Syrian-Iranian Booming Ties Stressed

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Syrian-Iranian cooperation continue to be enhanced in all domains, particularly in economy and trade, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi stressed during his meeting on Sunday with the Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Reza Shibani.

The premier hailed Iran's support for Syria at all levels, particularly in terms of strengthening the Syrian economy to withstand the unjust economic war against the Syrian people.

He reiterated that Syria will defeat the Arab and Western-backed terrorism and foil the Zio-American scheme in the region.

Talks during the meeting focused on boosting bilateral economic and trade ties and reactivating the Iranian Credit Line to Syria to provide oil derivatives, foodstuff, medicine and electricity requirements.

Topics on the agenda of the Syrian-Iranian Technical Committee, which is due to convene in Tehran soon, were also discussed by the two officials.

The premier talked about preparations aiming to open huge shopping markets in Damascus and other governorates in order to meet citizens' needs before the commencement of Eid al-Fitr.

He affirmed that the government plans to provide the markets with all necessary supply materials the citizens need so as to put an end to the manipulation practiced by some traders.

The Iranian Ambassador renewed his country's willingness to boost cooperation with Syria and to expand trade exchange.

He hailed the victory attained by the Syrian Arab Army in fighting terrorism and commended the Syrian people's steadfastness in the face of the economic war and their determination to rebuild their country without any foreign interference.

H. Mustafa

One person Blackmailing Detainees' Families Arrested

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Public prosecutor at Damascus Court of terror ordered the  arrest of one person caught with  letters requesting  money from families of certain  detainees and names of some former judges in the court.

In a statement, the  Ministry of Justice said yesterday that  a man, nicknamed as "F.S" was arrested while disposing  papers and  found out he was  "reviewing cases  in court," noting that a set of "visiting cards for a number of detainees  were found with the man. "

The ministry pointed out that "the man was arrested under crimes  of fraud and extortion," according to articles 635 and 641 of the Penal Code and Articles 4 and 7 of Act 19 for 2012  ,  under the charge  of interfering in and financing  terrorist acts . 

T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army mows down 50 al-Nusra Front affiliates in an ambush

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 50 al-Nusra Front affiliates are reported to have been killed in an ambush laid by a unit of the armed forces in Adra suburb outside Damascus, as intense clashes broke out in several areas in the country's commercial capital.

In details, SANA quoted a military source as saying today that a unit of the armed forces mowed down a number of al-Nusra Front affiliates, some of whom have foreign nationalities, west of the industrial city in Adra suburb as they were trying to infiltrate into the heart of the Eastern Ghouta to aid and abet the defeated terrorist groups.

The number of the dead in the ambush is estimated to be 50 according to  several media reports.

The source added that weapons and ammunitions including rifles, RPG launchers, bombs, 23mm tank shells, and 14.5mm -7mm bullets were confiscated in the ambush.

Tunnel in Darayya

At the same time, it was reported that a tunnel of 300 meters long was found in Darayya suburb, to the south-west of the capital.

"The tunnel is wide enough to drive a motorcycle inside  and it had been used by thugs to store weapons and ammunitions," an official source said, pointing out that 7thugs were eliminated at al-Fern square in Darayya city.

Clashes in Aleppo continue

More terrorists from al-Nusra Front were crushed in clashes that flared up on the outskirts of al-Rashidin quarter and in farms surrounding Khan al-Asal in the northern Aleppo province as well as in operations targetting their hideouts in quarters of al-Sheikh Maqsoud, Bestan al-Qasr, and the old city.

Other operations were carried out on Aleppo-Idlib road and in towns of Hritan and Hillan and in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Infiltration bids

In another development, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bid to sneak into safe areas in Karm al-Jabal area in Aleppo province amid reports of foiling another bid of infiltration from Lebanon into Homs through Halat site outside Tal Kalkh.


The army also eliminated several armed terrorist groups in quarters of Bab Hod, Joret al-Shayyah, al-Qosor, al-Khaledeyeh, al-Warsheh, al-Hamedeyeh, al-Qarabis, and al-Masabigh in Homs city as well as in many areas outside , according to an official source.

Ringleader and gangsters killed

In the southern Daraa Province, the armed forces killed the hardened ringleader of the so-called "al-Yarmouk martyrs' brigade and many gangsters in Nawa city and warded off an armed terrorist group's attack on a garrison in Dakr town.

