SP 30 Bln Allocated for Reconstruction,says Premier


DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, highlighted the efforts exerted by the state establishments and ministries to rehabilitate the infrastructure devastated by the armed terrorists groups.

"the government will provide the damaged areas with all facilities to enable the displaced families  back home after declaring the said areas safe",al-Halqi asserted.

 Al-halqi's statements came after touring a number of shelter centers for displaced families in Damascus.

"the  tour aims at inspecting the quality  of services provided to the displaced families at the shelter centers",al-Halqi added.

During his tour, al-Halqi announced that an initial advance payment up to 50 percent of the volume of damage will be offered to the affected families who have already returned to their residential areas, noting that the rest of money will be given to the affected returnees by the beginning of next year.

Al-Halqi affirmed that the government has allocated SP 30 bln for reconstruction.

Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the Armed Forces who restored security and stability to several areas, al-Halqi said, the number of displaced families is decreasing, calling upon all families whose residential areas have been declared safe to return home.



Gifts to Displaced Children in Syria on Eid al-Adha

 Gifts to Displaced Children in Syria on Eid al-Adha

Activities to indulge displaced families in everyday life once again

My country's people were living in peace before the eruption of the crisis in March  2011. They had got used to wait happy occasions, especially religious ones, to shop and to visit each other's homes, even at late hours, and to offer desserts.

Nowadays, the Syrian people are missing these traditions and they are even hesitating before uttering the common Arabic greeting: "Eid Mubarak" or "Happy Eid".

Gloomy expressions have flooded in from all over the country, because of the foreign-backed terrorist acts that have claimed the lives of thousands of innocent citizens in Syria, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

Missed happiness

When I asked a mother, living temporary at a class in "al-Mazeh al-Mohdatheh" school with her five children, about Eid al-Adha, she sadly said : "Eid!!??.. We missed it (as Eid means happy occasion)… The most important thing for me now is security. I really missed my home in alhajar al-aswad suburb."

Most of mothers in this shelter said the same words; so you can obviously notice that their children do not know the date of the Eid. Their main concern is to return home which they left in volatile suburbs few months ago.

Nevertheless, they want to see smile on their children's faces, but they don't know how to realize that in the current situation.


These people have no idea about a workshop being organized by the Syrian Trust Development in cooperation with seven partners on the occasion of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) to surprise them. 

This surprise, which comes within the "Kafo" initiative [Kafo : is a slang term means "can you do it?"], aims to indulge displaced families in the normal everyday life once again, within their shelters, and developing them gradually from service recipients to service providers within those shelters.


2500 children

The Initiative's Coordinator told us that more than 5000 people including 2500 children (aged 0-18 years), who are temporary living in 16 shelters in Damascus, are the target of the initiative that contains interactive social activities within the shelters to help give psychological and social support for both families and children.

Selective activities

"On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, children are to be provided with raw materials to make desserts and produce gifts to their parents. They will also design congratulation cards." The coordinator said.

This is not everything. A clown and a magician as well as a traditional story teller are to visit each shelter during the four-day Eid to make children laugh.


Bringing hope and happiness to children is a chief goal to be realized not only through the aforementioned plan, but also by offering gifts such as clothes and toys to children according to each one's social background.

A bus offered by Damascus Governorate is carrying children's gifts and toys. It is called the "wonderful bus of Kafo".

These gifts will bring happiness to both children and parents as smile is a magnet for everyone.

4 sectors

Regarding the mechanism of implementing the initiative, the work is divided into four sectors including schools in Mezzah, Mashroa Dommar, Zahera, and Barzeh (besides Mohajerin and Faihaa).

These areas in Damascus include 16 shelters supervised by the Trust, where well-trained volunteers are working around the clock to notch up the main goals.


The Trust's partners in this initiative are the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, "al-Ekhweh" Fund Association, the Scout Association, the Syrian Youths Council, "al-Farah" Association, the Syrian Social Development Association, and the Damascus Voluntary Youths Team.

The coordinator stressed that the government is cooperating with the Non-Governmental Organizations to alleviate the displaced families' suffering.

There is always tomorrow

The current difficult circumstances in my beloved country brings to my mind a proverb saying: "in our life, we all have sorrows; we all have pains; but we have to remember that there is always tomorrow". Blessed Eid.

