Syrian Arab Army Seizes Arms Depot, Eliminates Terrorist Ringleaders

PROVINCES,(ST)_The foreign-backed terrorists have lost a large chunk of weapons  in today's operations which also resulted in killing dozens of them outside Damascus and Idleb provinces and in Aleppo and Homs provinces, according to the official news agency.

The agency quoted a military source as citing that the army units confiscated on Tuesday an arms depot containing a big quantity of weapons and ammunitions in the eastern side of Darayya area in the western Ghouta of Damascus province.

"The seized weapons included 60mm mortar shells, heavy machineguns, rifles, booby-traps, various types of munitions, gallons of acid for making bombs and explosives," the source said.

The confiscation of weaponry synchronized with shelling terrorist groupings in Duma, Jobar, Adra, Harasta, Darayya, Khan al-Sheih, al-Mansheyeh, Drosha, al-Hseneyeh, al-Kesweh areas in Damascus countryside.

An unknown number of terrorists was eliminated in the said areas and in the western quarter in al-Zabadani city and at the entry of Jeroud town as well as in Al-Mselha area in al-Rhebeh town.

More terrorists were reportedly killed and wounded when the army units targeted hideouts and groupings of terrorists in towns of al-Zara, al-Hesn, al-Barghoteyeh, Salam Gharbi, Salam Sharqi,al-Shendakheyh, Em al-Resh, Mes'ada, Rhom and a-Ghasebeyeh and in southern al-Qusier countryside in central Homs province.

Field hospitals in Arsal

A military source declared that the army units targeted a hideout of terrorist ringleaders in Joret al-Shayyah in Homs city, killing and wounding many of them.

The wounded ringleaders were admitted to field hospitals in the Lebanese Arsal village, the source said.

In addition, the army units wiped out many weapons-laden cars in Jabal al-Sha'er area, around 89km to the north-west of Palmyra, and in several areas in Aleppo countryside as well as outside Idleb province. Scores of terrorists perished in the said areas.

Non-Syrian terrorists

Six terrorists of Turkish, Chechen, Iraqi and Egyptian nationalities were among the dead outside Idleb province, a military source confirmed.

The US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Syria in facing terrorism exported from around 83 countries, media reports say.


Al-Jaafari Condemns Provocative, Misleading Way Some Countries Deal with Crisis in Syria

 NEW YORK-Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has condemned the anti-Syria provocative and misleading statements made by delegations of some countries at the Security Council session held on Tuesday to discuss the "Situation in the Middle East".

 "Some countries keep promoting anti-Syria claims, fabrications and accusations which serve the scheme of supporting terrorism and extremism in Syria and the entire region. Such fabrications aim at diverting attention from the core topic of discussion which is the methods of ending the Israeli occupation of Arab territories not the internal situation in the region's countries," Al-Jaafari said in Syria's statement.

He added that "these countries support, shelter, arm and provide training to terrorists and facilitate their infiltration into Syria across the borders with neighboring countries. They keep inciting extremism and terrorism in Syria and work hard to foil efforts to attain any peaceful settlement to the country's crisis, including the efforts exerted to hold Geneva 2 conference in which the Syrian government had agreed to participate without preconditions."

Al-Jaafari explained that the delegations of these countries referred to and condemned the terrorism spreading in Iraq at Syria's eastern borders but ignored the terrorism hitting Syria, despite the fact that the major terrorist organization targeting both Syria and Iraq is called al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Levant.

He wondered why these countries had condemned the activities of al-Qaeda in Iraq, but kept silence regarding the activities of terrorist organizations in Syria, though Syria had provided the Security Council with names of hundreds of terrorists killed in the country including Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, British, French, Belgian, American, Canadian, Australian, Libyan and Tunisian terrorists.

