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Saudi, Tunisian, Lebanese Terrorists Purged




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Scores of terrorists were killed  in qualitative operations carried out by the armed forces near Miami restaurant, al-Kindy hospital and al-Baqqara mosque in Handarat in Aleppo.

 Several leaders of the terrorist groups were exterminated and  their 10 cars fitted  with medium and heavy range machine guns were destroyed.

One army unit targeted the so called "the military council" of the terrorist groups in al-Rashedeyah in Deir Ezour , resulted in killing scores  of them. Among the killed terrorists were Hassan Mere al-Alwan, known as Hassan al-Qasmata, Mahmoud Tlass, Ismael Mousa al-Tayeh and Salah al-Akoul.

 In Homs, the armed forces clashed on Sunday evening  with terrorists terrifying citizens and committing acts of murder and looting in Bab al-Turkamn area  and inflected heavy losses on them.

The clash resulted in the elimination of all terrorists, including 7 of Saudi nationality. They are:   Jasem al-Awad, Khaled al-Farhan, Ahmad al-Saour, Khalaf al-Jadaan, Muhammad al-Faeydeh, Adnan al-Faehdah and  Bakkar Abd al-Faeydeh, in addition to two Tunisian terrorists: Hardan Sami and Muhammad Weld Younis, according to an official source.

 The source continued that among  the terrorists are Jordanians including  Muhammad al-Khalaf, Khaled al- Wafi, Kamal Badran, Wardan Muhammad Arafeh and Saleh al-Hardani, Lebanese  terrorists, namely Khaled Allouch, Samir al-Jeni, Mahmoud al-Jeni, Qasem Abdul Jalil, Farhan Ateyah and two Egyptian terrorists Jawdat al-Saeedi and Qasem Abdul Haq.

Other killed terrorists were Muhammad al-Qasimi, Ghanem al-Qasimi  and Qasem Saad eddine.


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Premier Inaugurates Projects at 3 billion Syrian Pounds in Tartous




TARTOUS,(ST)_ Marking the 42nd anniversary of the Correction Movement, prime minister Dr Wael al-Halqi on Sunday inaugurated several developmental, housing, education and health projects in Tartous governorate, at a total cost estimated at  3 billion Syrian pounds. The Prime Minister also inspected other services projects.

The inaugurated projects covered workers housing project in Hsein al-Bahr town, comprising an area of 117 dunums and includes 918 apartments at a total cost of 2.2 billion Syrian pounds;

Also inaugurated were the educational complex for secondary schools in Tartous city, at a cost of 135 million Syrian pounds, built on an area of 13 thousand square meters, comprising 83 classes, and affiliated laboratories and administrative sections, and a drainage system treatment plant in Khurbet al-Mezeh village at a total cost of 50 million Syrian pounds, serving 10 thousands citizens.

The prime minister also inaugurated  Martyr Mazin Ibrahim Hospital in al-Sheikh Bader city at a total cost  of 600 million Syrian pounds, for  technical and medical equipments  and 60 beds , on an  area of 10,500 square meters.

In statements he made  during the inauguration events  and after inspection various departments of al-Basel  hospital in Tartous, the prime minister said that all inaugurated projects are very important by the virtue  that they ensure a stabilized living standard to citizens.

Then, the Prime Minister and his companions visited  both the museum and  tomb of The Resistance Hero,  Sheikh Saleh Al-Ali ,  where he recited verses of the holy Koran, and  commemorated  his  heroism in the visitors book .

He also visited the social affairs and labor center for  housing  displaced families  affected by the attacks of the  armed terrorist groups in Syria and  was acquainted with the efforts made to provide these families with  humanitarian assistance  and basic requirements.

"The crisis in Syria reached the final stages," said the prime minister,  noting that Syria is heading to open all closed doors , maintain  security and stability and is open  to all initiatives , especially the  Geneva Initiative.

He stressed that the government is working to meet all citizens living, services and developmental requirements fulfill all  national reforms that secure a dignified life for the Syrians.

The inauguration ceremonies were attended by ministers  of Local Administration,  Education ,Housing and Urban Development, Water Resources,    Transport,  and Health.


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Bilad al-Chaam Scholars Deplore Aggression on Gaza




 DAMASCUS,(ST)_ "The fierce  attack against the  besieged Palestinian people in Gaza  coincides with the a brutal plot and an international conspiracy against Syria for the destruction of its resources , shedding the blood of its people  and excluding it from supporting  owners of the usurped rights", said a statement issued by Bilad al-Chaam scholars Union on Sunday.

