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Syrian Arab army wards off attacks on checkpoints—Homs Car bomb kills 6 citizens

PROVINCES,(ST)_Successive victories  have been scored against foreign-backed terrorists on all axes over the past few days.

Today, a military source declared that units of the armed forces took control over al-Hazm al-Wastani area on the outskirts of Mhin and Sadad towns in central Homs province in the wake of defeating terrorists there.

It added that many armed terrorist groups were eliminated and 3 cars equipped with various types of machine guns as well as Israeli-made guns were seized on Mhin-Sadad road.

This fresh achievement comes few days after imposing control over Sadad town in Homs province and over the strategic Sfeira town and al-Azezeyeh town in Aleppo province. It is also preceded by making notable progress in the ongoing battles in Sbeneh area in the southern Damascus countryside and in Barzeh suburb – to the north of the capital [Damascus].

The armed forces are going ahead with fighting terrorists everywhere to restore stability and security to the country.

They ambushed terrorists at Abo al-Shamat area to the east of l-Dmer area outside Damascus and warded off attacks on army checkpoints in Erneh area in the same province [Damascus countryside].

Moreover, the armed forces clashed with armed terrorist groups in the heart of the eastern Ghouta and in Darayya as well as in al-Nabk area outside Damascus, according to the official news agency.

The clashes coincided with confiscating weapons in Hama province and arresting the terrorist, who assassinated Salim al-Bakri –Member of Hama Governorate Council.

Israeli-made rockets seized

A military source said: "the competent authorities, in cooperation with locals, seized a chunk of arms and ammunitions- containing the Israeli-made Lau rockets- in Joret hawwa quarter in Hama city."

It added that two bomb-making factories were found in towns of al-Khaledeyeh and Khattab in the western and northern Hama countryside.

On the other hand, the Syrian TV channel reported that 21 terrorists were eliminated in towns of al-Rawda and al-Bweda in northern Lattakia country, noting that the armed forces mowed down 2 Iraqi terrorists   when they tried to attack an army checkpoint in al-Forolloq area.

A car loaded with Grad-rockets and 5 others equipped with machine guns were wiped out in the same area amid reports of destroying many arms-laden cars in areas of Kharab Askar and Tal al-Jayer outside Qameshli province.

Car bomb explosion foiled

While in southern Daraa province, the armed forces foiled terrorists' bid to blast an explosives-laden car near 'Belal' Mosque in al-Mansheyeh quarter in Daraa al-Balad.

An official source said that the car was exploded before reaching the quarter and the suicide bomber was killed, citing that the car was bobby trapped in al-Nakhleh area where al-Nusra Front-liked terrorists are sheltering.

Five days ago, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bid to blast a car bomb in the same area.

Terrorists kill 9 citizens, wound 56

However, today morning, the terrorists exploded a car bomb in al-Thabteyeh town in the eastern Homs countryside killing at least 6 citizens – including 3 children and a woman-and leaving more than 37 others wounded. 

Other three citizens were reportedly martyred and 19 other wounded when shells- fired by terrorists- landed on residential quarters in Jaramana city and on al-Wafedin camp outside Damascus.

The terrorists, in addition, fired shells on Homs refinery setting ablaze  a tank containing Naphtha.

Last week, the terrorists caused fire in several tanks containing various oil derivatives after launching shells on the refinery.

B. Qaddour  

Syrian Gov. Spares no Effort to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Every Citizen Nationwide, Stresses Mikdad


Deputy Foreign and Expatriate Minister has said that the Syrian government doesn't impede the humanitarian aid to citizens in any area across the country and blamed terrorist groups and their supporters for making the humanitarian situation much worse in several areas.

Faisal al-Mikdad, who was speaking in a news conference held today on 'humanitarian side in the crisis', underscored that the Syrian government fully cooperates with humanitarian organizations, working in the country, to deliver aid -food and medicine- to those most in need nationwide under the UN regulations.

But, he added, the terrorist groups hinder reaching the aid to citizens through hijacking aid convoys and stealing them and prevent citizens from leaving restive areas to use them as 'human shields'.

"Recently, the terrorist groups shot down two planes whisking aid to 60.000 citizens besieged in Nubel and alZah'raa areas in Aleppo province. They also stole Aleppo-bound aid convoys carrying medicines," Mikdad said.

He added that his country will do its utmost to deliver aid to every citizen, noting that the Syrian government has evacuated 4500 citizens, who were used as human shield, from al-Moaddameyeh area in the western Ghouta outside Damascus.

