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Yazeji on Easter: Dialogue, Coexistence Help Syrians Surpass Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Patriarch Youhanna X Yazeji of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox has stressed that national dialogue and coexistence are main principles to get Syria out of the crisis.

During a religious mass held  at the Mariamat Cathedral in Damascus marking Easter, Patriarch Yazeji said "We hope on Jesus Christ Resurrection Day that Syria will overcome the ordeal and that peace and amity will be restored to Syrians as in old days."

On the occasion of Easter, which coincides with the homeland's Martyrs Day, Patriarch Yazeji urged the Syrians to cling to the principles of dialogue and coexistence to rid the country from the ongoing tragic events. 

The Patriarch hoped that the Greek Ortodox Metropolitan of Aleppo and Iskenderun, Bishop Paul Yazeji and the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, Bishop John Ibrahim, who were kidnapped by an armed terrorist group in Aleppo countryside while carrying out humanitarian activities, will soon return safe.   

"We share the Aleppo Parish its tragedy and share every family its sadness, but we must transform this sadness into a strong determination to withstand the crisis and  into an occasion to announce our faith in resurrection." Said Patriarch Yazeji, confirming the church's keen efforts to get the kidnapped archbishops released and to attain peace in Syria.

Yazeji urged more unity, amity and strong faith among the Syrians, stressing that "we can reach resurrection when we bridge gaps between each other and keep hand in hand to build our homeland."

"Let's be brave as Jesus Christ who didn't even fear being crucified in order to lead us to resurrection," Yazeji said, calling on the Syrians to be patient and put solidarity and unity as a priority.

Concluding his statement the Patriarch urged the Syrian expatriates to play a more effective role in alleviating the suffering of their fellow citizens in Syria by extending every possible helping hand.   

H. Mustafa

Media source: Erdogan's Anti-Syria Remarks Ignores Religious, Humanitarian Values

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Erdogan's anti-Syria remarks, which were made as the Syrian people are celebrating the Martyrs Day, ignore all religious, humanitarian and moral values and prove the Turkish government's involvement along with Israel in the ongoing events in Syria, stressed a media source on Monday. 

On Sunday, Erdogan made his aggressive statements in front of activists from an Ankara village, presenting fabrications, lies and inciting phrases to justify his government's participation in the bloodshed going on  in Syria and in stealing the Syrian people's oil and factories.

 The source said that Erdogan's courage was so clear when his ambassador to the Zionist Entity was humiliated and when Israel attacked the Turkish Mavi Marmara Ship.  

However, according to the source, Erdogan's courage is now embodied in sending chemical weapons to the terrorists in Syria, in booby trapped cars and in training extremist terrorists who continue to kill innocent people, destroy mosques and monuments and steal Syrian factories.

"The Turkish government of the Justice and Development Party adds heavy burdens which the Turkish state can't bear, and the Turkish people must held Erdogan and his gangs accountable for their crimes," the source said.

H. Mustafa

Damaged Hospitals, Health Centers rehabilitated – Health Minister

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The  Surgery operation  room and patients section  in al- Zahrawi hospital  in Damascus were damaged as terrorists on Sunday targeted it with  mortars shells . No human losses were reported.

  Minister of Health, Dr. Saad Nayef said during an inspection visit to the hospital with Resident Representative of the World Health Organization WHO  in Syria Elizabeth Hoff : "the ministry already started rehabilitation of the affected sections in the hospital , especially it is the only health ministry specialized obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Damascus. "

The Minister noted the role of UN organizations  in rehabilitating  damaged health facilities , condemning  terrorist  and sabotage acts against the country 's  hospitals and health centers and stressed the need to neutralize health institutions and ensure their security to be able to provide medical humanitarian services to those in need.

"What happened today is very painful ", said Ms. Hoff , adding : "WHO seeks to maintain health institutions  in Syria after one third of them became out of service  as a result of terrorist acts."

She explained that (WHO) has provided assistance, medical equipment and medicines to al- Zahrawi hospital and will continue cooperation with the Ministry of Health to provide necessary support, "especially after this tragic incident."