The statement condemned the US and European backed Zionist aggression against Gaza and viewed it as  an integral part of the flagrant onslaught against holy places and as incompatible with their alleged importance of human rights and freedom.

It called on  "countries of the world and international and humanitarian organizations  to take a  fair stand against the Israeli practices  in support of   the Palestinian people," calling simultaneously,  on all resistance groups to unite their ranks against this aggression.

The statement questioned the   "position  of Syria 's neighbors who are still eager to see more blood of the Syrians on the  blessed land of Bilad al-Chaam , concluding  that "Syria  will always remain supportive for  the Palestinian people, to whom Syria is  linked with religion and humanity  until every inch of the occupied land is restored," adding that the Zionist entity will not be able to undermine  the will of the Palestinians, who   will continue steadfastness to achieve their national  objectives and legitimate rights.


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Terrorists launch two mortar shells in crowded area, causing causalities

PROVINCES, (S.T)_Terrorists launched on Sunday two mortar shells on a crowded residential area in Mezzah in Damascus, causing a number of injuries  and  material damages.

 SANA quoted a source at the Interior Ministry as saying that the first mortar shell targeted a very crowded street at the beginning of the Villas Street, where two people were seriously injured.

"The other shell targeted a residential building under construction in the same area, causing huge material damage in the building. No causalities were reported," said the source.

Moreover, an explosive device planted by terrorists under a car parking near al-Jalaa Sports City in al-Mazzeh exploded around midnight, causing only material damages.

According to SANA, the terrorists planted a 50-kg explosive device under a car causing only the burning of several cars

Earlier on Saturday, terrorists fired a mortar round at a garage belonging to the Agriculture Ministry near Bab Sharqi in Damascus, causing material damage , injuries or deaths were not reported.

In Idleb, engineering units foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate an a 40 kg- weight explosive device which they had planted near al-Wahdeh basic education school.

In Aleppo, the armed forces destroyed five cars equipped with weapons near Saadallah al-Jaberi School in Al-Sukkari area in Aleppo.

Besides, Head of one of the terrorist groups plus a number of terrorist were killed in al-Salehin area in clashes with them.   

In Der-Ezzour, the armed forces killed and wounded scores of terrorists in al-Bokaml area.

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Syrian Opposition Abroad Hinders Solution to Crisis,says Aumakhanov

MOSCOW, (ST) –Russian Federation Council Vice Chairman, Ilyas Aumakhanov, On Saturday branded   the Syrian opposition coalition alliances abroad as a destructive initiative because they step up the political and military risks.

 Interviewed by SANA correspondents in Moscow,Aumakhanov made it clear that the said alliances' priorities  will not be in the benefits of the Syrian people.

"the initiative  will put additional obstacles concerning solving the  crisis in Syria,"affirmed Aumakhanov.

He stressed that "Russia has taken a stance on settling the crisis by the Syrian people themselves through dialogue,"stressed Aukhamanov.

Damir-Khazrat Gizatullin ,the Deputy Head of the Central Spiritual Department of Muslims in European Russia, said that the Syrian people majority as regards supporting President Bashar al-Assad should be taken into consideration.

He called on all Syrian to work for the sake of reconciliation and peace and not to listen to instigators, according to SANA.


Sit ins in Syria, in Solidarity with the Palestinians against the Israeli Aggression


 GOVERNORATES,(ST)_In  denunciation  and condemnation of the  brutal Israeli aggression against  Gaza Strip and in solidarity with its  people and deploring Arab and international silence over acts of killing , hundreds of Syrian and Arab students  at the University of Damascus staged a sit- in on Sunday in front of the UN  headquarters  in Damascus.

The demonstrating students chanted slogans confirming the steadfastness of the Syrian  and Palestinian peoples ,condemning the conspiracy hatched by some Arab countries and Arab regimes against  Syria . They were hoisting banners which read:  " the Arab League has become a tool in the hand of the  United States and Israel,  selling  Arab rights for money and interests."

 Statements read by the secretary of the Arab students organizations, the Sudanese, Lebanese, the African and Syrian students unions at Damascus university noted that their sit-in is, but a manifestation of their solidarity with the people of Syria and Palestine in their crisis, considering that both the Arab and African nations are linked to a common destiny and common goal against international conspiracies, calling  for mobilizing all efforts in providing them a support.

 Similar sit ins were observed by hundreds of students  in Tartous, and in a candle-lit silent march in Salhab town in Hama in support of Gaza , regretting the Israeli  aggression.

 In Qunietra, hundreds of citizens from the occupied Golan heights gathered in Sultan Basha al-Atrash Square  in the occupied Majdal Shams town, voicing unlimited support for  the Palestinians of Gaza against the Israeli brutality.

