Halaqi Urged EU Parliamentarians to Pressure their Governments to Stop Supporting Terrorists in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Prime Minister Dr. Waelal-Halaqi underlined the  importance of the role of parliamentarians in the European Union and Western countries in general, who are aware of the reality of the  global war experienced by Syria and to pressure  their governments to stop supporting terrorists in Syria .
During  a meeting with a  Bulgarian delegation headed by chairman of the Bulgarian-Syrian parliamentary friendship group  StrakhilAngelov, the prime minister  underlined " the responsibility of parliamentarians ,the mediaand free thinkers in  addressing the Wahhabi terrorism  " noting  the role of parliamentarians and the Syrian community in Bulgaria in conveying  the reality of what is happening in Syria and unmasking  misinformation .
" Syria is fighting global terrorism on behalf of the whole world," , the Premier stressed, warning  of "the danger of intercontinental  terrorism coming from various parts of the world supported by the US  and Saudi Arabia, which is a stronghold of the Wahhabi ideology" .

He pointed out that armed terrorist groups have systematically vandalized  and damaged the Syrian people  potentials , by looting  wheat, cotton and oil and stealing machines  of laboratories and factories and smuggled  them to Turkey at the orders of the Government of Erdogan and his aides in addition to the destruction of hospitals, schools , universities and  electricity power transmission stations and vandalism of mosques and churches.

He  made it clear that Syria was able to fortify her national economy ,strengthen the stability of the Syrian pound and  assist the displaced  families through the temporary residence  centers ,pointing to the insistence of the Syrian people survive and continue the educational process and achieve victory over terrorism .

The prime minister stressed  that the government is looking forward to strengthening economic and developmental relations with Bulgaria and to increase cooperation and coordination between the two countries to serve mutual  interests.

For his part, Angelov voiced  support for peace in Syria and  solidarity with the Syrian people who suffer as a result of  the  imposed  unjust economic war , stressing  that members of the delegation will convey  what they have seen in Syria faithfully to the  Bulgarian people and  Parliament , expose the  reality of the conspiracy hatched against Syria and  the risk of terrorism at the international level .

T. Fateh

Syrian-American Forum Expands Activities in Defense of Syria's Sovereignty, National Stances

 CALIFORNIA-The Syrian-American Forum has announced that it opened new branches in four US states, namely New York, Michigan, Los Angeles and Massachusetts.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the forum's board meeting held to discuss the forum's plan for 2014.

In a statement to SANA, Ali Al Rayes, Chief of the Forum's California branch, said the step comes within the framework of the forum's plans to unify the national efforts of the Syrian community in America in support for Syria's national stances and sovereignty.

"The new four branches will carry on the forum's political and social activities to help members of the Syrian community practice their right as US citizens to express their views and national stances which reject the American intervention in Syria's affairs and to pressure the US government to change its anti-Syria stances," Rayes said.

He added that expanding the forum's activities aims at influencing the American society through making contacts with US congress members as well as official and media personalities.

"The main objective is to uncover the misleading and inciting media campaign launched against Syria aiming at distorting the reality of what is going on in the country and to make the necessary change in the American public opinion," Al-Rayes pointed out.

H. Mustafa


Presidency Media Office Says Interfax' Quotes Attributed to President Al-Assad Inaccurate

DAMASCUS- The Presidential Media Office of the Syrian Arab Republic on Sunday stressed that all the quotes attributed to President Bashar Al-Assad by the Russian Interfax News Agency are inaccurate, explaining that President Al-Assad has had no interview with the agency.

H. Mustafa

Syrian National Forum: Geneva II meeting must adopt 'practical steps' to combat terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian National Forum has underscored the necessity of convening the Geneva II meeting without precondition and without encroachment on Syria's sovereignty, unity and national independence.

The forum, which was held on Saturday by the Popular Reconciliations' Central Committee in Syria, stressed that the upcoming Geneva meeting must adopt 'practical decisions' to combat terrorism, eradicate it, obliterate its resources and stop bloodshed in the country.

The participants in the forum, according to the official news agency, want the Geneva II meeting to pave the way for reaching a political solution to the ongoing crisis.

They see that the solution must be based on an essential principle that only the Syrians are able to shape their country's political future far away from foreign dictations and intervention.

In addition, they clarified that the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation to Geneva represents the Syrian people and express its aspirations under national principles and President Bashar Al-Assad's directives.

Opposition abroad represents their masters

The participants in the forum said that the opposition abroad represent but their masters, rejecting suspicious pressures to keep Iran away from the Geneva II conference.  

Syrian parties, dignitaries and Non-Governmental organizations took part in the forum entitled "Syrian people have the final word in Geneva II".