A military source told SANA that several hideouts of terrorists were battered in villages of al-Sora, al-Hrak, the eastern al-Mleha, Bosra al-Harir, al-Sheikh Meskin, Sida, Em alLoqs, Abo  Mdarat, and Jasem as well as in Daraa al-Balad.

Unknown number of terrorist perished in the said villages while a terrorist  died as he was making an explosive device inside a hideout in Daraa al-Balad.


Grand Mufti Urges Journalists to Verify the News

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"Syria is fighting for its solid and firm stances, and consequently  was punished for its stances towards Lebanon and Iraq where it preserved the unity of Lebanon  and refused to enlist its name in the list of Iraq's invaders, Grand Mufti of the Republic," Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun underscored.

Addressing  local media staff at Al-Assad Library in Damascus on Sunday, Hassoun zeroed in on the sublime meaning of the 'word' underlying " verily, he  who utters the word of right never dies while he who utters lies will definitely be killed by his lies".

The Mufti urged  the Syrian journalists to verify the news before making them public and  to embrace faithfulness in conveying  information.

He also urged them to distance themselves away from the 'yellow journalism' as it depends only  on 'action' and paying no heed to the value of the word that might kill a man or even a nation or it might make man and a nation alive.

''undoubtedly, The Syrian media needs a fresh and  creative start  and benefitting from the ideological plurality as it is intellectual richness and openness, rather than fanaticism,'' Hassoun emphasized.

 The Grand Mufti branded the  national media as  the first ''line of defense'' to give a true image of  the homeland.

Furthermore, Hassoun  made it clear that the ministries of education, higher education, culture and information along with the religious establishments have a vital role as regards  bringing up generations capable of shouldering their responsibilities .

"frankly speaking, it is not only the 'west schemes' behind the ongoing crisis in Syria   but also we have to blame ourselves concerning lack of attention to the educational matter, 'said Hassoun.

Hassoun hailed Syria's steadfastness over the past two years, stressing the necessity of realizing economic steadfastness and urging business men to return to Syria and help in rebuilding it.

Hassoun wondered at blocking Syrian TV channels, recalling that he has been warning since 1997 of a sectarian war that al-Jazeera Channel seeks to whip up in the region.

"the religious discourse in Syria , the home for moderate Islam ,must be accorded further attention as Islam's main task  is to ''address  hearts and illuminate minds, "stressed Hassoun.

The Grand Mufti also briefed attendees on media disinformation campaigns launched and still launching by western governments only to mislead their people concerning what is happening in Syria particularly.

The meeting was attended by Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi,  where Hassoun lauded his efforts to upgrade the level of the local media.



Terrorists burnt 25 Thousand Tons of Seeded Cotton in Hasaka

HASAKA,(ST)_Terrorists targeted by a mortar shelling cotton collection center in Al-Milbeh area in rural Hasaka, resulted  in  a fire in it and burning large quantities of its cotton .

According to the center's director Samir al-Mushrif yesterday ,the fire caused by the terrorist attack led to the burning of about 25 thousand tons of seeded  cotton worth millions of Syrian pounds.

He pointed out that civil defense members  immediately took all measures to control the fire and prevented its  transmission of fir to other cotton collection centers in the area.

Worthy mentioning, that    during last season , the center received about 150 thousand tons of seeded cotton.


T. Fateh 

Hands off Syria,say Syrians ,Russians

MOSCOW, (ST)- Marking the global campaign in support for Syria, the Syrian community and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia on Saturday organized a rally  outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow .

The event, held in coordination with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Russian Anti-Globalization Organization.

The participants  condemned  some Western and regional countries' policies as regards supporting  international terrorism, particularly in Syria.

The participants branded the US as the "top terrorist across the globe".

They(the participants) Raised  the Syrian and Russian flags and  chants during the event asking rang out  asking the US to take its hands off Syria .

Chants also rang out lauding  the victories achieved by the Syrian armed forces in the face of the international terrorism targeting Syria.

"We, the Syrian students and citizens in Moscow, voice  our support for our people, brave army and our leadership," Ramadan Mousa, a Syrian student told a Syrian local media.

The participants also criticized  the US, European states, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the strongest terms as they relentlessly arming and bankrolling  the  terrorists and urging them to perpetrate  crimes in Syria.



