Bkheitan: Aggression Forces’ Retreat Affirms Syria’s Victory

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Assistant Regional Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Mohammad Sa’eed Bkheitan has stressed that the Syrian people’s steadfastness in the confrontation of terrorism and their adherence to independent national decision, despite the ongoing global aggression which has been targeting Syria for more than two years, have become an example to be followed by other peoples of the world.

During a ceremony held on Saturday to honor martyrs families in Damascus and Damascus Countryside, Bkheitan said many peoples of the world have changed their minds regarding their position towards the ongoing events in Syria after they discovered that huge media campaign was launched against Syria to falsify facts and incite sedition among the Syrians and after they  realized how big the financial and arms support provided to terrorists and mercenaries in Syria was.

According to Bkheitan, Syria will soon emerge victorious from the crisis thanks to the Syrian people’s steadfastness, rallying behind their leadership and adherence to their national principles.

He stressed that the Syrians will continue to be sincere to the blood of the nation’s martyrs who sacrificed generously for the homeland to stay, affirming the party’s readiness to help families of the martyrs and meet their needs.

On behalf of martyrs families, Ayham Abou Burgul, the son of martyr journalist Shukri Abu Burgul said that the assassination of journalists, doctors, lawyers, scientists and others by armed terrorist groups will strengthen our determination, each in his/her position, to be adherent to defending the homeland however great the challenges are till security and stability are restored to every part of Syria.  

H. Mustafa  

Maintaining Syria is a way to Restore Jerusalem- Hassoun

BEIRUT,(ST)_ The Republic  Grand Mufti  Dr. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, stressed that maintaining  Syria is  a way to maintain  Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic nation  and to restore Jerusalem,  calling on the Syrian opposition to sit at the table of dialogue in order  to save Syria. 

In  a speech during an honorary  meeting hosted by  the Syrian embassy in Lebanon in honor of the delegation of the   World Forum  's good offices Committee to bring Islamic sects together, on Friday , Hassoun said  that Syria  who sacrificed  its people for the sake of Palestine and the unity of Arab and Islamic world and should not be  left while exposed to  killing and destruction.

"We came to Lebanon  filled with the spirit of  tolerance and reconciliation to face the  chaos-ridden in the Arab and Muslim world." He said. 

The  Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim said  that Syria has been in all stages of its history a model of harmony and respect for human rights and the meeting place for   heavenly messages ,  translated in  fraternity between religions and civilizations , noting that Palestine will remain  Syria 's compass and victory is inevitable .

Sheikh Mohsen Al- Araki Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools stressed :" if we can defeat the enemy in Palestine, then we emerge victorious in all other fields. "

The delegation included Member of the Forum 'sHigher council  Ayatollah Mohsen al-Qummi, Dr. Ala eddin Boroujerdi chairman of the foreign affairs and national security committee  in the Iranian Shura Council,  and other senior representatives concerned.


 T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army target terrorists in Barzeh and outside Idleb

PROVINCES,(ST)_Fighting is still going on near Aleppo central prison and Meneg military airport whilst the army's shelling targets terrorists' hideouts outside Idleb and Damascus. 

In details, units of armed forces continue confronting terrorist groups' attacks on Aleppo prison and Meneg airport for the third day running, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV Channel.

"Several terrorists have been killed in the confrontation," the TV channel's reporter said.

At the same time, the units of armed forces in the eastern Idleb province clashed with terrorist groups that tried to attack army checkpoints, water resources, central prison, Taftinaz airport, Bkaflon and Wadi al-Mahamil areas in the countryside.

According to SANA, the armed forces have inflicted heavy losses on terrorists in the said areas.

 They also targeted terrorist groupings in Jesr al-Shogor, Jabal al-Arbaen, Ariha bridge and al-Sena'a , Em Jrin, and Abo al-Dohor areas in the countryside of the same province (Idleb). 

Outside the capital, farms surrounding Barzeh al-Balad alley saw fighting between units of armed forces and terrorists ended in eliminating two terrorist leaders and many of their men.

Fake passport seized

In the Easter Hama countryside, a unit of armed forces arrested a terrorist near Jenan town and seized ammunitions and fake passports. The terrorist was trying to deliver the ammunitions and the passports to terrorist groups in the area.

Locals protest against terrorist acts

In the Central Homs Province, locals of Tal-Kalkh city protested against crimes being perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups, stressing readiness to offer sacrifices to restore stability and security to the country.

The locals also expressed their support for the Syrian Arab army in fighting foreign-backed terrorist groups.

2 citizens martyred by tanker blast

In a separate incident, a terrorist blasted a tank truck near Tebet al-Imam town on Aleppo-Hama road.

At least two citizens were martyred and four others wounded by the blast which also left massive damages at the scene.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure


" Dry Canal Project " Links Basra- Syrian Coast

Damascus, (ST) _The General Assembly of the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport and  on Thursday discussed work progress  and efforts to  overcome difficulties and obstacles hindering bilateral  cooperation and coordination .

Transport Minister  Mahmoud Ibrahim Saed, noted deep bilateral  cooperation  relations and efforts  to find the necessary mechanisms to unify transport systems between the two countries as a foundation stone for  multifaceted bilateral cooperation.

The Minister indicated the " dry canal project," which  will be the backbone for  linking Basra and the Syrian coast and from there to Iran and neighboring countries.


