President al-Assad Issues Decree Naming Winners to Fill Vacant Seats at the People's Assembly

Damascus, (ST)_President Bashar al-Assad issued on Thursday the Decree No. 499 for the year 2012 announcing the names of the winners to fill the vacant seats at the People's Assembly.


Lakhdar Ibrahimi: I'm not here to Promote Any Russian-American Plan to Solve Crisis in Syria


DAMASCUS, (ST)- "Geneva Statement includes enough ideas to solve the crisis in Syria within the coming months and there is no need to add new items to this statement," UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Ibrahimi underlined on Wednesday.

In a news conference held in Damascus, Ibrahimi said "I didn't come to the region to promote any Russian-American plan to solve the crisis in Syria." 

"No one supports the acts of extremist groups in Syria. Violence should stop and arms flow into Syria must end," Ibrahimi said, expressing hope that all concerned parties will contribute to attaining a solution to the crisis.

Ibrahimi pointed out that: "the situation in Syria is a real danger threatening not only the Syrian people, but also the neighboring countries and the entire world.   

Moscow: No Russian-US Plan for Settlement in Syria

Meanwhile in Moscow, Spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashivic has stressed that there is no Russian-US plan for settlement in Syria and that Moscow depends only on the Geneva Statement in this respect.

"No such plan is being discussed," Russia Today quoted Lukashivic as saying in a press conference on Wednesday.

The Russian official pointed out that the Russian side is discussing with Lakhdar Ibrahimi and Washington a "work plan" adopted in Geneva on June 30, 2012.

"Moscow considers Geneva statement as the basis of any settlement in Syria," the spokesman said.

On the other hand, Lukashivic said Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov will hold talks with Ibrahimi on issues relating to the political and diplomatic settlement in Syria. Talks will also deal with Ibrahimi's latest efforts to stop violence and launch national dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition parties on the basis of Geneva statement.

Lukashivic pointed out that the visit of Syria's Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mikdad to Moscow comes within Russia's diplomatic efforts to enhance dialogue with the Syrian government and opposition in order to put an end to violence in the country.

He stressed the need to take decisive and active procedures to stop violence.


H. Moustafa

Terrorists Assaulted Mhardeh Thermal Station

GOVERNORATES,(ST) The armed forces on Wednesday continued  chasing armed terrorist groups in several  areas and eliminated scores of them, wounded others and  destroyed their shelters.

In Damascus  countryside, several terrorists were killed following  confrontations between one army unit and  terrorists near Daraya  municipality headquarters . Among the killed terrorists were  Hani al-Najjar, Ala Hijazi, Muhammad Yahya, Abdul Rahman Zaghloul, Fadi al-Hallaq, Jawdat al-Saqqa, Amer al-Hallaq and Mustafa Nasab.

In Duma, Harasta and Shabaa farms  scores of terrorists were killed or wounded. The killed were  Abdul Rahman al-Barnawi, leader of " banner of Islam" group, Abdullah al-Toukhi, Bassam al-Durra, Nur eddine Ameen, Ramez Qasem, Muhammad Khaled ,Fahd Fidda, Alaa al-Delli, Zakaria Shana, ismael al-Ashqar and Ahmad al-Barhamji.

All members of an armed terrorist group , who carried out  acts of murder, sabotage and looting were exterminated  near   al-Nabki factory in Yabrud downtown, an official source said.

The source added that  in a series of qualitative operations the armed forces  destroyed cars which were  carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition on Ein Hussein  road in the farms surrounding the city.

In Aleppo countryside, large number of terrorists  were killed by the armed forces while trying to assault a police school in Khan al-Asal , according to an official source.

The source continued that the  armed forces  destroyed  headquarters for terrorists  at Al Noor Association , Tel Shgheib,  Khan Touman , Qattan al-Jabal in Adanan region and in Rasem al-Abboud village  and eliminated tens of terrorists and destroyed  their 4 cars loaded with weapons, and  ammunition .

The source pointed out that the armed forces destroyed a convoy consisting of nine cars loaded with weapons, ammunition and terrorists on Byanoun-Mare axis .

Several terrorists in Jibrin village  were killed  including  terrorist Abu Shamsi, leader of the so called al-Khattab battalion.

In the city of Aleppo, several terrorists concentrations were eliminated in al-Naqqarin, Bani Zeid area and Bustan al-Qaser.

All members of the terrorist group  who assaulted  Mhardeh thermal  station  were killed or wounded. Among the killed terrorists was Ahmad al-Elewi , nicknamed as al-Asfour.

Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis  told SANA that the terrorist attack led to the station 's total break down and thereby  electricity  outages off most part  of  Hama city and its countryside.

In the meantime, and in collaboration with citizens, the competent authorities freed 14 citizens who were kidnapped in Mhardeh in rural Hama. However,  efforts are still  continuous  to free a 6-year old child , who is still held by the terrorists

In Idleb countryside,  the armed forces carried out  a series of qualitative operations, during which scores  of terrorists were left killed or wounded , including 6 of most dangerous  terrorists  near Arab Saeed town.

On Idleb-al-Mastoumeh  road the engineering units dismantled two explosives each weighs 40 Kg implanted by terrorists  to target citizens and passersby.

Moreover, one army unit targeted terrorists concentrations  in al-Zaweyah mountain, resulted in killing and wounding  scores of  them, while  heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of terrorists  in Maaret al-Nu'man, where a booby-trapped bulldozer  which was used by terrorists to damage public and private property, was destroyed.

In Homs, the armed forces killed or wounded  several terrorists  who tried to  sneak from  the Lebanese territory at  Jose site in  al-Qseir rural area, while other terrorists  fled back into the Lebanese territories.

Terrorist Muhammad Nur Qibji, leader of the  so called   " Islam Armored Battalion " was killed.

In Deir Balbe'  another terrorist group  members were killed including Safwan Ghazi Kanaan of al-Farouk Battalion  and terrorist Khaled Anas Barazi.

In al-Raqqa,  the competent authorities  clashed  with members of a terrorist group which tried to seize three diesel tanks Ma'daan in Raqqa  countryside.

SANA reported  that the clash resulted in killing terrorist Hussein Sobhi al-Ayed  and arresting terrorist Fayyad al-Nasser nicknamed as Abi Qutada.

In another context, several citizens were martyred  including  women and children  when one  armed terrorist group  attacked the citizens  of al-Qahtaneyah village , to the west of Raqqa and committed acts of murder and sabotage , SANA said, adding  that subsequently one  armed forces unit clashed with the terrorist group and left them killed or wounded.

Syria Times

IHRC Chairman: Media War against Syria is But a Crime against Humanity




DAMASCUS, (ST)_  Prof.   Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan, Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission, (IHRC),  blasted the ongoing foreign and some Arab inaccurate  media coverage of the events in Syria as a '' war against humanity'', calling on the countries supporting the acts of terror against Syrians to halt their destructive backing to terrorism.

In an exclusive talk with the Syria Times Editor-in-Chief here yesterday,    Prof.  Khan underscored that only a peaceful solution is possible to the crisis in Syria and by the Syrians themselves through peaceful means away from whatever foreign meddling .

''It is only the right of the Syrians to end the crisis through  peaceful means and  through bullets,'' said Prof. Khan, asserting the inalienable right of the Syrian Government to ''reject dictations and foreign meddling in the affairs of Syria'' and to ''combat  terrorism''.

Answering a question regarding foreign support to armed terrorist groups in Syria, Prof.    Khan said the countries involved in the crisis and blood shedding in Syria '' should stop funding terrorists against the people of Syria; the terrorist actions are affecting the life of people in Syria, cutting the heads of the Syrians,  turning the children of Syria   orphans, killing old people, destroying schools, mosques, churches   and infrastructures. They are but a  bunch of terrorists.''

''Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, most of them support terrorists against the Syrians.  Most of the terrorists in Syria  are not Syrians; they are Arabs fighters who  fought in  Afghanistan.  Islam  is the religion of peace, love; it is NOT  what Saudi Arabia says. Most of the ongoing is the  work of the salafisit against Islam and Moslems,''    Khan continued,  pointing out that not all countries should follow the ''Saudi Islam'' .

'' Turkey has to stop sheltering and supporting terrorists. Saudi Arabia and  Qatar should stop supporting terrorism. The Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC,  should stop meddling  in the internal affairs of Syria, Iran Egypt…If they continue, they will end like Shah of Iran, their people in their own countries are fed up with them. They should funnel  their support and  their money to support the hungry in Africa,'' added  IHRC Chairman.

Answering a question about the US stances on the current crisis in Syria,  Prof.  Khan said '' the US is supporting the terrorists of al-Qaeda; they have no right to ask Pakistan to fight al-Qaeda, there  must be no double standards in the eyes of law,'' blasting the double-faced  and standards US policies.

