More Terrorists Eliminated. Terrorists Disguised in Army Uniform Arrested

GOVERNORATES,(ST) Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded  when the armed forces hit their shelters in several areas in Daraya  city in rural Damascus . Leader of one terrorist group Omran Madamani, and terrorists Muhammad Abu Muwafaq, Samir Abu Muhammad and Ahmad known as Abu Mujahid and Ghiath known as Abu Kazem were killed.

The armed forces foiled two bombs weighing more 40 Kg implanted by terrorists in the surrounding of Syriatel headquarters in the town.

More terrorists were left killed or wounded when the armed forces carried out qualitative operations against their shelters in Duma, Hujeira, al-Zeyabia and al-Mleiha. Among the killed terrorists were Abdullah al-Dubb leader of the so called "the banner of Islam" group and terrorists Mahmoud ezz eddine ,  Mahmoud Krenbe, Muhammad l-Jedda, Omar al-Nimr and Mahmoud Awad.

Heavy losses were inflicted on the ranks of terrorists in Kweiris, near the carpet, and "Crash " factories, al-Oweija and Babeis village  in Aleppo rural areas and  in al-Sakhour, Hananou residential quarters, Allirmoun, Bani Zeid and Bustan al- Bacha areas in Aleppo city.

Meantime, the Internal Security Forces arrested all members of one terrorist group disguised in the uniform of the   Syrian army carrying out acts of looting in the industrial city in al-Sheikh Najjar and confiscated from its members  large amounts of cash and processed gold and weapons.

In cooperation with the guards of the gas station in al-Shaer Mountain on the road to Palmyra, the armed forces left  all members of one terrorist group killed  or wounded when they tried to attack the station,  according to a military source.

The source added that the armed forces destroyed five vehicles southeast of Palmyra including terrorists and weapons, and  chased terrorist groups in Abble, al-Haidaria, al-Bweida, and Um al-Sakher in rural Homs, and caused  them heavy causalities.

In rural Homs, the armed forces killed a number of terrorists, including members of the so-called "military council" in Rastan.

Among the killed terrorists were  Omar Sheikh, Ghassan Sweis , Mohamed Taha, Mahmoud Younis , Ghassan Matar while terrorist Nizar Juma  was seriously wounded.

Several terrorists were also killed or wounded  when the armed forces  destroyed their centers  in  Kafr Zeita town in rural Hama.

In rural Idleb, the armed forces carried out  two qualitative operations  against  terrorists' gatherings  in Um Jreen  and Srehieh villages resulted in killing scores of terrorists and  the destruction of weapons  they used in terrorist assaults, a governorate source said.

The source added the  armed forces  retaliated to two terrorists attempts to attack  " the order keeping forces near Saeed town on Idleb- Salqin  road and  inflected them heavy material and human losses while  the rest of  them  escaped.





Syria briefs UNSC on new 'terrorist crime' against citizens

 DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria restates  in a new letter sent to the UN Security Council need for blasting terrorism wherever to prevent its spread .

SANA reported that Expatriates and Foreign Ministry addressed on Tuesday two identical letters to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General about a new terrorist attack perpetrated by the blacklisted al-Qaeda- linked Jabhat al-Nusra against citizens in Salamieh city in Hama province.

The terrorist crime caused the death of at least 32 citizens, leaving more others, including women and children, wounded and destroyed the national hospital in the city.

"It comes in revenge on Salamieh city's citizens who refused terrorism and insisted on preserving their city's security," the letters read, noting that this terrorist act is not the first in this city.

Other cities in Syria, as the FM says, have witnessed more terrorist attacks. One of them targeted a school in Nawa city (in Daraa) where the terrorists attacked the school and stole diesel oil which was being used to heat students' classes.

"Throughout the 2013 school year, the terrorists have threatened to target all Syrian schools because they want education process to be stopped," the FM said, stressing that the terrorist groups are proud of using children to carry out heinous terrorist acts.

Facebook shows these terrorist acts.

Turkey's involvement

The FM underscored that Syria, once again, reminds that these terrorists, who boast of not having identity and nationality, are infiltrating from the neighboring countries, particularly from Turkey, via borders.

"Turkey has opened its borders to all terrorists to enter Syria without conditions, and the Turkish government is providing them with weapons, which they are using in their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people," the letters read.

No denouncement!!

It added that the terrorist acts and those who are supporting them are governed by the relevant UN resolutions as regards combatting terrorism, stressing that not implementing the resolutions means a decision to spread terrorism and foil the UNSC efforts to combat it.

