Al-Mikdad: Government Keen to Relief Victims of Terrorist Acts

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The government spares no effort to relief victims of terrorist acts and to provide them with basic needs despite all the obstacles facing it as a result of some countries' "support for armed terrorist groups aiming to destroy the Syrian infrastructure mainly oil pipelines, roads food stuff with a direct help from the Turkish government," Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mikdad said on Sunday.

During his meeting with John Ging, Director of the Coordination and Response Section at the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and the accompanying delegation, al-Mikdad hailed the "role that can be played by the UN and its concerned agencies in conveying humanitarian assistance to and providing financial and moral support for terrorism victims to surpass the crisis, in implementation of the government's decision."

Al-Mikdad condemned the Turkish piracy which targeted more than 1000 factories and silos in Aleppo aiming at supporting terrorists.

He reiterated the important role the UN can play to "face and uncover the unfair West- imposed economic sanctions which impoverished the Syrian citizens and influenced their ability to confront the crisis caused by the United States and its allies.

Al-Mikdad affirmed the importance of the political program announced by President Bashar Al-Assad, particularly regarding the issue of facilitating the arrival of humanitarian assistance to victimized Syrians who left their homeland because of bloody events, referring to the Syrian government keen efforts as regards implementing the items of this program.

For his part, Ging stressed the "UN keenness to implement its humanitarian mission neutrally and away from any political considerations", confirming the positive cooperation between OCHA and the UN agencies on the one hand and the Syrian government and concerned parties on the other.

Ging stressed the importance of discussing all issues in coordination with the Syrian government within the framework of respecting the country's independence and sovereignty.

On the other hand, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jasem Mohammad Zakaraya discussed with the UN Response team the conditions of the victimized Syrian families and the services provided to them by the government or by the Higher Relief Committee.

The Minister said the government intensified its efforts to convey humanitarian assistance to terrorism-hit citizens neutrally. He pointed out that the government is keen to alleviate the suffering of the victims and create suitable circumstances to help them return to their original residence areas.


H. Mustafa

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Casualties in Several Areas

GOVERNORATES, (ST)- The armed forces on Sunday inflicted heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists in Mleha and Daraya in rural Damascus where leader of the so called "Military Council for Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib battalion," was killed.

Also killed were the leader of one terrorist group named the prophet 's descendants, Mustafa al-Mustafa, Mahdi Baraka, and Muhammad Ashour, besides several snipers including terrorist Muhammad Shehada.
One army engineering unit dismantled a dozens of improvised explosive devices weighing more 30 kilograms planted by terrorists in the streets of Daraya prepared to be detonated by remote control.
Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded and their weapons were destroyed in Duma and Harasta farms and in Hujeira and al-Zeyabeyeh towns. Hani Darwish, Muhammad Ragheb Wahbe, Maher Qweider, Eyad Hashish, Muhammad Saeed al-Mansi and Abdul Karim Mahfouz were among the killed terrorists.
In the city of Aleppo, the armed forces destroyed 4 cars equipped with Dushka machine guns and the terrorists and ammunition inside them near al- Sheikh Najjar Industrial City.
Also destroyed were terrorists gatherings in Bab al- Neirab , Bani Zeid and in al-Ansari areas where scores of terrorists were killed or wounded including terrorist Ahmed Khalid Hussain Al-Otaibi.
Meantime, armed forces foiled a terrorist group attack on the Castle of Bosra in Daraa countryside and left all its members , killed or injured, whereas terrorists Mudar al-Kharfan and Jamal Sharaf were killed in Harfoush- Seif al-Sen area.
Terrorists Radwan Ahmed Al Mahmoud , Mohammed Hamoud Al-Hamoud, Abdo Nuri al-Hamoud were killed during confrontation with the armed forces in Wadi al-Deif area in rural Idleb, according to an official source.
The source added that large quantities of weapons, including machine guns and launchers used by terrorists to terrify citizens and steal public and private property were confiscated.