Worthy mentioning,  al--Zahrawi  hospital in Damascus carries out some 13 thousand birth operations annually and receive five thousand pregnant women  per month . It and includes two divisions of surgery and obstetrics and provides various laboratory  and medical services by  35 doctors of  different specialties and 80 midwives and nurses.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army inflict heavy losses upon terrorists in Aleppo and Daraa

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of armed forces targeted on Sunday foreign-backed terrorist groupings in countryside of Damascus, Idleb, Homs and Aleppo.

Military source told SANA that many terrorists were killed and injured in the army's shelling on terrorist groupings in Adra al-Balad, Maghawer al-Nabi Wis areas, north-east Rankos suburb outside the capital.

It added that several terrorist groupings in Sermin, Bennesh, Abo al-Dohor areas and near Teftenaz airport were destroyed.

In the central Homs province, the armed forces targeted armed terrorist groups in al-Warsheh aley in the city and in al-Qsir area.

According to al-Ikhbaria al-Soreya, the armed forces continue cleansing areas on Syrian-Lebanese border from terrorists.

As many as 65 explosive devices, of the weight 25-30 kg/each, were dismantled by engineering units in al-Joseh area in al-Qsir countryside.

However, the heaviest losses inflicted upon terrorists today were in Aleppo province, north the country, where unknown numbers of terrorists were killed and their weapons were destroyed in qualitative operations.

The operations were carried out in Dawar al-Haydareya, al-Msallameya, Meneg , al-Layramon, al-Alqameya, and Tneba areas.

In the country's south, al-Ikhbaria al-Soreya reported that many terrorists were killed and injured in clashes broke out in several areas in Daraa.

In a separate incident, the terrorists fired mortar shells on al-Zahrawi Maternity Hospital in Damascus causing serious damages in it. No one was hurt.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure.


Zionist entity's strike on Syria condemned

Israel's strike on the Jamraya Scientific Research Center in Damascus countryside is a fresh clue of cooperation between Israel and the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups that seek to destabilize Syria and the whole region.

These words are repeated in condemnation statements issued at Local, Arab, and regional levels.


Iran's Foreign Ministry, Shoura Council, and Defense Ministry called on the region states to adopt wise stance towards the attack carried out by the Zionist entity which is plunged into disarray as a result of the recent regional developments.

Iranian Defense Minister said that the US has given a green light to Israel to launch the strike


However, Lebanon's Foreign Ministry criticized International community's silence towards Israel's aggressive acts.

It sees that Israel's today-strike on Syria carried out under false pretexts aims to pave the ground for wide-range attack in order to cause destructive confrontation in the region.

Lebanon's ex-Prime Minister, Salim al-Hoss, Secretary General of Nasserate Popular Organization, Osam Sa'ed, Head of National Center , Kamal al-Khayyer, Head of Unity and Reform Movement, Sheikh Maher Abdulrazeq, and Secretary General of the Lebanese Building Front, Zoher al-Khateb strongly condemned the Israeli attack.

Arab parties

The Tunisian Principles Party, the Iraqi Arab Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and Resistance, Popular Front for Palestine Liberation, the Islamic Jihad Movement in the occupied Palestine land, and Egyptian political dignitaries said that Syria is facing US-Zionist Plot targeting its national role, noting that the Syrian leadership, army and people are the guarantee of victory.

Syrians determine to join Syrian Arab army after Israel's strike on homeland

At local level, popular and vocational unions and federations, Arab Socialists Movement, Arab Democratic Solidarity Party, People's Party, Unified Syrian Communist Party, and Syrian people stressed determination of all Syrian people to defend homeland and support the Syrian Arab army.

They cited that the Israeli attack has happened whilst the Syrian Arab army delivers decisive blows to the foreign-backed terrorist groups.

The Syrian expatriates and students in France and Czech said that they are poised to join the Syrian Arab army in defending the homeland.

On January, 30, 2013, Israel struck the same center and left casualties and serious damages at the scene.

