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Syrian Opposition Coalition : Russia, US Initiative Positive Step

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Coalition of opposition forces for  peaceful change considered the initiative of Russia and the US to convene an international conference on Syria as a "correct and positive step" to solve  the crisis in Syria.

In a press conference on Sunday in Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus,  the coalition  voiced support to this  step and expressed  willingness to attend any conference based on it , in its capacity  "as an opposition party on the basis of peaceful change according to the  roadmap adopted at the Conference  held on 9.26.2012 in Damascus. "

The Coalition  underlined  the importance of following -up and intensifying  efforts to hold a coordination meeting  between internal opposition  parties especially the coalition forces for  change , the  coordinating body and state-building party , in order to lay the foundations and pillars for next steps in the international conference  to get out of the crisis and  maintain comprehensive  democratic change." 

The coalition stressed absolute necessity "to convene  a comprehensive national dialogue conference ,  in order to draw an approach  different   from the US and Western context  and their  tools, especially the Turkish regime and the Gulf Sheikhdoms  as well as extreme takfirist forces. " 

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Homs Water Dams Stored 250 Million Cubic Meters

Homs (ST) _ Director of water resources in Homs Tammam Raad  said that total water storage in Homs dams reached 250 million cubic meters. 

He said that  Quttaineh  dam stored 161 million cubic meters, representing a storage decrease of  14 million cubic meters for the same period of  last year, and  30 million cubic meters  are stored in Zeta dam  which was  empty during same  period of 2012   while al-Mzeneh dam enjoys the same storage  inventory of  18 million cubic meters of 2012 . 

Raad indicated that Teldo  dam waters  reached 14 million cubic meters,  in an increase of one million cubic meters over the figures of  2012  while it is  27 million cubic meters in Telhoush dam , down to 13 million cubic meters from  last year figures . 

Worthy mentioning there  are  34 dams in Homs,  with maintenance works carried out  for Telhoush and  al-Mzeneh dams by the beginning of 2013.

T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army enters al-Qsir city

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian Arab army moves forwards in four fronts outside Homs, Damascus, Hama and Daraa provinces and inflicts heavy losses upon foreign-backed terrorists there.

 In details, the units of armed forces have entered al-Qsir city, which is the foreign-backed terrorists' stronghold in the central Homs province, and imposed control over southern and eastern alleys after fierce fighting.

"As many as 60 gunmen have been killed in the fighting", the Beirut-based al-Mayadden TV channel said.

It quoted a military source as saying: "the Syrian army purposely left the western side of al-Qsir city open as a safe exit for citizens… a huge number of gunmen had laid down their weapons and tried to flee with the citizens."

The Syrian al-Ikhbaria al-Soreyeh asserted that the Syrian Arab army has entered al-Qsir city from three sides.

In this context SANA reported that the units of armed forces eliminated unknown number of terrorists and their leaders and pounded their arms cashes in al-Soq and Karajat areas inside the city.

It added that security has been restored to the stadium, surrounding of western alley, cultural center, church, municipality square, and al-Gheta area in al-Qsir city.

On the other hand, the armed forces confiscated an Israeli-made law rocket and quantity of weapons and ammunitions, which were with an armed terrorist group, on Homs-Palmyra main road.

Barza al-Balad ,a district in Damascus, saw intense clashes between units of armed forces and terrorist groups near Tishreen Hospital and residential areas resulted in killing and injuring most of the groups' members.

In addition, the armed forces pounded terrorists' hideouts and weapons in Doma and Adra al-Balad areas and clashed with terrorist groups in Jobar and Darayya areas outside the capital.

Fighting near military airports  

In the northern Aleppo province, the units of armed forces eliminated several armed terrorist groups near Meneg airport, central prison, Kweres airport and Khan al-Assal area, according to a military source.

While, Bestan al-Qaser, Sheikh Maqsod, al-Haydareya and B'edin squares, al-Layramon, al-Ma'amel, and Dahret Abdrabbo areas in the same province have witnessed fierce fighting between the armed forces and terrorist groups.

Elsewhere, the units of armed forces shelled hideouts of terrorists in several sites in countryside of Idleb, Hama, Daraa and Lattakia provinces where unknown number of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists were eliminated.

Some of the killed terrorists are of Arab and foreign nationalities.

In the southern Daraa province, a unit of armed forces repels a terrorist group's bid to sneak into Daraa al-Balad from Jordan and kill 8 terrorists, according to Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh

Car blasts on Homs road

In a separate incident, two suicide terrorists blasted two cars near blankets factory on al-Msherfeh-Homs road and near sheep market on al-Salmeya-Homs road.

The two blasts led to the fall of 4 martyrs and 13 wounded.

Meanwhile, al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists fired today several mortar shells on Mharde power station outside Hama province, causing fire in it.

Helfaya town under army's control

Later on today, the armed forces imposed control over Helfaya town, north Hama countryside, after fierce fighting with terrorists ended in crushing all of them.

A military source told SANA that Halfaya locals can return their homes in the town as of Tuesday, 21 May, noting that rehabilitation works have started there.

It added that tens of explosive devices, which were planted by terrorists on the main road to Helfaya town, have been dismantled. 

