Syria denounces terrorist bombings in Iraq


DAMASCUS, (ٍST) - The Syrian government on Sunday condemned the recent terrorist bombings which hit Iraq claiming  the lives of scores of innocents.

The government offered offering  condolences to the families' victims and wishing the wounded a quick recovery.

It is to be noted that dozens of people today killed in a series of car bombing  in different area of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.


Syrian Arab army defeats terrorists from most areas of Homs' historic Sadad town


PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have flushed out terrorists from most quarters of the historic Sadad town in Homs province and killed dozens of al-Nusra Front-affiliates in Der Ezzour, Hassaka and Lattakia provinces, according to the official news agency.

A military source told the agency on Sunday that the armed forces eliminated many terrorists, who were sheltering in the Syriac Orthodox church, and reached al-Berj square in the town, located to the south-east of Homs.

Three days ago, a huge number of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists coming from al-Qalamon Mountain attacked  Sadad town where a fierce fighting raged with the armed forces, according to the RT.

Safe routes were opened immediately by the armed forces for locals to leave restive areas, the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel said, noting that the town's population is estimated to be 5000.

According to al-Mayadeen TV Channel, the terrorists sneaked into Sadad town werefrom the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) affiliated to al-Qaeda and they launched the attack from Qalamon, Mhin and Hes'ya'a areas.

It quoted a military source as saying that the Syrian army imposed control over 70% of the town but the existence of locals hinders its advance there.

The source said: "the town will be safe within 48 hours." 

Last night, the Syrian TV channel said that the terrorists, infiltrated into Sadad town, have held 1500 locals as human shields, stressing that the armed forces are pursuing terrorists there to restore stability and security to the historic town.

An official source declared today that the armed forces eliminated many armed terrorist groups in the eastern side of the town and continued operations in the nearby quarters.

It added that a bid to provide terrorists inside Sadad town with arms was foiled as the armed forces destroyed the arms, which were loaded in cars, on alHafer-Sadad road and Hawarin town.

Infiltration bids

On the other hand, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bid to sneak into al-Barda'eyat area and al-Dwer town in Homs province and into Sha'atheh town  in Hama province and wiped out terrorist groupings in al-Hesn town and in Jeb al-Jrah area as well as in quarters of al-Qosor and al-Warsheh in Homs.

More terrorist groupings and weapons-laden cars were targeted in several areas in al-Qalamon Mountain, precisely in Yabroud, al-Nabk, Jab'adin, al-Rhebeh, and Ma'aloula outside Damascus.

In Der Ezzour province, the armed forces killed last night several armed terrorist groups belonging to al-Nusra Front, the so-called 'Ibn al-Qayem' brigade and 'Ahrar al-Sham' Movement in al-Reshdeyeh quarter.

Big losses

More terrorists from al-Nusra Front died and a chunk of weapons and ammunitions were destroyed in towns of ein Qantara and Gmam in northern Lattakia countryside when the armed forces targeted them.

The terrorists lost another quantity of weapons as the armed forces struck cars loaded with weapons on al-Kastillo road and to the north of Aleppo central prison as well as in al-Layramon area outside Aleppo province.

The losses of terrorists were not only in weapons but also in souls as the armed forces raided terrorist groupings in areas of Kweris, al-Jadedeh, Erbid, Qastal Harami, Talet Ezan, al-Majeh and on al-Neirab airport road.

In Addition, as many as 18 terrorists from al-Nusra Front were crushed in al-Shdadi city outside Hassaka province, according to an official source.

The source confirmed the destruction of 5 arms-laden cars in the same city , adding that 2 explosive devices- planted by terrorists under the bridge of Safia town- around 10km to the north of Hassaka city- were defused by the armed forces.


Shaaban: further attention to shaping public opinion imperative

DAMASCUS, (ST) _ " despite the circumstances triggered by the crisis in Syria ,there is a dire need to accord further attention to the culture and science and shaping public opinion," underscored Presidential Political and Media Advisor,Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban .

Dr. Shaaban was speaking during al-Baath Forum for Dialogue organized by the Damascus branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party titled ''the Dilemma of the Syrian Intellectual amid Crisis".

Dr.Shaaban urged to capitalize  of the diversity of viewpoints and affiliation to different political components to serve the interest of the homeland ,describing the difference as  healthy and useful .

Dr.Shaaban asserted  the  Gulf States have played a negative role in the Arab culture in recent decades.

"the forum's basic aim is to  implement  an awareness-raising, educational intellectual plan that influences the shaping of public opinion," said Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah, member of the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.



