Information Ministry Condemned Terrorist Massacre Against Egyptian Soldiers

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ " Syria condemns the terrorist massacre against the Egyptian police near Rafah, North Sinai and considers it a disgraced act of terrorism", said the Syrian ministry of information.
In a statement yesterday, the ministry added :"On behalf of the Syrian people, we offer condolences to the people of Egypt and the families of the martyrs" , reiterating full confidence in the ability of the Egyptian people to withstand organized terrorism.
On Monday,  25 Egyptian central security soldiers were killed and two others wounded in a terrorist attack against their two buses near Rafah, North Sinai.
An Egyptian security source said that armed takfiri groups stopped the two buses on El Arish -Rafah road, stepped down the soldiers and killed them in cold blood by gunfire shots.

T. Fateh

Information Minister:Erdogan's memory out of service

DAMASCUS,(ST)- Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has dubbed Turkish Prime Minister Receep Tayyeb Erdogan as defeated-depressed like who doesn't want to recognize his failure ,underscoring that Erdogan's policy is irresponsible and unbalanced.

In a statement released yesterday,al-Zou'bi further described Erdogan as having out-of–service memory and as detached from reality as he is still recalling the dreams of the perished empire(ottoman empire).


Syrian Arab army tightens control over more areas in Lattakia countryside, shells terrorists' hideouts in 6 provinces

PROVINCE,(ST)_ Whilst  military decisive operations against foreign-backed terrorists have continued everywhere, most of media reports on developments in Syria have focused on the fighting that raged two weeks ago in the country's coastal province [Lattakia].

On Monday, reports confirmed that the armed forces tightened control over Prophet Asiaya Mountain and the surrounding areas as well as over hills of al-Btish, Roto and Dorin in  northern Lattakia countryside bringing the total safe areas to 19.

Key strongholds of thugs in Lattakia countryside – Salma and Rabe'a towns- are said to be the armed forces' next target.

Big quantity of weapons

A military source told SANA that a big quantity of weapons including mortars was seized in the safe areas amid reports of discovering an arms dump containing ammunitions, rockets and mortars near al-Jawadeyeh town in al-Qusayr farm in  central Homs province.

On the other hand, the armed forces repelled terrorists' bid to sneak from Lebanese territories into al-Qusayr countryside and shelled several hideouts in towns of al-Dar al-Kabira, al-Ghanto, Beit Hajjo, southern Mashjar, Kisin, al-Amereyeh, al-Sa'en and al-Hesn and in quarters of Bab Sba'a, al-Qal'a, al-Warsheh, al-Safsafeh, al-Qarabis, Joret al-Shayyah, and Bab Hod.

They also thwarted terrorists' attempt to detonate two explosive devices weighing  60kg/each in al-Bayyarat area on Homs-Palmyra road.

Rockets kill 5 citizens in Homs

Last night, the same province [Homs] had a deadly attack when terrorists fired rockets on Em al-Amd town causing martyrdom of 5 citizens including children and women and leaving 25 others wounded.

Another citizen was martyred and 15 others wounded as mortar shells- fired by terrorists- landed in al-Tejara quarter and al-Zablatani area in Damascus.

 Terrorists,  targeting civilians and soldiers and the country's infrastructure, are being stormed by the armed forces and have been inflicted heavy losses.

Operations continued

Several al-Nusra Front-affiliated ringleaders and gangsters died during operations targeted their groupings in al-Qabon, Jobar, Harasta, al-Dyabeyeh, Hajjira, al-Hseneyeh, Daraya and al-Zabadani outside Damascus, according to SANA.

They also lost  a large chunk of their weapons which were destroyed by the armed forces in the same areas.

More terrorist groupings were hammered in Hritan, Tal Hayyan, Byanon junction, al-Jadedeh, and Kweres areas in northern Aleppo province, as a hi-tech satellite was detected inside a hideout in Sayf al-Dawleh quarter in the same province.

In another development, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bids to infiltrate into the safe al-Orafi quarter in Der Ezzour province and raided many hideouts of al-Nusra Front affiliates in quarters of al-Hweqa, al-Sheikh Yasin, al-Ardi and old airport as well as in towns of al-Mre'ayeh and al-Hseneyeh.

