Boosting Dialogue Culture,Men of Religion's Basic Role

  DAMASCUS,(ST)-"Syria will remain a symbol of amity ,fraternity ,co-existence amongst the entire heavenly religions,' Premier al-Halqi underscored.

Al-Halqi remarks came during a meeting with Patriarch Gregory III Laham of Antioch and the All East for Greek Catholic.

"scholars of religion have a vital role as regards consolidating the culture of dialogue ,love and denouncing violence and fundamentalism only security and peace be prevailed in our homeland, "added al-Halqi.

The Premier stressed the importance of holding consultative meetings being held by the government with all forces and Syrian stakeholders who want to be involved in the political program in order to solve the crisis peacefully.

Meanwhile, the government ,al-Halqi added, spares no effort for meeting the citizens' requirements noting that there is a strategic reserve of various basic food stuff.

"Syrian economy is able to foil enemy's relentless attempts to destroy the Syrian economy,"al-Halqi underlined.

 During the meeting,al-Halqi voiced appreciation to Patriarch Laham's firm national stances.

For his part, Patriarch Laham affirmed the church's support of the political program to solve the ongoing crisis.



Terrorist 's Confesses Crimes in Homs to Accuse the Army

 HOMS,(ST)_ Terrorist Fakhr eddine Abbas admitted that he had committed, together with  a group of murderous terrorists number of crimes against innocent citizens and religious places,  and blew up a booby trapped car in  Hamra district  in Homs, resulted  in killing dozens of martyrs and the destruction of schools and shops in an attempt to accuse the Syrian Arab army and distort its image. 

In televised confessions Terrorist Abbas, who was born in 1984 and works in repairing   electric generators, said he was recruited by Abdul Aleem al-Turkmani  and opened fire at citizens  and worshipers in Baba Amre  and carried out acts of chaos in al-Hamra and al-Jouri areas, to accuse the Syrian army.

He continued that he was , at the directives of another terrorist Haitham al-Jouri,  detonated a booby trapped car before  al;-Banin school , near Omar mosque,  resulted in the death and injury of a number of citizens and heavy losses were inflicted  on  buildings and shops  in the area.

" All acts we committed  intended to accuse the army and raise sedition among citizens and the army," the terrorist said.



Terrorism will not break the Will of Aleppo Citizens- Marchers

ALEPPO, (ST) _ Citizens of the Radio and Seif al-Dawla quarters in Aleppo, on Friday  took the streets in a massive march, expressing their love and loyalty to the homeland against a foreign aggression and  criminal acts committed by the armed terrorist groups.

The marchers expressed  full confidence in the ability of the  armed forces to rid them of terrorism and restore  security and stability  back to all Syrian governorates. 

The marchers chanted slogans  commending  the Syrian army and  denouncing the crimes of mercenary terrorists and their supporters in neighboring countries, especially the Turkish government,  calling for elimination of terrorists centers  wherever they exist.

One participant noted that the people of Aleppo will remain steadfast in their city despite all terrorists' practices which target electricity and water networks in an effort to disrupt the necessities of life, stressing that "the terrorist groups can not break the will of the people of Aleppo and their adherence to national principles, the same like all Syrians".

One woman, a mother of a martyr stressed:" "willingness to sacrifice the rest of her children for the sake of the homeland and to preserve its sovereignty and independence" noting the failure of attempts by Syria's enemies to sow discord among the Syrian people.

Another marcher considered  that the march is a" clear message to all channels partner in crime of shedding the blood of the Syrians,  on the Syrians cling to their national  unity and support  to their brave army  " in  pursuing  armed terrorist groups wondering about the silence of "national opposition, concerning  crimes of the terrorists and  their destruction and stealing  of factories in the city Aleppo. " 

The marchers  who raised the national flags and  chanted slogans calling on national opposition to dialogue , voiced  condemnation of regional parties  and their continued support  in funding  armed terrorists, noting that Turkey and the  Gulf rulers bear with terrorists the responsibility  of  bloodshed crime  in Syria.


Terrorists Suffer Heavy Human, Material Losses

 Governorates,(ST)_ Several terrorists were killed or wounded during their attacks against  military checkpoints in Wadi al-Deif  and al-Hamidia areas  and many others  in Sermin and Bennish towns in Idleb.

All members of one terrorist group, carrying out acts of killing and looting in al-Shagr village in Jesr al-Shoghour and Kafer Roume in rural Marrat al-Numan were killed or wounded.

In Deir al-Zour, heavy losses were inflicted on two terrorist groups in the "old airport" and al-Hweiqa area, where, terrorists Tawan al-Mutlaq and Abdul Qader Bakhil, members of the "Green Brigade", and Jum'a al-Aja and Ahmad Falah of al-Nusra Front were killed.

