Terrorists Concentrations Demolished in Rural Aleppo, Damascus and Idleb

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ Army units on Saturday inflected heavy losses on the ranks of   the armed terrorist groups in a series of operations carried out in Daraya, Duma, Irbin, Zamalka and al-Zeyabeh in rural Damascus.  Terrorists  Tareq Mahmoud, Youssef Matar, Abdul Rahman Qazzah, Muhammad Hasanin, Naem al-Sheikh and Muhammad al-Zein were killed at the municipal council  and al-Ridwan hospital  during confrontations with the armed forces in Daraya.

In a qualitative operation, the armed forces eliminated or wounded several terrorists including  Abdul Jalil Khallouf, Abdullah al-Azzawi, Omar al-Takli, Mustafa Qaddoura, Ahmad al-Qidr, Youssef al-Asadi, Nader Kishkeh, Munib Kahalleh, Sadeq Abu Baker,  Bilal Abu Iskandar, Muhammad Oweish, Fadel Qaseiri, Nawaf al-Refai and Murtada Saad in Zamalka and al-Bahdaleyah towns where  several terrorists shelters were destroyed including one car fitted with one anti-aircraft  23 caliber heavy machine gun.

In Yabrud , scores of terrorists who were attacking  people and destroying their property  were killed or wounded  by the armed forces  and their weapons  and communications equipment were confiscated, including automatic RPG launchers, assault rifles, several explosives of  various weights and  sophisticated communications equipment, according to an official source.

The source added that  terrorists Ghassan Muhammad al-Awad and  Abdul Wahhab Fakher eddine were killed  in a qualitative operation during which their four-propelled  car was  destroyed in the city of Yabrudm whereas all terrorists concentrations  were destroyed  in Housh Arab, al-Saleheyeh and  at Abdul Ghani and Abdul Aaal hills

In Aleppo, scores of terrorists were killed or wounded in Rasm al-Abboud, Mangh, al-Neirab and Mare'  areas where terrorists Ahmad Alaa Nime and Ahmad Nesaani were killed  whereas  terrorists Zaher Shirqat nicknamed as Abu Alaa, leader of  the so called Abu Baker battalion  and Kamal al-Najjar were seriously wounded, while 6 cars manned by terrorists were destroyed  on the old route to al-Baab city.

Also destroyed were  a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, a laboratory for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices in Tel Shgheib to the southern east of Aleppo, three cars fitted with ammunition and  weapons on  Khan Toman road in  Aleppo countryside, whereas in the city of Aleppo the armed forces targeted terrorists concentrations in al-Mesraneyeh, al-Jazmati, Qadi Askar, al-Mayser, Allirouin, al-Salhi and al-Kastillo areas, where large number of terrorists were killed.


In another context, several terrorists were killed or wounded  when a fighting erupted between two terrorist groups over  sharing  stolen  property  , collected from  robbing civilians  in al-Hader area in rural Aleppo. Terrorist Muhammad al-Asaad was killed during the fight.

In rural Idleb, leader  of " the North Shield" terrorist group Yasser al-Hammoud  was killed  and others including  Abdul Jalil Ahmad Hayan, Imad Basheer Abu al-Ij, Muhammad Abdul Rahim Tirkawi and Abdul Malik Fares Hasyan  on Idleb- Semin road,  and their four cars fitted with heavy machine guns were destroyed.

Meantime, the engineering units dismantled 9 explosives weighing between  50-75 explosive implanted by terrorists on the road linking al-Ghandoria  and Jesr al-Shoughour.

In a qualitative operation, the  armed forces exterminated  several terrorists in Bennish town, SANA said, adding that other members  of al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra front were eliminated on Idleb- Sermin road.

On the other hand,  a 50-Kg explosive device   implanted  by terrorists near the " Seeds multiplication establishment" in Idleb was dismantled .



Al-Jazeera Channel Political, Intelligence Tool

 DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Al-Jazeera correspondent in Berlin, Aktham Suleiman, resigned from the channel after it had turned into a political and intelligence tool and abandoned professional media in favor of the agenda imposed by the Qatari government in covering current events in the region.

