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President Al-Assad Congratulates Syrian Workers on Workers Day

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday visited the Umawyeen Electricity Station at the Tishreen Park in Damascus.

Al-Assad  congratulated its staff and all workers of Syria on the occasion of the Workers' Day.


Wide Condemnation of Mazze, Marjeh terrorist Explosions

CAPITALS, (ST)_In a telephone call with Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi, Dr. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, First Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday  condemned  the terrorist bombing that targeted al-Halqi  procession  and all acts of terrorism against  innocent people in Syria, carried out by  armed terrorist groups , expressing   condolences to the families of the martyrs and  quick healing for the wounded and injured. 

Rahimi stressed that Iran will be always with Syria and  the Syrian people at various levels and under  all circumstances, stressing that Syria will emerge victorious from this conspiracy.

Rahimi and al-Halqi discussed  bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing them in  various economic, commercial and industrial fields  in order to broaden the base of bilateral trade between the two sides as well as issues of common interest and continuous coordination at all levels in  support of the Syrian economy. 

The Prime minister expressed  thanks for Iran 's  principled positions to help the  Syrian people to get out of the crisis and support the national dialogue option to eliminate  the crisis and reject foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Earlier spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Ramin Mehmanparast strongly  condemned the terrorist bombing that occurred in Mezze.

He  held regional and international parties that support terrorism and chaos in Syria responsible for the occurrence of these crimes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist attack that took place yesterday in Marjeh area in  Damascus, killing 14 people and wounding dozens. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement quoted by  (Russia Today) "We strongly condemn the bloody attack carried out by extremists who aim to undermine stability in Syria and never  ceased shedding the blood of innocent citizens."

Lebanese President Michael Suleiman condemned the two recent explosions in Mezze and al-Marjeh areas in Damascus and renewed his call for a political solution to the crisis in Syria .

Damascus explosions were also condemned  by various  people 's organization  in Syria and , Arab, regional and world  political parties , social figures and activists.


T. Fateh

Al-Jaafari: Syria Waits UN Investigation Team on Chemical Weapons Use in Khan al-Asal

 NEW YORK, (ST) _Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Jaafari,  stressed  that media, political and diplomatic incitement  and the hostile campaign against Syria, led by the parties that did not  hide  hostility since the beginning of the crisis,  aims  to increase pressure on the Syrian government.

In  a press conference held at UN  Headquarters in New York on Tuesday  Al-Jaafari said that the Syrian government always  confirmed it will not use  chemical weapons  against its people in the event of having it,  pointing out that the Syrian government was the first party to  request for a quick investigation to detect the perpetrators of the hideous crime  in Khan al-Asal area in  Aleppo on March 19th.

al-Jaafari noted that only  few hours separated the occurrence of such crime and the Syrian request , pointing out that during these few hours  all groundless accusations were made against the Syrian government , promoted by many Arab, regional and international  political and media circles . 

He indicated  that initiative  of the Syrian government in requesting the  investigation emptied the campaign , a matter which pushed  the delegations  of France and Britain to the UN undermine the Syrian initiative by asking for an investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in other parts of Syria. 

" These same countries used different types of weapons of mass destruction, with   Britain , as testified by  Winston Churchill, who was foreign minister then , used   chemical gas  in 1920 in Iraq,  against Iraqi tribes there when  Churchill  said :"I strongly support the use of poisonous gas  against these uncivilized  tribes" , while  France carried out its first  nuclear tests on living people  in the Algerian desert , not to forget  Italy 's use of  these types of weapons against Libya  and also to recall the use  of chemical weapons by U.S. forces against  Fallujah  city in Iraq in 2004 and before that in Vietnam."Al-Jaafari said. 

"No one condemned  all these inhumane practices nor talked about them  and  therefore, countries involved  in using of mass destruction weapons  are not entitled to  hold others  accountable",  he added . 

Our region, in general and Iraq ,in particular still suffer the consequences of false allegations


"We expect the UN General Secretariat not to  be part of this campaign against Syria and what happened in Iraq is still alive in our minds until this moment,  and  our region in general and Iraq in particular still  live the consequences of such false allegations", Jaafari said  adding  that the Syrian side  asked for investigating Khan al-Asal incident , on the ground of which  the Syrian government was accused of  committing it although the attack in Khan Asal  targeted members of the Syrian Arab Army.