In Damascus countryside, scores of terrorists were killed in qualitative operations including several leaders of the so called "the banner of Islam."

Terrorists Samer Dayoub,Muhammad Hadidi, Mahmoud al-Haj, Bilal Qalouishe, Muhammad Dawoud and Muhammad ilani, Hussein Ayoub, Muhammad al-Khadra and Imad kurdi were among  many others killed  in al-Oteiba and al-Obada, Daraya and Duma towns.

One army unit destroyed in the "Black Stone" area a factory for manufacturing of improvised explosive devices including high explosives and terrorists.  Terrorist Mohammed Saeed al-Taraweyah was among the killed. 

In Tel Kurdi in Rural Damascus, several  terrorists of the so-called "the banner of Islam" and "the banner of free-Sham" were killed in a two-hour fighting  with guns and grenades  over sharing  loots  and properties they stole from citizens houses.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces inflected heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists in al-Sfeira, Tel Hasel, al-Azizia,, Hayan, Meng, Kweres  and Aleppo-Idleb highway where several cars transporting  weapons to terrorists where destroyed and terrorists Ahmad Diman, Firas Akl, Ismael Hijazi, Adnan Fadel Hijazi and Muhammad Munir Hijazi were killed.

In Aleppo city , the armed forces continued persecution  of terrorists centers in Qadi Askar, Karam al-Meisar and al-Shaar and al-Sheikh Saeed areas where several terrorists were killed  and huge amounts of PKC machine guns , automatic assault rifles and large quantities of ammunition were confiscated.

On the other hand, several terrorists of "Front victory" and so-called "al-Tawhid Brigade" were killed and wounded in Maadi area after a dispute over sharing the loot, stolen from public and private properties.  Terrorist Salem al-Sankari from "al-Tawhid Brigade" was killed.

In Homs , clashes erupted between the armed forces and terrorists  in  Wadi Salim and the east of al-Rastan areas, left terrorists killed or wounded and others  in Kaferlaha  and Teldo areas  where terrorists Sami Jamour, Walid al-Sawah, Faisal al-Ber, Omran Rajab, Abdul Rahman Othman, Khaled Ahmad al-Makshoush, Muhammad Zeid  and Obeida Hani were killed .

In al-Tebeh town in Palmyra, the armed forces destroyed three cars and confiscated many others, during attacks against   three terrorist centers,  leaving  its members killed or wounded.



Foreign Ministry: Turkish role in Syria Destructive

DAMASCUS,(ST)-In two identical letters sent on Friday to president of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General  by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on the Turkish destructive role in the crisis in Syria, the ministry underscored that the Turkish government continues its blatant intervention in Syria's internal affairs-directly and indirectly-

"this intervention violates the spirit and letter of the UN Charter ,international law principles and laws that govern relations between nations and that simply leads to a threat to peace and security in the region and the world as well, "affirmed the ministry.

"the Turkish government has escalated its hostile stances against Syria through hindering the execution of the political program proposed by President Bashar Al-Assad that follows by adopting practical steps by the Syrian government to make the program as a peaceful political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria .Turkey also put pressures on some parties of the Syrian opposition to reject the said project, "underlined the ministry.

At the same time, the ministry added, Turkey  built on its soil centers for gathering ,harboring ,funding ,arming, and smuggling terrorist groups including al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front essentially and other terrorist groups .

Besides, Turkey allows these groups to infiltrate into Syrian lands ,supporting and justifying publically  their destructive terrorist acts including killing innocent people ,systematically sabotaging of the infrastructure, public facilities ,plants, public and private establishments .

"based on laws and principles of the international law that define international relations  including good-neighborly among states  ,the Turkish acts constitute an open and clear violation to the international law .Un Charter –Paragraph 4-Article 2provides for: recalling the duty of states to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state ,or in any other manner inconsistent with the purpose of the United Nations, added the ministry.

The ministry also said that the Turkish government violates the UN Security Council  Resolution No.1373-2001 especially the following two paragraphs:(f):take appropriate measures in conformity with the relevant provisions of national and international law ,including international standards of human rights ,before gaining refugee status ,for the purpose of ensuring that the asylum-seeker has not planned ,facilitated or participated in the commission of terrorist acts;(g):ensure, in conformity with international law ,that refugee status is not abused by the perpetrators ,organizers or facilitators of terrorist acts ,and that claims of political motivation are not recognized as grounds for refusing requests for the extradition of alleged terrorists.

