Army Chief: Syrian People-Army Solidarity Foils Conspiracy

DAMASCUS,(ST)- "The conspiracy hatched against  Syria has been foiled, thanks to the bravery of the Syrian Arab army and solidarity of the Syrian people," said Chief of Staff of the armed forces ,Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub, on Thursday during an inspection visit to one  of the army fighting formations, during which he met fighters in their positions.
Gen. Ayyoub noted the high morale the Syrian armed forces enjoy in the face of aggression against Syria, urging them  to continue the sacred national duties  to crush the armed terrorist groups , destroy their shelters and clean the  Syrian soil from their criminality.


Dialogue is the only way to halt crisis in Syria, says national bloc

BEIRUT,(ST)_  National Bloc for Rescuing Syria says national dialogue among Syrians in the homeland is the only way to halt the crisis and preserve Syria's unity.  

Concluding its 1st meeting in Beirut, the bloc called on Thursday for disclosing the extremist groups' blatant violation of human rights in Syria and the link between Doha coalition and the terrorist al-Qaeeda-affiliated groups who are perpetrating crimes against the Syrian people .

"Irrefutable documents about these crimes are available", the bloc said.

It asserted that the Syrian Arab Army is the only guarantee for protecting Syria's unity, appealing for addressing the Syrian people through holding symposiums to explain the reality of what is going on in Syria to form a popular bloc condemning all forms of extremism, terrorism and suppression.

In addition, the bloc underscored the necessity of rebuffing foreign meddling which contradicts with Syria's sovereignty.

"Efforts should be exerted in all relevant international activities to trial those planed and supported conspiracy against Syria," the bloc's statement read.

Omar Ousi, Head of National Initiative of Syrian Kurdish, told reporters that Syria is facing a global war aims to destroy Syria's civilization.

He clarified that the bloc includes individuals and parties and civil societies from all Syrian components.


Fresh measures to slide prices, says PM

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Prime Minister reassures Syrian citizens that there would be a fresh economic procedures to enhance national economy.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that the procedures would have positive impact on Syrian Pound exchange rate and slides the prices of different items.

"Cooperation with government is essential to prevent monopolization of items or smuggling them through borders," the Premier said, noting that there are strict measures to combat corruption.

The premier's remark was made during a meeting with Secretary General of the Syrian Communist Party, Dr. Ammar Bekdash and the Politburo's members.

According to SANA, the meeting dealt with the importance of the Progressive National Front's parties' communication with all Syrian components to quit the crisis as soon as possible.

"National parties have to play a pivotal role in enhancing the culture of dialogue and national reconciliation to preserve Syria's unity, stability and security," the PM said.

He underlined that the government has worked tirelessly to meet citizens' basic needs despite the unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Dr. al-Halqi also cited great efforts being exerted by the government to repair what has been damaged by the terrorist groups.

For his part, Dr. Bekdash praised government's economic procedures and the Syrian Arab Army's role in protecting the homeland's security and stability.



Jamil: Ripe Atmosphere for a Political Solution in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_  "The  international consensus needed to resolve the crisis in Syria is still in the  first steps . Though there are major difficulties to achieve, but it will happen eventually." Stressed Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs Dr. Qadri Jamil, who is also the secretary of the People 's Will Opposition party.
In an interview with Syrian TV on Wednesday Dr. Jamil stressed  that the US administration overturned on the Geneva statement , before the  ink dried, noting  that the change in the U.S. administration does not mean a radical change  in its policies , as the Americans tried within two years of the events in Syria  to make direct intervention  which failed, due to  the repeated Sino-Russian veto and then turned into indirect intervention which did not produce  desired results.

He continued that the  US leads the  intervention in Syria and regional powers  are just followers, noting that this fact  can be understood from the relationship of  dictate and subjugation  between the imperialist center  and its various  disciples .
The Russian position has become more solid  and  a reflection of a wider circle of the BRICS and medium-sized  countries, which force  a new International climate, which " we will see its effects after two years. But   during those two years, we  must not allow the Americans and Westerners to burn Syria from the inside , and be smarter than our foe  and seek a political solution."

"An objective atmosphere is  matured to reach a political solution and everyone is required to sit at the dialogue table to reach consensus,  compromises , solutions and mutual concessions in the service of the  supreme national interest." He went on

He explained that  rejection of  foreign interference and violence are  preconditions for dialogue and what will be agreed upon in the end through dialogue will be decided by the  Syrian people in the referendum ballots, adding that the role of the outside  is just to help in bringing views together.

He called on the national forces of the Syrian government and the opposition to  create their own interpretation for the Geneva Statement,  so as  to maintain  the sublime values related to national sovereignty in rejecting foreign intervention and the inadmissibility of the use of violence.