Syrian Arab army destroys arms-loaded boats, seizes weapons, strikes terrorists everywhere


PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have confiscated a chunk of weapons, destroyed arms-loaded boats, eliminated many armed terrorist groups and thwarted attacks on checkpoints plus infiltration bids into safe areas, according to local media.

The Syrian TV channel reported on Saturday that the armed forces, in cooperation with locals of al-Arshneh town in al-Salameyeh area in  eastern Hama countryside, seized weapons-laden truck and nabbed terrorists who were inside.  

A military source said that the seized weapons included several rockets, rifles, hi-tech telecommunication devices, and various types of munitions.

Another quantity of arms containing Israeli-made rockets was seized in southern Daraa province where the armed forces eliminated armed terrorists groups that tried to attack checkpoints in Nawa, tal al-Jabyeh, al-Nasereyeh in the western countryside.

Terrorists lost more weapons, they were trying to transfer by boats via Kesin Lake in al-Holeh area in central Homs province, as the armed forces destroyed the boats .

The official news agency said that many terrorists were killed and injured in more than 10 areas in Homs province and in towns of Ataman, eastern Mleha and Tafas in the province of Daraa as well as in the western and eastern Ghouta, al-Qalamon, southern side in Damascus countryside .

Explosives experts killed

It added that dozens of terrorists, some belong to al-Nusra Front and the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL), were crushed when the armed forces targeted their groupings and weapons-laden cars in towns of, al-Qantara, al-Kendaseyeh, al-Sekkareyeh, al-Rawda and Toros in northern Lattakia countryside.

A military source confirmed that three explosives experts of Palestinian and Dagestani nationalities and several non-Syrian terrorists and ringleaders were among the dead in the said towns.

In another development, AlIkhbaria al-Soreyeh TV Channel cited continuity of clashes between the armed forces and the armed terrorist gangs in al-Reshdeyeh quarter in Der Ezzour province for the fifth day running.

"Large numbers of terrorists were killed and 5 vehicles belonging to them were destroyed," the channel's reporter said, adding that the armed forces warded off ISIL-linked terrorists' attack on al-Mreeyeh area in the same province.


As for operations in Idlib province, the TV channel said that the armed forces ambushed terrorists in the surrounding of Jabal al-Arbeen in Ariha area, targeted a checkpoint for terrorists in Bennesh city and destroyed several cars for terrorists in the western side of Maaretmesrin.

A military source told the TV channel that the units of defending Abo al-Dohor airbase clashed last night with terrorists trying to sneak into the airbase from northern and southern sides.

 An unknown number of terrorists perished in the said areas and in Aleppo province where the armed forces foiled infiltration bids into safe areas in the city and launched tailored operation in northern countryside.

The Beirut-based Al-Mayadden TV channel said that the Syrian army carried out air strike against sites of 'opposition gunmen' to the north-west of Aleppo central prison.

Syria is in a state of war and its national army fights foreign-backed terrorists to restore stability and security nationwide.

The US, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the terrorists operating in Syria.

Basma Qaddour

Al-Halqi: Palestine ,Syria's compass

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "the Palestinian cause will remain Syria's top national concern and the compass determining the track and goal despite the repercussions of the unfair global war waged against the people and state of Syria, "underscored Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi.

Al-Halqi further underlined "Syria, in spite of its wounds, will always be the first defender of the issues, aspirations and interests of the entire Arab nation," .

The Premier's remarks were made during his meeting with Fatah Movement Central Committee Secretary Abo Hazem and the accompanying delegation.

"there is a dire need to activate the role of the Arab liberation movements and parties and pan-Arab trends in alerting the Arab public opinion to the seriousness and scale of what Syria is being subjected to, "stressed al-Halqi.

"the role of the Arab movements and trends in this regard lies basically in spreading the culture of resistance and confronting the takfiri intellectual invasion by promoting the secular thinking that boosts unity and tolerance,"al-Halqi further explained.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Abo Hazem said "Syria has been over decades the main pillar of the axis of resistance and steadfastness, "adding that what is going on in Syria is a big international conspiracy targeting not only Syria by all of the Arabs and the Palestinian cause in particular

Abo Hazem made it clear that those who are defending Syria now are defending the Palestinian cause and the Arab existence. Furthermore, Syria will come out of its crisis stronger and more firm.


Jafaari: Syria is Integral Part of UN Humanitarian Response Plan

NEW YORK,(ST)_ Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN  , Dr. Bashar Jaafari  stressed that , the Syrian government is an integral part of the  so-called Humanitarian Response Plan it had  signed with the UN Office of humanitarian response coordination  " OCHA " and therefore no one can deny the role of the Syrian government as a full partner with the UN  in the implementation of the humanitarian response plan .

