Syrian Arab army Strike Terrorist Groupings Nationwide, Eliminate Scores of Terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces eliminated on Monday a number of foreign-backed terrorists outside Damascus provinces and in Idleb,  Der Ezzour, Aleppo, Homs, Daraa, and Quneitra provinces, according to military sources.

The sources confirmed that there were terrorists of Saudi, Jordanian and Kuwaiti nationalities among the dead in several restive areas in the said provinces.

According to the official news agency, dozens of terrorists were killed in accurate operations in the areas of Darayya, Khan al-Sheih, al-Zabadani, Duma, Adra, Jobar and Talfita farms outside Damascus province.

Some of the terrorists, killed outside Damascus,are affiliated to the so-called the 'Islamic Front' and al-Nusra Front.

Unrelenting operations

In another development, the army units clashed with armed terrorist groups that tried to attack Kafrkar town's locals in northern Aleppo province and carried out a series of operations against terrorist groupings on the surrounding of Aleppo prison and in towns of Hilan, Hayyan, Babis, al-Mansoura, Andan, Hritan, Der Hafer as well as in quarters of al-Rashedin, Karm al-Mayser and old city of Aleppo.

Ringleaders targeted in Homs 

While in central Homs province, the army units targeted a hideout of terrorist ringleaders and arms caches in al-Zara town, launched a qualitative operation in al-Qosor quarter and in al-Rastan city and thwarted infiltration attempt from Lebanon into the southern countryside of al-Qusair .

An unknown number of terrorists were dispatched in the said areas and in other areas in the southern countryside of al-Qusair in the same province.

More terrorists, including ringleader of the so-called the 'military council' in Jabbata al-Khashab in al-Quneitra province and in Daraa, Der Ezzour and Idleb provinces.

Attacks on garrisons 

Elsewhere, the army units warded off attacks on garrisons in Inkhel city in Daraa province and in Bsida area in Maarret al-No'aman in Idleb province.

A lot of terrorists' hideouts and weapons were reportedly wiped out in today's operations.

Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.

The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria, media reports say.


'Opposition Coalition' Rejects Geneva I communiqué, Says al-Zoubi

GENEVA,(ST)_Information Minister has confirmed that  rejection of the 'opposition coalition' of the national sovereignty and the political and democratic pluralism is a flagrant rejection of the Geneva I communiqué.

Omran al-Zoubi , who was speaking to reporters on Monday, unveiled that the so-called 'opposition coalition' rejected the political statement presented by the official delegation today in just 2 minutes after making a call possibly with Robert Ford, Saud al-Faisal or Ahmet Davutoglu.

He clarified that the statement of the official delegation included no word about presidency or the president. "I think that Lakhdar Elibrahimi was disappointed because the statement was neither read nor discussed but was rejected in 2 minutes."

He promised that the Syrian official delegation will not be fumed and will not withdraw from the ongoing talks in Geneva.  

"We are open to discussion and we came to Geneva 2 conference to present new ideas and methods in order to launch a political process. But they ' coalition and their masters' do not want this," al-Zoubi said.

All Syrians are equal

On the other hand, the minister asserted that all Syrians are equal wherever they are and the Syrian state deals with them equally and under one standard.

"No one wants to achieve a political victory in the humanitarian topic and we will never allow the others to think that they are doing so. The humanitarian topic has nothing to do with political calculations and investment," al-Zoubi said.

 He added that the Syrian government, in cooperation with the UN organizations, provides humanitarian support to all areas nationwide according to the response plan.

"There are areas, such as Homs, Ma'aloula, Nobbel, al-Zahra'a and Adra, that are in need of humanitarian support. All areas in Syria are part of the country regardless of any consideration," al-Zoubi said.

"A month ago, some 800 Syrian citizens, held by gunmen, were evacuated from al-Zara area in Homs and they were provided with shelters, food and medical services. There are big numbers of Syrian citizens besieged in the areas of Ma'aloula, Adra, Nobbel and al-Zahra'a,"

The minister underlined that before launching the response plan, the Syrian government was providing aid to the areas in need through popular committees  and mayors.

"Providing aid to the old city of Homs is being arranged with the International Red Cross and it has nothing to do with what have been discussed in the Geneva conference," al-Zoubi said.

Coalition has no proof 

Relative to the detainees file, the minister underscored that the coalition delegation presented no list of the children arrested in the Syrian jails, adding that the Syrian state doesn't arrest children.

"When the authorities arrest the children who have been recruited by the armed groups in the ongoing war, they are being treated as children not as detainees. The authorities take into consideration the psychological effect children have been through," he added.