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure


Mikdad,Dardari Discuss ESCWA Projects in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"Syria has accomplished remarkable achievements  as regards economy and infrastructure over the past period before the onset of  the ongoing crisis plus the conspiracy targeting Syria's historical and cultural landmarks, "said  Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad.

Al-Mikdad's remark was made during a meeting with  Director of the Economic Development and Globalization at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), Abdullah al-Dardari .

During the meeting,al-Mikdad and Dardari discussed the ESCWA's project for rehabilitating infrastructure in Syria in various sectors.

Al-Mikdad underscored  that Syria is looking forward to ending violence and starting national dialogue, and is determined to start reconstruction in harmony with restoring security and stability.

He  underlined the negative impact of the unjust sanctions imposed on Syria and the necessity of exerting efforts for lifting sanctions.

Al-Dardari ,for his part,said that the ESCWA's project identifies the current challenges and offers the available options for assisting  the Syrian government in mobilizing resources after the end of the crisis.


The Government Has Multiple Options to Pass the Ongoing Crisis,Says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"the government has multiple options to pass the ongoing crisis .It is able to remove hindrances as the government along with the Syrian people's destiny is steadfastness, confrontation, challenge ,patience and victory .Hence,the said attributes go in line with the great achievements realized by the valor army against the terrorist groups ,"said  Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi .

Al-Halqi comments came during a meeting ,presided over by Dr.Wael al-Halqi,of the Supreme Council of Tourism on Sunday

"with the Syrians' will and determination ,the government is going ahead in the national dialogue through materializing the political programme to solve the crisis in Syria ,"said al-Halqi ,confirming that the solution will be Syrian-made and on Syrian soil. No body or nation has the right to impose anything on the Syrian people.

"the Syrian people ,renowned with deep-rooted history ,are able to tackle its crucial issues alone without foreign interve4ntions,"added al-halqi.

As for the current situation of tourism in Syria,al-Halqi assured that despite targeting this vital sector by terrorist groups ,destroying touristic facilities and archaeological sites ,the government spares no effort to boom this developmental sector.



2.5 people benefit from WFP,says Abdul Mawala

SWEIDA, (ST)-" the impact of the US sanctions  has negatively hit the lives of the Syrians, especially the medicine and medical –related equipment, "said UN Resident Coordinator based-in Syria, Adam Abdul-Mawla.

Abdul-Mawla 's remark was made during a  meeting he has held with representatives of the UN offices -based in Syria and Sweida governor.

" the UN offices' work  in Syria is focused around the clock  on the humanitarian operations.''underscored Dr. Atef Naddaf Abdul-Mawla.

He made it clear  that 2.5 million people benefit from the United Nations World Food Program monthly.

Abdul-Mawla lauded  the Syrian government's efforts for meeting the needs of the affected, indicating that it(the Syrian government) allows  around 29 organizations and national NGOs to create partnerships with the UN offices so as to help deliver aid to the affected.

"my visit to Sweida is aimed to inspect the situation closely there and for talks with the bodies concerned about establishing a UN office in the province after a similar UN office was established in Homs, "affirmed Abdul-Mawla.

The governor, for his part, stressed the government's interest in providing medicine for the citizens despite the western countries' embargo, adding that Sweida has 5 housing centers hosting over 52.000 displaced people from other provinces.


EU, US Sanctions Negatively Impact Syrians Life – UN Res. Rep

 SWEIDA,(ST)_ Resident Coordinator of UN activities in Syria Adam Abdul Mawla  said that " sanctions imposed on Syria by the USA and the EU  negatively affect the lives of the Syrians," especially  in securing medicines and spare parts for maintenance of medical devices.

During  a meeting on Saturday , accompanied  by representatives of UN  offices in Syria with Sweida 's governor Atef Naddaf , Abdul Mawla added ":  Activities of UN  offices in Syria are  focused at the moment on the human side and humanitarian operations" to provide largest possible humanitarian aid  and relief to those affected.

He detailed  that the number of "beneficiaries of the aid provided by the UN through the World Food Program is about 5.2 million people, monthly , UNICEF services in the field of water purification are provided  for   7 million people, and WHO provided drugs worth  USD 70 million ". 

He noted the efforts made by the Syrian government to ensure the needs of those affected, explaining that permits  were issued for about 29 civil organizations and associations for  national partnerships with UN offices, to ensure arrival of aid to those affected. 

He continued that  aim of his visit to Sweida  is to identify the conditions , and hold consultations on the establishment of a UN office in the province, adding that  one  office was opened  in Homs  and other offices are due to be opened  in Tartous,  Aleppo and Qamishli.

 Sweida 's governor  underscored  keenness to secure medicines for citizens, especially for chronic diseases, despite the blockade imposed by Western countries, pointing out that Sweida hosts  52 thousand  displaced  persons in five  accommodation centers from other governorates  who are  given  regular meals and health and education services .

The governor pointed to the difficulties faced by the province due to the terrorist attacks on trucks and convoys carrying food , flour and fuel to the province. 

Then, the UN delegation visited  the main accommodation center in Sweida  and inspected  the  situation of those affected and a mechanism to provide humanitarian assistance to them .


T. Fateh