Syrian Arab army eliminates foreign Gen. in Lattakia, destroys weapons in three provinces

PROVINCES,(ST)_Military sources have confirmed the death of seven non-Syrian terrorists plus a high ranking officer (General) in Lattakia province, as a host of ringleaders have been eliminated outside Damascus and two bomb-making factories  pounded in Daraa province.

In details, the armed forces wiped out today  rockets dump and a grouping of al-Nusra Front-affiliates in towns of Beit Arab and al-Rawda in northern Lattakia countryside.

As many as 8 terrorists of Saudi, Yemini, Uzbekistani, and Indonesian nationalities and a general were among the dead in the town, according to a military source.

The nationality of the general was not reported.

Tight grip

More terrorists from al-Nusra Front were reportedly killed and a big quantity of weapons was destroyed as the armed forces went ahead with cracking down on them in Barzeh, Harasta, Jobar, al-Mleha, Erbin, Darayya, Doma, al-Dyabeyeh, al-Hseneyeh Hajjira,  and al-Bahhareyeh areas outside the country's capital (Damascus).

A host of ringleaders from several brigades affiliated to al-Nusra Front were among the dead in the said areas, according to SANA.

As the grip was being tightened on the terrorists on the outskirts of Damascus, several mortar shells were fired at citizens' residence everywhere in the capital.

Shells hit Damascus

At least two citizens were martyred and several others wounded when shells landed on quarters of al-Tijara, Bab Sharqi, al-Abbaseyen, al-Zablatani, and al-Qassa'a in Damascus.

In another developments, the armed forces targeted many hideouts and groupings of terrorists in northern Aleppo countryside where an unknown number of terrorists perished.

Various types of heavy machine guns and a rocket launcher were destroyed in towns of Kweris and al-Jadedeh outside the same province (Aleppo).

Further quantity of weapons and munitions were destroyed and many terrorist groupings were eliminated when the armed forces shelled hideouts of terrorists in 8 areas outside central Homs province.

Clashes in Homs

The same province witnessed clashes between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups which tried yesterday to infiltrate from Lebanon into Tal Kalkh countryside through al-Mathome and al-Msherfeh sites.

Another clash raged today when terrorists tried to sneak from al-Waer orchards into al-Qarabis quarter.

According to SANA, the terrorists sustained heavy losses not only in Homs province but also in more than 12 areas in southern Daraa province where two arms depots were bombarded and dozens of terrorists were hammered.

A military source announced the names of 7 identified terrorists killed there.

In Hama, al-Hassaka and Idlib provinces, the armed forces raided terrorist groups in around 20 areas amid reports of arresting 4 persons as they were trying to kidnap a child in al-Nashweh quarter in al-Hassaka.

The competent authorities in cooperation with locals nabbed the persons.


Media reports on chemical weapons use untrue, says Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad dismissed as completely baseless the allegations circulated by some media outlets that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons.

"they{allegations} aim primarily at diverting the  UN mission  in Syria, "underscored Mikdad.

Mikakd's remark was  made  during a meeting he held on Thursday with the Russian NGOs delegation currently visiting Syria.

During the meeting, Mikdad highlighted the Syrian-Russian deep- rooted ties.And highly  appreciated Russia's stances on the ongoing events in Syria at international forums .

"Russia's policy is ethical and  based on the respect for the UN Charter, the international law and combating terrorism, "stressed Mikdad.

Mikdad made it clear that  the events unfolding in Syria have been provoked by terrorism funded by the US, some European states and Saudi Arabia that adopt double-standard policies in dealing with terrorism.

"Syria is interested in making the UN mission in Syria a success, "said Mikdad.

For her part, Chairwoman of the Russian delegation, Lantseva Valentina Alexeeva, Head of the St. Paul the Apostle Foundation voiced  Russian people's support to the Syrian people against terrorism.


Al-Muallem Underscores Improvement of Friendly Ties with Iran

TEHRAN ,(ST)-Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al- Muallem in a message to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated Syria's intention to further enhance brotherly and friendly relations with Tehran.

In a message on Wednesday, al-Muallem referred to the brotherly and friendly relations and common fate of both countries in confrontation with common enemies, above all the Zionist regime.

He also pointed to common intention of both nations in strengthening relations in all fields, especially in foreign policy, which needs more cooperation and coordination in defending cultural values and international principles, national sovereignty, denying foreign interference and commitment to the UN Charter goals and principles.

Al-Muallem also felicitated Zarif on his appointment as Iran's new foreign minister.

Iran and Syria have forged an alliance ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the two countries' officials exchange visits on a regular basis.

The two countries enjoy strategic relations in a wide variety of fields.


President Al-Assad issues decree on reshuffling cabinet

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday issued decree No. 310 for the year 2013 .