In reply to another question about some Arab and Western media outlets coverage for the events in Syria,  IHRC Chairman said '' Media war against Syria is but a crime against humanity. I am here in Damascus walking freely with no bodyguards, interacting with common Syrian citizens, and the situation isn't like the way media fabricates . The People here are the most lovely and hospitable people of Syria, the country of  civilization; this civilization is  still with Syrians who embody  love, history, and  spread love. ''

About the purpose of his current visit to Syria, IHRC Chairman  said:  '' My visit is to let the whole world know about the real situation.''

In reply to a question about Pakistan stance on the crisis in Syria,   Prof.  Khan said Pakistan ,Government and people support the Syrian Government and the people of Syria against terrorism''.

On whether H.E. has a certain message to the Syrians,  IHRC Chairman  said  '' Unite against all forms of terrorism; come from abroad and  build your country. Syria is your mother, don't kill your mother.''

In reply to a question regarding the Israel-occupied Syrian  Golan, Prof.    Khan said  '' Israel should be forced  by the entire world to implement related UNSC resolutions and withdraw fully from the Golan,'' blasting the support provided to Israel to persist its occupation.

In reply to further questions,   Khan pointed out that ''Moslem Brotherhood  play negative role in the region'', and that " Qatar is a base of all Israeli dirty games in the ME''.

In reply to a question about the unjustified illegal calls for the resignation of Syrian Leadership,    Khan said '' Demands for a leader  to step down are  ridiculous; it is NOT  the right of anybody to do so, it is against international law, and a violation of international law and norms. It is only the right of the Syrians to elect and choose their Leadership,'' pointing out that such ridiculous demands come from ''countries which have no human rights nor democracy''.

In reply to another question,   Khan described H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad as '' Educated, charismatic, more human and democratic than all Arab leaders, with a reform agenda for the people of Syria. President Al-Assad has been introducing reforms, the constitution of Syria is more democratic even than that of some Western countries''.

'' To President Assad I say:  your are the son of  the late  Leader of the Moslem World, don't let the Moslem world down and we will not let you alone. The Syrians stand with their leader; without him,  Syria will be like Afghanistan.'' concluded Prof. Khan.

International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world and promoting the cultural of Peace among the nations. IHRC  founded by the seven international organizations in their leader conference held at London on 10th of December 1988 to create the international network of human rights. IHRC have its diplomatic / Official representation in 40 Countries and more than 8100 members around the world. The Council of Founders and General Assembly in joint session held at Rome proclaimed its first Constitution on 24th of February 1996 and by that Dr. Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan elected as the Chief of Commission for a term of ten years and re elected for 2nd term in March 2006.

Prof.  Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan is the First "Chairman of World Peace Mission Organization" elected by the Board of Directors in its first ever meeting held at Dubai-UAE on December 21, 2001 and 4th World Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission. The first Muslim and Asian elected from its members in the history of IHRC. His term of service is for ten years that started on February 24, 1996 which extended by the General Assembly for 2nd term on March 21, 2006.

Prof.   Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan on June 2, 1966. He studied at Central Model School Lahore and completed his graduation from Government Collage Lahore-Pakistan, in 1984. He did postgraduate studies in Journalism at the Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Khan did Ph.D. in International Cultural & Law from I.A.I France (U.K. Brighton University Campus) in 1996.

Prof.   Khan joined "Daily Azad" Lahore as staff reporter in 1980 during his studies at Central Model School Lahore,. Later he joined Weekly Awam Ki Pukkar Lahore as Editor for two years. He is the founder of Daily Jaiza Lahore, Multan & Islamabad and enjoyed the office of Chief Editor in 1985.  Khan was quite active during his studies and played very important role in Pakistan's active politics. He honored various chairs during student life such as Secretary General, Vice President of School Student Union, Secretary General and President of College Union, and Secretary General of All Pakistan Students Association.

Prof.   Khan was the first Chief Administrator of Pakistan Boy Scouts Open Group and was awarded three times “Quaid-e-Azam Medal ” by President of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia ul Haq for three consecutive years from 1982-1984.

Prof.   Khan was honored by the His Holiness Pope Johan Paul -II with ” Star of Vatican” in October 1999 and honored with the Hijra Medal by the World Hijra Council at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Kidnapped Civilians Freed

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_  Scores of terrorists were killed or wounded on Tuesday when the armed forces  clashed with a terrorist group  near al- Khawlani mosque in Daraya. Among the killed terrorists were Mohammad Qit al-Laban, Loui Qassas, Muhammad Matar, Mahmoud Khoulani, Abdul Salam Hamdi and Anas al-Mashash , whereas  more  terrorists  were exterminated near al-Ridwan mosque in the city and their  heavy machine guns and sophisticated weapons were  confiscated.