"We hope that the international organizations will coerce gunmen to allow citizens to leave the turbulent areas," Mikdad said.

Here, he praised the role of the Syrian Red Crescent in relief field, talking about the key role of the Higher National Relief Committee, headed by Minister of Social Affairs, in delivering humanitarian aid to citizens in all shelters and all areas, including the turbulent ones.

On the other hand, Mikdad censured the international community's sitting idly by as the foreign-backed terrorists continue violating human rights.

The polio vaccine

"The terrorist groups hinder providing medical services to children in Der Ezzour province. That is why the polio has spread there," he said.

"Now, there is a polio vaccination campaign and the Syrian government is responsible for every child. We will do everything to give the vaccine to every child everwhere," Mikdad added.

He appealed to the international community to give the vaccine to the Syrian children in camps in neighbouring countries.

Political reasons

"Before the crisis, Syria was among the leading countries in providing medical and social services to citizens," Mikdad said, stressing that the terrorist groups have systematically targeted the country's infrastructure and public utilities- schools, hospitals, roads, factories, power plants, water resources and grain silos.

He made it clear that the countries that support the terrorist groups operating in Syria seek to obtain political goals through making the humanitarian situation of citizens worse.

Not only terrorist acts but also the economic sanctions being slapped against Syria by EU, the US and the Arab League have contributed to the suffering of citizens, according to Mikdad.

He said: "Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China are among the countries that have offered aid to Syrian citizens, while the US, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia kill the citizens of Syria."  

 Finally, we raise a question: why the international community is not interested in delivering aid to Syrian citizens, who are enduring miserable conditions in camps in nearby countries, and just focus on delivering aid to Syrian citizens inside some restive areas?? !!!

Reported by:  Basma Qaddour  

Mufti Hassoun: Future will be for Syria, Lebanon

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Republic Grand Mufti  Dr. Ahmad BadrEddinHassoun stressed  that the Arab and Islamic  nations are in  need of  uniformity thinking in order to face  attempts by the US  and some European countries , aiming  to raise differences in the one nation  .

The Grand Mufti pointed  during his meeting yesterday  with Chairman of the  Arab  uniformity  Trend in Lebanon WiamWahhab to the importance of making every effort to unite the human thought under  the umbrella of the Arab thinking, drafted by divine messages , stressing that the future  will be to Syria and Lebanon after  their victory on the plot .

Dr. Hassoun called on the Lebanese to provide what they can to serve the Syrian people , who gave full support to the Lebanese resistance and prevented  the partition of Lebanon into sectarian states and sacrificed the Syrian blood for a united  Lebanon .

For his part, Wahhab  stressed  that Islam in Syria is the real Islam , which calls for openness and  tolerance , that should be disseminated in the   world instead of  the distorting Islam advocated by extremists.

Wahhab added  that Syria is proceeding  in  defeating  global terrorism , experienced on it by  powers and countries in the region and the world, and  revealed  the American Islam which had  deceived the region for long ,  began to fall now in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria , stressing his party stand  with Syria in its fight against extremism and terrorism .

In turn, Sheikh Youssef Jarbou  of the  Unitarian Muslims in Syria  stressed that Syria will be victorious in its fight against extremism and terrorism , stressing the need to get away from misleading fatwas issued by entities claiming Islam , but have  nothing to do with Islam .


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab Army Presses Ahead with Strikes South Damascus and Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_The Syrian army is locked in a fierce battle with foreign-backed terrorists in turbulent areas in southern countryside of Aleppo and Damascus provinces and  has regained control over al-Azezeyeh town outside Aleppo, media and military sources has said.

Following its victory over terrorists in the strategic al-Sfeira town outside Aleppo province, the Syrian army regained control over al-Azezeyeh town to the north of al-Sfeira, the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel said.

It noted that the Syrian army is still mopping up al-Sfeira town and hunting down the terrorists who fled the town towards Tal Arn and Tal Hasel areas.

The official news agency said that units of the armed forces destroyed arms-laden cars for terrorists on Tal Arn- Tal Hasel road and on Manbej-alBab road.

"Several rocket launchers and mortars were also destroyed in towns of Kweris and Erbid outside Aleppo," the agency said, confirming the death of all terrorists in the sites targeted by the armed forces.

Terrorists kill each other

On the other hand, it quoted local sources as saying that intense clashes raged between terrorist groups, some affiliated to the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL), in al-Naqqarin and al-Hedareyeh and Masaken Hanano.

Large numbers of terrorists died in the clashes, sources said.


More terrorists were reportedly mowed down in an attack on an army checkpoint on al-Salam highway, stretching between Qatana and Quneitra , to the west of Damascus.