In an interview with the German Deutsche Fillet, Suleiman said that the channel lacks professional and internal structural, adding that the coverage of Al-Jazeera turned into a political cover trying to pass a Qatari agenda across the channel.

“Al Jazeera's coverage to thesituation in Syria, is fueling and igniting the crisis,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, Algerian and Arab thinker, Dr. Yahya Abu Zakaria, confirmed that the Arab world is exposed to the greatest conspiracy led by the U.S. and Zionist project and the Arab countries have become on the morgue of fragmentation and division which Syria, the backbone of the Arabs, is resisting.

In an interview for the Syrian TV yesterday, Abu Zakaria said that the reason for targeting Syria is its standing in the face of the American and the Zionist project and her possession of a strong national army that is not found in the Gulf emirates which is replaced by the American army, the decision-maker.

“The American mind and the Zionists make plans and the Arab money finances and implements, but the details and the data say that next year will be the year of victory of Syria and its people and its army,” Abu Zakaria added.

Abu Zakaria confirmed that President Bashar Al-Assad will remain despite conspiracy and the year 2013 will be the year of the death of Al-Jazeera and Alarabia channels and the production of rational and enlightening media and the future will not be American, but it will be an Arab future.



Al-Qaeda Center demolished in al-Mayadeen

GOVERNORATES,(ST)_ During chasing operations ,the armed forces on Friday inflected heavy losses on the ranks of terrorists groups.

In Deir al-Zour , several members of one terrorist group were killed including Ismael al-Alloush leader of the so called " al-Furqan Brigade", and terrorists Muhammad  Sabbar al-Khaleifa of the so-called "Ibn Taymiyyah battalion," and Najm  Shweikh in al-Bu-Saraya street.

In a qualitative operation, the armed forces destroyed an armed al-Qaeda camp to the east of  Tayyip Fal and  eight cars  in al-Tanak quarters . All terrorists in the two places were killed or wounded. Among the killed were  Imad Abdul Wahab al-Matar, Ayoub Abdul Haseeb al-Ayoub and Muhammad al-Hamid.

In Homs,  a number of tunnels which were used by the terrorists in smuggling of arms and ammunition  were found by the armed forces in Deir Baalbe, where  quantities of machine guns , automatic military rifles and a pickup mounted with heavy machine base were confiscated ,while a  number of improvised explosive devices weighing between 15 and 50 kilograms planted by terrorists in residential areas were dismantled.

In Homs  countryside, the armed forces destroyed terrorists  gatherings  in Diwaniyah ,Hijo and Agha  areas , in al-Ghanto town, and al-Sultaneyah and exterminated scores  of terrorists there.

In Aleppo and its countryside terrorists shelters were destroyed near the Department of Agriculture, the educational complex and al- Jalaghim in al-Sfeira, where a large number of terrorists were killed and their weapons confiscated in al-Naqqarin, al-Tirkawi area, and the golden city, in Bustan al-Qasr area  and near Abdul Rahman al-Dakhel school.

In Damascus countryside, members of several terrorist groups  were left dead or wounded during confrontations with the armed forces in Duma, Harasta, Daraya, Hujeira  and al-Zeyabeyah  towns , including terrorists  Ahmad Bitar, Muhammad Suleiman and Saeed Juma

In the context of targeting of national cadres, one armed terrorist group  attacked  an electricity workshop members  and assassinated Khaled Kallouh , a worker in the electricity establishment  of the ministry of electricity and  wounded many others  near Beit Sohom to the south of the city of Damascus , a source in the ministry reported, adding that  the said workshop had recently carried out repair and maintenance  works in al-Fursan  electricity transfer station  in al-Madameyah.




Terrorists in Syria uses Chemical Weapons, Backed by US and NATO by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Well congratulations Messrs. Obama, Cameron and Hollande, and your Foreign Department sidekicks Hillary Clinton, Laurent Fabius and William Hague. Your terrorists in Syria have managed to use chemical weapons against government forces, something you were warning President Assad against doing. Well, well, how the tables turn.