In Duma and al-Madameyah farms  a number of terrorists  who committed acts of killing  and thefts in the area  were killed  including Muhammad Ghannoum, Mohammad badran, Mahmoud Khubbeyah, Muhammad al-Smadi, Omar al-Hanash, Jamal Dgheim, Muhammad al-Refai, Anas Saeed, Burhan Musallam  and Hussein Sadqa, according to an official source.

The source added that another army unit destroyed three cars mounted with machine guns and three other pickups carrying terrorists and transported weapons and ammunition in al-reihan farms in Duma, while terrorists Ahmad and Muhammad Qazzah, Muhammad Abdo al-Hamshari and Muhammad Rajab were killed in al- Madameyah.

All members of a terrorist group, who were terrifying people and stealing their property  were killed  on the highway between Yabroud and al-Nabk, including  Muhammad Khaled Salem.

Another army unit  killed a large number of terrorists and destroyed  their ammunition and weapons . Among the killed terrorists were  the group leader  Ahmad al-Yuzbashi and terrorists  Muhammad Rajab Qasem, Ali Ahmad al-Numeiri, Muhammad Talal Ahmad, Muhammad al-Hout, Mutasim Abu Salah, Khaled Awad, Ahmad al-Qazour, Rashad al-Habash, Nizar al-Homsi, Khaled Shammameh and Sameer Haddad.


In Aleppo and its countryside, the armed forces continued operations to restore security and killed numbers of terrorists and destroyed their shelters and weapons, near the glass factory, al-Sahaba mosque, Shams al-Aseel school, Khan al-Asaal and Khan Touman  areas.

In Hama, several terrorists were killed , and five were arrested including  Hassan  hardam Tlass when their terrorist group  attacked the private  National University to the South of  Hama

Meantime,  all members of one family including  a man , his wife  and two children  were killed  when terrorists  opened fire  at their private car on the highway near Morek town.

In Homs, in a series of qualitative operations  the armed forces killed  6 dangerous terrorists  in al-Bweidah town in rural Qseir in Homs including terrorist Rabee Zgheib, leader of Baba Amro group and Abu Bakr Zgheib.

In Homs  and in collaboration with citizens  the  competent authorities  released four citizens who were  kidnapped earlier by one terrorist group. The freed citizens were Hassan Muhammad Shibli, Ahmad Omar Ass, Ahmad Eyad Abdul Razzaq Majmaj and Muhammad Shayesh al-Abdullah,who were seized  by  the terrorist group in a farm near the sheep market.

Heavy losses were inflicted on the ranks of terrorists who tried to assault the fortress of Bosra in Daraa,  and all members of the terrorist group were killed and injured  while their weapons  were confiscated.


Syria Times


Patriarch Yazeji: Syria Facing "Storm" Targeting Entire Region

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The ongoing crisis in Syria is but a "storm" targeting the entire region, and Syria will surpass it thanks to the spirit of cooperation and amity among its people, stressed Patriarch Youhanna X Yazeji of Antioch and All East for Greek Orthodox.

 Yazeji's remarks came during his meeting with Abdul Razzak Talbani, representative of the Iraqi President and members of Damascus Governorate Council who visited the Patriarch to offer him their congratulations on Christmas.

Patriarch Yazeji, who wished the best to all people of the region, expressed hope that the crisis in Syria will come to an end as soon as possible.

"Christmas is a happy occasion to Christians, Moslems, and all sects in Syria," the patriarch said, pointing out that Syria has been a staunch defender of Arab rights and has offered a lot to the Arabs in general and the Palestinians and Iraqis in particular.

For his part, Luqa al-Khori the Deputy Patriarch said "Christmas comes this year as Syria is passing through critical circumstances caused by West-backed terrorists. We have prayed for the security of Syria where Christians and Moslems live together, fight together and coexist in safety and peace."

H. Moustafa

Syrian Students in Brussels Hold Solidarity Event with Home

Brussels (ST) – The National Union of Syrian Students (Brussels branch) and the Syrian community in Belgium yesterday held an event of solidarity with the homeland and Syria's martyrs.

Participants in the event, which took place in Albertine in Brussels, lit candles in honor of the martyrs, followed by a moment of silence and speeches were delivered to reveal what is going in Syria