Al-Halqi outlines the Arab intellectuals’ role in confronting cultural invasion

Damascus (ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has confirmed that the comprehensive and systematic war waged against Syria targets the Arab nation and serves the  interests of the Zionist- American schemes in the region.

During the reception of the secretary General of the Arab Unification Party in Lebanon Wiaam Wahhab and Head of the Arab Bloc in Lebanon Skaker al-Barjawi on Thursday, al-Halqi expressed his confidence that Syria will get out triumphant of the crisis and will remain the impregnable fortress in front of all enemies.

Al-Halqi outlined the supportive stances of the national and Arab parties to the Syrian people in confronting the war that tries to shatter the Arab pride, dignity and the spirit of resistance, underlining the role played by the Arab intellectuals in challenging the cultural and media invasion in a bid to distort the Arab history and Islam.

The Premier highlighted the victories achieved by the brave Syrian Arab Army in facing the terrorist groups and  gradually restoring security and stability to the country in line with the government’s confrontation of the economic war.

For his part, Wahhab highlighted the Syrian government’s calls to the displaced citizens in the neighboring countries to come back home, voicing his party’s support to the Syrian people in the face of the global terrorism.

Wahhab expressed his complete confidence that the victory is imminent and that Syria will regain development and stability thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and Army.

Al-Barjawi voiced his Bloc’s support for Syria, reiterating that the axis of resisting the western schemes in the region will ultimately emerge triumphant.          

O. Al-Mohammad

Syrian Arab army advances in southern Damascus countryside, obliterates hideouts in Daraa and Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_A remarkable progress has been made by units of the armed forces in the southern Damascus  countryside, as several hideouts of al-Nusra Front-affiliates have been bombarded in Aleppo, Daraa, al-Hassaka and Der Ezzour provinces.

According to the Syrian TV channel, the armed forces scored today a remarkable progress in cracking down on terrorists in al-Dyabeyeh and al-Hseneyeh areas –to the south of Damascus countryside- were many hideouts and groupings of al-Nusra Front-affiliates were pounded.

An unknown number of terrorists was eliminated not only in the said areas but also in Hajjira town in the same province.

As for  other developments in Damascus countryside, an official source told SANA that dozens of thugs were mowed down in Harasta city in a fighting raged between an army unit and terrorist groups.

Explosive devices inside a tunnel

It added that a tunnel containing tens of explosive devices –weighing 100kg/each-was discovered in al-Mleha area amid reports of hammering many thugs in areas of Doma, Barzeh, and Adra al-Balad as well as in farms of al-Bahhareyeh and al-Ahmadeyeh outside the capital (Damacus).

shell wounds 2 citizens in Damascus

On the other hand, two citizens were wounded when a mortar shell-fired by terrorists- landed on Tishreen Park in Damascus.

This attack occurred as the terrorists sustained heavy losses in the central Homs province, where the armed forces warded off terrorists' attack on a garrison in al-Qosor quarter and shelled several hideouts in 7 areas.

A military source confirmed that all the terrorists, who attacked the garrison, were killed.

It noted that an army unit foiled terrorists' bid to detonate 6 booby-traps near Sharefeh junction on Homs-Palmyra road.

In the northern Aleppo province, several armed terrorist groups were crushed in towns of Ein al-Jamajmeh, al-Jabereyeh, the western Kweris and on alAtareb-Aleppo and Dar Ezzeh-Aleppo roads.

Some four weapons-laden cars were also reportedly destroyed north of Kweris airbase.

Dozens of terrorists killed

Elsewhere, the armed forces wiped out hideouts of terrorists in 7 towns in the southern Daraa province and in 4 areas in the western al-Hassaka countryside as well as in 6 areas in Der Ezzour province.

An arms depot was destroyed in al-Shaateyyat area in Abo Hamam city outside Der Ezzour where tens of terrorists, who were inside it, died.


Al-Moallem Receives Credentials of UN Resident Coordinator

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem received the credentials of Jacob al-Helo as the Resident Coordinator of the UN Activities, the Resident Representative of the UN Development Program, the Coordinator of Humanitarian Assistance and the Security Officer of the UN Organizations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Talks dealt with ways of enhancing cooperation between Syria and the United Nations and its offices in Syria.

H. Mustafa        

Syrian Arab army takes control of strategic site in Lattakia, carries out operations in Eastern Ghouta

PROVINCES,(ST)_Khamis Mountain in Lattakia province has been declared to be under the control of the armed forces that have continued launching a series of qualitative operations outside Damascus, Daraa, Homs, Aleppo, and Der Ezzour provinces.

According to SANA, the armed forces clamped down today control over Khamis Mountain in  northern Lattakia countryside after wiping out all groupings and hideouts of terrorists who earlier infiltrated into it. 

They also pounded a rockets dump and hammered an unknown number of terrorists 13 of which were identified  in al-Helweh town in the same province.

Weapons destroyed  

While in  northern Aleppo province, the armed forces destroyed several rocket launchers and three mortars in al-Jadedeh town and shelled many terrorist groupings in Khan al-Assal area.

The rocket launchers and mortars, according to an official source, were used by terrorists to target public and private properties in Aleppo city and countryside.

The source noted that several weapons-loaded cars were bombarded on alKastillo-Aleppo and Ezaz-Aleppo roads. All terrorists inside the cars died.

 More terrorists were reportedly eliminated in Kwiris and Meneg towns in the same province (Aleppo).

Terrorists' hideouts in 45 areas shelled

Towards the south of the country, precisely in Daraa province, many hideouts and groupings of terrorists were raided in more than 12 towns and 8 identified terrorists were among the dead.