Basma Qaddour

Easter Celebrations Confined to Prayers ,Masses

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Syrian Christians communities, who follow the Eastern calendar, marked Easter on Sunday by holding prayers and masses at the countries churches.

Celebrations on this occasion have been confined for the past two years to prayers and masses only.

Father Gabriel Daoud of the Orthodox Syriac Patriarchate said in a statement to Syrian TV that the Jesus Christ ,the messenger of amity and peace, is a celebration for all the Syrians.

He hoped that Syria will celebrate  the resurrection of happiness after the end of the  long suffering it is experiencing.

"Easter comes this year amid the escalations of the criminal and inhuman practices of the armed terrorist groups in Syria, "said father Daoud, referring to the crime of kidnapping two archbishops under the sight and silence  of the whole world.

Commenting on the Israeli aggression which targeted the Scientific Research Center  in Jamraya of the Damascus Countryside Sunday morning, Daoud said" the Zionist enemy whose predecessors tortured Jesus Christ ,chose Easter eve to launch a savage aggression on Syria to tell the Syrians that it will deprive them from the simplest forms of happiness."

"Despite the savageness of this aggression, the Syrians will continue to be steadfast till they attain victory,'Daoud said.


US Nod and Wink Urges zionist entity to Launch Aggressive Airstrike on Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)-In a statement released after an extraordinary session convened  today ,the Council of Ministers underscored that the Israeli's aggression on Syria opens the door widely  for calculations .Furthermore, the aggression shows a solid cooperation between the takfiri terrorist groups and the Israeli enemy.

’Omran al-Zou'bi, the Information Minister, read the statement: "the Israeli enemy launched overnight(Sunday 5-5-2013) a flagrant aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to bombard military facilities in a blatant violation to the international law paying no heed to the relevant obligations".

"A long time ago, Syria asserted that there is a  cohesion(goals, tools and means)between the takfiri thought ,Zionism, terrorists and al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra-Front. Syria has presented a lot of evidences on the said cohesion plus this aggression which scheduled where our valor forces ,backed by our people, accomplished remarkable achievements in fighting terrorism and terrorists who flocked into Syria from a large number of countries and being funded by the entities of humiliation(referring to some Arab countries),"added the statement.

"the government of the Syrian Arab Republic affirms the necessity that the Army will continue their victories over as regards fighting the puppets of Israel inside Syria .It is always that the government's duty is to defend homeland ,state and people either from internal aggression or external one by all means and available potential…..Long Live Syria….Glory to our Armed Forces…May God Have Mercy on Martyrs,"the statement concluded.


Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Slams Israeli Aggression           

"undoubtedly, the blatant Israeli aggression mounts to a firm coordination between Israel and terrorist and takfiri groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front which regarded as one of al-Qaeda wings ,"Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Sunday said in a two identical letters sent  to the UN Security Council President and the UN Secretary .

"the flagrant aggression aims at providing  a direct military support to the said groups as they have recently failed to attain gains on the ground, added the ministry.

The ministry made it clear that Israel's incessant to go ahead in its aggression will definitely escalate the tension in the region and consequently drags the region into a wide-scale war that pose a threat to the international security in the region and across the globe as a whole.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's government  do believe that the US statements ,released prior and aftermath of the mentioned raid, have urged Israel to launch its aggressive airstrike rather than securing a political nod and wink  to breach Syria's sovereignty in an apparent violation to the UN Charter and the international law, "added the ministry.

The Ministry clarified that at 1:40 am on Sunday May 5th, 2013, Israeli warplanes ,violated Syria's sky from the occupied territories and southern Lebanon, launched  an air missile strike  from the occupied territories and southern Lebanon on three positions  of the Armed Forces in Syria, namely in the northeast of Jamraya, in Maysaloun and at a paragliding airport in al-Dimas area in Damascus and its countryside.

'the Israeli aggression resulted in a number of martyrs and injured people and caused huge damage either  in military  sites or in the residential  areas, "the ministry concluded.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim /M.D