As outed in this column several times, the attempts by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) to blame the Syrian government for using chemical or biological weapons were thwarted, attempts made by these three terrorist-supporting pariahs in the international community to justify yet another illegal invasion for almost a year now. The sequel to the story is that their sweet pet terrorists have used chemical weapons, not the Government.

Remember “Obama” as he addressed “Assad”? Warning him not to use chemical weapons? Well he didn’t. The only thing the Syrian Armed Forced were doing was moving chemical weapons out of the reach of the FUKUS Axis backed terrorist forces. So let us now address “Obama” and turn his words against him and ask him now how he feels in the light of the following piece of breaking news. In fact let us go further and ask his bedpals, Hollande and Cameron.

Syrian military sources confirmed on Saturday that Syrian terrorist forces recognized by the governments of the three FUKUS Axis pariah states as the representatives of the Syrian people have used chemical weapons against government forces in Daraya, near the capital city of Syria, Damascus.

So the question now is whether Obama, Cameron and Hollande will continue to support the terrorist chemical weapon users or whether they will rethink their Syria strategy. More probably, they will deny such an attack happened and will send an army of cybernauts out to hack newspapers such as this. It is called freedom of expression after all.

The commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard confirmed to PressTV that seven Syrian soldiers were murdered by the Free Syrian Army terrorist forces on Saturday using a chemical weapon which produced a yellow toxic gas. The seven soldiers died within an hour of inhaling the gas deployed by terrorists supported by the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom, according to the source.

In recent days the terrorists supported by the FUKUS Axis have repeatedly threatened to deploy such weapons and to contaminate all the drinking water flowing to Alawite Shia. Such ba threat was backed up by a video placed on you tube which showed these terrorists torturing rabbits with water contaminated with a substance which saw them die within minutes.

When will the so-called western “democracies” hold their evil regimes accountable for supporting terrorists which in turn use chemical weapons in Syria?

Source:global research


Syria, Russia for Abidance to Geneva Statement




 MOSCOW,(ST)_  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad, on Thursday in Moscow   discussed with the Russian Foreign Minister  Sergey Lavrov  bilateral relations between the two countries and various aspects of the situation in Syria .

Dr. al-Miqdad stressed the deep bilateral relations between the two countries, the need to put an end to violence and terrorism and to reach a peaceful solution within the framework of the Syrian position on the Geneva statement.

The Syrian official pointed to the need to stop foreign interference in Syrian affairs and refrain from supporting , harboring, training and funding terrorist groups by some countries in the region and beyond.

He  also stressed that the solution should be Syrian and led by Syria .

For his part, Minister Lavrov reiterated Russia's support for a peaceful solution in Syria, stressing the declared Russian position towards Geneva statement , noting that no change  will be made  in the Russian position  concerning the crisis in Syria.


T. Fateh




Some 1.5 million under- five Syrian Children Immunized Against Polio, Measles




DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The  immunization campaign against measles and children polio carried out by the Ministry of Health with the support of (UNICEF) and  (WHO)  for under- five year old children  in Syria was completed after some 1.5 million Syrian children  were immunized by the two said vaccines.

In  1,700 health centers and  by Ministry 's 6 thousand employees,  the campaign was held on November 26 through December 20 , besides   104 mobile teams to vaccinate the  targeted children, especially  children of the displaced families in temporary residence centers.

" Thanks to cooperation between WHO , the Syrian ministry of health and UNICEF for the success of the campaign," said  UNICEF representative to Syria Youssef Abdul Jalil,  expressing hope  in the continuation of joint cooperation for protecting the Syrian children.

 T. Fateh




Daring Operations Continue Against Terrorists




GOVERNORATES, (ST)_  The armed forces on Thursday continued attacks against  armed terrorist groups  and left scores of them dead or wounded and destroyed their weapons.

In Damascus  countryside, several terrorists were killed and 11 wounded while  one mortar was  destroyed near al-Nahda company in Hujeira, whereas five terrorists were killed and 8 wounded near Oxygen  factory in al-Huseineyah town.

