Devastated Terrorists Continue Killing Innocent Civilians




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Five terrorists were killed, including terrorists Yassin Abdullah, and Bashar Hamid al-Balao  when they clashed with the  armed forces on Friday  in al-Jubeila quarters, south of al-Firdous mosque in Deir ezz Zour.  Several other terrorists were wounded.

The armed forces also destroyed five  cars carrying weapons  in Fouad cinema street and killed the terrorists inside them.

Two terrorists groups  assassinated on Friday  four citizens  over their refusal to participate in acts of sabotage and intimidation  in Deir ezz zour.

Member of the Baath Party branch in Deir ezz zour Muhammad Rashid al-Rweili ,also a former  member of the  Arab writers Union, and  Fouad Ajaj, Nidal Ajaj and retired army officer Mahmoud Assani,  were assassinated by the terrorists , who  filmed their crime  in order to accuse the Syrian army of committing it.

Scores  of terrorists were killed and wounded in Aleppo on Friday when armed forces attacked their hidings  and caused them heavy losses in Bustan al-Qasr, near the justice palace, and al-Refai mosque in al-Sukkari quarters and al-Salameyah school.

Among the killed terrorists were Osama  al-Nabhan and Mohammad Rajab  al-Nabhan  members  of " al-Nasra front", which affiliates  to al-Qaeda organization.

A ten- year old child was killed on Friday  in al-Marjeh quarters in Aleppo, when a terrorist group led by Jamal al-Ashqar, member of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nasra front opened fire at participants in a demonstration demanding the  withdrawal of terrorists from their quarters . Other 10 citizens including women and children were  wounded.

Meantime, the armed forces continued on Friday operations in pursuit of al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in Zamalka, Erbeen, Ain Tarma, al-Zeyabeh and Daraya in rural Damascus  , inflicting heavy casualties upon them. Scores of terrorists were exterminated including one terrorist group leader Samer Idrees, one Lebanese terrorist of a Palestinian origin, Abdullah Daheik and Ahmad Lafi.

In Homs competent authorities on Friday seized huge amounts of various weapons inside a  pickup car RPG launchers,  three automatic rifles , 15 explosive device and a video camera and huge quantities of ammunition.

In Idleb, three citizens were killed  and many others in critical health conditions, when  a booby trapped car loaded with explosives was detonated on Sermin- Idleb highway.

Meantime, the competent authorities foiled an attempt  by terrorists belonging to " al-Nusra front"  to detonate explosive devices in a number of main and branch roads in al-Ghab area in Hama, according to an official source.

The source detailed that  the  engineering units dismantled 3 explosive devices , each weighs  35 kilograms planted by terrorists on  al-Raseef- Shabha and al-Azezeyah area , whereas a 30Kg explosive was dismantled  to the south of al-Sqelbeyah town.

On the other hand terrorists detonated an explosive device behind the Salah al-Din Mosque in  Hama when  worshipers were heading  to Friday prayers. Only material losses were reported.


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Syria slams Turkish Government's request to Deploy Patriot Missiles on Syrian-Turkish Borders


DAMASCUS, (ST) – The Syrian government condemns the Turkish government's provocative step as regards the deployment of  NATO's Patriot missile system near the Syrian-Turkish borders, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Friday.

"the move aims at deluding the public opinion and showing that there is danger coming from Syria', added the source.

"Erdogan's government has mobilized units of the Turkish army to the Syrian-Turkish borders and opened the Turkish lands to train and arm thousands of Syrian and non-Syrian terrorists and allowing them to enter Syria,"noted the source.

"Erdogan's government alone is responsible for militarizing the border areas, escalating tension and harming the interests of the Syrian and Turkish peoples,"the source made it clear.

Needless to say that Syria seeks the best ties with the Turkish people and respects the sovereignty of the Turkish lands .

Hence,there is no reason for escalating tension on borders,underlined the source.



President Al-Assad: Syria Continues National Dialogue in parallel with Fighting Terrorism


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad received here Friday the visiting Iranian Majlis Speaker, Ali Larijani.

The talks dealt with the development of conditions in the region, particularly following the failure of the recent Israeli aggression against Gaza and the landslide victory of the Palestinian Resistance against this aggression.

The talks also touched upon the adherence of Syria and Iran to resistance approach in the region and their persistence in bolstering and supporting resistance at all levels.

Further, the discussions covered the conditions in Syria; where Dr. Larijani highly lauded the wise administration of the Syrian leadership in tackling the ongoing crisis, reiterating the stance of the Islamic republic of Iran by the steadfast and resistant Syria against the plots hatched for the region.