Basma Qaddour




Information Minister: Syrian-Iranian Media Cooperation Reflects Historical Relations

 DAMASCUS, (ST) _ Minister of Information,  Omran al-Zou'bi,  underlined the importance of cooperation between Syria and Iran and the development of  work mechanisms, so as to reflect the historical relationship between the two friendly peoples in the two countries.

During a meeting with the Director of the Iranian Faris News Agency (IFNA), Sayed Mousawi, the  Minister called for joint  action between IFNA and SANA   through holding  meetings and  workshops  as means to exchange views on matters of mutual concern .

The Minister expressed   readiness to cooperate with the Iranian media, especially in light of the critical conditions and challenges, the Syrian media faces of terrorist groups' attacks against its cadres and infrastructure.

For his part,  Mousawi stressed that IFNA through its newly opened office in Damascus  will devote attention to  the events in  Syria and  convey the facts, as they are,   to the Iranian public  and to its  offices  in 30 countries, referring to the role of  his Agency in refuting disinformation  on what is happening in Syria.

Earlier today, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and the (IFNA)   inked an initial program of cooperation which provides for the exchange of information services between the two countries.

According to the program, which was co-signed by SANA and IFNA directors, the two news agencies ensure free of charge exchange of information services;  each agency would have the right to use these services and provide them to its subscribers .

The cooperation program includes bilateral coordination and consultation in international media forums and conferences .

Two days ago, FARS News Agency opened an office in Damascus; the Director General of FARS asserted, in press statements, that  the Agency will cover the events in Syria objectively, in support of  the Syrian people against misleading media.


Syria Times




Prime Minister: Great Efforts to ensure Best services to Citizens

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ " Great efforts are being made for developing service sectors in Syria in order  to meet  the aspirations of the Syrian people," said Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi during his  visit today to  al-Mawasat and children hospitals in Damascus.

He said all country 's health institutions are ready to provide needed health services ,  and that quality medical equipment are run by a qualified medical and nursing team, considering that this readiness falls  under the  care  accorded  by the government  for the various components of the health sector.

 The prime minister also toured the reserve bakery in Jaramana, stressing   that a large strategic stockpile of raw materials is available and can meet needs of bakeries for several years.

At   Jaramana consumer center the prime minister  said that  prices of food supplies in the state owned Consumer centers are less  by more than than 10 to 30 percent  of the common market price and are of better quality  .

At Jaramana electrical emergency center, which contains three transfer stations, the Prime Minister   said  that the electricity sector is still able to provide electrical power in various governorates.

He underlined, during his meeting with people and religious activists in the city, the solidarity established among  state, private and civil sectors,  as a manifestation  of the secret power of Syria, thanks  to the cohesion between  Syria 's people and  its leadership.

Syria Times





Syria Denounces Aggression on the Sudan




DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria strongly condemns the Israeli jet planes aggression on the Sudan last Tuesday October 23th, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Friday.

"This aggression came in the framework of the continued Israeli attempts at undermining the territorial integrity and unity of the people of this brotherly country and destroying its economic capabilities," the source said in a statement.

The source branded the Israeli aggression as a flagrant intervention in the internal affairs of the Sudan, stressing that these attempts were clearly manifested in Israel's support to the armed groups in Darfur.

"Israel, in this aggression, has taken advantage of the dispersion of the Arab countries, some of them involved  in conspiring against the Sudan, supporting the armed terrorist groups in Syria and making deals with Israel at the expense of the legitimate historical rights of the Palestinian People," said the statement.

It stressed that Syria considers this blatant Israeli aggression on the Sudan as "a violation of the international law and the UN Charter which guarantee the unity and sovereignty of countries."

"Syria calls upon the Security Council, in response to the Sudanese Government's demand, to condemn this blatant aggression and hold Israel accountable for its crime which resulted in killing and wounding many innocent Sudanese," the source added.

It highlighted Syria's stress that this blatant aggression threatens the international peace and security, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

The statement reiterated Syria's support and solidarity with the Sudan, the statement concluded.

