Terrorists Detonate Two Gas and Oil Pipelines in Deir al-Zour

GOVERNORATES, (ST)_ An armed terrorist group detonated  today morning  the gas transport line extending from  Deir al-Zour to  Palmyra  and the oil transport line extending from al-Omar oil field to al-Tim oil field  in Marat village north of Deir al-Zour. The explosion set ablaze the two lines area.

An official source at the Oil Ministry told SANA that the Syrian  Gas and Petroleum  Company stopped pumping oil and gas into  the two  lines when the explosion took place.

 Meantime, competent authorities  confisicated three anti-tank missiles, 48 Rocket Propelled Grenades RPG ,  15 thousand rounds PKC  bullets, and 5000 automatic rifle bullets  inside a tunnel linking  al-Ghota and Nizar Qabbani  ring-road , through al-Masabegh area  in  the city of Homs. The terrorists  had used the tunnel for  smuggling weapons and ammunition.

In Homs, one armed forces  unit  killed scores of  two terrorist groups members  used to terrify citizens and destroy private and public properties in Bab Houd quarters .

Another terrorist group used to block roads in al-Hosn village in Tell Kalakh countryside was exterminated . The well-known terrorist Ahmad Sheikh Bass was among the killed.

Meantime, the heroes of the Syrian Armed Forces restored back security and stability to Mashara town in Quneitra Governorate  after clearing it  from armed terrorist groups. The armed forces  killed or wounded  large numbers of terrorists and confiscated  the weapons and ammunition they used in their attacks against citizens in the town.

Terrorists Blow off  Electric Bicycle in Kafar Souseh

 An explosive, put by one armed group on an electric bicycle near Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Kafer Souseh,  went off today  and caused  limited material damage.

" The explosive  was blown  remotely by terrorists, who placed  the bicycle near the – under construction- mosque, and only  material damage were inflicted",  an official source, told SANA, adding that the explosive weight is between 10 to 15 kilograms.

The mosque supervisor, Sheikh Mohammed Walid al-Taqi described the bombing as a "  criminal act targeting the mosque and the worshipers.

"This bombing is a criminal act intended to target the mosque and worshipers, as it happened when the worshippers were leaving the mosque."added Sheikh al-Taqi


Syria Times


al-Jaafari: Preserving National Security an Internationally Guaranteed right

NEW YORK, (ST)- Syria fully supports the global tendency towards establishing a world that is free of the use or the threat of both nuclear and traditional powers, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari  said. However, he added “continuous attempts by major countries to arm Israel with all kinds of Mass Destruction Weapons (WMD) and traditional arms hinder the realization of peace and the establishment of a free-nuclear region.”

In a statement yesterday during the debate of the UN General Assembly’s First Committee on Disarmament and International Security Affairs, al-Jaafari highlighted Syria’s confrontation of the war waged against her by armed terrorist groups, mercenaries and extremist Jihadist groups, urging member states to commit themselves to related international charters and agreements, and to stop the smuggling of gunmen and both lethal and non-lethal arms across Syria’s borders with neighboring countries.

 “My country’s delegation fully supports the global tendency to establish  a world where there is no place for the use or the threat of nuclear or traditional power...A world where the principles of the UN charter based on justice and equality and peace among nations and peoples are really prevailing. We also confirm our readiness to share every honest international effort to realize these noble goals.”

Al-Jaafari pointed out that preserving the national security is a right guaranteed to all countries by UN Charter. It is not a privilege given to some countries to justify their non-commitment to the principle of nuclear non-proliferation or disarmament, stressing that the world faces many challenges with the danger of WMD proliferation comes at the top.

al-Jaafari went on to say that after more than four decades of ratifying the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), it becomes necessary that the nuclear countries commit themselves, under the provision of article 6 of the treaty,  to work seriously to rid the world of this great danger.

Israel’s Continuous Armament Doesn’t Help Peace Settlement

 “The incessant attempts by major powers to arm Israel with all kinds of WMD  and most lethal traditional weapons and to help it manufacture various high-tech arms don’t serve the attainment of peace and the establishment of a nuclear and WMD-free zone in the Middle East,” al-Jaafari said.

He pointed out that some nuclear countries have provided Israel with high nuclear technology for decades and that these countries continue to protect Israel’s nuclear exception in an open violation of the NPT articles, thereby allowing Israel to manufacture and produce nuclear weapons that threaten the security and stability of not only the Middle East but of the world at large.

