PM inaugurates projects of Damascus Governorate Club

Damascus, (ST)-Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi inaugurated on Monday projects of Damascus governorate social, sport and culture club with a cost of SYP 440 mln in Kfar Sousa in Damascus city at an area of 22 dunnoms. The inauguration came to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the Independence Day.

The Premier toured the club's facilities and was briefed on its activities.

Opening this establishment came within the government’s plan to upgrade the sport, cultural, educational and social situation, al-Halqi said, highlighting the national expertise and capacities that executed this establishment.

Al-Halqi pointed out that the government is working hardly to make a success to the intellectual, body and cultural development of youth, calling for generalizing this culture in all governorates which may play pivotal role in upgrading  youth talents for participating in Arab, regional and world tournaments and hoisting  the national flag of Syria.

Chairman of the General Sports  Federation Moaffak Jumaa asserted, in a statement to SANA reporter, the efforts taken to develop and expand the sport facilities  to include  all age categories. 

O. AL-Mohammad     

President al-Assad meets Iranian Shoura Council delegation

President Bashar al-Assad said parliaments must unify stands to defend peoples who they represent, adding that what is going on in the region requires unifying efforts to confront peoples' enemies.

The President' remark was made on Monday during a meeting with the Iranian Shoura Council delegation headed by Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman Foreign Policy Committee and National Security of Islamic Consultative Assembly.

According to SANA, the talks were constructive and the Iranian delegation presented several parliamentary ideas to serve the region's states.

President al-Assad underscored the Syrian government's readiness to cooperate with Iran in all domains to boost brotherly relations between region's peoples.

Iran's support for Syria to continue

Following the meeting, a news conference was held at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus to summarize results of the three-day visit paid by the Iranian delegation to Syria.

Boroujerdi described the meetings held with Syrian officials as good.

"Iran will continue supporting Syria till the crisis ends in it," he said, stressing that Syria has a pivotal role in resisting the Zionist entity which fuels war in Syria.

'Devilish conspiracy'

He talked about what he described 'devilish policy of Israel', saying: "The Zionist entity supports gunmen in Syria and provides them with information to destroy infrastructure and important sites, assassinate intellectuals, and loot ancient monuments."

Boroujerdi shouldered the US and its allies responsibility for what is going on in Syria, stressing that they should be brought to trial before the international courts.

"The US works to spread terrorism," Boroujerdi said.

On the other hand, He added that some neighboring countries are involved in killing the Syrian people. "The crisis will be ended sooner or later and only wrong practices of these states will remain in mind."

The US policy's failure

 "The US attempt to open a new front through the Syrian-Jordanian borders is an evidence of the failure of its policy over the past two years," Boroujerdi said.

Another evidence of the US-Zionist plot's failure, as the Iranian official sees, is the sharp decrease of participants in the so- called "Syria's Friends Conference" from 130 to only 11.

He stressed that national dialogue among all Syrian spectra is the only way to resolve to the crisis, adding: "Iran backs the political plan outlined by president Bashar al-Assad."

He sees that security situation in Syria is better than before.

Responding a question on Turkish government's policy, Boroujerdi replied that it is unacceptable, calling on the Turkish government to reconsider its policy.

Syrian Arab Army is strong

Asked about rumors of the Iranian revolution guards' participation in fighting with the Syrian Arab Army, Boroujerdi denied the rumors and said: "The Syrian Arab Army is strong and has great achievements. It doesn't need help. We, also, have here to refer to the Syrian national defense committees formed to defend Syria."

He stressed that Zionist enemy is the beneficiary from the events in Syria.

On Saturday night, The Iranian Parliamentary delegation led by head of the Iran-Syria Parliamentary Friendship Group, Boroujerdi, arrived in Damascus for a three-day visit.

The delegation held talks with Syrian officials and leaders of Palestinian groups. 
The talks revolved around bilateral ties and regional issues, particularly situation in Syria.

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Damascus Governorate's Social, Cultural and Sport Club Inaugurated at a Cost of (SYP) 440mln



DAMASCUS, (ST) -  Prime Minister Wael l-Halqi on Monday inaugurated the Damascus Governorate's Social, Cultural and Sport Club at a cost of (SYP) 440mln in Kafr Souseh area


Damascus Governorate Club's Social, Cultural and Sport Projects Inaugurated at a Cost of (SYP) 440mln



DAMASCUS, (ST) -  Prime Minister Wael l-Halqi on Monday inaugurated the Social, Cultural and Sport  projects of Damascus Governorate's Club at a cost of (SYP) 440mln in Kafr Souseh area.