The ministry also said that in accordance with the UN Charter: No state or group of states has the right to intervene ,directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other state. Consequently ,armed intervention and all other forms of interference or  attempted threats against the personality of the state or against its political ,economic and cultural elements ,are in violation of international law.

The ministry said ,according to the UN Charter:"Every state has an in alienable right to choose its political, economic ,social and cultural systems, without interference in any form by another state,".

"the Turkish government's determination to violate the international law principles requires  a rapid response from the international community to prevent Turkey ,regional and international sides that hatch conspiracies against Syria from aggression against it .Furthermore, to compel them halt their intervention in Syria's internal affairs and violating its sovereignty and stopping arming, funding and training terrorists .

"Syrian government reiterated its respect to the friendly people of Turkey, taking into account that the acts of some countries especially Turkey are sparing no effort to foil the serious steps taken by the Syrian government to materialize the political program as regards solving the crisis in Syria through halting violence as a priority towards holding the national dialogue, achieving reconciliation, rebuilding the infrastructure, regaining security and stability to Syria and the entire region  and keeping peace and security internationally as well, 'the ministry concluded.


More Terrorists Killed, Their Weapons Confiscated

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ The armed forces on Thursday demolished several terrorists shelters in Ein Tarma, Erbeen , Daraya  and Tel Sreij areas in rural Damascus and scored direct hits on their ranks.

Among the killed terrorists were Burhan al-Qatayef, Muhammad al-Kurdi, Qasem Idrees, Malik Ghannoum, Muhammad Hamid al-Teleh, Nabil Hosni Dallal, and Muhammad Mawardi.

Terrorists ' various types of weapons, including PKC machine guns, automatic assault rifles and RPG launchers and ammunition were confiscated

In Daraya, the armed forces exterminated several terrorists and defused explosive devices planted in several of the city's streets, according to an official source .

The source added that a missile base , a number of rockets and a bulldozer used by the terrorists in the establishment of roadblocks in the streets were destroyed.

The army engineering units also defused  five explosive devices weighing between 20 and 30 kg planted by terrorists in Daraya  streets to be detonated by remote control.

In Aleppo city and countryside, the armed forces carried out qualitative operations against terrorists shelters in al-Aziza, Atareb, Daret Azza, Mang, Kweres,, al-Bab city,Bab al-Nasr, a-Naqqarin and Qadi Askar were terrorists Ahmar al-Shqar, known as the " Mouse", Abdul Jabbar al-Nabhan among many others were killed.

In rural Lattakia, the armed forces targeted terrorists' centers in Salma, Kinseba, Rabeya and Jabal al-Akrad towns and left several terrorists killed or wounded. Many terrorists of non Syrian nationalities were killed or wounded while others fled to Turkey after dropping their weapons.

A weapons depot and an improvised explosive device factory used by the terrorists in their criminal acts were destroyed.

In Homs, the armed forces confiscated large amounts of weapons, ammunition and communications equipment and an improvised explosive device factory in Jobar area, according to governorate source.

The source detailed that the confiscated weapons included a number of vehicles equipped with bases for machine guns, heavy armored vehicles, motorcycles ,a laboratory for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and  Israeli -made Uzi submachine launcher rounds , sophisticated  communications equipment , and RPG  shells.

In rural Hama, the armed forces exterminated all members of one terrorist group at the entrance of Mork town northern Hama, who were carrying out acts of looting and attacks on citizens and public property. Ghiyath Rahmoun was one of the terrorist killed in the operation.

In rural Idleb, several terrorists were killed or wounded in an inter-fighting between two terrorist groups over sharing loots, according to an official source.

The source detailed that disagreement between terrorists of the so called "Idleb Martyrs Brigade" and "the Harem Martyrs Brigade" on the sharing of stolen goods left many of them killed or wounded.


Syrians in Occupied Golan Vow Determination to Return to Homeland

QUNEITRA, (ST) - Marking the 31st anniversary of the national Open Strike staged in Golan on February 14th, 1982. Syrian in the occupied Golan  on Thursday underlined  that the Golan is Syrian Arab land, reiterating their steadfastness against all Israeli vicious practices which aim to judies their land and impose the Israeli identity.

The participants, gathered  at Dar al-Golan for Culture and Arts in al-Baath city in Quneitra underscored  adherence to the Syrian Arab identity and belonging to homeland Syria, expressing determination to continue fighting against the Israeli occupation until liberating the whole Golan.

They lauded  the sacrifices of civilian and military Syrians to defend the homeland's security and stability.

" the people of Golan, in their steadfastness and commitment to their identity and homeland, are similar to the Syrian people who have proved their unity in the face of all conspiracies," said Governor of Quneitra, Malek Mohammad