He expressed  ministry's readiness  to provide  facilities required for improving the  company 's  performance , pointing out the  company embodies  12-year cooperation  experience during which considerable profits were achieved. 

For his part,  Iraq 's  deputy transport minister Salman Saddam Jassim noted deep  relations between the two countries, especially in the field of transport and the  Iraqi ministry 's interest to boost these relations for mutual benefits. 

He focused on the importance of   transport transit services  between two countries to attain  economic growth and provide all needed  services to the Syrian people , on the ground of  bilateral historical  ties,  pointing the need to develop a plan by the Company 's  Board of Directors to identify actual  needs and find appropriate mechanisms for optimal investment of existing resources to ensure best results at the lowest costs.

 T. Fateh

UN resolution on Syria says nothing about terrorism ,says Haddad

MOSCOW,(ST)-It is no coincidence that the UN General Assembly approved the resolution against the Syrian government on the eve of the convention of a peace conference on Syria, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Syria in Russia Riad Haddad said in an interview with the “Voice of Russia”.

The resolution that was approved yesterday (Wednasday)directly supports those terrorist armed groups, which are currently operating  in Syria. It is remarkable that they chose this particular time for this confrontation and are coming up with such a resolution now. This was done in order to slam the door in the face of a political settlement of crisis in Syria.It is also noticeable that the resolution takes into account the view of only one party. The document says nothing about the terrorist who are currently active in Syria. When we say that Syria’s government is responsible for everything which is going on there that is a big mistake, a huge misunderstanding of what is going on in our country. In fact that is a new stage of the conspiracy against our country.

Asked if Syria  counting on the assistance of the Russian leadership,Hadfdad replied":We have been in touch with our friends in Moscow from the very beginning of the crisis. During our meeting with them it was clear from the very start that they were well informed about what was going on in Syria".

Indeed, we highly appreciate the position of the Russian Federation and are counting on its assistance. All the efforts Russia is taking now are aimed at solving the crisis peacefully, in line with the international law and the UN Charter.


Al-Halqi Receives Engineers,Contractors

DAMASCUS, (ST) – "the cabinet is serious ,sincere and transparent concerning the dialogue with all sides ,political parties and vocational unions in a bid to forma common vision that secures the appropriate atmosphere to make the national dialogue a success," said Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi .

'the national dialogue is based on the political programme that includes rejecting violence and foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs, "affirmed al-Halqi.

Al-Halq's comments came during a meeting held on Thursday between the Ministerial Committee entrusted with materializing  the political program to resolve the crisis with members of the Engineers Syndicate and the Construction Contractors Association Executive Bureau..

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the vocational unions' role as regards enhancing the dialogue's culture ,rejecting violence ,calling for amity, tolerance and mobilizing creative national potentials so as to employ these capabilities in the service of homeland .

Al-Halqi briefed the committee's guests  on  the procedures and meetings of the ministerial committee with all political parties and figures and professional syndicates to find common denominators that would help create suitable ground for  the success of  the national dialogue .

Members of the executive office, for their part, voiced  their support to the political program to resolve the crisis and their support to the government to implement the program on the ground.

They stated their viewpoints about the crisis, stressing the national principles of the Syrian people and rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.


Syrian Arab army continue fighting terrorists in Aleppo, Homs, Daraa

PROVINCES,(ST)_Military sources underscore the death of large number of terrorists from al-Nusra Front outside Damascus, Der Ezzour and Idleb provinces whilst units of armed forces continue confronting terrorist groups' attack on Aleppo prison.

In details, the units of armed forces targeted today (Thursday) terrorist groupings in al-Hseneyeh, al-Bweda, Adra and Rankos areas outside the capital, killing and injuring a big number of al-Nusra Front-affiliated terrorists.

In the Eastern Der Ezzour province, members of a terrorist group were eliminated when they tried to attack a military post in al-Mre'eyeh town in the countryside.

The terrorists' weapons were also destroyed.

Meanwhile, other units of armed forces pounded two hideouts of terrorists in Mohsen town and the eastern al-Hweqa alley in the same province and clashed with terrorist groups in alleys of al-Sena'a and al-Rdisat.

In Idleb countryside, several hideouts of terrorists were shelled in Ale, Haj Hammod Farm, Taftenaz, M'arretmestrin, Kafer Roma and Tal Salmo areas.

All terrorists' weapons were destroyed and a mortar was seized, according to SANA.

Aleppo central prison

In the northern Aleppo province, the units of armed forces continue fighting terrorists near the central prison for the second day running, according to the Syrian alikhbaria al-Soyeyeh TV channel.

"So thus, the fighting ended in killing many of terrorists and destroying 5 mortars, 6 anti-aircraft guns, and 3 armored vehicles which were used by the terrorists," a military source told the TV. Channel.

Clashes in Homs, Daraa

However, the central Homs province saw fierce fighting between units of armed forces and terrorists in Wadi al-Sayeh, Bab Hod, Joret al-Shayyah, and al-Qarabis areas resulted in killing unknown number of terrorists.

Other terrorists were eliminated in the army's shelling which targeted terrorists' hideouts in Talbiseh, al-Dar al-Kabir, al-Ghanto, the eastern al-Bweda, al-Rastan, and Kyesin areas in Homs countryside.

In the southern Daraa province, the units of armed forces clashed with terrorist groups that tried to attack one of the military posts from the side of the western al-Mliha, al-Kark and al-Hrak areas.

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims to weaken the Syrian Arab army and destroy national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia fund and support the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure.