A Tripartite Meeting in Tehran to Discuss Humanitarian Needs in Syria

TEHRAN,(ST)_ A trilateral Iranian-Syrian Swiss meeting  was held  in Tehran today to discuss humanitarian needs in Syria and ways to respond to them , at the invitation of the Iranian Foreign Ministry .
The Syrian side was headed by Hussam El Din Ala. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and expatriates , the Iranian side by Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdul Al-lahyan and the  Swiss side by head of the Swiss Agency for Development Ambassador Manuel Bssler .
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates talked about the humanitarian situation in Syria , pointing out the special importance attached by the Syrian government to the humanitarian file and its continued  quest to ensure the basic needs for all Syrian citizens without discrimination .
He noted the  efforts of the Syrian government in supervising  the distribution of humanitarian aid and the resources allocated to meet those needs,  as well as financing emergency  plans, rehabilitation of infrastructure and state facilities and compensating  those affected by the terrorist acts for property  losses .

He also talked about the recent actions taken by the government to  facilitate the work of international organizations concerned with human affairs, and remove obstacles hindering  the implementation of the humanitarian plan agreed by the two sides .
The Syrian official expressed the Syrian government 's appreciation for the efforts of the Iranian government in support of the Syrian citizens and for the Iranian initiative to host this meeting in Tehran with the aim of activating the possibilities and ways in the distribution of humanitarian aid to the needy .
He expressed readiness to work  closely with the Swiss side in order to support the efforts of the Syrian government in the humanitarian field and to contribute to lifting the  unfair unilateral  economic sanctions imposed in Syria  .
The participants agreed to continue contacts on the points that have been addressed during the meeting.

T. Fateh

Syrian Arab Army Eliminate 40 Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta -- Hundreds of Families Return to Al-Moaddameyeh City

PROVINCES,(ST)_Hundreds of displaced families have started to return to 'Moaddameyet al-Sham' city outside Damascus under national reconciliation in sync with the continuation of military operations against foreign-backed terrorist groups nationwide.

The displaced families started on Monday to return to 'al-Moaddameyeh' area, around 15km to the south-west of Damascus, according to national reconciliation for which the Syrian government is seeking across the country, the Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV Channel said.

On January 25th, hundreds of displaced families returned home in Barzeh district, just few kilometers from Damascus, under national reconciliation efforts.

Military operation in 7 provinces

The reconciliation efforts coincided with carrying out military operations against terrorist groupings outside Damascus, Daraa, Homs and Lattakia provinces and in Aleppo, Der Ezzour and al-Hassaka provinces.

The operations resulted in eliminating dozens of terrorists, some belong to al-Nusra Front and the so-called the 'Islamic Front', and destroying a large chunk of weapons in several areas in the said provinces, according to the official news agency.

Military sources declared that at least 40 terrorists were killed in al-Mliha area outside Damascus and 3 ringleaders died in Salma town outside Damascus province.

They confirmed the destruction of two arms caches for terrorists and a tanker carrying stolen fuel outside Lattakia and many weapons-laden cars outside Aleppo and Der Ezzour provinces.

While in the oil-rich northeastern province of al-Hassaka, the army units targeted terrorist groupings on the outskirts of the Tishreen oil field, according to the Syrian TV channel.

Terrorists kill at least 5 school students

In a separate development, the terrorists fired 4 rockets on al-Rabe'a town in western Hama countryside and detonated an explosive device planted inside the IT department in the Directorate of Finance in Aleppo.

Well over 5 school students were martyred and several others wounded when a rocket landed on the periphery of a school in al-Rabe'a town, a police command source said.

It noted that the terrorist attack caused material damages to the school   and cars at the scene.

Explosion in Aleppo finance Directorate

As for the explosion inside the Finance Directorate in Aleppo, the Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh screened a video tape showing the serious damages at the IT Department.

It confirmed that no one was hurt in the explosion which happened at around 7:00 am (local time).

Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.

The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar sponsor terrorist groups operation in Syria, according to media reports.


A New Massive Rally in Support of the Syrian Army in Fighting Terrorism

QUNEITRA,(ST)_In support of the Syrian army in its operations against the armed terrorist groups, Qudsia citizens including the displaced from the occupied Golan took the streets today in a massive rally during which the participants expressed appreciation for the great sacrifices of the army to restore security and stability all over the country.

The participants in the march expressed their full confidence in capacity of the country 's brave soldiers to defeat the terrorists, despite the unlimited funding and arming they[terrorists]receive from the enemies of the Syrian people.

The participants also affirmed their support for the positions and statements by the Syrian delegation to Geneva Conference 2 especially with regard to the fight against terrorism.

The Governor of Quneitra Maan Salah al-Din noted Syria's solid position and rejection of foreign dictates and defense of its territorial integrity and security, pointing the firm stand of people of the occupied Golan behind the Syrian Army in the fight against terrorism, and to restore security and stability throughout Syria.

On behalf of the gathering of the Golan people, citizen Issa Hammoud expressed pride over the great sacrifices of the Syrian army to restore security and stability to all areas and re- displace people to their homes.

Other speakers concerned stressed the need that the right voice to reach to the whole world that the people of the occupied Golan and the people of Syria will not abandon their homeland and their army nor their leadership no matter pressure and terrorism on Syria.


T. Fateh

President Al-Assad receives a cable from scholars

Damascus, (ST) – President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday received a cable from the scholars and Imams of Syria.

