Military source denies terrorists' capture of Wadi al-Daif site

PROVINCES,(ST)_A military source has categorically denied reports that the terrorist groups seized  Wadi al-Daif site in Idleb countryside.

SANA quoted the source as saying: "the reports aim at buoying up spirits of terrorists who are suffering from the army's painful strikes."

Meanwhile, many terrorist groupings were destroyed in countryside of Homs and Lattakia, and a lot of terrorists were killed or injured in qualitative operations carried out by armed forces in Duma, Adra and east al-Ghouta areas in Damascus countryside.

Terrorists' vehicles and weapons were also reportedly destroyed in the operations.

On the other hand, two terrorist groups quarreled over sharing loots in Yabroud area in Damascus countryside.

 The quarrel occurred inside a hideout ended in destruction of the place with all weapons inside it and the dead of all terrorists.

The Syrian Arab Army is fighting foreign-backed terrorists to restore stability and security all over the homeland.

The terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are funded and supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.


AL-Laham calls on IPU to support the political solution to the crisis in Syria

Ecuador,(ST)-"indeed, it is time, the international community  must listen to the voice of right, to fully recognize the need to support efforts being exerted to make the political solution to the crisis a success, to halt violence and bloodshed of the Syrians and to stop massacres perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups  only to preserve Syria's unity(land and people) and peace and security internationally as well, "said PA Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.

Al-Lamam's remark was made during the IPU's 128th Assembly in the Ecuadorian capital Quito.

During the meeting was , al-Laham briefed the attendees on the ongoing events in Syria, focusing on the role of Arab, regional and international  plus misleading media outlet as regards a systematic devastation of the infrastructure, public and private facilities ,funding and arming the armed terrorist groups.

Meanwhile,al-Laham met with IPU Secretary General Andres Johnsson .

Talks dealt with relations between Syria's PA and the IPU and hopes pinned on the IPU current session's outcome and supporting the PA efforts to make the political solution to the crisis a success.

Al-Laham also met with IPU President Abdul Wahid al-Radhi.

Talks dealt with supporting Syria's efforts to combatting terrorism and halting violence.

It is worth noting that approximately 1300 delegates including 650 MP's from more than 120 countries are taking part in the IPU  128th assembly.


Occupation Forces arrested Syrian Golan children

In a racial and provocative step, contrary to international conventions, the Israeli occupation authorities on Saturday arrested several Syrian children from the occupied Syrian Golan who refused convening on Israeli football tournament on Golan territory.

The Israeli authorities detained Ghassan al Shaaer, Qasim Mustafa Mahmood, Bassam Abu Jabal,  Essam Almerei and head of Sport Union in the occupied Golan Zaher Al Bathesh and summoned the two syrian militants Sidqi al Maqt and Naeem Alqalaani for investigation.

The committee in charge of supporting freed Syrian prisoners in the Israeli Jails condemned this racial act which violates the fourth Geneva agreement on the treatment of people under occupation.

In a statement, the committee called on international human rights societies to free the Syrian prisoners in the occupation jails.

The Governor of Qunietra Dr. Malik Ali asked international organizations to bear responsibilities regarding such acts, taking into account that Golan is a Syrian territory recognized by the international organizations; stressing that Syria will spare no efforts to free the Syrian prisoners held by Israel.


Khaled Falhoot

Condemnation of al-Bouti's Assassination Continues

CAPITALS,( ST)_The crime of assassinating Scholar Mohammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti along with scores of knowledge seekers at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus continued to be a source of condemnation of many religious, political and popular commissions and figures in Syria and abroad.

In Occupied al-Quds, the Popular Committee for solidarity with Syria in occupied al-Quds organized a solidarity stand with Syria at the main gate of a village in the occupied lands of 1948.  The Committee condemned al-Bouti's assassination crime by takfiri groups.

Palestinians representing different forces and parties in occupied Palestine took part in this event. They lifted placards denouncing the policies of the United States, European countries, Turkey and some Arab countries  which support terrorism in Syria. They also lifted Syrian and Palestinian flags and pictures of martyr scholar al-Bouti.

According to the committee's Secretary Wasfi Abdul Ghani said this solidarity stand aims at greeting the Syrian people and its national leadership from the heart of Palestine and at affirming the Palestinian people's support for Syria in the confrontation of the imperialist and Zionist conspiracy.

In Ramallah, West Bank, Archbishop of Sebastia for the Greek Orthodox  Attalla Hanna mourned martyr al-Bouti during a ceremony held on Saturday by the Popular Committee for Defending Syria in occupied Palestine to honor the archbishop.

Hanna announced that he presents his honoring to the soul of scholar  al-Bouti who was martyred while calling for amity and peace among the Syrians.