The decree provides for reshuffling the cabinet as follows:

-Dr. Qadri Jamil: Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs

-Dr. Malek Ali: Minister of Higher Education

-Dr. Khodr Orfali: Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade

-Kamal Eddin Touma: Minister of Industry

-Samir Izzat Kadi Amin: Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection

-Bisher Riyad Yazigi: Minister of Tourism

-Dr. Hasseb Elias Shammas: Minister of State, replacing Najm Eddin Khreit.


World Humanitarian Day

Every year on 19 August, the international community marks World Humanitarian Day in recognition of aid workers who have lost their lives in the course of their duty.  It is also a day to celebrate humanity and the spirit that inspires people to help others who are in need, even in difficult and dangerous situations, often putting their own lives as risk. 

This year, we are remembering Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff who have died during duty, especially in Syria, where more than 20 Syrian Arab Red Crescent workers lives have been lost at the hands of foreign-backed terrorist groups since the crisis started. All humanitarian workers, including volunteers should be given safe and secure access to deliver life-saving aid and assistance to vulnerable people without exception. Losing just one life is too many.

 Sharing memories of a fallen volunteer with his family in Syria


Kareem Jabour was a Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteer who joined the Red Crescent in 2008. He lost his life eight months ago in Jaramana, while he was trying to move people injured in car bomb to hospital.

Kareem’s father, Dr. Gassan Jabour, remembers the day of the fatal explosion and how his son Kareem went to help the injured. His friend Rami also followed him to the site of the explosion. Sadly, both died. It was a shock, a very hard shock for the families. Kareem was the only son in his.

A close family friend offers his own perspective: “The volunteers are not carrying weapons, they are carrying their lives, and they carry their own lives to save the lives of others. The work of the Red Crescent volunteers is known to everyone in this area, and is respected by everyone.”

Kareem’s father adds his own anecdote of how he has observed volunteers carrying out their work with such high levels of professionalism. Two days ago, his sister broke her hand and he approached the Syrian Arab Red Crescent emergency center for help. He has nothing but admiration for their work, saying, “I am a doctor, and I watched how they did their job so professionally.”

Despite all the fears, worries and difficulties facing the work of a volunteer in this crisis, the work is widely encouraged and supported, particularly by the Syrian Government . It has become a visible phenomenon among the young people of Syria. Kareem’s father explains how the good reputation of volunteers and the work they do is encouraging other young people to join the Red Crescent to volunteer.

Kareem’s mother recalls a day when he came to the house and suddenly started to fill bottles with water, putting them in the refrigerator. “Mum, people do not have cold water to drink.” He was taking the refreshing cold water to displaced people in the shelter near their house.

This was typical of Kareem. I feel grateful to share Kareem’s family memories, whose voices are often unheard.


Lama Al-Hassanieh

Information Minister: We have Clear Evidence on Terrorists Use of Chemical Weapons

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Minister of Information Omran Zoubi stressed that actual reality on the ground proved that Syria is indivisible and that the Syrian Arab army is fighting armed terrorist groups in some areas in order to prevent the partition of the country .

Interviewed by the Chinese Arab-Times newspaper, the minister explained that the theory of the West military intervention is foiled, thanks to the capability of the Syrian Arab army and international support given by Syria 's e friendly countries, including Russia, China and Iran , pointing out that the position of China's people and leadership has been  evident in this regard.

Syria is fighting against armed terrorist groups from 83 countries

The minister pointed out that Syria is fighting a war against armed terrorist groups which came from 83 countries, including all Arab countries except Djibouti, pointing one estimate acknowledging that about 36 to 48 thousand armed men are in Aleppo and Damascus Countryside, with 80 percent of them are non-Syrians.

Replying to a question if the Gulf countries can carry out military intervention in Syria, Zoubi pointed out that if the Gulf states want to take action against Syria, this will be under a US cover , and that if they embark on such a move, there will be no Gulf States after that.

On the international conference to be held in Geneva on Syria, minister Zoubi pointed that the Geneva conference is designed to achieve a political solution and that the idea of that solution was proposed by the Syrian leadership since the start of the crisis, but the opposition and the armed terrorist groups do not believe in a political solution because they thought the Syrian state will fall, as happened with a number of Arab countries .

The U.S. side still procrastinating political solution

The Minister explained that the Americans joined the track of a political solution via Geneva conference to their realization of the impossibility of the fall of Syria and their inability to achieve victories , pointing out that the U.S. side is still procrastinating a political solution in the hope that the armed elements will be making progress on the ground.

Zoubi explained that the conference which may help in finding a political solution that gets Syria out of the crisis will be convened  without preconditions, with halting arm supplies to  terrorists stressing that "there is no sense for a political solution with continued arming, funding and deployment of armed terrorist groups to Syria."

He indicated that Syria will take part in the conference with a government delegation and that its participation is pertinent with the compatibility between the Russians and the Americans .