Other hideouts of terrorists were bombarded in several areas outside Idlib, Daraa, and Hama provinces.

Rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, which had been used by terrorists to target al-Sqelbeyeh town, were destroyed in Qassaben town in al-Ghab countryside in Hama.  

The death toll of terrorists in all today's operations in unknown.


Al-Mikdad highlights cooperation with UN organizations operating in Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has underlined the importance of the continuous cooperation and coordination between the Syrian government and the UN organizations operating in Syria.

During the meeting held on Monday with the new UN resident representative in Syria and coordinator of the humanitarian activities Jaccob al-Hilo, al-Mikdad outlined the Syrian appreciation of the UN organization efforts relating to the relief activities and humanitarian aids offered during  the trying circumstances encountered by Syria.

Al-Mikdad expressed the government’s disposition to extend full facilities to the UN organizations to deliver humanitarian aids to all Syrians citizens over the country.

The Deputy Minister wished the new UN resident representative good success in his mission.

 I. Abdulkareem.

Syrian Arab army continues decisive operations, defeats thugs in 7 towns in Lattakia

PROVINCES,(ST)_Successive knockout blows are being delivered to the thugs, who sneaked into the northern Lattakia countryside to wreak havoc there, amid reports of eliminating dozens of al-Nusra Front-affiliates outside Damascus and Aleppo provinces.

The armed forces imposed today control over seven towns – alHambosheyeh, alBallota, alSheik Nabhan, alKhrata, alKhanzoreyeh, Barodeh, Jabal al-sha'aban- in  northern Lattakia province raising the number of safe areas to 16 in a week.

A military source told SANA that big number of thugs, some of foreign nationalities, was killed and various types of weapons were confiscated in the said towns.

Rocket launchers and mortars destroyed

This progress was made while a series of operations were carried out in  northern Aleppo province where rocket launchers and mortars  destroyed and terrorist groupings were crushed, according to an official source.

The operations were in the east southern countryside (in towns of Kweris and al-Jadedeh) and in the west southern countryside (in Khan al-Assal and the surrounding of Der Jamal town) as well as in the southern and east northern countryside.

Other operations were also launched against al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists' hideouts in Damascus countryside, precisely in Doma, Harasta, Hajjira, alDyaberyeh and Darayya which  ended in eliminating an unknown number of terrorists.

Weapons seized

 Meanwhile, it was said that various types of weapons were seized inside a hideout of an armed terrorist group in al-Fayha'a quarter in Hama province when an army unit burst into the hideout. 

Most of the terrorist group' members and the ringleader perished.

More terrorists were hammered in the Daraa, Homs and Idlib provinces when the armed forces shelled hideouts in more than 20 areas and clashed with armed terrorist groups that tried to attack garrisons in Daraa city.

On the other hand, a military source said: "The armed forces thwarted the terrorists' attempt to detonate 4 explosive devices weighting 50kg/each near Tebneh bridge in  northern Daraa countryside.

Terrorist attacks

In separate developments, the terrorists, who are systematically targeting the country's infrastructure, attacked fuel tanks in al-Hassaka province and caused serious damage to a tank containing 500.000 liters  of heating oil leaving two employees wounded.

 They also fired tonight mortar shells on Jaramana suburb outside Damascus where four citizens were wounded.

According to a source at a police command, the citizens were wounded when one of the shells landed on a building behind a bakery in the suburb.

Last night, the terrorists launched missiles on al-Ashrafeyeh town outside Homs causing the martyrdom of a citizen and leaving several others wounded.


Al--Assad: Hand-in –Hand ,Terrorism Will Be Knocked out

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "Syria has hailed all the constructive and sincere efforts to find a political solution to the crisis on the one hand, and is  determined to knock out  terrorism until totally uprooting it on the other hand," President Bashar al-Assad underscored .

 Al-Assad's remark came during a meeting H.E. held on Sunday with a delegation representing a number of Mauritanian parties and NGOs and unions.

"undoubtedly, Syria is able to hammer  terrorism thanks to the cohesion  binding its army and people who, despite suffering and pressures ,are a living example to be followed as regards their strong  faith in the homeland ," President Al-Assad  underlined.