Damascus Governorate Club's Social, Cultural and Sport Projects Inaugurated at a Cost of (SYP) 440mln



DAMASCUS, (ST) -  Prime Minister Wael l-Halqi on Monday inaugurated the Social, Cultural and Sport  projects of Damascus Governorate's Club at a cost of (SYP) 440mln in Kafr Souseh area.


Al-Zou'bi: Syria remains high stand against conspiracies

MOSCOW, (ST) – "This year's Evacuation Day comes at a hard time where our beloved Syria is experiencing bloodshed at the hands of western-backed terrorist groups whose main goal not only to target President Bashar Al-Assad but also the homeland as a whole,"said Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi.

Al-Zou'bi's remarks came during a celeberation ,organized by the Syrian embassy in Moscow,to mark the 67thanniversary of the Evacuation Day.

Despite the bitter fact,al-Zou'bi went on saying,that Syria is facing a large-scale conspiracy in tandem with relentless efforts to spread the culture of extremism, Syria will stand high against conspiracies and soon will emerge victorious thanks to its people and army's steadfastness.

" the morale of the Syrian people and Armed Forces isn't up for trading, pointing out to the dimensions of the vicious media war waged against Syria,"underscored al-Zou'bi.

The celebration was held at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the presence ofSyria's Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad who affirmed that Syria has always been targeted due to its refusal to submit to Israeli and US plots in the region and due to its adherence to sovereign decision-making.

Haddad  lauded Russia and China for their efforts to prevent conspirators from achieving their goals.

For their part, members of the Syrian community and students voiced fully support for Syria hoping to defeat terrorists as soon as possible.

To be noted ,The Syrian Embassy in Moscow, in cooperation with the Syrian communityand National Union of Syrian Students branch in Russia have organized the said event.


Health Minister Launched Children National Vaccination Campaign from Sweida

SWEIDA,(ST)_ Minister of Health Dr. Saad al-Nayef stressed ministry's care  to provide  best and necessary vaccines for children according to set  national vaccination program ,which includes 10 vaccines against 11 diseases . 

In a statement during the launch of the national campaign to vaccinate children in the second  health center, in Sweida on Sunday  said  that the campaign, which target  children under the age of five provides protection for children from  dangerous early childhood diseases , causing disability and even death ,pointing out that the vaccine is for  free and is available in fixed health centers and mobile clinics, and  through mobile teams. 

The Minister continued that targeted children will be immunized by oral  polio vaccine , while  dropouts children  who did not take measles vaccine in 2012 will be vaccine against  measles, rubella, mumps, pointing out that the campaign is carried out through  all health centers ,26  mobile medical clinics mobile and dozens of  medical teams covering  various provinces.

"The vaccine is safe and has no side effects ," the minister said , adding that   during the previous vaccination campaign more  than 1.5  million were immunized. 

The Minister continued that  over the last ten years, the  national vaccination program in Syria occupied  a key position among vaccination programs in Eastern Mediterranean Region countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) , but vaccine coverage decreased as a result of current conditions from over  95 percent to about 90 percent, as many  health centers  were destroyed and the difficult  access to certain areas. 

Head of Sweida 's Health Department Dr Nahida Nasr said  that the polio and measles vaccine campaign  target 43 . 260 children in the province, including 33 thousand school children, noting that it includes children from age day and up to five years for polio oral , children aged 9 months to 10 years of measles vaccine , while children at  temporary accommodation centers aging  between six months and 15 years for measles vaccine and children under five years of polio. 

The Health Ministry launched yesterday (Sunday) in all its health centers a national vaccination campaign targeting children under school age , coinciding  with the World Immunization Week.

According to  Dr. Nidal Abu Rashid Director of the National Immunization Program at the ministry the vaccine is safe and does not have any significant side effects, noting that the vaccine is for free and available in main  health centers.

The aim of the campaign which will continue until April 29th , added  Dr. Abu Rashid  is to increase health awareness in the community about the importance of the vaccine in protecting children from serious diseases and maintain a national vaccination program as a priority of  decision makers.

 Worthy mentioning, that the national vaccination program in Syria, launched in 1978 provided protection for millions of children and achieved many successes, including the eradication of polio, as no local polio case was reported since 1995 and the elimination of neonatal tetanus in 1997 while great strides were achieved  in the elimination of measles.

Highlighting the World Immunization Week, WHO confirms that  immunization prevents  two to three million deaths each year , debilitating diseases,  and disabilities and deaths from diseases that can be prevented with vaccines such as diphtheria, hepatitis (A and B),  measles, mumps, pneumococcal disease, polio and diarrhea caused by rotavirus, tetanus and yellow fever.


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