Syria has clear evidences on armed terrorist groups use of chemical weapon

Concerning the mechanism of the work of the International Committee on investigating the use of weapons of mass destruction in certain areas in Syria , the minister underscored that Syria had invited the UN to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal area in Aleppo and that the committee will investigate in three locations, including Khan al-Asal, according to precise criteria that have been agreed upon between the Committee and the Syrian Foreign Ministry, under the condition that the committee has  to finish its work within two weeks, explaining that the task of the committee is limited to demonstrate the use of chemical weapons in these areas without specifying who used the weapon.

He continued that Syria has clear evidences on armed terrorist groups use of this weapon from the injured , eyewitnesses and soil and air samples, reiterating that the Syrian government has not and will not use this weapon, if any, in any case , on the ground of her values and ethics towards her people , expressing hope that work of the Committee will be neutral, and professional and scientific.

Syrian provides substantial food, housing and medical assistance to the displaced in temporary accommodation centers

As for the status of displaced Syrians , the Minister of Information noted that the Syrian state provided substantial assistance to the displaced in the centers of temporary residence with food, housing and medical care, pointing out that President Bashar al-Assad put an initiative on January 6 , that called on all people to return to their residences and that the government called on all the displaced outside Syria to return back, with guarantees given to the misled among them.

He continued that some of the displaced outside Syria constitute families of the militants and others are of the population of the border areas where the clashes took place, pointing out that number of displaced Syrians inside and outside Syria is exaggerated for political purposes.
He explained that the armed groups embarked on doubled method in dealing with civilians in the areas they entered by expulsion many people from their homes and converting them into military sites and keeping some civilians to be used as human shields .
The minister expressed Syria 's appreciation for the Chinese experience which has been able to achieve economic and human development and confidence in the Chinese leadership and foreign policy which is based on respect for the UN principles and peoples' rights stipulated by and contained in the International Covenant and China support for Syria in the war waged against it, especially China 's positions taken at the UN Security Council in this regard.

He pointed out that Syria works to strengthen cooperation relations with China and its people in all fields and that China will have a key role in the reconstruction of Syria , stressing that Syria will depend on friendly countries in this regard, on the ground it will not allow the parties that participated in the destruction of Syria to play any role in her reconstruction.

He pointed out that the government put an ad hoc committees for the country 's practical reconstruction and that these committees are estimating  damages in the areas of infrastructure and stolen and destroyed factories and in housing.

Worthy mentioning that China Arab Times newspaper works to deepen Sino-Arab friendship relations , especially China relations with Syria and to convey a true picture of Arab reality.

T. Fateh

Zionist entity 'main player' in war on Syria, stresses al-Mouallem

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Foreign and Expatriates Minister has underscored that Gulf tools are being used by Israel to implement a foreign conspiracy hatched against the country.  

Walid al-Mouallem made it clear that the US stalls the Russia's efforts to convene Geneva 2 conference under different pretexts because it wants violence and terrorism to continue unabated in Syria as long as that service Israel's interests.

The minister, who was speaking in a meeting held today with Syrian reporters and political analysts, said that the attitude of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states dovetails with that of the US and directly echoed by the opposition abroad which has no clear vision about participation in the conference. 

Political calculations

Al-Mouallem added that the political calculations are in the interest of the national forces and the resistance axis as the political situation in Egypt has changed and the extremist Islamic bloc led by Turkey has received a knockout blow after the downfall of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

"Any political analysis for the events in Syria must take Israel's attitude into consideration. Israel has become a main player in the events since it attacked three sites in the country and received wounded terrorists in its hospitals," the minister said.    

 On the other hand, he stressed that Syria shares Russia in reading the stance towards investigation on the use of chemical weapons  as the two countries are certain that the weapons had been used by the armed terrorist groups.

The same conspiracy

As for what is going on in Iraq, al-Mouallem confirmed that the Iraqis spare no effort in combating terrorism on their territories and  borders as they realized that those who are conspiring against Syria are also conspiring against Iraq.

On situation in Lebanon, the minister sees that there is still a division between a bloc supporting terrorist groups and another one supporting the Syrian state.

Jordan Front

Regarding the influx of gunmen and weapons from Jordan, al-Mouallem said that Syria's enemies are planning to open the Jordanian front to supplant Turkey, noting that the Doha Coalition's head had entered the Syrian territories through Jordan.

"Do weapons, gunmen and opposition members cross borders without coordination with the Jordanian leadership?" the minister asked, warning that the facilitation of terrorists' infiltration by some countries will boomerang on them.

EU attitude

Concerning the European attitude, the minister referred to a slow development saying: "there are European attempts to return to Syria through Humanitarian organizations which is not accepted by Syria."

The minister concluded his speech by urging the national mass media to step up its efforts and  stand by the Syrian Arab army in its national duty as well as working towards boosting the national spirit.

Basma Qaddour