Around 15 km to the south of Qatana area, the armed forces shelled armed terrorist groups' hideouts in Khan al-Sheih, Bet Jen farms, Hosh al-Abbaseyeh and Heeneh, according to the Syrian TV Channel.

They also foiled armed terrorist groups' bid to infiltrate from al-Hardin town into Knaker area, around 40 km to the south west of the capital [Damascus].

A military sources said: "Passport for terrorists of Jordanian and Tunisian nationals plus leaflets for al-Nusra Front were found with the terrorists." 

It added that the armed forces crushed many terrorists in Rankos area, around 40 km to the north of Damascus.

Other terrorist groups were killed in provinces of Daraa, Homs Der Ezzour and Idlib.

Textile factory ablaze

In a separate incident, it was reported that a conflagration broke out in a textile factory in al-Dwel'a suburb outside Damascus when a shell- fired by terrorists- landed on it.

A police Command source said that the fire spread to nearby shops causing serious damages with no casualties. 

Daily, terrorists launch shells on residential areas in Jaramana and Dwel'a outside Damascus and in Bab Toma and Qassa'a quarters in the capital.

Last month, terrorists killed more than 108 citizens and left around 450 wounded across the country.

The US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar support the terrorists, who systematically work to destroy the country's infrastructure and to enervate the national army, by all means in order to serve Israel's interests in the region. 

B. Qaddour 

Foreign Ministry: Kerry's statements blatant intervention in Syria's affairs

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "US Secretary of State John Kerry's continued statements could abort the  Geneva conference even before it started,and constitute a blatant interference in the Syrian Affairs,"saida source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Sunday

The source added  that Kerry's statements are but  infringement on the Syrian people's right to self-determination.

"had the US been sincere in cooperating  with Russian as regards  sponsoring the Geneva conference, Kerry should have understood that only  the Syrian people have the right to choose their leadership and political future without any foreign interference," underscored  the source.

The source made it clear that  Kerry must realize that the success of Geneva conference depends on the Syrian people's will and their work together  to halt violence and terrorism and achieve the political settlement that would lead to the broadest participation in drawing Syria's future."



Syrian Arab Army Conducts 'Accurate' Strikes Against Terrorists , Advances in Sbeneh Area


PROVINCES,(ST)_The Syrian army has recorded new advance in the ongoing battles outside Damascus and Homs provinces and eliminated dozens of terrorist group's ringleaders in Lattakia province and further destroyed tens of weapons-laden cars outside Idlib, Hassaka and Daraa provinces.

In details, the official news agency reported on Saturday that the armed forces made a notable progress in the ongoing battle in al-Sbeneh town in southern Damascus countryside in the wake of wiping out several hideouts and groupings there.

Another progress was scored in Homs countryside where the armed forces imposed control over al-Nahdain Mountain and al-Madhal hill on the outskirts of Sadad town.

On October 28th, the Sadad town in Homs province was declared 'safe' after flushing out terrorists there.

A military source said that the armed forces are hunting down terrorists on Sadad-Mhin town and have killed dozens of terrorists in areas of Hosh alSallom, al-Rastan, al-Dar al-Kabira, and Talaf and in quarters of Bab Hod, al-Warsheh, al-Safsafeh, al-Hamedeyeh and al-Qosor in the city of Homs.

Damascus countryside  

More terrorists were crushed in restive Barzeh and Zamalka suburbs, just few kilometers away from the capital [Damascus] and in the eastern and western Ghouta as well as in Qalamon area outside Damascus.

Well over 21 terrorists died in a fighting raged in Barzeh and Zamalka suburbs, while 15 others were mowed down in an ambush on Qaemeyeh-Delbeh road in the eastern Ghouta, according to an official source.

The source added that 4 terrorists perished in a clash in Darayya city- in the western Ghouta.

Terrorists kill 13 citizens

The terrorists, at this time, fired 6 shells on al-Jabyeh and Khaled Ibn al-Waled quarters in Damascus and on Jaramana city, around 7km to the south-east of Damascus.

At least 13 citizens were wounded by the mortar attacks which caused serious damages at the scenes, according to a Police Command source. 

Another mortar attack happened later in al-Azezeyeh quarter in Aleppo city, according to the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel.

The attack claimed at least 3 lives and wounded more than 11 citizens, the official news agency said.

Other 10 citizens were martyred in an explosion  when terrorists were booby trapping a car near cultural center in Yabroud city, around 80 km to the north of Damascus. 

