Syria slams Morsi's 'irresponsible' decision

DAMASCUS,(ST)_An official source has declared that Mohammad Morsi joined choir of conspiracy and incitement led by Israel and the US against Syria, describing Morsi's yesterday-announcement of severing ties with Syria as 'irresponsible'. 

"Morsi's announcement came after achievements of the Syrian Arab army against the terrorists across Syria," the source said on Sunday. 

It added: "The Syrian Arab Republic condemns this irresponsible attitude which reflects Morsi's attempt to implement Muslim brotherhoods' agenda in a bid to distractattention from Egypt's internal problems. 

The source underscored that Morsi's decision doesn't represent the Egyptian people's will who have deep-rooted relations with the Syrians, reminding of the victory achieved by the two states' armies in the October War over the Israeli enemy. 

Morsi's decision backs Takifi Fatwas 

It made it clear that Morsi's decision backs Takfiri fatwas issued by 'Sheikhs of sedition' of the so called 'Muslim Scholars Union' for fighting in Syria and shedding the Syrian's blood instead of calling for liberating the usurped Palestinian territories. 

On the other hand, the source commented on Morsi's call for foreign intervention in Syria and imposing no-fly zone over the country by saying: "It's an infringment on the region's sovereignty and serves interests of Israel, the US and their tools in the region." 

Preserve approach 

Furthermore,it  mocked Morsi's excitement in his speech, saying: "It would be better for Morsi to show the excitement when announcing closure of Israel's embassy and cutting relations with the enemy which is still killing the Palestinian before Morsi's very eyes at a very short distance from Egypt." 

The source cited the perverse approach of Morsi and his group (Muslim brotherhood) manifested in keeping the Israeli embassy open under Camp David accord and closing the Syrian embassy a short time after the Israeli strike on Syria. '

 "We are confidence that the Egyptian people will topple this approach and its dangerous repercussions on the whole region," the source concluded.



President Bashar Al-Assad congratulates Rouhani for earning people's trust

DAMASCUS,(ST)- "Syria has a strong will  to boost friendship ties and to develop cooperation with  Iran in all fields .Foremost, confronting the hegemony and aggression schemes and assault on the national sovereignty in our region, "the cable sent by  President Bashar Al-Assad to his Iranian counterpart  reads.

President Bashar Al-Assad cabled Dr.Hasan Rouhani on Sunday  congratulating him on his victory in Iran's presidential election after aptly earning the big trust of the friendly people of Iran.

It is worth noting that Iran's Interior Minister Mostaffa Mohammad Najjar announced Saturday that from a total number of 36,704,156 ballots cast in Iran's 11th presidential election on Friday June 14,Rouhani won 18,613,329 votes while his main rival Mohammad Qalibaf could secure only 6,077,292 votes.





Syrian Arab army takes control of 5 towns in three provinces

PROVINCES,(ST)-Five areas outside Damascus, Aleppo and Hama provinces have now come back under the Syrian Arab army's control after cleansing them of foreign-backed terrorists amid reports of confiscating weapons and ammunitions in Banyas city. 

Today, it was declared that the armed forces imposed control over al-Ahmadeyeh town in the Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus province, and Ein Assan town and al-Tineh Hill in  southern Aleppo countryside as well as towns of Rasm al-Abd, Rasm al-Awabed and Aqerbat in Hama countryside.

This advance coincided with eliminating several terrorist ringleaders and their men in many areas in the said provinces.

Other terrorists, including non-Syrian ones, were reportedly crushed in al-Rastan city and quarters of Bab Hod, al-Qarabis, and al-Khaledeyeh in the central Homs province.

At the same time, the armed forces have continued operations against terrorist groupings in many areas in  southern Daraa province and  northern Idlib province, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

10 terrorists arrested 

These operations occurred as competent authorities confiscated weapons and ammunitions in an agricultural land inside Banyas city (in Tartous province) and arrested an armed terrorist group that was trying to flee to the Lebanese territories.

"Locals of al-Hamedeyeh town near the Lebanese border cooperated with the authorities in arresting the terrorist group that consisted  of a ringleader and 9 of his gang," an official source said.

In another incident, a terrorist group assassinated Head of Peasant Federation in Der Ezzour province, Sharida al-Ali, by shooting him dead as he was going to his work.

Since March 2011, Syria has been experiencing unrest as a result of a foreign-hatched conspiracy in which internal and external tools are being used to weaken the Syrian Arab army and national economy in service of Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia support the armed terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against Syrian citizens.


National media 'mouthpiece of Syrian people and state', says al-Zou'bi

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Information Minister has underscored that the national media is the mouthpiece of the Syrian people and state, saying that it must be open to political, social ,economic and cultural viewpoints.

Omran al-Zou'bi was speaking in a ceremony held on Saturday to mark the 35th anniversary of 'Sawt al-Sha'ab' (Sound of People) Radio.

He made it clear that the national media stands by the army and the armed forces as they are the guarantee of Syria's unity and sovereignty.

"The main task of media is to build public opinion based on principle of loyalty to homeland, " the minister said, expressing confidence in Syria's victory.

B. Qaddour

Human Rights Council Draft Resolution on Syria is Full of lies and False Events- al-Hamwi

GENEVA ,(ST) _  , Syria's permanent representative to the UN Office in Geneva Dr. Faisal al-Hamwi stressed    that the  council 's draft resolution on the human rights situation in Syria is  biased and full of lies and  false events, in claiming that massacres took place in al-Qusair.