 He added that the UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar al-Ibrahimi  should be at the same distance from every one in the Syrian opposition, noting  the Syrians should engage themselves in dialogue that  will ease violence gradually and the sooner Syrians  can access to the solution , pretexts  used by extremists and their supporters in the West will be eliminated .
Jamil explained that political Islam and the affiliated extremist wings  including al-Nusra front are  but tools used to cover the US  retreat at the current stage and drag Syria  into a state of chaos, adding :" there is  no political future for political Islam and  the Islamist militia  in Syria ."

"Preconditions prevent dialogue and the precondition set by the  opposition for  stepping down the President before the start of dialogue aims at not to join the dialogue and the continuation of violence, "he said.

He noted the significance of  preliminary  meeting of the Syrian  political factions in Tehran  in facilitating  understanding , adding a second meeting will be held  to this end.

He underlined the importance  of a national unity government and finding out  transitional solutions that  paves the way for   the creation of positive changes to create a favorable condition that will  benefit from subsequent international changes ,  so  as to deepen the positive changes that must take place in both  the  Syrian society and the state.
Jamil added that the economic situation in Syria is difficult  but that the government was able to open foreign exchange lines  and thereby ,the crisis started to alleviate. He added that the availability of ethylene oil and gas," is  linked to the security  and military situation, the extent of existed  corruption and to what extent the citizens can defend their rights."
He went on that the coming weeks will show that  Syria was able to break the siege and that  the effects of that will be manifested gradually through slow positive changes that will take  two or three months to show full-size  results , noting " But, the crisis in the general  and economic  sense  will not be eliminated, unless a comprehensive political solution is reached."

"The reduction in flour production is due to the  fact that  main mills are existed  in Aleppo countryside , where hard security conditions prevail,"  Jamil said , noting that  "the Western  countries unfair unilateral sanctions greatly contributed to the deterioration of the economic situation of the Syrian people and  that the biggest evident on the lies  and  hypocrisy of the West are the  displaced Syrians outside the border , who are not supported by the  West, who rather  shed crocodile tears on the Syrians.
He indicated that  already initiated " Go east " strategy  is but a long term trend of great difficulties and implications , due to historical, economic, social and political transformations.
"This year will be a year of the political process in Syria, but the start of this process does not mean the end of violence. Rather, violence will be reduced gradually until , we reach, by the end  of the year  a  maximum of dialogue and political process and a minimum of violence."Dr. Jamil concluded.

T. Fateh

Palestinian Factions Alliance: Terrorism of Armed Groups in al-Yarmouk Camp Endangers the Palestinian Cause

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The Alliance of Palestinian Factions has reiterated rejection of interfere in the Syrian internal affairs and urged the Palestinians in Syria not to get involved in the country's crisis.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Palestinian factions stressed the need to work with concerned commissions and institutions in order to meet the requirements of the Palestinians in Syria and halt the repercussions of the dangerous situation of al-Yarmouk Palestinian Camp in Damascus so as to evade the Palestinian people new catastrophes.  

The factions warned of the dangerous impacts of the armed terrorist groups' acts in al-Yarmouk Camp on the conditions of the Palestinians in Syria and on the Palestinian cause in general, particularly because this Camp is the capital of Palestinian refugees and the symbol of the Palestinian people's adherence to their right of repatriation.

Concluding their statement the Palestinian factions expressed their hope that Syria will soon emerge from the crisis stronger, more stable and unified.

Meantime, the Popular Committee of al-Yarmouk Camp called on the Palestinian factions to move quickly and seriously to save the camp from the terrorism of armed groups which continue to attack, steal and burn people's houses and shops.

"Displacing the Palestinians from the camp is a political and humanitarian crime. It is a conspiracy against the right of repatriation," the Committee said in a statement, urging the Palestinian factions, civil society associations and Islamic commissions not to keep silent as regards this crime.

"The people of al-Yamouk Camp are looking forward to returning to Palestine and they will continue to fight for the liberation of their homlenad," the Committee added, pointing out that the Palestinians will not protect those who conspire on their rights and attempt to make a crack between the Palestinians and people of resistant Syria."

H. Mustafa

Operations Continue Against Devastated Terrorists

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Armed forces units on Wednesday achieved direct hits in the  ranks of terrorists and left them  killed or wounded in Daraya, Hujeira, al-Zeyabeyeh, al-Bahdaleyah, Aqraba, Duma farms and Harasta in rural Damascus and destroyed their shelters  and confiscated their weapons used in committing  their criminal acts against the citizens .