The FM appealed to the UNSC to denounce  the terrorist acts not only in Syria but also all over the world. In addition, it called upon countries that hinder the UNSC from performing its tasks to reconsider their stances that do not serve security and stability in Syria and the whole world as well.

Basma Qaddour




Nothing Can Prevent Assad's Candidacy in 2014 Election,says Jamil


Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil, who is also an opposition figure, called for all-out respect for the law, and said no one can prevent President Bashar al-Assad's nomination in the 2014 elections as no article or paragraph in the Syrian law has banned candidacy of President Al-Assad or any other figure in the presidential election.

"According to the laws, President Al-Assad's remaining in power until the end of his presidential term is legal," Jamil told FNA on Tuesday, and added, "The presidential election will be held in mid 2014 ,".

He further rejected some recent allegations that Assad's nomination in the upcoming presidential election would be illegal, and said, "There is no paragraph to ban President Al-Assad's candidacy in the next round of presidential election in the country as there is no paragraph to ban the candidacy of any other person in the election either."


OCHA Chief: The Syrians Offer the Greatest Part of Humanitarian Aids

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "The Syrian people offer the greatest deal of  humanitarian operations in Syria through hosting  and  supporting displaced  families , due to the current situation and the Syrians are a  source of inspiration for all humanitarian organizations," said the Director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  (OCHA) John Ging ,
In a press conference held in Damascus on Monday, attended  by representatives of all  UN agencies and offices concerned with humanitarian aid Ging added that  "the Syrian government is directly involved in the provision of humanitarian aid and that public and social services that should increase with the accelerated  demand for it."
He commended the efforts  made by  humanitarian organizations, especially  the  Syrian  organizations , foremost the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and their courage and commitment to deliver the aid,  with many of its workers  lost their lives for this purpose."
He acknowledged that " the sum estimated at USD  200 million offered by the UN is not enough and constitutes only 50%  of required  assistance,"  stressing that the UN focus is to contribute on the humanitarian aids  estimated at 590 million USD, only 50% of which was provided last year. A matter which raises  concern."
He continued that  talks with the  Syrian government and all parties  concerned were "constructive and focused on the issues on how to  access to vulnerable areas  and that everyone in this country has a commitment to humanitarian law and principles to ensure access to people in need, wherever they are," adding that this "commitment is being applied today."
Replying  to a question about the situation in the visited  areas, Ging said : "We are very  satisfied as we noticed at all levels great awareness towards respect for humanitarian principles and everyone,  everywhere, get own needs ," pointing out that " the affected persons  interact with  the Syrian Arab Red Crescent which  is respected by all  and we are very proud to work with it ."
On the situation in rural Aleppo and Idleb, especially health conditions, the representative of the World Health Organization WHO  Richard Brennan said  that "there is full awareness of the volume  of vandalism done to the medical devices , hospitals and health centers," noting that WHO  office in Syria, "works effectively with local authorities to distribute  health aid health in several areas."
As for  the destruction of the universities and  schools  where the educational process was affected, UNRWA representative in Damascus Richard Wright   said  that the current events in Syria :" affected  the Palestinian refugees in the camps,   Syria  has been generosity hosting since  60 years, " adding that many of them  were displaced, noting "the need to obtain sufficient funding to meet their needs."
For his part,  the World Food Program (WFP) representative  David Katrod  noted the spontaneous response of  the Syrian  NGOs and private sector in Syria to secure aid for affected  people.
He underlined the importance to deliver aids to all affected persons and mobilize  the capacity of the NGOs especially the Syrian Red Crescent to this end, noting that  " aids are delivered  up to about 5.1 million affected persons every month."

T. Fateh

Army to Pursue Terrorists Until Victory Achieved- Gen Friej


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Forces Gen. Fahd Jasem al-Friej stressed  that " Israel is  our main enemy and the basic mission of the armed forces is the liberation of the occupied Arab territories."
This was expressed during an inspection tour made by Gen. Friej  and a delegation of  army general command officers on Sunday to an army unit  during which he praised the high morale  of the army brave  fighters in confronting  armed terrorist groups.
 He emphasized that  "the Syrian Arab Army will continue to pursue armed terrorist groups everywhere in Syria to achieve victory and foil the conspiracy," noting that "men  of the Syrian Arab Army are brave heroes , and    have won the support of the Syrian people, who stand side by side  with them to restore security and stability to the homeland. "

"The enemies of Syria  are plotting against her under a  Zionist –American leadership, funded by some Arab regimes in the service  of Israel to undermine Syria 's  steadfastness to impose  their plans on the region because Syria  is the only Arab country that works for the Liberation of Palestine and  all occupied Arab territories. "Gen. Friej explained.