Secret talks

Regarding rumors of talks, on the sideline of the conference, between western delegations and the Syrian official delegation and coalition delegation, al-Zoubi said: "This is a political process and the goal of our presence here [in Geneva] is to meet the other delegation – the so-called opposition- according to decided logistic measures. We are seriously seeking to achieve progress and to pave the way for political process."

Basma Qaddour    

Shaaban: The Syrians are Eligible to Decide their own Good

GENEVA, (ST)_ The Republic 's Presidency Political and Media Advisor Dr. Butheina Shaaban stressed that the Syrian people are eligible to decide their own good and not the Western countries and their hirelings in the region.

"Syria is ten thousand year- old, and we know our interest. Let the Syrian people decide what 's good for them, not the Western hegemony" Shaaban added in a televised interview.

She regretted that over the three years of the war, which caused the destruction of most of the Syrian infrastructure including factories, schools and hospitals, the opposition had been talking about power, ignoring the"six million displaced Syrians inside the country and two million expelled"adding that those who call themselves / opposition / are required to talk"about Syria and the danger facing the Syrian people."

She stressed that the reason behind what is taking place in Syria"is a lot of intervention practiced by 83 states, and sending a lot of money and foreign terrorists to Syria,"calling for"cessation of hostilities, terrorism, and the launch of a political process in which the Syrians decide the future of their country,"as demanded by Geneva 1st.

She explained that the ballot boxes have the word on choosing the leadership in Syria, calling for the creation of an appropriate atmosphere to start the political process and not jump to it at a time when the country ablaze."

As for the "efforts made to deliver aid to Homs" Shaaban said the Syrian government "has a program for Syria as a whole with the Red Cross and Red Crescent and UN agencies and humanitarian aid of food and medicine is delivered daily for every place in Syria".
Shaaban emphasized that the important thing for the Syrian official delegation and the 23 million Syrians is to solve the problem of the return of the displaced citizens and to rebuild Syria as wanted by the Syrians.


T. Fateh

Official Syrian delegation lays out political declaration, coalition delegation of so-called "opposition" rejects

GENEVA, (ST) – The Syrian Arab Republic's official delegation to the Geneva 2 Conference presented a declaration of principles and was rejected by  the coalition delegation of the so-called "opposition" .

The declaration of basic principles  underlines  respecting Syria's sovereignty, restoring its usurped lands, preserving its establishments, and abandoning all forms of extremism and takfiri ideas.

The declaration further  rejects all forms of interference or foreign dictation, with the Syrians deciding upon their country's future using democratic methods, in addition to asserting that that it's not permissible to relinquish any part of Syria.

The declaration also stresses that the Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic country based on the basis of political pluralism, the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and citizenship, and protecting national unity and cultural diversity of the components of the Syrian society and protecting public freedom, and the Syrians are the ones who have the right to choose their political system without out compromising on any subject unacceptable to the Syrian people from any imposed formulae.

The declaration asks all countries to prevent supplying weapons or training or harboring terrorists, and also stopping all kinds of media hatred incitement to perpetrate terrorist acts in accordance with international resolutions relevant to combating terrorism.

The declaration  also noted that the state establishments cost people money and hard work and therefore must be preserved, in addition to stressing the need to preserve and protect all state establishments and utilities, infrastructure, and public and private properties.

"the delegation was and still is open to discussing all points, but it proposed these principles which no patriotic Syrian would reject in order to find common ground, yet the coalition delegation of the so-called "opposition" rejected them," said sources close to the Syrian official delegation to Geneva .

Following is the full of the declaration:

Basic principles for a political declaration

Full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and inadmissibility to give up any part of its territory. Commitment should be made in order to restore all its occupied territories.

Rejection of all forms of dictate and foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs directly and indirectly so that the Syrians decide the future of their country through democratic means and the ballot box as the Syrians are the ones who have the sole right of choosing their political system without compromising on any subject unacceptable to the Syrian people.

The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic country on the basis of political pluralism, the rule of law and the independence of judiciary and citizenship and protecting national unity and cultural diversity of the components of the Syrian society and protecting public freedom.

Rejection of terrorism and combating it and rejecting all forms of extremism, racism, and takfiri Wahabi thinking and asking the countries to stop providing terrorist groups, supplying them with armaments, training, financing and providing them with information or financing for those and also stopping all kinds of media hatred incitement to perpetrate terrorist acts in accordance with international resolutions relevant to combating terrorism.

Preserving all state institutions and the country's infrastructure and public and private properties and protecting them.


Islamic Scholars: Islam Urges Tolerance, Mercy, Forbids Killing, Takfir

DAMASCUS-The Islamic Wahhabi thinking which sews the seeds of sedition and division among the people of the Islamic nation should be uncovered, said Awqaf Minister Mohammad Abdul Sattar Asayyed, stressing that this ideology is being promoted by Western countries to dominate the region.