President Al-Assad made it clear that  the pan-Arab parties , Arab unions and NGOs are playing a vital role  in boosting  the Arab people's awareness of the schemes aimed at fragmenting the region through pushing it towards absurd conflicts with the primary beneficiary , the Zionist enemy.

The Mauritanian delegation, For their part, highlighted  that Syria has always been and is still paying the price of its leading pan-Arab role and its support for the resistance- in acts and deeds- in the face of the plots  targeting the Arab nation.

"what is being plotted against Syria today targets the identity of the entire Arab peoples, "added the delegation.

"indeed, Syria is giving the world  lessons in steadfastness and sacrifice .We are confident that Syria will leave the crisis behind soon .So we are voicing full solidarity with the Syrian people, army and leadership, "affirmed the delegation.


Al-Lahham, Al-Halqi to Mauritanian Delegation: Conspiracy against Syria Aims at Fragmenting Arab Nation

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham has stressed the need to reveal the schemes architected at Western and American Intelligence circles against Arab awareness, nationalism and unity.  

Al-Lahham, who was speaking during a meeting with a visiting delegation representing Mauritanian parties and unions, said the organized terrorism, Syria is facing because of the armed takfiri groups, doesn't only target Syria, but it aims at fragmenting the entire Arab nation and dominating and stealing its resources.

He affirmed that Arab solidarity is the right way to defeat the conspiracy which aims at undermining the Arab nation's identity, history, future and moderate Islam.

"Syria is paying expensively for its support to just Arab causes, especially the Palestinian cause, and to the right of resistance forces to liberate the occupied Arab territories," al-Lahham said.

He added "Syria is pressing ahead with fighting terrorist groups so as to restore security and stability to the homeland and, at the same time, is adherent to implementing the proposed political program to solve the crisis in the country."

The PA Speaker pointed out that starting from its belief in attaining a secure and peaceful way out of the crisis, Syria has accepted to participate in the international conference on Syria, scheduled to be held in Geneva, since the international plan for political solution was announced.

"But the American administration has kept issuing contradictory statements to procrastinate in obtaining a solution and prolong the crisis," al-Lahham said, stressing that "Syria will attain victory and emerge stronger from the crisis thanks to the steadfastness of its people and the sacrifices of its army."

For his part, Secretary General of the Mauritanian Democratic Nationalist Unity Party, Mahfouz Wild el-Aziz, asserted that the people of Mauritania "have become aware of the conspiracy hatched against Syria after the misleading media campaign by some inciting TV channels had been uncovered."   

Wild el-Aziz said that the delegation visited Syria to be briefed on the reality of events in the country, convey a right image about what is going on in the country and voice solidarity with the Syrian people.

The Mauritanian official affirmed that the Arab nation is being exposed to a conspiracy aiming at creating a state of chaos and internal conflicts in the region in order to weaken it and allowing the Zionist entity to be the only dominating power in the region.

"Syria is facing this global war for being the staunch defender of Arab nationalism and just Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian cause,' Wild el-Aziz said.

Role of national Arab parties in confronting anti-Arab identity conspiracy affirmed

In the same context, Prime Minster Wael al-Halqi received members of the Mauritanian delegation and discussed with them the situation in Syria.

The Premier affirmed the important role that can be played by national Arab parties in confronting the heinous global conspiracy targeting the Arab identity, thinking and nationalism through distorting the image of real moderate and tolerant Islam and through the organized cultural and media invasion.

The current era needs the mobilization of all national Arab parties' efforts to fortify Arab societies, avoid mad civil wars and confront the US-Zionist schemes in the Arab region.

Al-Halqi hailed the support of Arab parties, organizations and vocational unions to the Syrian people against the global war and terrorism.

He reiterated that the Syrian government deals positively with all initiatives to solve the crisis peacefully without interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian people, who have chosen to fight terrorism and implement the political program to solve the crisis in Syria by the Syrians themselves on the Syrian land.  

For their parts, member of the visiting delegation affirmed that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of all the Arabs, pointing out that the ongoing events in the Arab homeland aim at fragmenting the Arab nation and creating sedition among sects and religions in order to serve the Zionist entity's interests.

They expressed confidence that Syria will attain victory soon because of the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the defeat of the anti-Syria misleading media campaign.

H. Mustafa