President Al-Assad to al-Ibrahimi: Initiative Should Reject Terrorism, Halt Support to Terrorists

 DAMASCUS, (ST) _ President Bashar Al-Assad reiterated Sunday Syria's backing to the efforts exerted by the UN Envoy, el-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi, stressing Syria's openness to whatever honest efforts as to find a political solution to the crisis on the basis of the respect for Syria's sovereignty and rejection of foreign interference.

 Receiving al-Ibrahimi and the accompanying delegation, H.E. President Al-Assad outlined, according to SANA, that whatever initiative or political process should be based, in essence, on the principle of halting terrorism, with what this would demand of commitment from the countries involved in supporting, arming, and sheltering the terrorists in Syria, as to halt of such acts.

 The discussions dealt with the latest developments in Syria, the efforts made by al-Brahimi and the results of his recent tour to several countries in the region.

UN Envoy to Syria described on Sunday his meeting with President Bashar  Al-Assad as "frank and responsible ".

Speaking to reporters,  al-Ibrahimi said "we have discussed the Syrian issue looking forward to solve the crisis and restore peace and security to it."

"I tackled with President al-Assad ceasefire during Eid al-Adha holiday.. I also talked with all those whom I met inside and outside Syria about this personal initiative which isn't part of the peace process that we seek for this country." al-Ibrahimi added.

He sees that it is possible to build on the implementation of ceasefire during the four-day holiday, noting that he will come back to Damascus after the Eid .

"All the opposition members we met outside the country as well as the officials in the neighboring countries said that it is a good idea." the envoy said.

He stressed that his agenda is based on serving the Syrian people, wishing them a blessed Eid.  

"I'll come back after the holiday. If there was calm during it, we would build on it..,and even it there wasn't, we would work to realize calm," al-Ibrahimi said.

Asked about his plan on the Syrian issue, the envoy answered: "We are working to prepare this plan in cooperation with the internal and external parties."

He pointed out that there are no guarantees from the armed groups to abide by the ceasefire as this matter is related to each one's conscious, confirming that the Syrian people themselves would punish them if they do not implement ceasefire.


Syria Times



Terrorists Hit Bab Touma Square, Aleppo Hospital

 GOVERNORATES, (ST) _Seventeen innocent civilians were reported as killed and other 29  as wounded when an explosive went off under a car in Bab Touma square in Damascus Sunday.

  Heavy material losses at the site of the explosion were also reported, according to SANA.




In Aleppo, heavy material losses were also reported in residential buildings, in a booby trapped suicide car attack in front of the Syrian-French Hospital in al-Zhou Street.

 Yesterday, an army unit foiled an infiltration attempt across al-Ramel, al-Masamak and Harmoush locations.

 Heavy were inflicted upon the terrorists and many of them were forced to retreat back into the Lebanese territories.


Syria Times



Premier al-Halqi: Big Efforts Exerted to Make Success of the UN Envoy, al-Ibrahimi's Mission

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria is exerting big efforts as to make success of the UN Envoy, El-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi's, mission, Premier  Wael al-Halqi underscored.

Dr. al-Halqi asserted that the conditions in Syria go to the better following the expansion in international understanding of the recently taking place events in the country.

Premier al-Halqi, in a meeting with a religious delegation here Saturday, pointed out that the Government has been working on providing the basic needs to the citizens as well as on the realization of food security, calling on all to listen to the voice of the right so that the displaced would return to their villages and cities, and security, safety and tranquillity to anew prevail.

Premier al-Halqi met today with Patriarchal Vicar Bishop  Moussa al-Khouri of the Roman Orthodox church, and with a number of Vicar patriarchs and bishops.

The talks focused at the unique coexistence and national unity prevailing in Syria, where Mosques and Churches embrace each others in the cradle of the three monotheist Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Dialogue the Only Way Out from Present Conditions

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_  The developments and efforts made by the United Nations in Syria, whether at the humanitarian level or as far as El-Akhdar  al-Ibrahimi's, the UN Envoy to Syria, mission were discussed here Saturday.

According to a statement by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, the discussions between Walid al-Moallem, Deputy Premier and Foreign and Expatriates Minister, and al-Ibrahimi, were 'constructive' and 'serious'.