Army units carried out a series of  daring perations  against terrorists in Duma, Daraya and Madameya farms and the Black stone area  and achieved direct hits in their ranks.

Among the killed terrorists in the said areas were Mustafa al-Hanafi leader of the so called Islam banner group and terrorists Issam Sadaa, Maaz Ghbeism Fahd al-Atieq, Imad al-Abbar Issam al-Tawll, Ahmad Zeyadeh, Shadi Issa, Obeida Kreira, Abdullah al-Muhammad, Raed al-Mufleh and Ahmad al-Jernawi. Two cars fitted with machine guns were destroyed .

In another context, terrorists detonated a  booby trapped car in al-Nahr street in al-Sbenieh resulted in killing four civilians  and  wounding 10, mostly school students.

In Aleppo city and countryside , scores of terrorists were exterminated when the armed forces targeted  their shelters in Handarat and al-Oweijeh villages, in Rasem al-Abboud, al-Zerba, Tell Hasel, Khan Touman, Kafer Antoine,  and Tell Rafaat, an official source said, adding that  all members of one terrorist group were killed when they tried to infiltrate  into al-Kindi hospital  via al-Meselmieh road .

Meantime, and  collaboration with  citizens, armed forces units  exterminated  terrorist groups in Jibrin area in rural Aleppo, whereas terrorists headquarters were demolished in al-Naqqarin, al-Shaar, al-Ansari, al-Jazmati, and al-Maisar  in the city of Aleppo.

After receiving reliable information, one armed forces unit attacked a headquarters where leaders of terrorist groups rallied under the so called  "the banner of monotheism" in al-Sfeira in rural Aleppo; the operation resulted in killing or wounding of participants in the meeting including the  leader of " the banner of monotheism."

One army unit carried out a qualitative operation in al-Khaledeyah quarters during which leader of one terrorist group Alaa  Asaad al-Hussein nicknamed as Abu Asaad al-Daghistani and terrorist Saber Mando were killed, while in Jobar and  al-Sultaneyah areas terrorists  Abdul Aziz al-Masto, Muham,ad al-Faouri and Jasem  al-Khalidi  were also killed.

Meanwhile, army units foiled two infiltration attempts into the Syrian territory from the  Lebanese territories  at al-Mathoumah crossing in rural Tel Kalakh and atJose projects areas in rural al-Qseir, left their members killed or wounded and destroyed one car fitted with Dushka machine gun.

The  armed forces ambushed the said group, and killed  terrorists  Ammar Hussein Merei and  Ammar Ammar, among many others.

 Heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of one terrorist group and  many of its members  were arrested and their weapons confiscated including  warship machine guns and 25 explosive device, when the armed forces attacked a hiding for terrorists  in  al-Teifour area of rural Homs .

More terrorists shelters were  destroyed in Talbeisah, al-Rastan, Deir Balbeh, al-Ghantou, al-Qseir and  al-Hosson areas where  scores of terrorists were killed and their  weapons confiscated.

In rural Idleb , following  qualitative operations in al-Yaqoubeyah, Jisr al-Shoghour, tell al-Dahab, al-Janodeyah area scores of terrorists were killed or injured including  Imad Abu al-Ij, Muhammad Terkawi, Abdul Jalil Hasyan and Ibrahim al-Majbour, whereas, 5 cars mounted with machine guns were destroyed and terrorists manned them were killed.

 Following  close monitoring and follow up,  the competent authorities found a dump truck containing a large quantity of explosives estimated at  three tons near  " al-Sawari " school with masts and the engineering units dismantled.

In Hama countryside, several terrorists were killed including snipers when the armed forces clashed with a terrorist group which tried to attack a  security force checkpoint near  Abu Obeida village in Hama.

Several  terrorists  who committed acts  of killing and looting  in the orchards  of al-Teiba village in rural Daraa were killed or  wounded . Among the  killed terrorists were  Muhammad Ali al-Balkhi, Abdo Hussein al-Deiri, Yazan Jamous, Hussein al-Zou'bi  and Qasem Hboubati.