Syria's UN Representative pointed out that the interior ministers of Britain, France and some other Western countries in addition to the American FBI had admitted their countries' concerns over the possible return of their terrorist nationals who are shedding the Syrian blood in Syria to their home countries.
"These Western officials see a problem in the return of western terrorists to their home countries and find this issue unacceptable. They prefer their terrorist nationals to stay in Syria and keep shedding the blood of the Syrians, as if those terrorists had come to Syria without the knowledge of the intelligence systems of the governments of these western countries," Al-Jaafari explained.

Al-Jaafari went on to say that the delegations also ignored the announcement made by the Palestinian Labor Minister Ahmad Majdali in Damascus recently that the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish- financed Islamist terrorists are the party which shot fire on the UNRWA humanitarian aid convoy while trying to enter al-Yarmouk Camp to provide assistance to the Palestinians there.

On the Palestinian issue, al-Jaafari said that the UN shoulders historical and legal responsibility to establish an independent Palestinian state with a complete sovereignty in accordance with related UN resolutions, but the Israeli occupation authorities have violated all the resolutions and aborted every opportunity to establish a Palestinian state.

Al-Jaafari referred to the almost half a century old suffering of the Syrian citizens under the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan  as a result of the oppressive and racist policies of the occupation authorities.

He clarified that the Syrians in the occupied Golan undergo racist policies by the occupation and they are deprived of their rights of education and medical service.

"The occupation authorities have also built an apartheid wall to the east of Majdal Shams town and refused to hand over the maps of minefields in Golan to the international organizations, al-Jaafari said.

He held the Israeli occupation authorities full responsibility for the outcomes of the assistance and support they provide to the armed terrorist groups in the UNDOF area, describing this behavior as a blatant violation of the international law and the UNDOF agreement of 1974.

He stressed that the Israeli support for terrorists exposes the life of the UN peacekeepers acting in the Golan to danger

Al-Jaafari affirmed that it is not allowed to let the failure of the United Nations in shouldering its responsibilities towards implementing its resolutions continue.

"The United Nations now should keep what has been left of its credibility by putting an end to the double standard policies being adopted by some member countries and by forcing Israel to comply with the UN resolutions that end the Israeli occupation of Arab territories," al-Jaafari said.

He stressed that any just and comprehensive peace in the region won't be attained except in accordance with the well-known peace terms of reference, particularly the UN concerned resolutions.

Al-Jaafari asserted that all what peoples of the region want is peace, prosperity, stability and ending the state of tension and occupation.

H. Mustafa  


Syrian-Russian Bilateral Relations Stressed

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Prime Minister WaelHalaqi stressed the key role of the Russian Federation in " rebalancing of international relations and prevent countries with colonial nature from singling out the world's policies and laws , that seek to fuel conflicts in the region and create safe havens for terrorism to spread chaos and instability in the region and perpetuate  imperialist projects against the Arab nation " .

Meeting yesterday with a Russian delegation comprising parliamentarians, and religious and social figures headed by Sergei Gavrilov Chairman of the property Committee in the Russian State Duma , Halaqi added that Russia like other countries of the world suffered from terrorism and recognized the seriousness of its criminal practices , noting that what is happening in Syria of war crimes are the responsibility of ," Saudi Arabia, Turkey , Qatar, ,the USA and Western countries that support terrorism . "
He stressed the historical and strategic relations linking both countries and peoples over the past decades, especially under the leaderships of the two presidents Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin , adding that Syrian-Russian relations are " partnership " throughout decades .

He noted the need for an international consensus to " fight against terrorism , drain its resources and obliging states sponsoring it to stop their financial , military and ideological support ," stressing the Syrian people's awareness of the hatched conspiracy and that a political solution to the crisis , must be a priority of the Geneva Conference 2 to combat terrorism and create a suitable environment for a political solution .

Gavrilov renewed his country 's leadership and people support to the Syrian people , providing necessary humanitarian assistance and readiness to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Syrian economy and infrastructure damaged by armed terrorist groups and reconstruction of transport networks, rail , aircraft and training Syrian personnel on the rebuilding of grain silos and mills .

