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President Al-Assad Inaugurates Memorial of Syrian Universities Martyrs

DAMASCUS , (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday visited Damascus University to join thousands of Syrian students in the inauguration of the memorial of Syrian Universities’ martyrs. Families of the martyr students attended the inauguration ceremony.

 After the inauguration, President Al-Assad had some talk with families of the martyrs and a group of students.

“The armed terrorist groups have targeted students, universities and education facilities countrywide, because killing, destruction and sabotage constitute the core of their policies, but these terrorist acts enhanced our determination to go ahead in our path of enlightenment and construction, said President Al-Assad, highly appreciating the Syrian students’ insistence to get knowledge and education even under fire. 

The President added that “these West and regionally-backed terrorist groups, which have been fighting the Syrian people, couldn’t tolerate a statue of the Arab philosopher poet Abu al-Alaa al-Ma’rri or tolerate a bridge built to serve citizens in Deir EzZour, so they can’t tolerate the open-minded Syrian youths who armed themselves with education and knowledge against narrow-minded thinking.”

President Al-Assad reiterated that “Syria had given the Alphabet to the world, thereby helping humanity start writing down history. Syria presented science, literature and architecture to the entire world and it will continue to do that and to rewrite the history of dignity and sovereignty with the help of all its sons.”

For their part, the students affirmed their determination to continue defending Syria through seeking education and protecting the universities’ infrastructure.

Families of the martyr students stressed that their sons were martyred while they were getting their university education and this must be a challenge and an incentive for their colleagues to keep seeking knowledge and make the education process a success.

H. Mustafa

Patriarch Lahham: Reconciliation in Syria Helps Attaining Arab Reconciliation

DAMASCUS- (ST)- Efforts to attain reconciliation in Syria have a regional  dimension aiming to attain reconciliation among the Arabs themselves, said Patriarch Grigorius III Lahham of Antioch and All East, Alexandira and al-Quds for the Greek Catholic, urging all to take part in the prayers to be held next Saturday for peace in Syria.

During his meeting with a delegation representing the International Committee for Supporting Reconciliation and Solidarity led by the Irish Nobel Prize peace Award winner Margret Maguer, Patriarch Lahham said “peace in Syria, Lebanon and the holy land is a condition to attain the hoped-for global peace.”

 “We pray for the abandoning of violence and war as they contradict human logic and faith and because real jihad is the jihad for peace,” the Patriarch said, urging members of the committee to carry the message of attaining peace and reconciliation in the world.  

“Syria and Lebanon are the cradle of civilizations, religions and cultures and meeting on their lands will echo deeply in the world conscience, he said in reference to the international delegation visiting Syria and Lebanon at his invitation.

 The delegation comprises twenty international figures from Europe, America and Australia acting in the areas of human rights, peace and solidarity among people of the world.

The delegation’s visit is a response to the reconciliation appeal released last August to stress that the logic of reconciliation and peace must control relations among peoples, countries and governments of the world.

For her part, Maguer urged her country’s government and that of the United States to stop sending weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

H. Mustafa         

President Al-Assad Inaugurates Memorial of Syrian Universities Martyrs

DAMASCUS, (ST) - President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday visited Damascus University to  join thousands of Syrian students the inauguration of the memorial of Syrian universities' martyrs.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by families of the martyr students. 

Martyrs, the Shining Candle for the Sake of Syria

While the Syrian people are celebrating today the Martyrs' Day, who are the noblest of human beings , the Syrian people were and are still determined to offer caravans of martyrs against the conspiracy the Syrians are exposed to.

Martyrdom is the dignity of the nation every honest Syrian; there is no a single day without a martyr who is sacrificing himself for Syria.

This year, the Martyrs' Day is different. The pure blood of the martyrs that watered the homeland against the armed terrorist groups in order to keep Syria safe is the source of our pride, glory and trust in victory against terrorism.

May. 6, 1916 brings us back to the struggles of our people and their resistance in rejection of injustice to all forms of slavery or colonialism.

With this in mind, the heroism of the Syrians under the yoke of Israeli occupation is indeed distinguished.