Asayyed remarks were made during the Islamic Scholars' 10th Forum, which was kicked off on Monday at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus under the title "Moslems between Westernization and Extremism..Western Hegemony and Takfiri Thinking". The Forum was held by the Ministry of Awqaf in cooperation with the Union of the Levant Scholars and Imam Khamenei Office in Syria.

The minister pointed out that the takfiri thinking has led to disseminating the terrorism of which Syria has been suffering for three years.

"Islam is a moderate religion that calls for mercy and tolerance and has no relation to the acts of killing, the takfiri mindset and the incitement to commit massacres," the minster asserted.

He urged awareness about the danger of this plague, calling on Western countries to stop financing, recruiting and sending terrorists to Syria.

For his part, Syria's Grand Mufti Badr Eddin Hassoun stressed the importance of unity among Moslems and the need to promote amity and fraternity among peoples of the Islamic nation in the confrontation of the takfiri Wahhabi thinking which is destroying the world.

Head of the Levant Scholars Union Mohammad Tawfeek al-Bouti warned of the attempts of exploiting people in the name of Islam. He urged enhancing the sublime values of moderate Islam to avoid differences and sedition in Islamic societies.

Representative of Imam Khamenei in Syria Mujtaba al-Husseini pointed out that real Islam forbids takfiri thinking and extremism, stressing the need to promote the Islamic teachings which unify Moslems in the face of the anti-tolerant Islam invasion, which aims at showing Islam as a terrorist and takfiri religion.

H. Mustafa    

Prayers for Rain Request by Awqaf Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Under the directives of President Bashar Al-Assad, the Ministry of Awaqf, (Islamic Trusts), yesterday called on Syrian Imams, preachers and citizens nationwide to perform prayers for rain.

The prayers are to be held after Friday sermon on January 31st.

The ministry also called for three days of fasting ahead of the prayers and for alms giving and kinship enhancement.

H. Mustafa

Syrian Arab Army Kills more than 120 Terrorists in Ambush--- Terrorists plunder 1300 Tons of Wheat



PROVINCES,(ST)_The Syrian Arab army has continued fighting foreign-backed terrorist groups nationwide to restore stability and security to the country.

Today, the army units eliminated scores of al-Nusra Front-affiliates, some of Saudi and Pakistani nationalities, in a series of accurate operations in the areas of Harasta, Duma, Khan al-Sheih, Darayya and Rankos outside Damascus province.

The official news agency reported that one of the ringleaders of the so-called the 'Capital Shield' brigade was among the dead in Harasta area where a 200-meter long tunnel was found.

It added that an armed terrorist group was killed in an ambush as it was trying to sneak from al-Qadam quarter into nearby safe areas in the southern countryside of Damascus to attack locals there.

The Syrian TV channel said that the number of terrorists killed in al-Qadam area was 120.

7 citizens wounded

The same province [Damascus countryside] witnessed a terrorist attack when a booby trap- planted by terrorists- on the outskirts of al-Wafidin camp near Duma orchards detonated.

A child was wounded at the scene amid reports of another terrorist attack in Bab Tuma.

At least 7 citizens were wounded by the mortar attack,  police command source said.

10 terrorist dispatched

As for developments in Homs provinces, it was reported that a weapons-laden car for terrorists was confiscated in al-Mesherfeh area in Homs countryside and 10 terrorists died in a qualitative operation in al-Zara town.

More terrorists perished by the detonation of an explosive device as they were planting it on the national hospital road in Taldo area in the same province [Homs].

19 terrorist perished

Around 170km to the north-west of Homs, precisely in Lattakia province, the army units destroyed several cars loaded with weaponry for terrorists and eliminated 19 terrorists from al-Nusra Front in Rabe'a town.

A ringleader and terrorists of Iraqi, UAE and Lebanese nationalities were among the dead, according to a military source.

More deaths were reported among terrorists in northern Aleppo province where the army units shelled terrorist groupings in several restive areas.

Last night, the army units imposed control over Karm al-Qaser quarter, al-Mirandi building and oil factories to the north of al-Nairab airbase outside Aleppo.

  wheat stores Pillaged

In another development, armed terrorist groups pillaged wheat stores belonging to the General Trade and Grain Production Establishment, in Bosra al-sham area in Dara province. 

The terrorist groups pillaged 1300 tons of wheat from the stores, according to the official news agency.

Some superpowers – the US, France, the UK- and their tools in the region –Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar- sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria and provide them with media and political cover.

What is going on in the country serves but Israel's interests in the region, media reports say.