Cooperation with U N Organizations Stressed

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Jasseim Mohammed Zakaria, has confirmed his ministry's keenness to cooperate with United Nations organizations operating in Syria, particularly UNICEF.

During a meeting held yesterday with the Resident Representative of UNICEF, Yusuf Abduljalil and the accompanying delegation, Dr. Zakaria called on expanding the horizons of cooperation with the organization as well as strengthening cooperation in the events related and the reduction of child labor.

The Minister welcomed all humanitarian initiatives that supply the efforts of the ministry in the relief and humanitarian affairs or events and child care in general.

For his part, the Resident Representative of UNICEF  pointed out the importance to brief  on the reality of temporary residence centers and determine their own needs regarding drinking water, sanitation, hygiene issues and other mechanisms to intervene in the area of relief work and by programs that can be carried out by the organization in the domains of health, education, training and awareness.

Sh. Kh.

Daring Operations Target Terrorists in Various Areas

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ In a series of qualitative operations, the armed forces on Wednesday  exterminated scores of terrorists and destroyed their shelters  in Duma, Daraya and Mlaiha towns  in Damascus  countryside.

Among the killed sniper terrorists were Muhmmad Nabil Hammoudi, Mawaffaq Kichki, Yasser Nadam, Mahmoud Arbash, Ahmad Jaarash, Fares Alaya and Anas al-Aqel, whereas more of them were killed in Aqraba town.

In Idleb , 20 civilians were killed and other 30 wounded when terrorists booby trapped  two cars in al-Zeraa and al-Mutlaq  squares in the city , and huge material losses were inflicted at the site of the explosions.

Meantime, most members of several terrorist groups were killed or wounded, and their weapons were destroyed ,  when they tries to  attack Abu al-Dhour airport in rural Idleb

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces demolished terrorists centers  in al-Chaar, al-Helwaneyah, Bustan al-Qasr, sl-Sheikh Najjar and al-Sukkari and al-Naqqarin.

Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded  when clashes erupted between one terrorist group named " Omar Bin Abdul Aziz battalion" and terrorists from " al-Nusra Front" over sharing  stolen stuffs from al-Safaheya area in the city of Aleppo.

In rural Daraa, one army unit destroyed a convoy of cars for terrorists in Tel  Matwaq  near Ankhel in rural Daraa  and confiscated two cars.

Large amounts of weapons were confiscated including  dozens of  thermal rockets , three  AGC Israeli-made launchers, A 82 mm -caliber gun and a number of antiaircraft guns , mortars and automatic rifles, a military source told SANA. It added that several terrorists were arrested  in the place.

In Hama, the  competent authorities confiscated  an improvised explosive device repository in Khtmilo  village farms  in al-Salameya countryside with 18 packets destined for the bombing weighing  between 20 and 150 kilograms.

The engineering units dismantled containers made by the terrorists in the form of metal cylinders and barrels stuffed with highly explosive materials .

In al- Rastan,  scores of terrorists  who carried out  acts of  murder and intimidation against citizens in the area  were exterminated  , including  Muhammad al-Dali, head of the terrorist group.


General Command of the Army Vows to Eliminate Terrorists

Damascus, (ST)_ " the armed terrorist groups perpetrated  yesterday(Tuesday) a new  crime that claimed the lives of dozens , targeting Aleppo University by rocket shells from al-Lairamoun area, which prompted the army to hit back against the gatherings of terrorists in the area,"said The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Command affirmed that the crime came as a desperate attempt to cover the failour  of the hostile forces' project and their inability to materialize their goals.

''This coward criminal act came to take revenge on the people of Aleppo, who proved their deep attachment to their homeland and solid will in the face of terrorism, '' the statement said.

" targeting  scientific staff , schools, institutes and universities are but a clear proof of the viscious mentality  of the criminals enjoy", added the statement.

"these criminal acts will only stiffen its determination to carry out its duties in cracking down on the remnants of terrorists to purify the homeland of their evils," concluded the statement.


Syria calls on UNSC to condemn 'terrorist attack' on Aleppo University

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has appealed to the UN Security Council to blast the foreign-backed terrorist groups' recent attack on Aleppo University.

According to SANA, the ministry addressed two identical letters to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General stressing that the victims of the terrorist attack on the campus took place on the first day of exams are innocent students, who are studying to take part in developing their country and building their future.

"On January, 15th, 2013, the armed terrorist groups fired two missiles from al-Lairemonarea towards Aleppo University, killing 82 students and injuring hundreds and demolishing part of the Aleppo's Halls of residence . ," the letters read.

The ministry cited that part of the halls is hosting displaced citizens, who fled their homes, few months ago, because of the armed terrorist groups' acts in Aleppo city.

It noted that the armed groups have razed a lot of economic and historical sites in the city.

"The attack on Aleppo University is one of the terrorist groups' acts that target educational institutions," the letters said, pointing out that the criminals (armed terrorist groups) have destroyed 2362 schools and killed dozens of innocent children and teachers.

The ministry called on the UNSC members to slam the massacres perpetrated against Aleppo University's students, workers and displace people, adding that there is no justification to reject this.

It underscored that some countries are supporting terrorism in Syria and denouncing it in another countries, noting that Syria is  combatting terrorism everywhere.

"Some parties, particularly in western countries, which claim combatting terrorism in Mali, are supporting terrorism and terrorist groups in Syria. They (parties) harbor the terrorist groups ignoring the Syrian people's suffering caused by the terrorists' acts," the FM said.