"We are proceeding  in this plan since more than two years  in  cooperation with the UN  and therefore talk about the lack of cooperation by the Syrian government is not true," Jaafari said during a news conference yesterday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York .

Jaafari added : Talking about the Syrian government or the Syrian army besieging  certain  areas  is true , because there are  fighters armed terrorists in these areas  fighting the government , defy the  state and using civilians as human shields , explaining that because of security conditions relating to the safety of UN  humanitarian personnel , the UN humanitarian personnel   cannot always get into some hot spots  and that have happened with  aids convoys  from the  World food Program ( WFP ) , which  admitted that it  had failed eight times to  enter  Madameya area .

Dr. Jaafari continued that the Syrian government evacuated  ten days ago from Madameya area  three thousand families at the protection  of the Syrian army , who  opened  and renovated more than a thousand schools where thousands of displaced Syrian families  have been hosted.

Jaafari  added that , the United Nations knows  exactly negative effects of the unilateral procedures, wondering  how the UN Secretary General Assistant for Humanitarian Affairs Valeri  Amos  ignore a very important aspect in the culture of UN  in terms of political and humanitarian support that she is  supposed to know what's going on in the  United Nations to that these are not  sanctions and that sanctions are imposed by the  UN  Security Council .

Jaafari indicated that the sanctions taken against Syria are but a punitive coercive action by some countries, are unacceptable  ,  pointing out that the  UN General Assembly will discuss after several  days  the U.S. embargo on Cuba , which is rejected by a majority of 187 countries each year ,  noting  that  these  are facts and truth in the United Nations  that every diplomat, even if a beginner, should take into account .

T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army eliminates 41 terrorists in an ambush outside Damascus, storms hideouts in Aleppo province

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 41 terrorists have been killed and 10 others injured in an ambush outside Damascus province amid reports of destroying several arms dumps in Lattakia province and storming terrorists' hideouts in Aleppo province.

In details, the official news agency reported on Friday that the armed forces eliminated 41 terrorists and injured 10 others and further seized weapons in an ambush in the surrounding of Al-Etaybeh lake in eastern Ghouta outside Damascus.

A military source made it clear that the 51 terrorists belong to al-Nusra Front and the so-called 'Islamic' brigade and some of them were of Saudi, Qatari and Iraqi nationalities, adding that the seized weapons included Israeli-made anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), rifles and RPGs.

"The ambush was carried out in cooperation with locals of the eastern Ghouta and according to information stating that terrorists from al-Nusra Front and the so-called 'Islamic' brigade will flee al-Nashabeyeh area towards Meda'a because the armed forces have clamped down on them," the military source said.

It confirmed that the armed terrorist groups in the eastern Ghouta used young people to perpetrate criminal acts.

"Over the past period, dozens of terrorists were eliminated in 7 ambushes carried out in the same area," the source said.

Furthermore, the armed forces carried out another ambush on Tal Trira-Knaker road outside Damascus and killed many terrorists.

Other terrorists died when the armed forces targeted terrorists and their weapons in farms of Rima and al-Khaneq in Yabroud area and in Rankos area in Damascus countryside.

Wadi Barada explosion


Moving around 21km to the north-west of Damascus, precisely in Wadi Barada area, a car blasted when terrorists were booby-trapping it near 'Osama bin Zaid' Mosque in Wadi Barada market.

Several terrorists died in the blast that left casualties among citizens and caused the destruction of the entrance of the mosque. 

An official source said that 30 people wounded were in a critical condition and they have been admitted toal- Mowasa  Hospital.

30 terrorists killed

Back to results of military operations in other provinces, Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV Channel said that the armed forces crushed 30 terrorists and destroyed arms in towns of al-Shahrora, al-Dwerka, and al-Maroneyeh in northern Lattakia countryside.

It added that the armed forces made  progress in pursuing terrorists that infiltrated into Sadad town in Homs province.

The armed forces also stormed terrorists' hideouts in Kweris town in Aleppo province and mowed down many of them and destroyed weaponry in other towns.

They clashed with terrorists trying to sneak into al-Ashrafeyeh area in the same province.

Army cordons off buildings in Daraa

While, in southern Daraa province, the armed forces pressed ahead towards the old Customs area and cordoned several buildings there to cut off supply lines to armed terrorist groups.

Another progress was scored in Bosra square in the same province [Daraa] where the armed forces cordoned off the area to dismantle what has been described by an official source as the' network of conduits'.

The conduits are being used by terrorists to infiltrate into safe areas, the source said.

Basma Qaddour