Daraa Province

 Regarding results of today's operations in southern Daraa province, the Syrian TV channel said that the armed forces destroyed an arms depot and terrorists' hideouts in the city and in towns of Da'el, Tafas, Abo Ghara, al-Hairan, Ghader al-Bestan, Tal al-Samn, Nawa, Bosra al-Harer, al-Meskeyeh, al-Khawabi, and Em al-Mayaden.

The same province witnessed explosion of a car while terrorists were booby trapping it near a school in Daraa al-Balad.

Lattakia countryside

An unknown number of terrorists were killed in the said areas and dozens of ringleaders were crushed in what has been described by a military source as 'accurate' strikes conducted in northern Lattakia countryside.

The source said: "Well over 25 terrorists were killed and 3 arms-laden cars plus a truck loaded with rockets were destroyed in towns of Berj Zahyeh and al-Alyeh."

It noted that 6 terrorists died as they were trying to sneak into Hakro town and 2 others were mowed down in an attack on an army checkpoint in al-Daghamshaleyeh town.

As for the ringleaders killed in Lattakia countryside, the military source made it clear that they belong to the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL), 'al-Ansar' Battalion, and 'Ahbab al-Nabi' battalions. But it did not pinpoint where the ringleaders were killed.

The official news agency cited a quarrel between ISIL-linked terrorist groups in Atera town, confirming the death of dozens of terrorists, including two Turkish women, Dagestani, Kazakhstani and Turkish men- in the quarrel.

Idlib and Hassaka provinces

On the other hand, it was said that the armed forces launched at dawn 'accurate' operations in more than 16 flashpoint areas outside Idlib, Hassaka and Qameshli provinces.

Tens of weapons-loaded cars were destroyed on the outskirts of Jabal al-Arba'en and many terrorists died in the turbulent areas, according to a military source.

Attack on Raqqa antiques warehouses

 In a separate incident, a source at Department of Museums and Antiquities was quoted on al-Mayadeen TV channel as saying: "more than 100 gunmen attacked antiques warehouses in Herqala town in al-Raqqa province."

No other details have been reported.         

Basma Qaddour 

Syrian Arab army Imposes Control Over Aleppo Southeastern Gate


PROVINCES,(ST)_The strategic al-Sfeira city outside Aleppo province has become under the control of the Syrian army, as  wide-scale operations have been conducted in southern Damascus countryside and in Daraa province, according to military and media sources.

It was officially declared on Friday that the Syrian army imposed control over the strategic al-Sfeira city in southern Aleppo countryside. 

The General Command of Army and Armed forces said in a statement issued today that the fresh achievement is significant due to the fact that al-Sfeira city is the southeastern gate to Aleppo.

"Imposing control over the city will open new supply routes to provide Aleppo locals with foods and medicines. We confirm our determination to go ahead with war against terrorism," the statement read.     

In this context, the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel made it clear that the city enjoys a strategic location because the military factories- which are surrendered by air-defense bases- are located to the south-west of the city and it is not far from the Aleppo International Airport, al-Nairab airbase and Khanaser area.

"Another reason for saying that  is the city strategic  existence of a desert area stretching from Al-Sfeira city to Khanaser area which is located around 60 km to the south," the TV channel's presenter said.

Meanwhile, Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV Channel screened a video tape from al-Sfeira city following the army entry.

It quoted a military source as saying that engineering units defused more than 700 explosive devices planted by terrorists in the streets of the city and found 6 bomb-making factories.

The same province (Aleppo) witnessed mortar attack targeted citizens in areas of al-Ismaeleyeh and al-Fed in the city.

The shells which were fired by terrorists left casualties.


Terrorists' command center targeted  

In another development, al-Mayadden TV Channel said that the Syrian army made an advance in the ongoing battles in areas of Ghazaleh and al-Sbeneh in southern Damascus countryside.

"The Syrian army wiped out the command center of opposition gunmen' in al-Sbeneh town," the TV channel said, adding that opposition activists declared that 27 members from the 'Free Army' were killed in the battles.

As for result of operations in other provinces, Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV channel said that many terrorists were killed in Daraa and Idlib province as the armed forces targeted their groupings there.

It noted that several members of an armed terrorist group died and weapons, including 54 shells, tow mortars, RPGs, and telecommunication devices, were seized in an ambush in al-Mastomeh area in Idlib province.

More terrorists perished in a quarrel which erupted among them in al-Reffeh area in northern Hama province over splitting loots, according to the TV channel.

On the other hand, the TV channel said that 66 wanted people turned themselves in to competent authorities in Damascus and its countryside.

Basma Qaddour