Syrians must work hand-in-hand to face the ongoing crisis- Patriarch Yazigi

Lattakia, (ST) –"actually, it is the Syrians' responsibility to face the ongoing crisis .All Syrians must work hand in hand in a bid to leave the crisis behind and to commence the reconciliation process across the country, "said  Patriarch of Antioch and all East for Greek Orthodox Church, John X Yazigi .

Patriarch Yazigi's remark was made during a meeting he held on Monday with representatives of the  displaced  families from villages in Lattakia .

The meeting was held at the Greek Archdiocese of Lattakia.

Addressing the representatives ,the Patriarch underlined that  " Adhering to our steadfastness, roots and values is enough to overcome this ordeal", calling for all to prepare themselves for rebuilding Syria.

Yazigi emphasized  that the Syrian people are one family, adding " We have to be there for everyone in need to reduce their suffering and delete  the word 'displaced' from our dictionary."

"In this respect, the Patriarchate is exerting strenuous  efforts in cooperation with the humanitarian organizations, including the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, to offer help to all families," underscored Yazigi.

During the meeting, the citizens' representatives briefed the patriarch on their grievances, particularly in al-Jadida, al-Ghasania, Hallouz, Khastalal-Burj, Kensaba and al-Kasab villages due to the barbaric practices of the armed terrorist groups which forced the said villages' inhabitants  to leave their farms and houses.


Aleppo University strips Erdogan of honorary doctorate degree

Aleppo, (ST)_ As Erdogan is conspiring against the Syrian people ang his government's barbaric measures against Turkish protesters, the Council of Aleppo University decided to withdraw the honorary doctorate in international relations which he awarded by  the university in 2009.

Speaking at the council's meeting  on Monday,Rector of Aleppo University, Dr. Khodr al-Orfali said made it clear that the decision  was taken   in response to the growing demands of the Syrian universities' councils and the academic, student and public circles inside and outside Syria.

''Withdrawing the doctorate sends a vocal message of solidarity with the Turkish people who oppose Erdogan's hostile policies, '' al-Orfali said.

"in fact,the  Turkish people deserves  this degree …The Turkish people who continue to express desire to cement ties  of friendship and amity between peoples in the two countries,'' al-Orfali underlined.

Furthermore, the Council members suggested forming a legal committee of law professors and experts to file lawsuits against Erdogan on charges of ruining national economy, robbing economic facilities, natural resources and cultural heritage.

The Council members condemned Erdogan's inhumane practices against the Syrian people and his deliberate ripping apart of ties binding the Syrians and Turks.''


Syrian Arab army pulverizes dozens of al-Nusra Front affiliates, batters weapons-laden vehicles

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have destroyed five weapons-laden vehicles coming from Turkey to the northern Aleppo province and  launched qualitative operations against al-Nusra Front affiliates in Hama province.

The vehicles were targeted west of Ezaz city outside Aleppo and all terrorists inside  perished, according to SANA.  

This blow was synchronized with shelling several hideouts of al-Nusra Front affiliates in the western Aleppo countryside, precisely near the industrial area in Hritan, in farms surrounding Khan al-Assal, Kafr Naha, al-Eis, Kafr Hamra, north of al-Kastelo and  west of al-Sfera area as well as in Sheikh Maqsoud quarter in the city.

 Well over 3 ringleaders and many gangsters were eliminated in the shelling.

Explosion inside terrorists' hideout

Other terrorists died in an explosion  inside a hideout containing weapons and ammunitions in Bani Zeid quarter in Aleppo city.

In further development, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' attempt to infiltrate from al-Qarabis quarter into Basatin al-Waer in the central Homs province amid reports of bombarding many hideouts of terrorists in different areas in the same province and outside Hama, Daraa, Der Ezzour provinces. 

A military source confirmed that terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Libya were among the dead in Daraa countryside.

On the other hand, the armed forces foiled terrorists' bid to detonate 6 booby-traps weighing 100-150 kg/each planted on brick factory-alMastomeh road outside Idlib province.

Clashes in Darayya

Concerning the army's today-operations in Damascus countryside, an official source stated that a hideout of ringleaders and weapons were destroyed in Jobar suburb.

It added that a big quantity of machine guns was also destroyed in the Eastern Ghouta and Doma suburb outside the capital, pointing out that clashes flared up between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups in Darayya suburb.

Unknown number of terrorists was crushed in the said areas.

A shell landed on al-Qabon Service Center

At noon, some 24 citizens were reportedly wounded as  mortar shell landed on services center in al-Qabon suburb, just 3km to the north-east of Damascus.

"The shell which was fired by terrorists caused extensive damage at the scene," a source at police command said, noting that another shell landed on Abbod square in Barzeh suburb with no casualties.

Last night, a cab bomb exploded in Deir Atiyeh area, north of the capital, killing many citizens including a child and leaving several others wounded.


Building a human being on sound basis imperative, says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"needless to say that the key element in rebuilding Syria is building   the human being on sound  basis,"said Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi's remark eas made during a meeting with members of the Teachers Syndicate's executive bureau on Monday.