He warned against the unjustified silence of the international community regarding Israel’s open announcement of possessing WMD and its threats to use these weapons, pointing out that this suspicious silence confirms some countries’ collusion in protecting Israel from the outcomes of ignoring international obligations.

“Syria is deeply concerned over the so far failure of NPT review conferences in adopting a specified obligatory timetable for nuclear countries to completely give up their nuclear arsenal,” al-Jaafari pointed out.

He stressed that the recommendations of the NPT review conference of 2010 on establishing a nuclear-free zone in the ME necessitates from the international community to press towards achieving this goal through pressuring Israel to join the NPT and to subject its nuclear facilities to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s observation.

“Most countries of the world are looking forward to making a success of the conference on establishing a nuclear and WMD-free zone in the Middle East scheduled to be held in Finland’s capital Helsinki late this year. However, Israel seems to intend escaping the implementation of the NPT review conference of 2010 and to foil the Helsinki conference,” al-Jaafari said, stressing that the international community should pressure Israel to participate in this conference being the only party which possesses nuclear weapon in the ME.

Syria is witnessing painful events due to terrorist acts perpetrated by armed extremist groups and mercenaries

 “My country is experiencing painful events due to the horrible acts of armed terrorist groups, mercenaries and Jihadists who have infiltrated into Syria through borders and who perpetrated criminal acts based on Takfiri and extremist Fatwas issued by some provocative parties abroad,” al-Jaafari said.

He added “these suicidal groups used to use booby-trapped cars, explosive belts or explosive devices in addition to many kinds of weapons to target the Syrian citizens, infrastructure and vital institutions in order to terrorize the people, destroy the state and push towards a civil war and foreign military intervention under the pretext of protecting civilians.”

He affirmed that the terrorist acts hitting Syria couldn’t be carried out without enough funding, arms supplies from abroad or without political and media coverage of the terrorists’ activities in Syria.”

al-Jaafari regretted that some Arab, regional and international countries’ open and intentional support for armed terrorist groups, including those affiliated to al-Qaeda, to carry out criminal acts in Syria for political goals.

Concluding his statement, Dr. al-Jaafari urged the UN General Assembly’s member states to shoulder their responsibilities, commit themselves to related international conventions and agreements and work seriously to stop the smuggling of gunmen, weapons and related materials through Syria’s borders with neighboring countries.

Hamda Moustafa


Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Source: EU Sanctions have No Legal or Moral Ground

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ EU sanctions against Syria are but part of the political, financial, and media backing by some EU countries to the terrorist groups in Syria, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry source declared.

The source, in a statement to SANA Wednesday, added that the sanctions are also direct support to the parties which seek to prolong the crisis in Syria.

''How could the EU justify its care about the Syrians while it  imposes sanctions targeting energy, banking, transport, and health sectors, prohibiting every import of the Syrians' needs, including medical  devices and chronic diseases drugs!?'' wondered the source.

The source concluded that the sanctions imposed by the EU targeting the Syrians and their daily bread have no legal nor moral ground.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

PA Condemns Two Kuwaiti Parliamentarians' Infiltration into Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The People's Assembly has  condemned the illegal infiltration of the two Kuwaiti Parliamentarians , Walid al-Tabtabai and Jamaan al-Harbash into Syria through the Turkish territories on September 7th, 2012 aiming  to spread chaos and sedition amongst  Syrians.

Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, the People's Assembly Speaker ,affirmed  the Assembly's endeavour to attain the best ties  with its  Kuwaiti National Assembly (Parliament)  in the benefit of both  Syria and Kuwait .

" the PA denounces the  irresponsible behaviour of the said two parliamentarians and looks forwards to an explanation by the Kuwaiti Parliament" al-Laham asserted.

Had Kuwaiti Parliament sent an official delegation to inspect the reality of events in Syria, it  would been better for them.

"holding  talks with their  Syrian counterparts and other political dignitaries with the aim of  contributing  to end  bloodshed in Syria will be very useful" al_Laham concluded..


M. Daoud

More Terrorists Killed Or Arrested

(GOVERNORATES)_ (ST) Syrian Armed Forces eliminated scores of terrorists and  their leaders and destroyed their  machine-gun equipped cars in  several areas of  the country Wednesday.

In Aleppo, the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation in Beidein ring-road, which resulted in the destruction of three cars equipped with machine guns and a stolen car manned by  terrorists.

Another qualitative operation was carried out in Alsakhur area against the terrorists headquarters, where a pickup with a  Dushka machine gun  as destroyed . Four terrorists, including a mercenary foreigner, were killed .

