Damascus traders meet for national unity

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ A national gathering was held on Sunday by the  Damascus branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, attended  by a gathering of  traders of Hamidiya and Hariqa ancient markets  in Khan As'ad Pasha in the down town of Damascus  and directors of  Damascus city electricity and food supplies  departments.  Discussions dealt  with  problems pertinent to service and economic problems  impeding traders and means  of enhancing  dialogue in order to enhance  national unity. Stress was laid on the role played by the Syrian traders to this end.

 The Baath party official said that the meeting focuses on the economic needs and  demands of  concern to citizen and merchants.

  "The leadership and people of Syria continue the  reform process ", he said, adding that  the Syrian people were and are  still up to the level of  shouldering  national responsibility, and  the Syrians  will not be intimidated by the aggressive practices.

  Meantime, several traders  underlined  the  spirit of amity and love  that bring the Syrians together. They explained that this reality is felt by the virtue of the high spirit of nationalism  they showed  under the current crisis, hoping that  "our country will emerge from the crisis victorious."

Tamador Fateh

Army units continue Liquidation of terrorists

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The  Syrian Armed Forces continue  qualitative operations in prosecuting  of mercenaries and terrorist groups in different parts of Syria Monday.

 During these operations a number of terrorists were killed and  a number of improvised explosive devices, implanted by terrorists, were dismantled..

In Deir al-Zour ,one army unit  eliminated  one armed group in its hiding in al-Jubeila neighborhood. Terrorist Bassel al-Mustafa is one of the murdered.

Another unit of the Syrian armed forces also killed three terrorists in a qualitative operation  near  Tell Maleh junction in Mhardeh Area, Hama governorate.

Meantime, the army's engineering units dismantled a number of improvised explosive devices planted by armed terrorist groups on the roads leading to al-As'ari  farm in East Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

Today morning, Army Engineering units dismantled two explosive devices implanted by  terrorist groups near Sam'alil town junction in al-Haula  region of Homs countryside .

According to a reliable source in the governorate said that the two explosives were primed to remote detonation.

Tamador Fateh 


Scores of Terrorists Killed, Cars Destroyed in Several Areas

PROVINCES, (ST) - Armed forces on Saturday eliminated a large number of terrorists in operations targeting their gatherings and hideouts in Aleppo, Homs, Damascus Countryside, Raqa , Idlib, Deir Ez-Zour , Daraa ,Hama and Lattakia countryside.

 During these qualitative operations, the armed forces destroyed a large number DSKH-equipped cars, armored vehicles, cars loaded with weapons and ammunition, anti-aircraft machine gun and explosive devices.

 According to SANA, an official source said that several Arab terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Yemeni ,Egypt ,Turkey and others  were identified among the dead.

 M. Daoud/ M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Syria would emerge out victorious from the ongoing crisis

HOMS, (ST)_ Syria would emerge out victorious from the ongoing crisis, thanks to the unity among honest Syrians, National Reconciliation Minister, Dr. Ali Haidar, underscored.

 Addressing a forum for national reconciliation in Homs, central Syria yesterday, Minister Haidar added that the displaced from Homs who were forced to leave their houses, under threats of armed terrorist groups, would soon return to their houses in in soon-to-be secure, safe and free-of-weapons Homs.

 The national Reconciliation Ministry has been exerting tireless efforts in different governorates as to achieve the badly-needed for social reconciliations and as to sort out problems related to the displaced, imprisoned, and kidnapped.

 The foreign-backed mercenary armed terrorist groups have forced some families in some Syrian cities to leave their property. Syria, however, thanks to the prevailing harmony, co-existence and tolerance among its citizens, has never been taken by such terrorist heinous crimes.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim


Turkish Passengers Planes Prohibited from Flights over Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria prohibited Turkish Passengers Planes to use the Syrian Arab Republic airspace starting from the midnight of Saturday, October the 13th, 2012.

The Syrian decision came in response to an earlier similar Turkish decision and in line with the principle of reciprocity, a press communiqué issued by the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stated.

The Ministry added that the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic regrets the Turkish Government escalatory decision, which targets but first and foremost the interests of the Syrian People.

The Turkish commandos broke into a Syrian Airbus A320 passenger plane with 30 passengers on board after intercepting and forcing it  to land in Ankara Airport as it entered Turkish air space last Wednesday.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

PM inaugurates vital projects in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, (ST) –Marking the 39th anniversary of  the October Liberation War, Premier Dr. Wael al-Halqi, on Saturday inaugurated al-Basel Hospital for Cardiology & Heart Surgery and the Education Faculty at Tishreen University in Lattakia with a total cost exceeding  2  billion Syrian Pounds .

" The government is exerting strenuous efforts to meet   the Syrian people's needs in all domains of life including  services, development and investment institutions despite current crisis, " al-Halqi told reporters.

"The inauguration of the Education Faculty came within the government's plan to increase the capacity of universities to cope with population growth and the graduates of the secondary schools as well", adding, that as the education is considered  one of the most important investment sectors, the government accords attention to higher education.".

The faculty seat 8,000 students.

As for al-Basel Center for Cardiology and Heart Surgery in Lattakia, equipped with hi-tech equipment, al-Halqi stressed that it is  a qualitative addition  to other Heart Surgery centers opened in Aleppo and Damascus to provide patients with essential health care services, adding that more  centers are due to be opened in Deir Ezzor, al-Rastan  and the entire  Syrian provinces to meet citizens' needs and improve health sector in Syria.

"At President Bashar Al-Assad's directives, the government will continue   building the safe and renewed Syria despite all challenges facing the country. Syria is fighting an open war against terrorism but at the same time, we work to fulfill the Syrian people's development requirements," said al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi went on saying that the government is carrying out two health projects in Lattakia city and other projects in the province, particularly Jableh National Hospital which al-Bustan Charity will establish with a total cost of more than SP 1.5 bln.

Dr. al-Halqi underlined the NGO's role as regards spreading health services across the country.

In this respect, he hailed the efforts exerted by al-Bustan Charity and other NGO's in health, development and services sectors in current crisis, especially in the framework of solving the issue of those who were displaced and affected by the armed groups' terrorist acts.

Later on, Prime Minister al-Halqi chaired a meeting at Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia and reviewed means to overcome obstacles regarding providing technical and medical equipment to be put into force.

The premier agreed on allocating SP 50 mln to support the hospital and ensure the availability of Chemotherapy medications for cancer diseases and other treatment needs.

Al-Halqi then  toured the Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment Center in the hospital where he was briefed by the medical cadre on work mechanism and services provided.

Following his tour, Al;-Halqi addressed journalists confirming  that the hospital has the capacity to accommodate 854 beds in the benefit of patients and staff..

"The government will spare no efforts  to ensure all medical and technical equipment to the hospital," al-Halqi concluded.



M.Daoud/ M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Syria welcomes Lavrov's statement

  Damascus (ST)- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's statement on making direct communications channel 

between Syria and Turkey.

Lavrov made his statement before the Russian Federation Council on October 10.

"Syria expressed to the Russian ambassador in Damascus  readiness to set up a joint Syrian-Turkish security committee, tasked with  finding  a proper mechanism to control the security situation on borders in a way that honors  the two countries ' national sovereignty," the ministry affirmed, according to SANA