In Daraya, most members of one terrorist group were killed including Abdul Wahab fakhr eddine, Alaa Fakhr eddine, Muhammad Kheir Shamma, Muhammad Qudeimi, Jamal al- Khatib, Muhammad al-Munir and Seif eddine al-Banshe .

One explosive device and seven mines planted by terrorists on the road to  al-Sharia school  and adjoining houses  weighing between 30-35 Kg were dismantled, whereas robbed medical equipment were found inside the  school stolen by terrorists from medical centers in the city.

In Duma  and Harasta farms, shelters  of several terrorist  groups, calling themselves  " the Brigade Shield of the capital" were destroyed and several terrorists inside them were eliminated including Abdul Rahman al-Sheikh, Ahmad al-Hamshari, Ahmad Ezz, Muhammad Mansour, Ahmad Karbouj, Khaled al-Othman, Jalal al-Refai, Rizq al-Lujji, Sameer al-Hraki and Bilal al-Maghribi.

A car fitted with a 23 caliber anti-aircraft machine gun and one mortar shell were destroyed in al-Bahdaleyeh town,   and a shelter for terrorists  and a car fitted with a heavy machine gun were  destroyed in al-Zeyabeyeh town, where terrorists Firas Hamze, Mazen al-Jaber, Samer Oweid, and Ahmad al-Khashoumi were eliminated, according to an official source.

In Aleppo countryside, several terrorists were killed  in al-Sfeira town, while terrorists shelters were destroyed in Hayan, Khan Touman, Mang, Rasm al-Abboud, al-Mahdoum, al-Oweijeh and  Tel- Shgheib villages, where direct hits were achieved on the ranks of terrorists.

In Alepo city, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded  in al-Fustuq  and al-Falleen markets in Bustan al-Bacha , Near Bani Zeid and in al-Sukkari and  al-Inzarat quarters

Moreover, the army  engineering units foiled an attempt made by terrorists  to blow up 20 explosive device planted in several districts in Aleppo.

Meantime,  an official source  stressed that information  broadcast by channels partners in shedding  the Syrian blood on terrorists  control of Taftanaz airport in Idleb are categorically groundless.

The source explained  that these lies and rumors fall in the context of the hysterical campaign waged by the media,  known of its  hypocrisy ,to raise the  deteriorated morale of the terrorists collapsed before the strikes of the  brave Syrian army .

The source pointed out that the airport guard units on Wednesday retaliated firmly to terrorists attempt to attack the airport from several directions and inflected heavy losses on their ranks and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

Earlier in the day , media channels  claimed  that terrorists controlled  Taftanaz airport in rural Idleb.

Moreover, in qualitative operations, the armed forces  destroyed a repository contains large quantities of arms and ammunition used by terrorists in committing  criminal acts against civilians.

The armed forces also prosecuted terrorists in Saamen  farms in rural Homs and  confiscated  anti – Shields thermal missiles  and killed several terrorist groups leaders  in Daraa countryside.

In Hasaka, the people  of Tel- Allo and surrounding villages confronted  members of  an armed terrorist group  who tried to rob a grain center in the area.

"The citizens inflicted direct hits to the  terrorists and forced them to flee." SANA reported.

One armed terrorist group  broke into the  headquarters  of the  Syrian Investment Commission Branch in Hassaka   and  stole its equipments, including 10 computers with complete accessories , TV screens, surveillance cameras and some office furniture.


Cabinet reviews fuel and gas items

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The cabinet has reviewed situation of fuel and gas and procedures of stopping illegal trade and smuggling of these two items (fuel-gas) to the neighboring countries, SANA reported.

Today-meeting also revolved around means of combatting corruption to ensure the said items. It endorsed a bill stipulates for setting up a social care center and accepted two bills related to working system in the Syrian Telecommunication Company.

The government has exerted, over the past year, every possible effort to confront challenges and remove obstacles that are facing Syria, Prime Minister said in the meeting.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi added that the efforts aimed at limiting the obstacles' negative impacts on the citizens' life, SANA reported.

He underscored that the national economy is steady, appealing on ministers to intensify their communication with citizens and meet their basic requirements.

Regarding political situation, the Premier said: "we are moving in the right direction to solve the current crisis. We are open to any initiative based on dialogue and peaceful ways to bring about a solution."

He hailed the Syrian Arab army's sacrifices and the Syrian diplomatic efforts as well as the people's steadfastness and support to their political leadership.

Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem briefed the cabinet on the latest political developments.

At the beginning of the meeting, the cabinet congratulated President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people on the occasion of the New Year wishing that 2013 would be the year of security and stability all over Syria.

Basma Qaddour