Raja: Syrian government offers logistic and security facilitations to deliver humanitarian aid to al-Yarmouk Camp

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "the first batch of food supplies have entered al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus in implementation of a peaceful popular initiative to alleviate the suffering of the people trapped in the camp, "underscored Spokesman of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Anwar Raja.

In a statement to the state-run news agency released on Saturday, Raja pointed out that delivering the humanitarian aid was carried out through primitive and complicated ways as the efforts of the Palestinian popular committees and families of the camp united to deliver the aid.

He added that the Syrian government offered all logistic and security facilitations to deliver this batch of humanitarian aid.


Laham Stressed the Need for International Will to Fight Terrorism

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Parliament Speaker Mohammed Jihad Laham stressed the need for a real international will to fight terrorism and unmask its sponsors and supporters , led by Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of cross-border epidemic to target other states and nations.

In a meeting with a Bulgarian delegation headed by Strakhil Angelov, who is also Head of the Bulgarian-Syrian Parliamentary Friendship Group Laham said that" terrorism posed on Syria for nearly three years, is being funded by Saudi Arabia, which is the factory of terrorism in the world in disseminating extreme terrorist ideology under the guise of Islamic religion , which is far from extremism and violence."

He called on the international community for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 1373 to fight terrorism , stop violence and to prevent the supply of arms and punish countries that provide support to terrorists.

He pointed out that Syria will remain steadfast , thanks to the sacrifices of its national army, and people , denouncing the unjust economic sanctions imposed by the West on the Syrian people outside the framework of the UN Security Council.

He explained that those who call themselves the opposition abroad are" hostages for states conspiring against Syria and refuse to resort to the polls because they do not have any popular base to resort to in any coming elections."

In turn, Angelov stressed the need to strengthen relations with the Syrian parliament and the exchange of information and real pictures of what is happening in Syria and to convey them to the Bulgarian people , pointing out that the best place to solve the problems and differences is the dome of the parliament and the dialogue , hoping the return of displaced people to their homeland for its reconstruction.

For his part, member of the ruling Socialist Party head of the Alslaviana Bulgarian organization Zachary Zachareyev noted that the EU People 's Organization held an international conference in order to stand on the latest global developments on international peace and security and it was decided to establish" Sofia Club" to promote confidence in Europe and the world in cooperation with the European Parliament which was asked to take a clear stand about the crisis in Syria.

Zachareyev indicated he would use the updated information he obtained during his visit to Syria to convey a firm and clear stand in support of the road to peace in Syria, stressing that there are forces and personalities who are fighting for a fair assessment of the crisis in order to preserve Syria 's independence.

 T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army press ahead with operations against terrorists in contested areas

PROVINCES,(ST)_Restive areas outside Damascus, Homs, Daraa, Aleppo and al-Qameshli provinces have witnessed series of operations against foreign-backed terrorist groupings, according to military sources.

The operations, which coincided with clashes in several areas in the said provinces, have resulted in eliminating dozens of terrorists and destroying a host of their weapons.

Series of operations

In details, the official news agency reported on Saturday that the army units killed many terrorists from the so-called the 'Islamic Front' in Adra area, around 25km to the north-east of Damascus, and carried out series of operations in Mdera, Hammoreyeh, Ein Tarma, Duma, Erbin and al-Zabadani outside Damascus.

It added that the army units clashed with armed terrorist groups in Darayya city on the axis of al-Alali area and railway and al-Jam'eyat quarter, noting that tens of terrorists died in the clashes and in a quarrel between two terrorist groups in Jeroud area outside Damascus.

In a further development, it was reported that the army units targeted terrorist groupings in 8 towns- Ein Hsien, al-Khaledeyeh, Slam Sharqi, Rkhom, Em Sehrej, alSaen, alDar alKabira and alMashjar- outside Homs province and destroyed several cars for terrorists in Jabal al-Shaer area in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Infiltration attempts

The army units, in cooperation with border guards, foiled infiltration attempt from Lebanon into al-Qusier countryside in Homs for the second day running.

Other infiltration bids to safe areas in Daraa al-Balad and Inkhel town in southern Daraa province were also thwarted amid reports of a clash flared up between an army unit and an armed terrorist group on Othman-alYadodeh road in the same province.

Weapons destroyed 

A military source declared that the army units killed 8 terrorists and destroyed several Grad missiles, two cars equipped with heavy gun machines and a rocket launcher in Eib town outside Daraa.

The terrorists lost further weapons as the army units shelled several weapons-laden cars in al-Sheikh Najjar area in northern Aleppo province.

An unknown number of terrorists perished in the shelling and in operations against terrorist groupings on the surrounding of the central prison and Hilan farm as well as in the old city of Aleppo and in quarters of al-Sayyed Ali and al-Salehin.

More terrorist groupings were reportedly wiped out outside al-Hassaka and Qameshli provinces.

The US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria.