Syrians must run dialogue themselves, says al-Zou'bi

TARTOUS, (ST)-"Based on preserving  its sovereignty as a free and independent state, Syria is ready to resolve the crisis politically .Furthermore, Syria is ready to take part in Geneva 2 conference  on condition that dialogue will be run by the Syrians," underscored  Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi .

Al-Zou'bi's remark was made during a meeting he held on Tuesday with political, cultural and youth activists plus  reporters.

 "actually, the opposition is only obsessed with   toppling the state simply because they have no political plan, clarified al-Zou'bi.

The minister made it clear that  while Syria  is working to knock out the US and Israel –affiliated armed opposition ,it is keen to see an active national opposition as the opposition reflects the government's mirror and vice versa.

" the Syrians wouldn't accept any political solution unless it endorsed by  H.E President Bashar al-Assad, "underlined al-Zou'bi, adding   that the political solution must  go in line  with confronting terrorism and there is  a possibility to hold a dialogue with those who are ready to lay down their weapons.

As Syria is currently facing unprecedented war, the Minister called on the  Syrians to be hand-in-hand only to overcome aggression  and consequently win the war against their enemies

"Local media ,to a great extent, resembles the Syrian Arab army who are doing their utmost in fighting terrorism. The national media has proved that It is a media of confrontation, steadfastness and going forward as regards upgrading the media discourse ,"al-Zou'bi highlighted.

" three radio stations have been recently launched, while preparations are underway to launch two new TV channels in Lattakia and Aleppo,"affirmed the minister. 


President al-Assad issues decree No.56

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday issued legislative decree No. 56 for the year 2013.

The said decree provides for  postponing financial installments for dealers with public banks who joined the military reserve service until the end of the service.

Furthermore,all late payment interests and fines due over the  period of service will be exempted.


Most European Countries Seek New Communication Channels with Syria- Haidar

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Minister of State for National Reconciliation Dr. Ali Haider said that most European countries began looking for new channels of communication with Syria, especially after a break of diplomatic relations with Syria.

Following  a meeting with Director of the Middle East and North Africa department  at the  Polish Foreign Ministry Mikhao Morkucinsca, Minister Haidar told reporters  that during the meeting, they reviewed latest developments , the horizon of the political process ,the international conference on Syria to be held in Geneva and the possibility of its success and the European role in preparation  for the said  conference.


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army takes control of town in Hama, seizes weapons outside Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have continued flushing out foreign-backed terrorists  of the areas where they sneaked in order to attack citizens and  wreak havoc and have inflicted big losses on them.

They restored stability and security to al-Mofakker town outside Hama province a day after taking control of two areas in the northern Lattakia countryside, according to the Syrian TV Channel.

Today's achievement was preceded by repelling a terrorist group's attack on al-Kaffat checkpoint in al-Salameyeh area in the same province (Hama) that witnessed a deadly attack yesterday when terrorists fired rockets on Homs Street in a residential area leaving 11 citizens martyred and 20 others wounded.

Events came in sync  with eliminating many terrorist groups in areas of al-Qabon, Barzeh, Adra al-Balad, Jobar, al-Sbeneh, Erbin, al-Hseneyeh and al-Shefoneyeh outside the country's capital (Damascus) where the armed forces carried out qualitative operations.

Weapons and medicines seized 

In Darayya, to the south west of the capital, an army unit found a hideout containing a big quantity of weapons, munitions, stolen medicines,  and medical equipment amid reports of mowing down an unknown number of thugs to the south of al-SayyedaSakina Shrine.

More thugs perished and several rocket launchers were destroyed in northern Aleppo province, about 309 km north of Damascus, when the armed forces targeted their groupings in the eastern and east northern countryside.

The armed forces, in addition, foiled an armed terrorist groups' bids to infiltrate into safe areas- DahretAbdrabbo, and quarters of alShiekhMaqsoud, BestanalBash as well as alKhabeyehSouq- in the same province (Aleppo), inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Shells hit Aleppo quarters

The armed terrorists did not only try to enter safe areas but also fired mortar shells on citizens' homes in quarters of al-ashrafeyeh and al-Midan where three citizens were martyred and several others wounded including a child.

Explosive device blast kills 8 citizens

Other 8 citizens were martyred when an explosive device-planted by terrorists- detonated near Lion Hotel in Wadi al-Nadara area outside Homs province.

The terrorists, actually, received decisive blows today in more than 25 sites in the countryside of al-Hasakeh, Idlib Der Ezzour, and Homs as the armed forces obliterated their groupings there.