Gavrilov pointed out that the delegation's visit to  hospitals, the wounded of the Syrian Army ,the churches and mosques destroyed by terrorists stresses the need to unify international stances to fight world terrorism in general and in Syria, in particular.

T. Fateh

Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Terrorist Groups in Homs, Repels Attack on Aleppo Locals

PROVINCES,(ST)_A smuggling tunnel has been destroyed in Der Ezzour province amid reports of repelling attacks on Aleppo locals and Saidnaya city outside Damascus and targeting weapons-laden cars in Homs province.

In details, units of the armed forces battered on Monday a 22m long tunnel which had been used by terrorists to store weapons and shuttle from one place to another, in al-Orafi quarter in Der Ezzour province.

They also clashed with armed terrorist groups belonging to al-Nusra Front in al-Rashedeyeh and al-Sena'a quarters where 7 terrorists were mowed down, according to the official news agency.

The agency added that an army unit crushed an armed terrorist group near 'al-Taim' oil field and obliterated a hideout for terrorists from 'Ahrar al-Sham' movement in al-Je'a town.

More hideouts were pounded in the quarters of al-Qarabis, Joret al-Shayyah and al-Quosor in central Homs province. An unknown number of terrorists were killed and injured in the said quarters and in southern al-Qusair countryside.

Arms-laden cars targeted 

While in al-Waer quarter in the same province [Homs], the army units eliminated several ringleaders and destroyed a weapons-loaded car for terrorists there, according to a military source.

Other arms-laden cars were also targeted in Kherbet Berghlan and Kherbet Beit al-Agha areas outside Homs.

Around 190km to the north of Homs, precisely in Aleppo province, it was reported that scores of terrorists perished while trying to infiltrate into quarters of al-Sayyed and al-Hamedeyeh to attack the locals there.

More terrorists were exterminated in many flashpoint quarters in Bani Zaid area and in al-Sheikh Najjar area and in the nearby areas in Aleppo province and in the areas of Adra, Jobar, Harasta, Darayya, Yaboud, al-Zabadani, Madaya, Khan al-Sheih, Rankos outside Damascus province.

For the second day running, the armed terrorist groups tried to attack Cherubim monastery in Marret Saidnaia, around 27km to the north of the capital [Damascus], but the army units foiled the attack killing and injuring many of terrorists.

Shells hit Daraa and Saidnaia

In separate developments, the terrorists fired mortar shells on quarters of al—Matar and al-Sabil in southern Daraa province and on Saidnaya city outside Damascus province.

At least a child was wounded in the mortar attack on Daraa province. Attack caused material damage at the scene, according to a police command source.

However, the shells hit courtyards of al-Saydeh Monastery and Moneb Zaher School in Saidnaya city causing material damages. No casualties reported. 

The US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria, media reports confirm.


President al-Assad asks Syria's delegation to Geneva 2 conference to live up to the Syrians' expectations

DAMASCUS, (ST) –" you have to live up to the Syrians' expectations through expressing their hopes and pains  plus  preserving Syria's sovereignty as always, preventing and rejecting any foreign interference no matter its form and context, and accepting no relinquishing of the well-known Syrian national standards. Most importantly, preserving the country and the people and placing their interest above any other consideration, "underscored President Bashar Al-Assad.

This came during a meeting President Al-Assad held on Monday with  the official delegation tasked with participating in international conference on Syria which will be convened  in Geneva on January 22nd 2014.

Addressing the delegation, President Al-Assad made it clear that anything reached in Geneva will not succeed if the Syrian people don't accept it, and that any political solutions requires first and foremost the complete cessation of terrorism and pressuring the countries which support and sponsor it to comply with international conventions, laws and norms which incriminate anyone who provides any form of assistance to terrorism and terrorist organizations.

"we  will go to Geneva eying  the Syrian people's aspirations  and President Al-Assad's directives  to begin a political dialogue as a first step to an inter-Syrian dialogue on Syrian soil,"affirmed the delegation.