Other terrorist groupings from al-Nusra Front were targeted in about 12 areas in  central Homs province and in 21 areas in Der Ezzour province.

A military source clarified that terrorists of Egyptian, Jordanian, and Palestinian nationalities were among the dead in Homs, pointing out that an army unit repelled terrorists' bid to detonate four booby-traps (weighing 35-50 kg/each) on Homs-Palmyra road.

In a further development, the armed forces killed and injured an unknown number of al-Nusra Front-affiliates, some of whom were Tunisian and Palestinian nationals, in a series of operations targeted their hideouts and groupings in the Eastern Ghouta and areas of Barzeh, al-Qabon, Jobar, Harasta, Doma, and Erbin outside the country's capital (Damascus).

Terrorists shot citizen dead

The same province witnessed a terrorist attack when a terrorist group opened fire on a private car near Harasta Water Center causing the martyrdom of a citizen and leaving  two others wounded.


News Circulated on targeting President Al-Assad's House Baseless

Damascus, (ST) – The Syrian Republic Presidency Media Office on Wednesday affirmed that all the news circulated by some media outlets about targeting President Bashar al-Assad's house in Damascus are completely untrue and baseless.


Al-Halqi calls on all displaced to come back home from the neighboring countries

Damascus (ST)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi renewed calling  on all the displaced citizens in the neighboring countries who were forced to leave their homes due to the terrorist acts to come back home to prevent being exploited.

Chairing the Cabinet's weekly session on Tuesday, al-Halqi stressed that Syria accommodates its entire people and that the government is ready to embrace all the displaced people and ensure decent residential places for them.

Al-Halqi pointed out that the government is incessantly working to control the increase in prices and to ensure services and living prerequisites in all governorates, outlining the measures taken by an ad hoc economic committee to boost the national economy capacities and to preserve stability of the Syrian pound exchange rate.

For his part, Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, pointed out  that thousands of displaced Syrians in the neighboring countries have started  returning home, particularly from Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

The Cabinet approved a draft law to establish the Higher Judicial Institute at the Ministry of Justice and another one to amend Article 205 of Labor Law No. 17 for 2010 pertaining to setting up labor courts in the provinces.

The Cabinet also endorsed a draft law to establish electronic copying offices at the Justice Ministry and all judicial bodies and courts as a step to automating judicial and administrative work and coping with the developed hi-tech procedures.


Syrian Arab army wipes out an arms cache in Aleppo, raids squads in Der Ezzour and Lattakia

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least four ringleaders and dozens of gangsters, mostly of Arab nationalities, have been reportedly perished during operations carried out by units of the armed forces  in more than 40 locations in six provinces. 

The ringleaders were eliminated in areas of Barzeh , Der Salman and Htitet al-Terkman, and Hajjira outside the country's capital (Damascus) when the armed forces targeted their hideouts there.

 Gangsters were hammered in Erbin, Jobar, Yalda, al-Hseneyeh, al-Dyabeyeh and Ashrafeyet al-Wadi  areas during today's operations which  resulted in destroying big quantity of weapons and munitions.

Shelling 3 sites outside Lattakia

At the same time, it was reported that many al-Nusra Front-affiliates were killed in yabroud area outside Damascus in a qualitative operation which coincided with shelling terrorist groupings on the outskirts of Obin town, Prophet Isaiah Mountain and al-Hanbosheyeh town in the coastal province, precisely in the northern Lattakia province,

A military source told SANA that a Kuwaiti sniper, a terrorist from Jordan, and 9 terrorists from Morocco linked to the so-called "al-Sahel" brigade were crushed outside Lattakia.

Fighting in Der Ezzour and Aleppo

More terrorists died in Der Ezzour province -around 506km to the east of Lattakia- as the armed forces wiped out an arms dump and groupings in quarters of al-Hwiqa, al-Jbileh, and al-Orfi as well as on the surroundings of Bemo bank and in al-Mre'ayeh town.

Furthermore,  fighting flared up between an army unit and an armed terrorist group when it was trying to infiltrate from al-Sena'a quarter into al-Rosafa quarter in the same province (Der Ezzour). Most of the group's members were mowed down.

However in the northern Aleppo province, the armed forces continued targeting terrorist groupings, rocket launchers and mortars in towns of Kwiris, Rasm al-Abbod, Tal Ayyoub, and in areas of Bani Zeid, Khan al-Assal, al-Layramon,  al-Atareb.

They, in addition, warded off an armed terrorist groups' bid to sneak into al-Kindi hospital and al-Mothallateyeh garden in Salah Eddin, Sulaiman al-Halabi, and al-Sweqa quarters.

It's noteworthy to mention that the terrorists are trying to enter the said areas in Aleppo every day.

Medicines and weapons discovered

In the southern Daraa province, the armed forces destroyed a weapons-laden car coming from Jordan and found documents of Turkish terrorists in al-Harra town.

They also discovered stolen medicines, explosive devices and different types of munitions in al-Masla mosque in al-Hawamdeh alley amid reports of bombarding several hideouts in 7 towns in the same province (Daraa). 

car bomb explosion kills terrorists

In a separate development, a military source declared that a number of terrorists died in a car bomb explosion as they were booby trapping it in al-Hardaneh town outside al-Salameyeh in Hama province.

The foreign-backed terrorists are perpetrating brutal massacres against civilians and soldiers and targeting infrastructure all over the country.

Some regional and international countries support the terrorist groups operating in Syria to weaken the national army and economy in service of Israel's interests.