 In Damascus countryside, all members of a terrorist group in Jesrin  town, Eastern Ghouta  were killed , including terrorist  Mohammed Walid al-Nabki .  Dozens of terrorists  were also killed in al-Chefoneyah area, including the two terrorists Ahmad Khubeya and Khaled al-Deirani.

In Hama four terrorists were killed in an army successful operation on their car. Other three terrorists of the group were arrested in Masoud village, of Aqirbat area.

The  armed forces  also killed today dozens of terrorists during a clearing  operation  in al-Jabal and al-Safa areas in the city of Aleppo.

In al-Shaar ring-road of Aleppo, the Syrian Army forces  carried out a qualitative operation, which resulted  in  the liquidation  of tens of terrorists and destruction of  10 cars fitted with  Dushka machine guns and two  mortar-  missile mounted cars.

Meantime,  competent forces  killed all  terrorists manning a truck  heading from Damascus to Aleppo  and confiscated  Turkish- made quantities of  explosives , C-4 explosives, silver nitrate and sulfuric acid inside the car covered with foodstuffs  for camouflaging .

Also confiscated were communication devices, two sophisticated  satellite  broadcast equipments,  weapons stores and night binoculars.

One  terrorist was killed and 8 others wounded  in clashes between two groups  in al-Sukkari area,  following a disagreement on sharing materials they had stolen or looted.

Meantime, one armed terrorist group assassinated  a member of the Executive Bureau  of Damascus Governorate, Muhammad Ayman Taja,  in Rukn eddin area , in front of his house in Damascus.  

In  al- Qseir,  the armed forces destroyed  a rocket launcher installed by terrorists and killed several terrorists, including Mustafa Shamseini and  Abdul Kafi Ahmad al-Eter.

In Idleb ,  dozens of terrorists were killed or wounded in Bdama and al-al- Shagher towns in Jesr al-Chougour countryside.

Several  vehicles equipped with Dushka machine guns  were  destroyed and tens  of terrorists  eliminated  in Bseida town in Maaret al-Nu'man rural area.

 Meanwhile, the armed forces seized 3 plants for manufacturing explosives and gunpowder in a hideout for terrorists  in Maraaba, Daraa countryside, where  scores of terrorists were killed , including one terrorist  group leader Mahmoud al-Abboud.

In Deir al-Zour,  the armed forces exterminated on armed group near the national hospital in al-Rushdeyah area and destroyed  a field hospital for the terrorists  in al-Sheikh Yassin area.


Syria Times

Syria Would Soon Emerge Victorious out from the Crisis: al-Miqdad

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria would soon emerge out from the crisis victorious, thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Arab Army and the popular rallying behind the army, and to the compass outlined by president Bashar Al-Assad through national dialogue, Dr. Fayssal al-Miqdad, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister underlined.

In press statements, published by SANA Tuesday, Dr. al-Miqdad added the wise are those who oppose the killing of the Syrians and come to dialogue table, while those who call for NATO and foreign intervention against the Syrians are far away from Wisdom.

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister pointed out that the enemies of Syria seek but the dismemberment of the homeland, and the sedition of the people in the interest of Israel; " so that, they have been attempting to slaughter it- Syria- because it is the sole remaining base in the region and outside defending the rights, and opposing colonial and foreign agendas,'' said al-Miqdad.

Dr. al-Miqdad reiterated that the ongoing in Syria has nothing to do with 'reform demands', given the so-far achieved on the ground reforms and the ongoing tireless reform efforts by  president Bashar Al-Assad  to develop Syria, for which the enemies don't want peace.

'The Syrian diplomacy, based on morals and on the Syrians' attachment to their central causes, particularly the Palestinian Cause, would ever remain the genuine conscience defending sovereignty, independence and people freedom." concluded Dr. al-Miqdad.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Syria Waits for Results of al-Ibrahimi Tour

DAMASCUS_(ST)  Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Jihad  Maqdisi,  stressed that any  initiative to achieve success needs commitment of all parties involved.

 "The Syrian side  is waiting for  the UN Envoy Elakhdar al-Ibrahimi's coming into Syria as  to be briefed by him about the results  of his tour in the  countries he visited , including the countries  which  have  their influence on armed groups,'' Dr. Maqdisi said in a statement to SANA reporter Tuesday.

The Syrian official hoped that al-Ibrahimi would bring with him from these countries  what might lead to the success for any constructive initiative.

Maqdisi pointed out that  Syria earlier committed itself to Arab or to regional initiatives; but the initiatives were aborted by  the armed groups  and by the countries  which have influence upon them.


T. Fateh