Most of the terrorists killed in the said sites were foreign nationals: (Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Sudanese), according to SANA.


Syria to Triumph in Battle against Terrorism: Archbishop Hanna

 SOFIA- Syria is the home of peace, amity and religious coexistence, Archbishop of Sebestia for the Greek Orthodox Attalla Hanna has stressed, noting that the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups in the country have targeted the churches, mosques and men of Christian and Islamic religions.

Leading a religious mass and prayers at the Alexander Nivesky Church in Bulgaria, Archbishop Hanna prayed for peace in Syria and for the safety of the Syrian people, army and leadership.

Hanna also urged collective action to release the two Syrian archbishops who were kidnapped in Aleppo few months ago.

"Innocent people are being slaughtered in the name of religion in Syria and humanitarian civilization is being violated," Archbishop Hanna affirmed.

He pointed out that Syria has been distinguished of coexistence and amity among its people regardless their religions or sects.

"The more than two years old war against Syria aims at undermining the fraternity and amity linking the people of the country," Archbishop Hanna said, expressing confidence that Syria will win its battle against terrorism thanks to the Syrian people's steadfastness and support for their leadership and army which continues to attain daily victories against the mercenary terrorists.

H. Mustafa

Al-Wafa'a Organization :Visiting Wounded Army A National Duty

DAMASCUS,(ST) -  Volunteer members of al-Wafa'a organization " Syria my dignity" honored  the wounded Syrian Arab army in Yousouf  al-Azma hospital Damascus,  in recognition to  their heroism and sacrifices in the face of terrorism.

Head of the Organization, Mr. Khaldoun Abu Lappadeh,  stated yesterday that this initiative is considered as a greeting of love and reverence for our brave Army, it reflects wrapping  all spectrums of Syrians about their army, stressing determination and insistence on victory  to keep Syria proud,free and independent.

  A number of the  team members asserted that  visiting each soldier is a human , national, and moral responsibility towards our valiant army in a bid to appreciate the sacrifices they did. 

It is noteworthy that  al-Wafa'a organization " Syria my dignity" includes the participation of various spectrums of the Syrian society. Multi Syrian communities also contributed some  initiatives to ease the effect of the ongoing  crisis and its impact on the Syrians inside and outside the homeland.


Syrian Arab army cleanses two areas in Lattakia, goes ahead with operations elsewhere

PROVINCES,(ST)_Security and stability have been restored to two areas in Lattakia province amid reports of mowing down two ringleaders and 18 identified gangsters in Der Ezzour Province.

According to SANA, the armed forces restored today stability and security to Obin town and Prophet Isaiah Mountain in the northern Lattakia countryside after hammering the armed terrorist groups that infiltrated into the two areas.

This achievement comes a few days after the armed forces imposed control over four towns-Kherbet alBaz, Esterbeh, Blata, and Eramo- in the same area.

A series of operations

It coincided with continuity of cracking down on foreign –backed terrorists in several areas in Damascus countryside-  Harasta, Doma, Erbin, Jobar, Barzeh, alQabon, Darayya, alNabk.

An unknown number of terrorists were reportedly killed not only in the said areas but also in the northern, northwestern and southwestern Aleppo countryside where several hideouts were obliterated.

More hideouts of terrorists were targeted in 12 areas outside Idlib and in Homs Province –al-Sa'an town and outside Tal kalkh as well as in Quarters of bab Hod and Joret al-Shayyah.

In Hama province, the armed forces destroyed a rocket launcher and weapons and eliminated many al-Nusra Front-affiliates when they were trying to attack an army checkpoint, east of al-Mofakker town in al-Salameyeh countryside.

Three terrorist groupings were targeted in Shehet Awwad town , Jesr Beit al-Ras and al-Hwez area in Hama countryside  where an unknown number of terrorists were killed and injured.

An official source said that a unit of the armed forces mowed down many terrorists in an ambush on alHamam-Khanaser road and arrested a terrorist carrying a rifle and heavy machine gun.

Terrorists attack a civilian bus

On the other hand, at least a citizen was martyred and several others wounded when an armed terrorist group's attacked a bus picking up civilians between Mragha hill and al-Hamam outside Hama.

Around 20 gangsters killed

Back to latest developments in the country's provinces, it was reported that two al-Nusra Front-linked ringleaders and 18 identified gangsters perished in quarters of al-Hweqa, al-Jbeleh, Nazlet al-Radesat, and in Sinema Fouad Street as the armed forces carried out qualitative operations there.

Most of the dead were of foreign nationals and affiliated to different battalions operating there, according to SANA.