According to Sudan Vision Daily, on October 24,  2012, the Sudanese Minister of Culture and Information declared that the Yarmouk munitions factory has been attacked by four Israeli war planes. In 2009, Israeli planes killed 119 East African migrants, alleging that the target was weapons smuggled through the Sudan across Egypt to Hamas.  In April 2011, another air raid against the Sudan killed two citizens.

This attack against the Sudan was carried out by the Netanyahu-Lieberman government that was described by the UK-based Israeli professor Avi Shlaim as ‘the most right wing, chauvinistic and racist’ in Israeli history. The word racist is key here, because a Likud MP has called the Africans in Israel ‘cancer’, after they were initially manipulated to replace Palestinian workers in Israel in the aftermath of the second Intifada.

M. Daoud/ M.A.  Al-Ibrahim





Syrian Government Reserved Right to Defend its Citizens




DAMASCUS, (ST)-Dr. Bashar al –Jaafari, Syria's Permanent Ambassador to UN, has made it clear that the UN Security Council's statement concerning the support to the UN envoy to Syria Al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi's initiative to halt violence during the four-day  Eid al-Adha has  totally acknowledged that the armed terrorists groups in Syria are fully backed by foreign parties.

"this paragraph of the said statement ,released for the first time, underlined Syria's view point about the influence of Arab, regional and international sides on armed groups, positively or negatively. So, these powers should be addressed," al-Jaafari told the state-run Syrian TV.

The Russian statement draft submitted to the UN Security Council, he added, provided for calling on Syria's Government and the opposition groups to positively respond to al-Ibrahimi's initiative for sustained halting of violence and launching a political process.

"the nations which adopted hostile policies against Syria did not change their  political stances .However, two months ago, they admitted that their stances towards Syria were inaccurate. The language used by the Security Council has been changed concerning the recognition of the existence of armed groups such as al-Qaeda and its affiliated group," al-Nusra Front" and others in Syria  .This was clearly revealed through the UN Security Council statements and the UN Secretary General himself who condemned the terrorist explosions in Syria," al-jafaari pointed out.

Al-Jafaari clarified that powers involved in the Syrians' suffering have failed twice; First, through calling for military foreign interference, and second through  foreign interference un cover of human pretext. Presently ,they are trying to examine another interference, namely through the International Tribunal Court. But this bet will also be a failure.

"The UN Secretary General told me that he is fully aware that if the armed groups did not adhere to ceasefire, then the Syrian Government reserved the right to defend its citizens and army," Dr. al-Jafaari concluded.

M. Daoud




H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad Performs Adha Prayer in Damascus

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad  performed Friday morning Eid Al-Adha Prayer  at Al-Afram Mosque in Damascus.

Sheikh Walid Abdulhaq, the Imam of the Mosque, delivered the Prayer Ceremony, citing the noble and sublime values of Islam, the religion of ''true humanity'', and  of Al-Adha occasion.

Islam, according to Sheikh Abdulhaq knows no extremism or racism- in a sharp criticism of some followers of Islam, who have been trying to exploit religion for their selfish and irreligious schemes-.

The Imam of the Mosque pointed out that the enemies of Islam have been ''working on the weakening of us''.

Sheikh Abdulhaq, in a live broadcasting by Syrian TV, highlighted the importance of national reconciliation and unity, as to foil the so-called ''new Middle east'' project, characterized with a Spring of chaos, destruction, and unrest, urging for a middle East, based on principles, morals, and ethics.

The Imam of the Mosque hailed the recent general amnesty granted by President Al-Assad, in support of national reconciliation and dialogue among the Syrians by themselves, away from whatever foreign interferences.

The Imam called for a halt in killings, destructions, and violence-   mainly caused by foreign-backed terrorist groups- , calling for the more of cooperation, amity, unity and tolerance.

Sheikh Abdulhaq underlined the need for sorting domestic problems out by the Syrians themselves through reforms and reconciliation, and that Syria, the heart of the world and the honor and dignity of the Syrians, is in need for the efforts of all who have constructive and not destructive hands.

Along with President Al-Assad, huge crowds of citizens, officials and religious scholars performed the prayer.

Following the Prayer, scores of civilians shock hands with President Al-Assad, who exchanged Eid felicitation and cordiality talks with them.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim