the  Syrian Arab Red Crescent," said the Algerian ambassador in Damascus Saleh Bousha , noting that "some  28 tons of aid arrived on Saturday as the first installment while  the second installment  will be on Monday ".
The ambassador added  that the donated aid is  "symbolic and  comes to express support of  the  Algerian people to the  brotherly Syrian people in this crisis," expressing his wishes that Syria will recover  the  crisis  quickly and remain protected,  land and people.
"The Algerian people and leadership attach great care  to the ongoing events in Syria and support by all possible means finding out  a peaceful solution in  Syria by  Syrian hands under the supervision of the Syrian leadership."
Director General of the SARC organization  Marwan Abdullah said that the Algerian aid will be distributed  by the Syrian RC in places identified as in need, expressing appreciation for the  Algerian support to  the Syrian people under the current crisis.


T. Fateh

Armed Forces Wipe out Scores of Terrorists

PROVINCES, (ST)- Day by day, the armed forces are chasing foreign -backed terrorists wherever they exist nationwide , killing scores of them, shattering their groupings and destroying their equipment.

In Damacus Countryside,units of army bombarded several  hideouts and groupings  in Qara, Ardra, ,Yabroud and al-Nabk ,Adra,Eastern Gouta,Joubar,Shoufiniya and al-Eteiba, wiping out scores of terrorists and demolishing their equipment tools.

Elsewhere, Units of the armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorist groups in a series of operations in Idlib,Deir-ez Zour,Hama,Lattakia and Daraa killing a lot of terrorists a and injuring others.


Arms Trade Treaty should Ban Arm Supplies to "terrorists" and "non-state groups"- Al-Jaafari

 NEWYORK ,(ST)_ Syria 's Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said  that Syria is  among the  UN  Member States, which   always seeks  legalizing arms trade, because  of the risks imposed by  illegal trade of weapons on international peace and security.

During the closing session of the UN Conference on arms trade Treaty , which was held in New York on March  18 to 28 , al-Jaafari noted the efforts made to bring differences and contradictions together  between the delegations to reach an  Arms Trade Treaty draft text  that gets everyone   consensus .

Al-Jaafari continued  that as the Syrian delegation spared no efforts  to bring views together , it finds itself  compelled to register objection to the text of the debated  treaty for the following reasons:

First , the treaty ignored the proposal made by several countries including Syria  to the inclusion of a reference in the text to peoples inalienable  right under foreign occupation to self-determination .." As you know, Israel still occupies Arab territories in the Syrian Golan, Palestine and Lebanon."

Second ,  selectivity in arms control measures and transparency do not represent a balanced and comprehensive input , a matter which will  hinder achieving the international community's commitment to disarmament in an  impartial manner.

Third , In its current form the treaty constitutes  , an interference in the authorities  of the UN Security Council.

IV / The treaty is not consensual in its current form as it did not take into account the attitudes and opinions of many countries, including the delegation of Syria.

V / The text does not include an  explicit clause referring to the categorical prohibition of supplying weapons to "terrorists" and "non-state groups."  The omission of this serious issue which my country suffers from  as  some countries are  supplying terrorist groups with weapons can not be acceptable to Syria, particularly in light o several  Member States  violations of the provisions of the UN Charter and the principles of international law on the  involvement of Arab , regional and western  authorities in smuggling illegal weapons to Syria in order to undermine any hope of a peaceful political solution to the crisis in Syria, according to UN Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043.


VI / The treaty omitted the introduction of a special section on definitions to address some ambiguities about the concepts and terms stated in the text of the treaty.

VII / The treaty ignored a very important subject, which is  the  internationally compatible and identified  crime through  a resolution  at the UN General Assembly No. 3314 of 1974.


Al- Jaafari expressed the true desire of the Syrian  delegation follow-up  serious negotiations on an Arms Trade Treaty  that ensures balance, equality and justice among nations and strives to maintain international peace and security, rather than undermining in a  way or another the security and peace of many member states and ignore their fundamental  national interests .


T. Fateh

Jaramana area hit by mortars

DAMASCUS,(ST)- A citizen was martyred and two others were wounded by mortar attack on a residential alley in Jaramana area of Damascus countryside.
An official source told SANA that two mortar rounds fired by terrorists landed behind al-Quneitra School in al-Baladeya alley claiming live of a young man and wounding other two citizens at the scene.
Several buildings and cars were seriously damaged by the terrorist attack, according to SANA.