" the government's top agenda  in the forthcoming stage will be on developing human resources to help the rebuilding and development process and participate in the struggle against violence, exclusion and extremism, "underscored al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi highlighted  the teachers' role  as regards consolidating  the younger generations' ties to the homeland and their sense of responsibility. Besides,their role in promoting coexistence.

"there is a dire need  to revise curricula ,teaching methods and encourage scientific research and innovation, "underlined al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi added  that despite the economic war waged on Syria, the government is working to employ available resources properly  and improve the living conditions of citizens, noting that work is underway to provide supplies to all areas, particularly Aleppo where conditions are improving after convoys carrying food and medical supplies began arriving there.

As for the political program,al-Halqi reiterated that the  political program for resolving the crisis in Syria is the only way out, lauding the steadfastness and achievements of the Syrian Army in its fight against terrorism.

Members of the executive bureau, for their part, posed a number of issues related to their work, including health insurance and keeping up with technology.


Syrian Golan Prisoner Released from Occupation Jails

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN, (ST) - Sami Emad al-Mar'i, a Golan Captive detained by the Israeli occupation authorities last year for his resisting stances, was released from the Israeli jails following a year of unfair detention.

"Occupation will go no matter how long it will last. All handcuffs will be broken and detention will strengthen our adherence to our homeland  and our Syrian Arab identity despite the incessant Israeli aggressive and brutal practices," al-Mar'i said in a statement to SANA correspondent in occupied Golan upon his release from the "Taslamoun" prison, north to occupied Palestine.

 The people of occupied Golan will celebrate the occasion today by holding a ceremony to welcome the liberated prisoner at the Sultan Pasha a-Atrash  Square in Majdal Shams town.

The Israeli occupation authorities had arrested al-Mar'i for the first time on April 16th, 1998 for "joining the Syrian resistance in occupied Golan". The court unjustly sentenced him to 30 months in prison.

H. Mustafa

Syrian Arab army finds toxic chemicals factory in Jobar suburb, thwarts oil smuggle to turkey

PROVINCES,(ST)_A factory for producing and storing toxic chemicals has been discovered in Damascus countryside, as units of the armed forces have eliminated several terrorists ringleaders and an unknown number of bandits in today's operations.

In details, SANA quoted an official source as saying: "A unit of the armed forces found today a factory for producing and storing toxic chemicalsinside a hideout of terrorists in the surroundings of al-Manashir square in Jobar suburb outside the capital."

It added that a quantity of foreign-made chlorine material packed in packages, some of which are made in Saudi Arabia, besides weapons and blank mortar shells were also found in the hideout during a mopping-up operation.

The discovery of the factory in Jobar suburb coincided with killing two ringleaders in the same suburb plus launching successful operations in the eastern Gouta (surrounding farms of al-Qasemeyeh and DEr Salman towns)  and in the northern and southern suburbs of Damascus countryside.

37 terrorists killed outside Damascus

The operations, according to an official source, resulted in eliminating more than 37 terrorists, most were affiliate to al-Nusra Front, in areas of al-Hajar al-aswad, Doma, Darayya, al-Qabon, Adra al-Balad and  eastern Ghouta as well as in mountains adjacent to Halbon town.

Continued operations in Homs 

At the same time, the armed forces targeted an armed terrorist groupings and hideouts in several quarters- alKhaldeyeh, Bab Hod, al-qarabis, Joret al-Shayah, Wadi alSayeh, al-Qosor- in Homs city and in areas of Bet Hajjo, the southern al-Mashjar, al-Rastan, al-Amereyeh, Bet Qaswat, Eyon Hsin, and Kisin outside the city.

An official source confirmed that many terrorists were killed and injured in the said areas.

It cited that the armed forces warded off an armed terrorist groups' attacks on army checkpoints in the southeastern areas of Palmyra city.

Terrorists set fire to 'al-Waseta' fuel station

Last night, the terrorist groups fired several mortar shells on 'al-Waseta' station, west of al-Zara town in Talkalkh countryside (in Homs), causing a huge blaze to one of the station's tanks which was containing 688 cubic meter of heating oil.

"At mid night, fire fighters from Homs and Tartous provinces doused the flames at the station, which is an affiliate to the Syrian Company for Oil Transport (SCOT) in Homs," Director of the company's branch, Suleiman Jwekha said. 

3 bandits nabbed

In further developments  , it was reported that many of al-Nusra Front affiliates were pulverized in different areas in Der Ezzour, Hama, Daraa, and Hassaka.

Moreover, the armed forces nabbed three thugs in a qualitative operation carried out in al-Rmeleh town, east of Hama province, amid reports of crushing a terrorist group which was trying to smuggle a stolen oil tank into Turkey.

The terrorist group was targeted in al-Hseneyeh town in Der Ezzor province.


President Al-Assad issues decree No.47

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Sunday Legislative Decree No. 47 for the year 2013 on the technological education and propagating it.

The decree seeks to develop the concept of linking education to training with the aim of linking it to various  sectors' needs in the society and to cope with  educational and technological developments.