Syrians and Europeans in Prague show solidarity with Syria

Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in the Czech Republic and the European Solidarity Front for Syria organized on Saturday a mass rally in solidarity with Syria at St. Wenceslas Square in the Czech capital Prague.

During the rally ,the participants raised the Syrian, Russian and Chinese flags and held President Bashar al-Assad's posters.

In a statement released after the rally, the students voiced confidence in Syria's ability to overcome the ongoing crisis and conspiracy, lashing out at the countries providing the armed terrorist groups with weapons and funds.

"we support the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism, "asserted Patrick Fondak, the representative of the European Solidarity Front for Syria.


Syrian Arab army repels terrorists' infiltration into safe areas in Aleppo, advances in Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_The key hideout of terrorists in Bab Hod quarter in the central Homs province has become under the armed forces' control, as fierce clashes flared up outside Der Ezzour and Aleppo provinces.

Al-Mas'odeyeh school in Bab Hod quarter was declared today 'safe' after vanquishing the terrorists, who were harboring themselves inside.

An official source told SANA that the armed forces pounded two hideouts of armed terrorist groups near 'al-Taheya' Mosque and imposed control over 'al-Mas'odeyeh school', which was used by terrorists as a hideout to plan for their criminal acts against citizens.

In this context, a military source added that a unit of the armed forces mowed down several terrorists on the outskirt of al-Zara village outside Tal Kalkh and destroyed their weapons.

It cited that an armed terrorist group's attack on a garrison in Palmyra city was foiled by a unit of the armed forces. Most of the group's members perished.

More terrorists were reportedly killed when the armed forces shelled their groupings in towns of Taldo, al-Hesn, Talbeseh, and al-Rastan in Homs province.

Other terrorist groupings from al-Nusra Front were targeted in towns of Nawa, Mahajeh, the western al-Mleha and Sida in the southern Daraa province amid reports of restoring stability and security to several buildings overlooking the national hospital in Daraa city.

11 gangsters killed

Well over 9 identified terrorists died in the said towns while 2 others were eliminated in a clash that raged between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups in al-Hammadin and al-Mokhayam quarters in the same province.

Meanwhile, the armed forces battered a bomb-making factory in Saraqeb city in Idlib province- and a terrorist ringleaders' hideout- in Bennesh city -where 10 gangsters were crushed.

They also repelled terrorists' bid to detonate 11 booby-traps weighing 10-50 kg/each plus 5 anti-tank mines planted on alRami-Kafr Shlaya road in Ariha outside Idlib.

Arms depots and training hideout

Verily, al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists were inflicted more losses as the armed forces bombarded two arms dumps in the northern Lattakia countryside, a training hideout to the north-east al-Hbit Town outside Hama, and several hideouts in the west and south areas of Hassaka countryside.

Some 12 identified terrorists, most of them from Arab countries (Jordan, Libya, Somalia), were among the dead in the northern Lattakia countryside.

Stolen oil tanks

In another development, the armed forces pulverized 8 thugs near al-Seyaseh bridge in Der Ezzour city and mowed down others near al-Sa'aweh town as they were trying to smuggle 15 stolen oil tanks to Turkey.

They, in addition, foiled terrorists' attempt to sneak into safe areas in Aleppo city and targeted their groupings in the west southern areas in  Aleppo countryside- towns of Mayer, Meneg, south of Khan al-Assal- and in the surrounding of the Aleppo prison as well as near the industrial area in al-Sheikh Najjar.

Ringleaders eliminated

Moreover, the armed forces eliminated several terrorists ringleaders in the eastern Ghouta outside the capital as a series of qualitative operations were launched in the southern Damascus countryside –alHajar alAswad, Babbela, and Hajjira.

Whilst in al-Nabk area -around 80 km  from Damascus- locals of al-Meshrfeh town confronted al-Nusra Front affiliates' attempt to enter the town and restored stolen cars.

 A booby-trap detonation kills a citizen in Damascus

In a separate incident, at least a citizen was martyred and 5 others wounded when an explosive device blasted near al-Sadat Mosque in al-Amara quarter, which has witnessed several terrorist attacks in the last months.

Another terrorist attack took place in the residential area of al-Abbaseyen  when two mortar shells landed there causing damages to 7 private cars without casualties.