Jaafari pointed out that the Syrian government which asked for the UN Secretary General cooperation to send a mission to investigate the incident of Khan al-Asal  is still ready to receive the investigation team in less than 24 hours on the basis of the consensus that has been reached with the "Angela Cayenne" on April 4.

Jaafari regretted  that Syria so far did not receive , despite repeated requests,  any information about these allegations, rather the UN  Secretariat has been releasing statements giving the  impression that the Syrian government is not cooperating with it  in the investigation. 

Jaafari said that  Cayenne confirmed in her message on 3 April 2013 that the investigation mission will consider the  incident which the Syrian government tried to draw the attention of the Secretary-General for, and confirmed in a reply message willingness to discuss other logistic  details pertinent to the  work of the mission in Syria. 

He  continued that a short panel discussion was held  to discuss  these details on the afternoon of April 4 , but after the start of the debate Cayenne  and her team delayed  these discussions for the next morning in order to hold a  long morning  session allowing for an  investigative mission to go to Syria as soon as possible, but "we were surprised the next day at the request Cayenne ignored the Syrian request, when she gave us a  message contradicting what was  stated in her  first message  on 3 April and all what we had discussed in the afternoon of 4 April and when we  asked her about the reason for this contradiction she told us that the  UN Secretary General received  new information on the other Franco-British allegations , though he was then in The Hague.

Al-Jaafari  surprised that the UN Secretary general  to have had  new information in less than 24 hours, while he was  outside the headquarters on the incident he alleged  occurred on December 23, 2012 , 4 months earlier,  and also  over disregarding  several messages exchanged between the Syrian government and the Secretariat before this date.


Further doubts about UN General Secretariat attempts  to   politicize  the issue


Al- Jaafari stressed that the UN Secretariat is Procrastinating to send an investigation  mission to Khan al-Asal ,  a matter which  leads to further doubts about the politicization of the issue as  sought by some Western, regional  and Arab countries ,  similar to what happened in Iraq before the invasion. 

Jaafari said the Syrian government exchanged  nine letters with  the UN secretariat in response  to  8 letters from the UN , the last one was  on 29.4.2013 to this effect, adding that the Syrian government is still awaiting for  a team of experts to the site Khan al-Asal to determine the accuracy of the information sent by the Secretariat , through  cooperating  with a specialized, independent, neutral and technical investigation mission .

Al Jaafari emphasized that  in light of the progress made by the Syrian Arab army in the face of the armed terrorist groups , the terrorists brought  unknown powder material in  laminated bags , gathered citizens Shapur quarters and the southern  entrance to Saraqeb  city  and opened the  bags,  and as a result a  number of citizens had symptoms  similar to those resulting from  exposures  to chemical weapons and then  these terrorists transferred   the injured  persons to  Turkish hospitals  with the aim to accuse the Syrian armed forces of  using chemical weapons.


T. Fateh 

President al-Assad sends letter to his Ugandan counterpart

KAMPALA,(ST)_Uganda underscores its support for Syria in confronting the Takfiri organized terrorism  which is seeking to destroy Syria's civilization.

The Ugandan Foreign Affairs Minister, Oryem Henry Okello, said that his country stands by bringing about a political solution based on respecting Syria's sovereignty to resolve the crisis.

"Uganda rejects all attempts to breach international law principles including intervention in internal affairs and violation of states' national sovereignty," Okello added.

The minister was speaking as he met the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Minister's Assistance, Hossam Eddin Ala, who handed him a letter from President Bashar al-Assad to his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni

The letter deals with the latest developments in Syria and crimes being perpetrated by al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups against Syrian people, according to SANA.

Ala explained in details the conspiracy hatched against Syria and campaign of misinformation that aims to deceive world public opinion and cover the armed terrorist groups' crimes.

He noted that some states including Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are providing terrorists with all forms of support.

Ala, in addition, talked about negative affects of illegitimate embargo imposed on the Syrian people by the states involved in bloodshed in Syria.   