H.E. President Al-Assad underscored that Syria would continue to make a success of National dialogue in parallel with the fighting against terrorism which aims at destabilizing the security and stability in Syria as well as in the entire region, highly appreciating Iran's commitment to help the Syrian people and its support to political dialogue through its exerted efforts, the last of which was the hosting of the Syrian National Dialogue conference.

President Al-Assad and Dr. Larijani underlined the adherence of Syria and Iran to continue the bolstering of bilateral relations in all fields, pursue consultations and coordination regarding the region issues of mutual interest.

President Al-Assad, in reply to a question at the conclusion of the meeting with Larijani, described the visit as usual in line with continued communication with Iranian officials of all levels, as to reevaluate the previous meetings between officials of both countries, given the speedy conditions, the last of which was the Israeli aggression against Gaza, which occupied a big space of his discussions with Dr. Larijani today.

On his part, Speaker Larijani, described his talks with President Al-Assad as 'valuable', 'very good' and as 'special', particularly as far as the events which took place in Palestine, and the big victory achieved by the Moslem Palestinian People, Syrian Government, People, President Al-Assad, and his late father Hafez Al-Assad, who are among the persons who played a very pivotal role in the Palestinian Resistance.

when some countries in the region are afraid of sending a single bullet to the Palestinians, the Syrian Government and People have put all potentials at the disposal of the Palestinian people; this is what has made some countries in the region dispatch armed groups toward Syria.''  said Dr. Larijani.

Speaker Larijani added that Syria, Government and people, play a pioneering distinguished role in confronting the Zionist entity, calling on other countries in the region as not to weaken such a role through their deeds.

"The reforms in Syria can never be realized through the sending of weapons; the reforms should be realized through political dialogue."concluded the visiting Iranian Majlis Speaker, Dr. Larijani.

Upon his arrival to Damascus earlier today, Dr. Larijani underscored that Syria plays an important role in supporting Resistance, pointing out that political dialogue is important for ending the crisis in Syria, blasting the bids as to militarize this crisis to kill the more of the Syrians as 'erroneous'.

Larijani hailed the Palestinian People defense against the Zionist enemy, who thought itself as capable of destroying the Resistance, asserting that the Palestinians proved to possess good capabilities to defend themselves.

Larijani pointed out that the Palestinian People achieved a further epic of Resistance, taking pride in Iran's support to the Palestinian Resistance and to all factions of resistance present on the ground.

Larijani met earlier with Palestinian Resistance factions and leaderships in Damascus, where he reiterated Iran's firm support to the Palestinian Cause, and work as to bolster the steadfastness, resistance and capabilities of the Palestinian People in the face of the Israeli arrogance and occupation.

Larijani congratulated the Palestinians on the recent victory in Gaza, asserting the need for the unity of the Palestinian People and the bolstering of its Resistance against the Zionist occupation.

The Palestinian Factions and their leaders, on their part, voiced gratitude and appreciation for Iran's support to the Resistance, which has enabled the Palestinians to deter the enemy and achieve victory, asserting the linkage among the forces of Resistance in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.



A Repentant: Terrorists Kill in the Name of Religion




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The  terrorist groups are killing innocent people, steal  and burn them, under the name of religion and Islam; they are just groups of thieves and murderers , said  Ahmad Salah al-Saleh, one of the repentant, who was with terrorist groups.

 In statements to the Syrian TV channel on Thursday evening,  al-Saleh who is from al-Bazaa village in rural Aleppo  said: he was forced by all pressures on him and his family to join the so called " Free Army"  and to take part in acts of theft, looting and killing civilians and leaving them homeless.

He added that terrorists used  the Koranic verses to hide their evil nature noting :" We tie our heads with patches bearing   Koranic verses and the words "There is no god but Allah," while stealing people and torturing them.

He added that he was  with  (Saifullah Maslool)  battalion of  Lewa al-Tawheed  which included Sheikhs  from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Chechnya , and that they are paid  in US $ which arrived from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He added that a sum of USD 150 was set for every person; but they only gave us 11200 Syrian pounds and steal the rest of the money.

Al-Saleh who finally could escape the terrorists and surrender himself to the Syrian Army advised every person in the  so called " free army" to " surrender

and to give himself up and return to his homeland, his family and  army , which is composed of our brothers." 

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One Journalist Assassinated, More Terrorists Killed




GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ A  number of  terrorist groups leaders in Sheikh Suleiman area  in Daret Ezza were exterminated by the armed forces on Thursday,  including Mahmoud Mohammed Ghanam and Alaa Abdul Rahman with full members of their groups, according to an official source.

Three cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and terrorists were destroyed at Tishreen  dam southeast Manbej , and other four cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and terrorists   were also destroyed on Izaz -Mare ` road .

Six vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition, manned by terrorists were destroyed in Handarat, Tel Rahal in rural Aleppo.