It added that the terrorist groups have destroyed infrastructure built by the Syrian people.

As for media campaign being launched against Syria, the ministry clarified that a group of western and Gulf countries are taking part in this 'immoral' campaign that aims to mislead the Syrian people and the world public opinion as regards the events going on in Syria.

"The criminals' terrorist acts would never prevent Syria from defending its people, students and schools. Syria would go ahead in combating terrorism and implementing the political program based on dialogue among all Syria's components to surpass the crisis," the ministry concluded.

Last year, the FM also sent letters about all the terrorist groups' crimes against Syrian people in all sectors.

Basma Qaddour

President Al-Assad Issues Two Decrees on Establishing Financial Prosecution Office, Provision Courts

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued Decree No. 9 for 2013 on establishing trial and appellate courts in each of the provinces to look into supplies- and provision-related issues.

President al-Assad also issued Decree No. 10 for 2013 on the establishment of a financial prosecution office tasked with crimes related to public funds.

Speeding  up Disposition in Financial Lawsuits

Minister of Justice, Dr. Najm al-Ahmad, stressed that the legislative decree no 9 on establishing trial and appellate courts is based on the relationship between the supplies-related issues with the daily life of citizens and economic security of the state.

SANA was quoted  al-Ahmad as saying" these courts will contribute to achieving economic and social stability and speeding up disposition of provision-related disputes,"

"the legislative decree no. 10 stipulating for establishing financial prosecution office tasked with crimes related to public funds will help cut down on financial crimes and preserve public funds,"affirmed the minister.



Syria,Iran ink MOU on economic cooperation,transfer of technology


TEHRAN, (ST) – Syria and Iran on Wednesday signed Memorandum of Understanding on economic cooperation and construction of power plant.

The agreement was signed by energy officials of the two countries in presence of Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi and Iran's 1st Vice-President Mohammad Riza-Rahimi.

After signing a memorandum,the Syrian and Iranian officials attended a joint press conference.

Rahimi highlighted talks with senior Syrian officials in the past two days and said the two officials discussed avenues to broaden economic ,commercial,political,cultural and health care cooperation between the two countries.

He(Rahimi)s reiterated his country's support to the Syrian government's efforts to restore security and stability and combat terrorism, which is supported by Syria's enemies in the West and the USA and their agents in the region.

Larijani: Iran is Committed to Provide All Forms of Support to Enhance Syria's Steadfastness

Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Larijani, stressed the importance of the political program which was launched by President Bashar al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria,  voicing Iran's support  to solve the crisis on the basis of dialogue and political and democratic means.

In a meeting with Premier al-Halqi and the accompanying delegation, Larijani expressed Iran's commitment to stand by Syria on all levels, saying "Our duty is to offer all forms of support to enhance Syria's steadfastness and help it overcome the current crisis and restore its security and stability."

"Syria is facing economic pressure and several challenges in the oil, gas and electicity sectors because of its commitment to its national stances and supporting the resistance,"said the Premier al-Halqi.

He hailed the achievements of the Armed Forces in the face of terrorism and terrorist groups, stressing that Syria will achieve victory in its battle against terrorism thanks to the unity of its people and the support of its friends.

Al-Halqi expressed gratitude to Iran's leadership and people for their stances in support of the Syrian people in face of terrorism.

The two sides reviewed cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries, stressing the importance of following up what has been agreed upon to facilitate entry of gas and gas oil into Syria.



Terrorists Suffer Heavy Human, Material Losses in Several Areas

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Tuesday inflected heavy losses  on terrorists groups that terrorized people and targeted the infrastructure in Duma farms, the eastern Ghouta and  Daraya in Rural Damascus, where  terrorists Mahmoud al-Ghammaz and Jamil al-Shaghouri, leaders of two terrorist groups, and  terrorists Walid Abu Kheir, Qasem Qalla, Mahmoud al-Masri, Muhammad Khaleifa and Abu Ahmad Shakhasheiro were killed.

Scores of terrorists were  killed while  trying to attack the customs building in Deir Attiya city in Rural Damascus, targeted  by  terrorist bombing by a  booby trapped car.

More terrorists were killed in  qualitative operations carried out by the armed forces against terrorists shelters  in  Bustan al-Qaser, al-Sukkari area and Allirmoun in the city,  and  in Khan Touman area in rural Aleppo where  several terrorists were killed  including Khaled Wadea, a Yemeni national.

The armed forces have restored Security  and stability  to Tiebet al-Imam town in Hama after the extermination  of scores of  al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorists and the so called "  Brigades of al-Chaam  liberals" , who had rampaged  the area  and committed acts of robbery and looting against public and private property, an official source said..

The source added that trenches and tunnels were found  in the town ,  used by the terrorists in their movements and transfer of ammunition, adding that the engineering units dismantled a number of improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists in the town's streets and surroundings.

In Daraa,  all members of the terrorist group were killed and injured , and their weapons and ammunition  destroyed  while trying  to attack a military check point in Daraa countryside.

 In rural Idleb, two vehicles fitted with machine guns  were destroyed and  the terrorists  manning them were killed , whereas, heavy material and human losses were inflicted on the ranks of terrorists in Tel Dahab of al-Haula area in rural Homs.

Meantime, the customs authority  in Homs  confiscated truck loaded with  5 thousands of tobacco packets  , hidden under  tomato boxes on Homs Damascus road.