Basma Qaddour

PM calls for Syrians to contribute in forming new democratic Syria

Damascus (ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said on Tuesday that the working class is shouldering its responsibilities and contributing to the decision-making process.

In a speech during a central celebration at the Trade Unions General Federation on the occasion of the Workers' Day, al-Halqi conveyed President Bashar a-Assad's salute to Syria's workers and their federation, highlighting the role of the Federation in developing the social services offered to the workers and drawing out the political and economic policies to improve the standards of living and combat corruption.  

Al-Halqi stressed that despite terrorism that targets the economic and service infrastructure and the economic sanctions imposed on the country, the Syrian economy is still balanced, immune and able to adapt the repercussions of the crisis and find solutions to them.

Prime Minister renewed calling for the Syrians to participate in forming the pluralist democratic Syria, adding that the Syrian Arab Army is the only guarantor of the country’s security and unity.

For his part, Head of the General Federation of the Trade Unions  Mohammad Shaaban Azzoz called for preserving the achievements realized to the working class in order to reform the sabotaged infrastructure,  adding that Syria needs the efforts of all of its people without foreign interference and on the basis of the political program to solve the crisis.


Big quantity of weapons confiscated in Damascus and Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_Big quantity of weapons and ammunitions have been confiscated in Damascus and Homs amid reports of destroying arsenals in countryside  of Lattakia, Idleb and Hama.

Competent authorities seized today (Tuesday) a big quantity of rifles, machine guns, ammunitions and stolen medical equipment inside a hideout of terrorists in Rekneddin district in Damascus, SANA reported.

While the confiscated weapons in al-Qsir countryside in Homs province included- thermal rockets, rifles, machine guns, and telescopes, according to the Syrian al-Ikhbaria al-Soreyeh T.V. Channel reporter.

As for army's today-achievements, the T.V. Channel reported that a unit of armed forces targeted one hideout of al-Nusra Front terrorists in al-Bweda town, south the capital, resulted in killing 16 terrorists.

While SANA stressed that several terrorist groupings were shelled in many towns in the Eastern Ghouta,  Al'eb farms, alNashabeya , Zamalka,  Doma, Jobar, and Adra districts in Damascus countryside.

Unknown numbers of al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists, including non Syrian ones, have been eliminated in the said districts.

It was also reported that the armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in countryside of Aleppo, Hama, Idleb and Lattakia as many of their arsenals and hideouts were destroyed in qualitative operations.

 All terrorists inside the hideouts have been reportedly killed or injured.

'devilish trap'

In Saraqeb town in Idleb countryside, many citizens suffered from asphyxiation and clonus when terrorists opened sacks containing powder in front of them in Shabor alley.

The sick citizens were conveyed to Turkish hospitals to exploit these conditions in order to accuse the armed forces of using chemical weapons.    

Shells hit Damascus and Aleppo

In another incident, terrorists fired today several mortar shells on residential areas in Aleppo and Damascus provinces leaving casualties.

An official source told SANA that several shells landed in al-Zahra'a alley in Aleppo.

At least 4 citizens were wounded by the terrorist attack which caused serious damages at the scene.

However, the terrorists' shells landed in al-Rawda, al-Midan and al-Rabweh areas in Damascus left material damages.  

Syria is in a state of war and its army is fighting terrorist groups to restore stability and security across the country.

The terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.


Al-Laham: Syria determines to continue confronting terrorism

Tehran (ST)-Speaker of the People's Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, discussed on Tuesday with Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, means of boosting cooperation and coordination between the two countries in all fields, mainly the parliamentary,  to confront the U.S.-western scheme which aims to undermine the  front of resistance in the region.

The two sides stressed that after two years of the terrorist war against Syria, the enemies have reached a deadlock, adding that the situation is becoming in favor of the Syrian people.

Jalili reiterated Iran's stance that supports the Syrian government's efforts to restore security and stability and combat the U.S and western-sponsored terrorism.

Speaker al-Laham expressed appreciation of Iran's support to the Syrian government and people to restore security and stability, underlining the determination of the Syrian leadership to continue confronting terrorism and make a success to the political process.

 Speaker al-Laham also met Iran's Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, who stressed that Syria will get out of the crisis stronger than before.