 On behalf of the steadfast Palestinians, freed Syrian prisoners, Bishr al-Maqt renewed the support of the people of the Golan to their Palestinian brothers in Gaza, stressing that "the Palestinian resistance which received all forms of support from Syria, proved itself as the sole way to restore the usurped Arab rights."


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Information Minister: So-called "Doha Council" a Declaration of War on Syria




DAMASCUS, (ST)- Forming the so-called "Doha Council" is a declaration of war on Syria as it rejects dialogue or any political solution to the crisis and calls for military foreign intervention in Syria, Information Minister  Omran al-Zou'bi has stressed.

In an interview with the "al-Alam Channel", al-Zou'bi underscored that the statement, issued by the so-called "Doha Council" following a meeting for Syrian "opposition bodies" in the Qatari capital, has opposed every peaceful initiative to end the unrest in the country, rejected dialogue and ignored the Geneva Statement and Annan Initiative. It has also called for arming the opposition and providing every possible support from abroad.

Al-Zou'bi pointed out that France's adoption of the so-called "Doha Council" adds no new political value, stressing the French regime's involvement together with Turkey and Qatar in supporting terrorism in Syria.

"The failure of the first stage of the aggressive scheme to bring foreign military intervention in Syria pushed the scheme's parties to try to get political gains through prolonging the crisis in the country," the minister said.

He referred to the difference between the American and French stances towards the Syrian issue, pointing out that the "Americans seem to be more realistic in understanding that the first stage of the scheme was foiled, but this doesn't mean that the US stance is good."

Al-Zou'bi reiterated that the so-called "Doha Council" is a reproduction of the "Istanbul Council" in terms of structure, essence, policy and the supporting parties.

 "It is nothing but an attempt to present the same opposition persons and bodies in a new combination, due to the failure of "Istanbul Council" in bringing foreign military intervention to Syria."

The Information Minister pointed out that the "Doha Council" doesn’t reflect the Syrians' way of thinking because the Syrians are against armament, killing, violence or destruction, noting that statements of support made by some countries are only political terms with no legal ground.

He stressed that the Syrian "opposition" has lost its free independent will to accept or reject the dialogue when they allowed others to use them as tools for financial, security or political reasons. 'This makes the idea of dialogue with these "opposition" parties impossible, because they want us to make this dialogue with Qatari, Turkish and French sides without themselves being part in this dialogue"

The Information Minister said that "there isn't any kind of communication with America, France or Qatar and we won't hold dialogue with non-Syrian parties on our national issues, particularly the internal issues. It is a matter of sovereignty"

He said that if the countries which claim their keenness to end the crisis in Syria have real good will, they can stop arming and funding terrorists and mercenaries. They can also stop their incitement policy and close their borders before the terrorists to put an end to terrorists' infiltration into Syria.

"Dialogue with armed groups and terrorists is refused as dialogue is usually made with politicians and national political and social forces," the minister said.

Al-Zou'bi stressed that most terrorists has infiltrated into Syria across the Turkish borders with the help of the Turkish government and extremist religious groups.

He pointed out that some Western parties have changed their stances towards the Syrian crisis, but this change isn't enough, noting that some Western states are gambling with the future and security of their peoples in a reference to Turkey which  has been turned into a fertile soil for terrorists.

On the Palestinian Cause, the Information Minister confirmed Syria's principled and firm stance towards the Palestinian people's cause, stressing that it’s the central cause of the Syrian state and people regardless of the stances adopted by some Palestinian factions in the occupied Palestinian territories or any other place.

"The Syrian government was the first Arab country to condemn the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and urged the international community to shoulder its responsibility and stop this aggression," al-Zou'bi said.

He added the armed terrorist groups in Syria are trying to get the Palestinians involved in the Syrian crisis through entering the areas where their live, attacking them and shelling their houses thinking that this will widen the crisis and get the Syrian state involved in a kind of confrontation with the Palestinians.

He stressed that the Palestinians living in Syria trust the Syria Arab Army who sacrificed a lot in support for the Palestinian cause.

Regarding the Syrian-Iranian ties, al-Zou'bi stressed they are "strategic and deeply-rooted based on the right of self-determination and sovereignty. He added both countries reject hegemony projects and refuse to surrender to the United States' will, and this bother the U.S. and its allies in the region."

He pointed out that many financial, political, security and economic offers were put forward to Syria from European and Gulf countries to give up its relations with Iran, but Syria refused.

He stressed that Iran's stance towards the Syrian crisis is moderate. The Iranian government calls for holding consultation and dialogue among all Syrian parties to solve the crisis.


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