Scholar Dr. al-Bouti martyred in a terrorist explosion

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Scholar Dr. Mohammad Saed Ramadan al-Bouti was martyred on Thursday in a terrorist explosion took place inside al-Iman Mosque in al-Mazraa area in Damascus.

At least 49 students and other 84 ones were injured inside the mosque when a terrorist blew up himself during religious lesson given by Dr. al-Bouti, SANA reported.


Dr. Mohammad Saed Ramdan al-Bouti was born in 1929, and worked as a den and a professor at the Faculty of al-Shareia (Islamic Law) in Damascus University.

In 1965, He got PH.D from al-Azhar University in Egypt.

The late scholar was Omayad Mosque's Preacher where he was weekly addressing at Friday prayers.

In April 2012,  he was elected as Head of Belad- al-Sham Scholars.

He had written more than 40 books in fields of Islamic and social sciences, literature, and philosophy.

Dr. al-Bouti was highly respected by many of the leading scholars in the Muslim World.


Competent authorities repel terrorist attacks in Homs and Hama

PROVINCES,(ST)_Competent authorities arrested on Thursday an armed terrorist group who planted explosive devices on Homs-Palmyra highway to kill passengers and citizens there.

The explosive devices were dismantled by engineering units, SANA said, noting that the total number of dismantled explosive devices in Homs province reached 17 (each weights 25kg).

Meanwhile, armed forces carried out qualitative operations in countryside of Damascus, and Idleb and killed a lot of terrorists.

Several hideouts of terrorist groups were also reportedly destroyed by the army in different areas in the two said provinces.

Elsewhere, the armed forces repelled a terrorist attack on locals of al-Rahjan town, north al-Salameya city of Hama province. Most of the terrorist group's member were killed or injured.

Daily, the Syrian TV channel aired a report at 8.30 pm news about what is going on in Aleppo province and elsewhere including the army's achievements there. 

The Syrian Arab Army is fighting foreign-backed terrorist groups everyplace to restore stability and security across the country.

The terrorist groups, who commit criminal acts against citizens and destroy the country's infrastructure, are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.


President Al-Assad:Our battle is a battle of will and steadfastness

DAMASCUS, (ST)-President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday made a surprise  visit to the Education Center for Fine Arts at al-Tijara neighborhood in Damascus  where  the Education Ministry was honoring the families of students who were martyred as a result of terrorist acts On the occasion of the Teacher's Day,to honour the parents himself.

"despite the fact that  today is dedicated  for the teachers and not for the students, but actually both of them  are part of the educational process, so the occasion is one and it is for learning, adding "I wished to contact with you in order to get power from you in spite of the feeling of pain as a result of losing your children, "AL-Assad addressed the families.

"Today Syria as a whole is wounded.. there is no one that didn't lose one of his/her relatives, a brother, a father or a mother.. but all of this wouldn't equal the loss of son, nevertheless, what happens to us couldn't make us weak and the battle is a battle of will and steadfastness, and in as much as we remain strong, we could protect the others of the Homeland's sons," President al-Assad said.

During the visit, H.E listened to the families' requests and their suffering from losing their sons, instructing the Education Ministry to ease this suffering and meet the families' demands. Later, President al-Assad and his wife received the families of teachers who were martyred while giving their sacred educational duty during lessons.

"Targeting teachers by the terrorists and their martyrdom affirm that the Syrians' main battle is against unenlightenment as they were martyred while spreading science and culture; without the efforts of teachers, we had no universities or scientists," President Al-Assad added.

"Our message to Syria's enemies will be through continuing the way of those teachers and martyrs and achieve their goal  concerning building  a strong Syria in the face of ignorance."

President al-Assad and his wife exchanged speech with families of the martyrs who affirmed that the loss of their sons at the hands of terrorists has increased their determination to continue their sons' way.


Syrian government asks UN to launch investigation into use of chemical weapons by terrorist groups

Syria asked U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday to launch an independent investigation into an chemical weapons attack by "terrorist groups" near the northern city of Aleppo, Syria's U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said.

"The Syrian government has requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations to form a specialized, independent and a neutral, technical mission to investigate the use by the terrorist groups operating in Syria of chemical weapons yesterday against civilians," Ja'afari told reporters.


PM confers with SUP on political program

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The ministerial committee tasked with materializing  the political program to solve the crisis in Syria on Wednesday met with the Socialist Unionists Party politburo, headed by Assistant Secretary General, Adnan Ismael.

" the government's main goal of holding  these meetings is to secure the factors that make the forthcoming dialogue a success as it is the sole way to leave the crisis behind, "said  Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi briefed the attendees on  measures the government has taken to communicate with the Syrians abroad and ensure the guarantees for their return so as to participate in the dialogue.

For his part, Ismael expressed his Party's support for the political program, hailing the ministerial committee's efforts to make the national dialogue a success and the role of the armed forces in confronting the terrorist groups.

The party's politburo strongly  slammed Turkey and some Arab and Western countries 's role as regards  military escalation by the terrorists  in service of the Zionist -U.S. project in the region.


Syria has strategic foreign currency reserves, says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Prime Minister reassures citizens that there is a strategic reserves of foreign currency and the Syrian government is able to enhance the Syrian people's steadfastness.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi's remark was made on Wednesday during a meeting with the ministerial committee entrusted with following up economic situation in the light of current development.

The gathering, chaired by the premier, was held to adopt urgent and future economic procedures to back the national economy steadfastness, according to SANA.

Al-Halqi told the committee that Syria's enemies have escalated the criminal terrorist acts through using internationally- banned weapons accompanied with false reports because they have felt that the process of national dialogue has kicked off.

So, the PM sees that the government must take fresh economic measures to limit the decrease of the Syrian Pound value against other foreign currencies and ensure citizens' needs.

The committee reviewed measures being adopted by the Money and Credit Council and The Central Bank of Syria to keep the SP exchange rate stable, and reactivating the Internal Trade Ministry's role in ensuring and protecting citizens' requirements.

Basma Qaddour

Army inflict heavy losses upon terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Countryside of Damascus, Idleb, Hama, and Homs saw on Wednesday fierce clashes between armed forces and the foreign-backed terrorists groups.

According to SANA, the armed forces killed dozens of terrorists in today-clashes and shelled several terrorists' gatherings in different sites. 

Meanwhile, engineering units dismantled 25 explosive devices planted by terrorists in entrances of buildings and on roads in Bab Hod alley (in Homs city) to kill citizens and army forces.

The Syrian 'Alwatan' newspaper reported today: "the terrorist groups, who are being backed by Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have stepped up their terrorist acts against citizens through firing chemical missile into Khan al-Asal area In  Aleppo and launching random mortar rounds on Damascus."