Leader of one terrorist group in Arieha Ibrahim Kriesh was killed.
The army units also foiled an attempt by terrorists to detonate 7  weighing between 30-50 explosives they had planted of 30-50 kilograms planted on al-Yaqoubeyia- al-Janodeya road in rural Jesr al-Shoughour.
In Homs, the armed forces destroyed several vehicles equipped with machine guns, including weapons and killed or wounded scores of terrorists who were engaged in killing and looting acts in Hula , Dabaa, and Kafe Aya, whereas terrorists Muhammad Amin al-Shalbout, Khaled al-Hussein al-Muhammad, Muhammad Ibrahim al-Ibrahim al-Asta were arrested , having with them a large sum of money in al-Dara al-Kabira area.


Measures to Facilitate Export of Agricultural Products

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Eng. Subhi Al-Abdullah, expressed his ministry’s intention to allow the workers in the agricultural sector to export and import agricultural seeds  smoothly in parallel with efforts to resolve all the problems that stand in front of the export of agricultural products to friendly countries.
During a meeting held yesterday with the Federation of Chambers of Agriculture, Damascus Chamber of Agriculture and Syrians Exporters Association, the minister pointed out that a committee had been formed to develop the guidelines for the overall technical matters concerning the exchange of agricultural products, saying that the federation of Chambers of Agriculture and Exporters’ Association are the best to take over commodity exchange within the national vision set by the government.

“This meeting will discuss the problems that hinder the export of agricultural products under the new vision set by the government for products that can be exported and imported from some friendly countries that exchange goods,” the minister clarified.
He added that this national vision of commodity exchange protects economy and prevents  problems that could face exporters at present time due to the unfair economic sanctions imposed on Syria, adding that "Activating commodity exchange ensures hard currency and help in exporting the surplus of agricultural products as well as importing materials needed by the citizens.”
For his part, chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Agriculture, Muhammad Kashto, said that "the process of commodity exchange is very important at the moment and enters within the developed economic work and needs to be studied deliberately and correctly".
For his part, Chairman of the Damascus Chamber of Agriculture, Omar Shalet, called for preparing the Syrian agricultural product properly and improving it to be ready for export, promoting the desired agricultural species in some countries, pointing out that Syrian cherry entered most European countries, as one of the most important agricultural products and we are currently working on export to Russia and Ukraine.
Shalet reviewed the problems that prevent the export of certain goods abroad, such as "choosing the appropriate product for the state and good packaging as well as transport and cooling processes."
He called on the participants to "reducing tariffs on potato seeds, exempting the flowers sector of customs declaration and giving more attention to the economic importance, accelerating the completion of the necessary analysis for seeds due to be exported.”

The conferees stressed the need to prepare a legislation that allows the researcher to sell his research to anyone and give a percentage of its value the fact that there is a lot of research that enables us to produce and export seeds of many vegetables of good productivity."
Association of the  Syrians Exporters reviewed the quantities of agricultural and animal products that can be exported annually indicating that it can export 1000 tons of chickpeas, 1000 tons of cumin, 2500 tons of peanuts, 1500 tons of green peas, 3 thousand tons of green beans, 48,500 tons of potatoes, 1500 tons of pumpkins, 2300 tons of green beans ,1000 tons of okra, 85 thousand tons of olive and 40 thousand tons of table grapes, 5500 tons of cherries, 4 thousand tons of pistachio, 40 thousand tons of oranges and 15 thousand tons of Karmantina (kind of orange), 15 thousand tons of grapefruit.
Concerning animal products the association pointed out that it can export 51,000 tons of cow milk,  4,000  tons of beef cheese, 18,500 head of sheep, 175, 000 table eggs, 20, 000 eggs hatching Chicken, 32, 000 eggs hatching egg, 100 tons of honey and 16,500 tons of olive oil.

Sh.  Kh.

Training Session to Social Guides at Schools

 DAMASCUS ,(ST)-   Ministry of Education in cooperation with Danish DRC  and UNICEF Organizations will hold a training course for psychological and social guides on Jan. 20 .

The 8-day training course aims to enhance the capabilities of the participants, qualify  their skills and enable them  to be more active and effective in psychological and social support in all education levels.

Some  psychological and social guides from several directorates are to take part in the training course.

Experts will discuss a number of topics relating to psychological and social issues at schools within the framework of the training course program.