In Kafr Naha the armed forces attacked a gathering for terrorists and destroyed the headquarters of terrorist groups leaders in  Qubtan al-Jabal resulted in  killing eight terrorists and wounding nine others who belong to al-Qaeda affiliated  " al-Nusra Front".

 In the city of Aleppo, the armed forces killed or wounded scores of terrorists and destroyed their shelters and weapons- loaded cars, in  al-Neirab, Jibrain, Dawwar al-Helwaney, Saad Allah al-Jaberi  and al-Shaar areas.

Meantime, one terrorist group on Thursday assassinated journalist Bassel Tawfiq Youssef who worked for the Syrian TV in al-Tadamun quarter in Damascus

The journalist was born in 1971 and was a programmer in the Syrian Arab TV.

One old woman was wounded and huge material damage was caused in one apartment when terrorists on Thursday fired three mortar shelling in al-Mazze residential quarters  near al-Akram mosque, an official source reported to SANA.

The source added that one mortar shelling hit " Abdul Rahman al-Safarjalani" basic education school   in Mazze  and only material losses were reported.

In a statement, upon inspecting the school, the minister of education Dr. Hazwan al-Wazz said that "these terrorist acts aimed at destabilizing the security of citizens to prevent them from sending their children to school," stressing that "these criminal acts will not undermine the will of workers in the educational sector from performing their responsibilities to ensure the continuation of the educational process in all provinces."

One civilian was seriously wounded when an explosive device  went off in a sedan car implanted by terrorists  in Barzeh residential area. Material losses were reported.

Several terrorists were killed when the armed forces attacked their hidings in the old quarters in Homs, including two Saudis: Atwan al-Anzi and Shaman Abdul Aziz al-Shummari and two Lebanese: Amer al-Khaled and Faraj  Maqdisi.

In Deir ezz Zour the armed forces exterminated several terrorists in the public road near Ziad hotel and  al-Jubeilah quarters including  Hussein al-Ali and a leader of one terrorist group called Abu Assad eddine.

Other killed terrorists were Muhammad al-Shibli and Abd Jasem al-Majoul  to the east of al-Rawda mosque, Bashar Antar al-Saleh and Ahmad Ragheb al-Jarad.

In Hassaka, terrorists destroyed a major communications cable center in the city when they attacked the center from two sides which led to the obstruction of 1800 telephone line.

In rural Hassaka, one terrorist was killed,   when a bomb he tried to implant went off  in a crowded area in al-Shaddadi town . 


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Al-Halqi commended Syrian media’s role in uncovering reality of events

  DAMASCUS(ST)-The Syrian media has spared no effort to uncover the conspiracy hatched against Syria and confront the vicious and misleading  anti-Syria media campaign which has been accompanied by foreign-backed terrorist acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups and mercenaries, said Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.

During a meeting Thursday with Chairman of the National Media Council Taleb Qadi Ameen and the Council’s members, al-Halqi commended the role played by the Syrian media in revealing the reality of events in Syria, stressing that what has been presented in the national media constitutes political and legal documents implicating the enemies of the homeland and providing citizens with the reality of vents with complete credibility, transparency and professionalism.

Al-Halqi affirmed the important role played by the Council in drawing up and supervising the strategic plans of the national media and in setting up necessary mechanisms to develop its performance, underlying the necessity of integration between the Council and the Information Ministry as to enhance media performance in accordance with the standards of media professionalism, credibility, transparency and national responsibility to serve people’s aspirations.

The Council’s basic needs to reactivate its performance was also discussed during the meeting.

Al-Halqi also presented an all-out economic review on the Syrian economy’s ability to confront the current challenges, reiterating that the government’s attention is currently focusing on providing citizens with their basic needs including food , consuming stuff and fuel and on ensuring requirements of development to all sectors.

Hamda Mustafa  

More Terrorists Killed




GOVERNORATES, (ST) - The armed forces on Thursday continued extermination of terrorist groups in qualitative operations during which scores of terrorists were killed in Damascus countryside, whereas Dawaar Allermoun  in Aleppo was purged  from armed terrorist groups.

 Several terrorists were killed or wounded in al-Zeyabeh town including several terrorists of non Syrian nationality: Muhammad Faheed, known as Ahmad of the Jordanian nationality.

 Other terrorists were killed or wounded while many others were arrested in qualitative operation carried out by the armed forces in Ein Tarma valley and the outskirts of Darayya city. Among the killed terrorists was Ayman Fa'oura, whereas leader if one terrorist group known as " al-Hout" was wounded .

 In Homs, several terrorists were killed in clashes with the armed forces on Wednesday evening  in Jouret al-Sheyyah  and Bab Houd areas where great losses were inflicted in  the ranks of the terrorists  and many of them were arrested .

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