The discussions dealt with means of enhancing the standing cooperation, as well as with what Syria has provided to this effect, as to facilitate the mission of al-Ibrahimi.

The discussions also touched upon the required from the remaining parties, which undermine al-Ibrahim's mission through continued arming, sheltering, training and financing of the armed terrorist groups.

The discussions, further, focused at the objective and realistic conditions for the halting of violence from whatever party, as to prepare the climate for a comprehensive dialogue among the Syrians, viewed by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic as the only way to emerge out from the present conditions, away from any form of foreign interference.

UN Envoy, al-Ibrahimi, presented, during the meeting, a review for the most important results of his talks during his recent local and regional tour into the region.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




A Booby- Trapped Water Tank, a Mortar Destroyed

 IDLEB_ (ST), Armed Forces Destroyed a Booby Trapped Water Tank, and a Mortar in Idleb Friday.  

An armed forces unit destroyed today a water tank, booby-trapped  by terrorists with 2 tons of explosives led  by a suicide bomber near Sejer town junction,  at Salqin-Idleb highway.

" Our brave armed forces destroyed the booby trapped tank, 200 meters before arriving at the town 's junction",  an official source in Idleb told SANA.

" Another unit of our armed forces destroyed a mortar that was used by the terrorists  against  citizens and their property, and killed its crew members ,  in the outskirts of Salqin town," the source added.


Syria Times


Minister al-Zou'bi : Terrorist Explosions Condemned Wherever Take Place

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi, condemned the cowardly  terrorist attack in Beirut neighborhood of Ashrafieh.

Minister al-Zou'bi, in a statement, said that such terrorist explosions are condemned wherever they take place, and there are no justification whatsover for these attacks.

The Lebanese National News Agency (NNA), in an updated death toll, said that the explosion resulted in the killing of 8 Lebanese and the injury of more than 90 persons...

NNA reported that General Wissam Hassan, Chairman of Intelligence branch in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, was killed in the explosion.

Lebanese top officials and political parties condemned the terrorist explosion as an ''organized crime against all of Lebanon, civilians and their properties,'' according to parliament speaker Nabih Berri.

Hezbollah condemned in the strongest of terms the terrorist attack, and called for prompt investigation as to capture the perpetrators and hand them to justice.

Ex-Lebanese Premier, salim al-Hoss condemned that attack as a grave criminal act.

The Baath Arab Socialist Party Secretary General in Lebanon, Fayez shoukir, targets but the security, stability and peaceful coexistence in Lebanon.

 Earlier, the Lebanese Daily Star reported that at least three people were killed and 10 others wounded in an explosion in the Beirut neighborhood of Ashrafieh Friday.

The explosion of a car took place at the Sassine Square, around 3 p. m., and caused  huge plumes of smoke.

Lebanese MTV satellite  station pointed out that at least seven cars were set ablaze as a result of the blast.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim



Al-Ibrahimi: General Situation, Decrease in Violence to Be Discussed

 DAMASCUS, (S.T) _ Lakhdar Al-Ibrahimi, the UN Envoy to Syria, arrived here Friday noon.

Al-Ibrahimi, in an arrival statement, said that he would discuss the general situation in Syria with the Government, Political Parties, and Civil Society.

''We would discuss the decreasing of existent violence and the possibility of a complete halt to violence on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.'' Al-Ibrahimi added.

UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Al-Ibrahimi is expected to brief the Syrian officials on the results of his recent visits to a number of countries including those of influence on armed terrorist groups.

Spokesman of the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, Dr.  Jihad Makdissi, told AFP on Thursday that "Al-Ibrahimi will meet with Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Saturday morning."

Damascus is  the latest leg of Al-Ibrahimi tour which included  Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon.

On the penultimate leg of his tour (Beirut), Al-Ibrahimi warned on Wednesday that the Syria’s conflict could set the entire region ablaze.

On October 15, Al-Ibrahimi called for a temporary ceasefire during the four-day Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday starting on October 26.

In this context, the local "al-Baath" newspaper reported on Thursday that "The envoy has focused his efforts on "convincing all parties to accept a temporary and limited objective as a first step towards a solution, and as a litmus test of all parties' intentions."

 It added that al-Ibrahimi is making a thorough and prudent effort to overcome the obstacles (in implementing) a diplomacy of small steps.

B. Qaddour/ M.A. Al-Ibrahim