Reading  Syria 's  statement before the UN human Council on Friday  on the claim of the existence of  foreign fighters in Syria Hamwi  said :" the draft resolution  totally ignores the presence of mercenaries and jihadists from more than 40 countries , brought , funded and trained   by certain states sponsoring the project which refers to the decisions issued by the Arab League, that  Syria rejects because it no longer recognizes any role  by the AL ,  being transformed under pressure and control  of Qatar to partner  party in the crisis."


Hamwi stressed that the draft resolution  eliminated  the  UN General Assembly Resolution No. 46-182, which  is considered by  all  world countries as a reference in the field of humanitarian aid in availing  exclusive right of states to supervise  and act in this area.

He cautioned all states to dangerous of being  exposed to such blatant piracy challenging its independence and national sovereignty, adding : "Perhaps the fatal mistake in the draft resolution  lies in encouraging support  for the jihadist terrorists with arms , a matter which undermines the principles of the  UN Charter and  the international law."

He questioned , "if those who  bombed the  Lebanese territory with rockets and missiles , kidnapped bishops of the Orthodox community and Lebanese pilgrims and executed a 14- year old teenager  in front of his parents and many other crimes  deserve the support the Human Rights Council ? ."



Hamwi  continued that the international Investigation  committee  reversed its conclusion on   the use of sarin gas by armed terrorist groups, just few hours after it had indicated  an evidence  to its use by these  armed terrorist groups, stressing that many world  countries no longer trust the professionalism and credibility of this committee, which refused to refer to the role of Qatar and Turkey as  key actors in fueling the crisis in Syria.

He  called on  all UN Member States not to support the draft resolution because it sends  a message of support for extremism and terrorism , constitutes  a major threat to human rights situation in Syria and encourages divisions in Syrian society, which in its history only knew  tolerance and peace.

Worthy mentioning that world  media intelligence reports confirmed the presence of tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries from more than 64 nationalities , fighting in the ranks of terrorist groups, led by al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front.

T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army crushes dozens of terrorists in Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_Meneg airbase in the northern Aleppo province is still a thorn stuck in the throat of foreign-backed terrorists who are getting decisive blows everyplace.

In details, units of the armed forces repelled today al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists' attempts to infiltrate into Meneg airbase from cemetery of the Hin village- just 1 km south-east of the airbase-  and from Bakka restaurant.

The clashes broke out there ended in killing and injuring most of the terrorists amid reports of crushing 25 terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunitions east and south of the airbase and in different areas in Aleppo province.

Al-Rosafeh quarter 'safe'

The events took place in the aforementioned province coincided with regaining stability and security to al-Rosafeh quarter in Der Ezzour province and targeting several armed terrorist groups in quarters of al-Sena'a, old airport, and al-Ma'amel in the same province.

New towns under army's control

This advance was followed by a gain made in Hama countryside as 4 towns-Akash, al-Khrejeh, Abo Dali, Abo Rmal- in south-east al-Salameyeh area were declared to be 'safe'.

A military source confirmed that the terrorists who displaced the said towns' locals were killed or injured, calling on locals to return their homes.

It noted that the units of armed forces targeted terrorist groupings in several villages outside Hama, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Meanwhile, army's operations continued against terrorist groups in Hajjira, Yalda, and Darayya areas and in surrounding farms of al-Khammaseyeh and al-Ahmadeyeh towns in the eastern Ghouta outside Damascus.

Other operations were also carried out in Sermin city and Abo al-Dohor countryside in Idlib province where more than 13 terrorists were eliminated.

In the central Homs province, the units of armed forces killed many terrorists when they tried to attack army checkpoints at al-Sad bridge in al-Rastan area.

Shells hit Harasta and Barzeh

In a separate incident, terrorists fired mortar shells on the Police Hospital in Harasta suburb and on the Institute of Rehabilitating Disabled in Barzeh suburb in the capital.

"No one was hurt at the scene," an official source confirmed, citing that an engineering unit dismantled two explosive devices of the weight 2kg/ each put inside nylon bags  just 50 meters far away from the road linking Masaken Barzeh highway to Hamish highway.


The White House statement on using "chemical weapons" full of lies, stresses Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has censured in the strongest possible terms the White House statement on using the chemical weapons in Syria, saying that it comes in conformity with  insolent practices previously used by the US to justify its policy.

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Friday: "the statement is full of lies and based on fabricated information to shoulder the Syrian government responsibility for using the chemical weapons."

It noted that recent reports have confirmed the extremist terrorist group's possession of the lethal chemical weapons and technology needed to produce them and smuggle them from some nearby states.

The US hypocrisy

The source, in addition, talked about the US double-standard policy in dealing with terrorism, saying: " The US alleges keenness on combating terrorism and blacklists al-Nusra Front, while at the same time it supplies terrorist groups in Syria with arms, money, equipment and offers them a political coverage through preventing the UN Security Council from condemning their massacres."

Yesterday, the Foreign Ministry called on  the UNSC to condemn a new massacre perpetrated on Wednesday by terrorist groups during which more than 60 locals in Hatla village in Der Ezzour city were reportedly killed .

" Providing military assistance to armed terrorist groups, who are perpetrating crimes against citizens, proves the US involvement in the Syrian bloodshed and raises a question about credibility of the US intentions to bring about a political solution to the crisis in Syria," the source concluded.

Basma Qaddour