Martyrs' Day in the occupied Syrian Golan has its own niche in the hearts of the sons of the homeland and their families, reflecting steadfastness though of the bitterness of Zionism.

The mother of the martyr prisoner Ha'el Abu Zied from Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan, who revives the souls of martyrs who were martyred by terrorism, and she does not forget the practices of the Israeli aggression that killed her son behind bars after twenty years of captivity and suffering.

For his part, Sa'ed Farhat from the occupied Buqata in the occupied Golan, the son of the martyr Ghalia Farhat who fell by Israeli bullets on the International Women's Day while she was participating in a demonstration against the practices of the Israeli terrorist forces, recalled the commandment of his mother when she was in the ambulance car "land is so expensive, it is our honor ,please do not lose it. please keep it in your heart." 

  Farhat reiterated his loyalty to the occupied Golan, asserting continuation  to protect it from the hands of Zionist settlers who are backed by Israeli occupation forces to annex the land, asserting that the hands that will try to extend to the Syrian ground and the Syrian Arab identity will be cut off, for the sake of all martyrs who sacrifice themselves for the homeland Syria.

So, on this very Day, the Day of Syrian Martyrs, the Syrians stand firm to their principles and strong belief in Syria. The Syrian Martyrs of the ongoing crisis, the occupied Golan and of every resistance against Israeli occupation are and will ever remain the shining Candle of Syrian victory.


Patriarch John X apologizes receiving Easter 's well-wishers

Damascus, (ST)_ Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox Church announced apologize for receiving well-wishers on Easter  tomorrow (  Sunday)  because of the circumstances  Syria is experienced.

In  an announcement on Friday, the patriarchate  said  Patriarch John X  "apologizes for receiving well-wishers at Easter because of what our people  are  suffering in the region in general and Syria in particular  and he will be only confined to prayers and church services."

The announcement  expressed Patriarch 's hope "These  holy days  to be a power of hope for  us towards a glorious resurrection".


T. Fateh 

University Hospitals Serve 3 thousand Patients daily

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ University hospitals in Syria,  are  the oldest teaching , therapeutic, and the largest hospitals in the region, renowned for  graduating  professional  doctors and specialists.

According to the  Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mohamed Yehia the educational  hospitals work to achieve three objectives :  to provide free  diagnostic and therapeutic medical services  for citizens :  clinical training for medical students in public universities and students of medical schools and nursing schools , and to conduct studies and research. 

The  Minister explained that university hospitals  offer  wide and quality  medical services  , noting that total number of patients who attended the hospitals  in 2012 was  1178675 patients, with  average number of  admitted patients per day was  3229 patients. 

Number of medical services provided in all university hospitals  was 5777401 in 2012 included  X-rays and lab tests physical hearings , chemical and radiological and synthetic college sessions. 

The minister continued  that higher education universities,  and in particular al-Bairouni  hospital provides  health services to treat patients with tumors  for free, at a budget estimated at  5.1 billion Syrian pounds for chemical  drugs annually to treat patients with tumors, in addition to tumors treatment units  in Tishreen University  hospital,  Aleppo al-  Kindi hospital University and the University Children's Hospital in Damascus. 

He added that  the country 's university hospitals create an enabling environment for the development of  medical scientific research in Syria  through the formation of research units within each hospital and the establishment of scientific research for medical schools and institutions of higher education and other government health  institutions and conducting  Masters and Graduate Studies .


T. Fateh

Kurdish movement calls on locals to stand by the Syrian Arab army

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Kurdish National Movement for Peaceful Change calls on locals to cooperate with the Syrian Arab army to cleanse al-Ashrafeya and al-Sheikh Maqsod areas in Aleppo province from armed terrorist groups.

The movement, which is part of the Coalition of Peaceful change Forces,  clarified that the armed terrorist groups had sneaked into the two areas to foment sedition and destabilize the country. 

In a statement issued today (Friday), the movement underscored that the all Kurds' belongingness will remain Syrian, denying reports circulated by some mass media on the two areas.

It is worthy to note that the Coalition includes- the Public Will Party, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the Third Movement for Syria, the Peaceful Change Path Popular Movement, the Democratic Marxist Assembly, the National Work Movement, and various popular committees from Deir Ezzor and Lattakia provinces.