Syria to boost media ties with Oman

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria and Oman have sealed media cooperation deal to enhance communication between reporters in the Arab world.

Under the signed deal, the Journalists Unions of the two countries are to exchange visits, hold joint activities, and facilitate arrival of printed issues and media resources to both Syria and Oman. 

The deal was signed by Head of the Syrian Journalist Union, Elias Murad, and his Omani counterpart, Awad ben Saeed Yaqoti, in the presence of the two countries’ delegation that took part in the 12th General Conference of the Arab Journalists Union recently convened in Cairo.

Basma Qaddour


Chinese TV: Al-Haffe City Restores Normal Life

LATTAKIA,(ST)_ The  Governor of Lattakia Suleiman Nasser stressed that  al- Haffe city restored  normal life after being cleared of armed terrorist groups and that the government provides  all needed  services to  its citizens.
The remarks made by Lattakia governor's came during a meeting with the state-run Chinese media delegation headed by Wang Wei Wei , who expressed "satisfaction over  the good situation she saw in Latakia" noting that she and her accompanying  delegation  witnessed "stability  in various areas of the governorate."
Wei Wei explained that the aim of the visit Lattakia is to be acquainted with the reality  of life in i,  pointing out that "the delegation will visit al-Haffe  to see the  reality of life on the ground."
The governor pointed out that the people of Syria in  all their  social and political spectrum are against terrorism and they rally around the national army, which foils "the infiltration of terrorists from the border with Turkey".
Nasser believed that terrorism which is supported by Western countries in Syria "will spare no one because it threatens all religions and nations."
Noteworthy that the Chinese  television CCTV is multi-lingual, including Arabic and has an office in Damascus.


Devastated Terrorists Burn Al-Raqqa Cotton

GOVERNORATES, (ST) - The armed forces on Saturday carried out a series of qualitative operations against terrorists's centers in Erbin and Mleiha in rural Damascus and destroyed large quantities of weapons and ammunition, including anti Air guns.
Among the killed terrorists were the leader of the so-called "Ansar al-Islam" group Abdul Salam Hamid , Jamal al- Shaghouri, Muhammad Alrazmo and Mohammad al-Kamadani, whereas terrorists  Ahmad al-Khatib and Hussein Abdul Rahman  were killed in Daraya.
In Yabrud of rural Damascus, Leader of one terrorist group Mustaf Kahalla was killed whereas many other terrorists were killed or wounded in a fighting erupted after disagreement between them on sharing stolen property looted from public and private establishments.

In Zabadani, all members of one terrorist group were left killed or wounded including Munir Abdul Rahman al-Nammoud during confrontation with the armed forces.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists in al-Kalllaseh, al-Sukkari and near Jamal Mosque, and also in Rasm al-Abboud, Cashiesh, Mayer, Hayyan and Hreitan in rural Aleppo.

In rural Homs, the armed forces pursued terrorists, destroyed their shelters in al-Sayyad farms near eastern Bweida and left them killed or wounded. Khaled Bouzan, Ramez Bakkar and Mahmoud al-Weis were among the killed, according to an official source.
The source added that a bazooka mortar   mounted on a pickup and   three cars loaded with terrorists, weapons and ammunition were destroyed, while scores of terrorists were killed in al-Masoudeya and Abele village.
In Teldo town scores of terrorists including Adham Harmoush and Qusai Abdul Wahid who were committing acts of murder and sabotage against citizens in al-Tiebeh town were killed, while three terrorists were killed and their car fitted with heavy machine gun was destroyed as they attacked an army checkpoint in Hesya area.

Meantime, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent on Saturday sent  3 cars loaded with 166 food baskets and relief materials to Jawadah ,al-Haidareya and al-Aqrabeya villages and to al-Qseir city in rural Homs  for the families affected by  the armed terrorist groups.
In al-Hassaka, the competent authorities arrested terrorists and confiscated their weapons, while committing acts of looting and kidnapping of citizens and demanding their parents to pay a ransom for their release.
In the context of targeting the national economy terrorists sit fire on the cotton ginning plant in al-Raqqa, resulted in
burning or damaging an estimated amount of 100 tons of cotton.