It is to be noted that Syria's delegation to Geneva conference consists of Walid al-Moallem who heads the delegation, Omran al-Zoubi and Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban who are the deputy heads of delegation, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, Hussam Eddin Alla, Bashar al-Jaafari, Ahmad Farouk Arnous, Luna al-Shebl, and Usama Ali.


Syrian Arab Army Wards Off Attack on Saidnaya Cherubim, Shells Terrorist Groupings in Aleppo and Der Ezzour

PROVINCES,(ST)_An intense fighting has raged on the outskirts of Saidnaya city outside Damascus, while qualitative operations have been conducted in Aleppo and Der Ezzour provinces.

The Syrian TV Channel reported on Sunday that an army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group trying to attack Cherubim monastery in MarretSaidnaya, around 27km to the north of Damascus.

Many of the terrorist group's members were eliminated in the clash during an operation which targeted their hideouts to the west of Saidnaya city.

Another clash flared up between an army unit and an armed terrorist group in Harasta area outside Damascus where 2 terrorists died amid reports of mowing down 3 others in a qualitative operation in Duma area in the same province [Damascus countryside].

Other 5 terrorists were killed and 20 others wounded when the army units shelled terrorists' hideout at the entry of Jeroud area in the northeastern countryside of Damascus.

Hideouts pounded

Meanwhile, it was said that the army units struck terrorist groupings in 7 towns in the eastern and northwestern countryside of Aleppo province and thwarted infiltration attempts into Aleppo central prison and a garrison in Salaheddin quarter in the city of Aleppo.

The army units also obliterated several terrorists' hideouts in quarters of al-Salhin and al-Jazmati and at alHelaneyeh square and destroyed a number of weapons-loaded cars in Bani Zaid quarter.

 More hideouts were targeted in the southern al-Qusair countryside outside Homs province and in the towns of al-Bolil and al-Mayadin city in Der Ezzour province.

The death toll in the operations was not reported but it was said that many terrorists were killed.

Terrorist attacks

In another development, the army units foiled terrorists' bid to burglarize a wheat silo in al-Tawarij town outside al-Qameshli province. 

While in southern Daraa province, the armed terrorist groups opened fire on workers at the Syrian Telecommunication Company's Daraa branch, leaving two workers wounded.

A source at the company clarified that the terrorist groups had opened fire on the workers for the third time in three days in order to prevent the workers from carrying out their duties.

"Whatever the cost may be, the workers in the company insist on carrying out their duties" the source said.  

Syria is facing a terrorism targeting the national army, citizens and the country's infrastructure.  Terrorism is exported from 83 countries.

The US, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey support the terrorist groups operating in Syria by all means, media reports confirm.


President Al-Assad: Forming an international alliance to counter terrorism, an alliance to eradicate wahabism imperative

DAMASCUS, (ST)-"there is a dire need to form an international alliance to counter terrorism plus an Islamic one to uproot wahabi ideology simply as the wahabism is the main problem as regards the connection amongst religions, 'underscored President Bashar Al-Assad .

President Al-Assad's remark was made during a meeting on Sunday with a delegation of the Russian MPs, social and religious dignitaries, headed by Sergey Gavrilov, Chairman of the Property Committee at the Russian State Duma.

"Russia's stance  towards Syria and the region is  important. .It  is based on the international principles, laws and conventions as well as it eyes  the peoples' interests in general and the Syrian and Russian people in particular, "underlined President Al-Assad.

The President made it clear  that the pressures to which Syria is exposed are similar to the pressures on Russia and China since many years because the history of the west is a colonial one and the western states have problems with any independent states, whether they were  small or big.

The delegation's members, for their part, said that their visit's aim  is to voice  solidarity with the Syrian people who courageously confront terrorism.

" Syria ,which combats terrorism, is not only defend its interests or the interests of the region, but it also defends peace and security across the globe, "asserted the delegation.

They  thanked President Al-Assad and the Syrian people for their stance in solidarity with the Russian people after the terrorist act which took place in the Russian city of Volgograd last month, considering that those who stand behind the terrorist operation in Russia and Syria are the same.