In the cable, they expressed hope that God's blessing of rain and snow in response to the prayers for rain is a portent of things to come.

"as the rain came in response to the nation's prayers last Friday, God would soon bless Syria with ending the ongoing crisis "hoped scholars and imams.


3480 Food Parcels Distributed in al-Yarmouk Camp

 DAMASCUS- About 3480 food parcels were distributed in al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus on Monday and more than 800 humanitarian cases were evacuated from the terrorism-hit area, according to supervisor of the Palestinian people relief campaign in al-Yarmoul Camp Abu Kifah Ghazi.

In a statement to SANA, Ghazi said "despite the armed groups' attempts to hinder aid delivery, the access of food aid to those who need inside the camp continues at a good rate in implementation of the popular peace initiative to solve the humanitarian crisis in al-Yarmouk Camp and with the support of the Syrian government aiming to alleviate the suffering of the people trapped in the camp by the gunmen."

Ghazi hailed the facilitations rendered by the Syrian government to provide relief and food aid to the Palestinians inside the camp in cooperation with the Palestine Liberation Popular Front -General Command – and other Palestinian factions, which signed the initiative, the Palestinian Refugees General Commission in Syria and UNRWA.

H. Mustafa

Quick Response Center for Catastrophe in Sweida

Sweida- (ST)-  In cooperation with the International Committee of The Red Cross, the Red Crescent Branch in Sweida has inaugurated the quick response Center for catastrophe and relief.

The center which is the first of its kind in Syria consists of five departments. These departments will work in cooperation and coordination to carry out all the relief process in the governorate in a step that aims at offering all-out psychological moral and financial support for the displaced people in Sweida.   

 Departments are the following: 

1- First aid department.

2- Relief department.

3- Information management department. 

4- Media department. 

5 Operation room department.

Head of the Red Crescent Branch in Sweida Abdi Al-Atrash said that the world today is looking up with admiration to the international movement of the Red cross and the Red Crescent' efforts regarding supporting peace and  tolerance especially under the ongoing crisis in Syria, expressing full readiness for exerting intensive efforts with respect to implementing the branch's humanitarian mission.

During the meeting, the branch also appreciated the role of coordinator of the volunteering youth committee Hayan Hajali for his efforts in this regard.

It's to be noted that the Red Crescent Organization has sacrificed 39 martyrs during the current crisis.

The meeting was attended by Al-Sweida governor Attif AL-Naddaf and the coordinator of cooperation in the international committee mission which is affiliated to the Red Cross International Organization in Syria Faheem Shaikh in addition to other concerned parties.

Nahla Maaz

Al-Sweida governorate

Syrian Arab Army Kills 10 Terrorists in Ambush, Advances in Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 10 terrorists have been mowed down in an ambush in Homs province amid reports of air strikes against terrorist groupings in many areas across the country.

The official news agency reported on Sunday that the army units ambushed terrorists on Ein alNesr-Sheikh Hamid road in al-Mesherfeh area outside Homs province where 10 terrorists died and their car was destroyed.

It added that the army units recorded a remarkable progress in defeating terrorist groups from al-Bar'daeyyat farms nearby al-Zara town in Talkalkh countryside outside Homs province.

Scores of terrorists, some of Saudi, Lebanese, Jordanian nationalities, perished in the said farms and in al-Zara town as well as in al-Safsafeh, Em al-Tweni and al-Jarf towns, a military source declared.

Infiltration bids

The source added that an army unit, in cooperation with the border guards, repelled terrorists' infiltration bid from Lebanon into Tal al-Naemat in the southern countryside of al-Qusair.

Some 6 terrorists were killed.

Another infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from the old city of Aleppo into nearby safe areas was foiled.

A military source declared that the terrorist group's members were killed and injured.

It confirmed the death of a large number of terrorists and destruction of many weapons-laden cars in around 14 towns outside Aleppo and Idleb provinces.

Clashes in Daraa

In southern Daraa province, the army units clashed with terrorists who tried to attack garrisons at the junction of Othman town and on the outskirts of Kherbet Ghazaleh town.

The clashes resulted in eliminating an unknown number of terrorists, some belong to the so-called the 'al-Imam' battalion from al-Nusra Front, and destroying 2 mortars plus 4 cars equipped with heavy machine guns.

Other 14 terrorists were reportedly killed when the army units targeted a building in Othman town.

While in Damascus countryside province, a series of operations were carried out against terrorist groupings in the areas of Duma, al-Mliha, Ein Tarma, al-Zabadani, Ma'aloula, Jab'adin, Saidnaya, Darayya, Khan al-Sheih and al-Qadam.

The operations, according to the Syrian TV channel, ended in eliminating dozens of terrorists.

Shells hit Jaramana

The same province [Damascus countryside] witnessed a terrorist attack when shells hit several residential areas in Jaramana district, around 7km to the south-east of Damascus, leaving at least 24 citizens wounded.

The shells, which were fired by terrorists, landed on quarters of al-Janayen, al-Jam'eyat, al-Rawda, al-Talaleh, Daf al-Sakher, al-Baidar and on al-Bassel and al-Madares [schools] streets as well as on the "Martyr Hassan Bashir" School and the "Martyr Walid Jabr" School.

Women and children were among the wounded, a police command source said.

Another terrorist attack happened in Asal al-Ward area, around 55km to the north of Damascus, where at least 3 citizens were wounded by detonation of an explosive device planted by terrorists outside the threshold of the house of the Damascus Farmers Federation's Head .

Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.

The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria, according to media reports.