Some 25 Civilians Martyred in Salamia. More Terrorists Exterminated

GOVERNORATES,(ST) _ A suicide terrorist on Monday detonated a booby trapped car in Hama street in the downtown of al-Salamieh city, resulted in killing 25 citizens  and leaving  more others , including women and children ,wounded,  with many of them in critical health condition, according to an official source..
The source added that huge material losses were inflicted on the site of the explosion.
On the other hand, the armed forces  destroyed two cars including the leader of one terrorist group Muhammad Rasoul Kharaj, and  terrorists Youssef al-Fawal, Muhmmad Hanin  and Munib Adam in Duma town, where, large amounts of medical equipments stolen by terrorists  from hospitals and medical centers in the area were confiscated.
In qualitative operations in Daraya,  Hujeira and  al-Zeyabeia, the armed  forces inflicted heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists. Terrorists  Muhammad Muneer al-Imam,  Ahmad al-Kishek, Saeed Fattash, Firas al-Hou, Hassan al-Orfali, Khaled al-Sabe and Muhammad al-Numeiri were exterminated, whereas other seven terrorists  were killed near Seidi Modrek mosque in al-Bahdalia .
In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces  destroyed several terrorists centers  in Khan al-Asaal , al-Atareb, Deir Jamal, near the cement factory in al-Meslelmieh and in Daret  Ezza.

All members of two terrorist groups were killed or wounded during confrontations with the armed forces  on Aleppo-Damascus highway and in al-Sakhour area  in Aleppo.
In rural Homs, the armed forces killed or wounded scores of terrorists  in  Talbieseh and Teldo in  al-Hula areas, where terrorists  Salaha al-Ridwan, Ibrahim al-Naji, Asem Bakkour, Amal Alloush, Abu Rashed al-Saedi and Nizar al-Ghazzawi were killed.

" All members of one  terrorist group were killed and injured and their weapons and ammunition destroyed ,"  when one terrorist group tried to attack a military checkpoint in Tel Um al-Sakahr in rural al-Qseir region in Homs, SANA reported.

 In Rural Daraa, terrorists stole 250 liters  of diesel  gas, one gas cylinder five fireplaces , when they broke into Nawa  School for basic education .
Similarly, one armed terrorist group attacked Saleh  school for  basic education in Homs and stole 12 computers with their  accessories , one gas cylinder , a printer ,a projector  for educational purpose  (Exxon) type with screen and a sum of 200,000 Syrian pounds.



Political Program Ministerial Committee: Prompt Measures to Visit Refugee Camps in Neighboring Countries

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has stressed the integrated role of all components of the Syrian society in implementing the political program proposed by President Bashar al-Assad to settle the ongoing crisis in Syria and attain security and stability in the country.

Chairing the meeting of the Ministerial Committee in charge of implementing the political program with Chairman and members of the Higher Relief Committee on Sunday, al-Halqi hailed the Committee's efforts to provide relief services, shelters and humanitarian assistance to families displaced as a result of terrorist groups' acts.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Chairman of the Higher Relief Committee Jasem Zakaraya presented the committee's memo which provides for the procedures it intends to adopt in coordination with the government and civil society bodies in order to implement its mission in accordance with the government's program.

Decisions made in the light of discussions are:

 Completing the building of a data base for families living out of makeshift shelters in all governorates.

 Tasking the Ministry of State for the Syrian Red Crescent Society Affairs and the SRCS with enhancing cooperation with the International Red Cross and Crescent Committee in order to assess the number of the victimized families out of Syrian borders and starting to adopt immediate procedures to visit refugee camps in neighboring countries aiming to communicate with Syrian families, assure them, urge them to return to their safe homeland and provide them with requirements of good life.

 Tasking the Higher Relief Committee with adopting all measures aiming to ensure shelters necessary for the return of terrorism-hit families living outside Syria.    

 The government should be ready to compensate the returning families for the damages caused to their houses.

 Tasking the Committee with adopting a unified relief card and specifying the basic needs of the displaced families.

 Urging the Committee to adopt necessary procedures to guarantee the arrival of the aid to the targeted families.

The Higher Relief Committee comprises representatives of people's organizations, vocational unions, SRCS, civil society associations, the Syrian Family Affairs Commission, the Syria Trust for Development in addition to representatives of the ministries of interior, health, local administration, education, national reconciliation, utilities and social affairs.

H. Mustafa