The archbishop affirmed the necessity of adherence to the values of fraternity and national unity to achieve the hoped for settlement.

During the ceremony, Hanna was awarded with the order of Arab national belongingness in appreciation for his national stances which reject occupation and defend Arab rights.

Imam of al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Salahuddin Bin Ibrahim Abu Arafa said that scholars of princes and palaces foremost of who is Yousef al-Qaradawi have betrayed Quran and the teachings of Islam prophets.

  In a statement to the Syrian TV, Sheikh Arafa  condemned al-Qaradawi's call which allows the killing a Moslem scholar like martyr al-Bouti, stressing that Islam prohibits killing.

In Paris, the Syrian and Algerian communities in France and a number of expatriate and French people held a rally to express condemnation of the crime of bombing al-Iman Mosque in which scholar al-Bouti along with tens of religious students were martyred. Participants lit candles in respect of the martyrs' souls.

"Al-Bouti was assassinated because of his standing beside right and peace and against those who have been trying to distort the meaning of Islam so as to serve the United States , Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the petrodollar states.

A member of the Algerian community said martyr al-Bouti supported the Algerian people in the confrontation of the takfiri terrorism which hit Algeria in the 1990s.

Moreover, Former Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh described as a big loss the martyrdom of scholar and Islamic thinker al-Bouti and his companions.

 He said al-Bouti represented Islam's values of tolerance, moderation, amity which abandon violence and extremism.  

He expressed his condolences to the Syrian people, scholars and the families of the martyrs on this big loss.


H. Mustafa

Arab Trade Unionists Against Foreign Intervention in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The  International Federation of Arab Trade Unions  stressed that dialogue is the only way to find a solution to the crisis in Syria and stop the violence.

In  a statement on Saturday  on the occasion of its  57th foundation  anniversary,  the federation called for  "starting  a political dialogue in Syria" and renewed  "rejection of any foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs." It  condemned "all acts of terrorism against  Syria and Iraq," considering these  actions as constituting "a threat to both countries."

The Union called on  "Arab governments to ensure  political stability and open serious dialogue between all political forces in the Arab societies, especially national opposition in order to reach a formula eliminating  popular bottlenecks , fight corruption and save Arab societies the risk of chaos and collapse. "

It reiterated its position to that the establishment of a  just and comprehensive peace in the region requires restoration of Arab rights and withdrawal from all occupied  Arab territories in Palestine, the Syrian Golan,  and the Lebanese  Shebaa farms and  Kafr Shuba hills. "

It  called for  "providing  support to Lebanon and enable it to continue to strengthen national unity  and on the Lebanese people to  repel the Zionist attacks and refuse divisions and internal strife projects  and abide by Lebanon 's  independence and sovereignty and stability of its democratic system."

The  International Federation of Arab Trade Unions concluded its  statement by confirming  "continued  momentum and spirit of struggle," noting that it "will spare  no efforts  to defend the interests and achievements of Arab workers in all Arab and international forums , and fulfill their  national aspirations, to deter  dangers threatening their   objectives and future ambitions ".


T. Fateh

Bets on Syria's Fall Ended- Minister

BEIRUT,(ST)_Minister of State for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar said that  bets on the fall of Syria ended, noting the  power of the Syrian institutions and that the Syrian army monitors every one tempted to tamper with Syria 's security.

During a ceremony commemorating the birthday anniversary of the founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party Anton Saada in al-Assad 's  Hall at the Public Library in Hermel, north Lebanon Haidar added that the situation in the Arab countries is bad , calling for unity against  the Zionist enemy and stressed the importance of political dialogue.


T. Fateh

Damascus rejects UNHRC 'illogical' decision

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has completely rejected the UN Human Rights Council's biased decision as it disregards immoral role of terrorism-supporter states in the country.

It clarified that terrorism-supporter states fund, train, arm and shelter terrorists and mercenaries from more than 28 states to perpetrate terrorist crimes in Syria, most recent the terrorist blast took place on March 21st at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday : "Once again, the UNSC follows a delusion campaign being led by terrorism-supporter states in Syria to ensure political cover to the armed terrorist groups' crimes through adopting unilateral decisions.

It underscored that the decisions, which turn blind eye to the clues offered by the government, aim to hold the Syrian government responsibility for the ongoing events.

The ministry noted that these decisions have become tools to meddle in states' internal affairs and continuity of terrorism-supporter states' attempts to abort all efforts being exerted to settle the crisis in Syria through national dialogue.

"These biased, illogical and unbalanced decisions consolidate the double-standard policy being practiced by some states that claim defending human rights while they are ignoring what is going on inside the states that back these decisions and put aside all human rights principles," the ministry concluded.

Basma Qaddour