Displaced Syrians in Jordan Ask for Returning Back Home

Amman, (ST)_ Several displaced Syrians in al-Zaatari camp in Jordan asked to be allowed to return to Syria.

The displaced Syrians complained  of the difficult tragic conditions they live in  the camp, located in a desert area near al-Mafreq  city and the lack of basic living needs and attention,  which caused a new fire  outbreak on Friday resulted in destroying 35 tents.

"The fire trucks come without water and ambulances come without oxygen, which causes the death of people here. So, they are killing us." Said one Syrian displaced to the media

"One who stays here has no honor, no religion, no morals and I will return to Syria whatever happens." One displaced Syrian woman said.

"We are treated in the camp like animals.  Food and water are unfit and diseases spread among us, and we demand to return back to Syria."Another displaced Syrian stressed

According to Jordanian news websites, scores of Syrians demonstrated at the camp's main gate  in  protest of their poor conditions , ejected its workers and expelled  journalists who came to cover news of the fire.

Noteworthy that Western countries hostile to Syria pushed terrorist groups , they fund and arm to displace Syrians to camps in neighboring countries through invading  their villages and towns  to exploit them for political purposes.

General Coordinator for the displaced Syrians in Jordan Anmar al-Hammoud said that damaging  some power lines led to the burning of 35 tents but no  serious injuries requiring transport to the hospital, were reported

A nine year old Syrian child died in February, and her father and two brothers were injured following a fire in their tent in al-Zaatari camp.

Recently, 135  displaced Syrians returned back voluntarily from  al-Zataari camp  to their homeland as a natural reaction of what they are exposed to in the said  camp of political blackmail , psychological pressure and  ill-treatment by the Jordanian gendarmerie .


T. Fateh

Several terrorist hideouts destroyed

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of Armed Forces have destroyed several terrorists' hideouts in countryside of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Idleb and De Ezzour, killing a lot of terrorists.

The armed forces also clashed with terrorist groups, who were committing criminal acts against citizens, in the said areas and killed or injured most of them.

Three mortar rounds

Meanwhile, the terrorists fired three mortar rounds on Damascus causing material damages.

"The first mortar round landed near Bab-Sgher cemetery in Damascus caused material damages," SANA reported, adding that several citizens injured at the scene.

While the other two mortar rounds landed on "8 Athar" Complex in al-Zablatani area (in Damascus) left material damages. No one hurt.

Car bomb

On the other hand, the terrorists assassinated today dawn Damascus Governor's Office Director, Eng. As'adMhanna, by exploding his car near "Hasib" Mosque in Mashro Dommar in Damascus.

The terrorist attached an explosive device to the car which was blown up causing martyrdom of Eng. Mhanna and injuring one citizen.

Elsewhere, the armed forces, in cooperation with locals, foiled an attempt to blast a car in Idleb countryside. They opened fire of the car before it arrives in al-Nairab camp in the province.

Another attempt to detonate five explosive devices planted by the terrorist groups in al-Qsir (in Homs country side)was also foiled.

In the same province (Homs), the armed forces discovered two tunnels which were used by terrorists to store weapons and ammunitions.

In Lattakia countryside, the armed forces killed several terrorists from al-Nusra Front.

An official source told SANA that several terrorists, along with injured ones, run away to Turkey after the clashes.

Several terrorists arrested

In al-Hassaka, the armed forces arrested two terrorist groups and seized their weapons which included 13 rifles, 11 explosive devices, night telescopes, and ammunitions.

In a separate development, locals in al-Ashrafeia area in Aleppo organized a march to express solidarity with the Syrian Arab Army and to call for departure of armed terrorist groups from the city.


Al-Halqi,Al-Maliki discuss bilateral ties by telephone

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Premier Dr.Wael Al-Halqi phoned his Iraqi counterpart Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq on Friday .

During the phone call,al-Halqi and al-Maliki reviewed bilateral ties between Syria and Iraq ,ways of boosting and upgrading these relations ,other issues of common interest  and consolidating cooperation in s a bid to confront the ongoing challenges.

Al-halqi hailed Iraq's role towards Syria in all domains ,standing by Syria's side regionally and internationally, supporting the national dialogue only to attain a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

For his part,al-maliki reiterated Iraq's support to the Syrian people stressing his country's rejection of foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs and the political solution to the crisis in Syria through dialogue, democratic option and peaceful means.


India backs peaceful solution to crisis in Syria

NEW DELHI, (ST)_India reiterates its support for efforts being exerted to resolve the crisis in Syria peacefully and rejects foreign meddling in Syria's internal affairs.

The remark was made on Thursday by, Shivshankar Menon,  the Indian National Security Advisor, during a meeting  with Dr. Bothaina Shaaban, Presidency's Press and Political Advisor, who is visiting India.

The Indian official underscored need for halting violence and launching negotiations to bring about solutions that meet the Syrian people's aspiration, noting that his country's stance goes along with that of BRICS Group (which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

"New Delhi, which is holding the current presidency of BRICS Group, is to confirm this stance in the Groups' next summit to be held in South Africa on March, 26th, 2013," Menon said.

Devilish goal

For her part, Dr. Shaaban talked about the latest development in Syria, saying: "The main goal of what is going on in Syria is to establish a hot-bed of terrorism by the western and Arab countries that back, fund and train terrorists."

She thanked the Indian government and people for their stance toward the war being waged on Syria by al-Qaeda-affiliated armed groups and extremists.

Today (Friday), Dr.Shaaban told reporters at a news conference that Britain and the Western countries must work to reach a peacefully solution to the crisis in Syria if they seek to spread democracy and human rights.

She described the western plot against the region as "devilish and colonialist" and aims at re-occupying the region, plundering its wealth and spreading chaos to serve Israel's interest.

Dr. Shaaban also talked in details about the criminal acts being committed by the foreign-backed terrorist groups all over Syria, asserting that the Syrian people's awareness would foil the conspiracy hatched against the homeland.

The Syrian Presidency's press advisor arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday. 


Displaced Syrian Families Returned Back from Lebanon


DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE,(ST)_ Several  displaced Syrian families who were  forced by  criminal acts of terrorist groups to leave their homes to Lebanon , returned back on Thursday , after receiving guarantees of having  a decent life, in the  course of implementing  the political program  set to resolve the crisis in Syria.

The returning families were welcomed at Yabus border center by the ministers of social affairs and labor and   Minister of State  for the Red Crescent affairs  and were escorted until their temporary accommodation center, Qudsaya  in Rural Damascus.

Members of the returning families stressed that Syria always remains a safe haven for all its people and expressed thanks for the facilities provided to them by the government for their  safe return to their homeland.

7-year old  child Hamza Ibumajar said  that he had left Syria with his family to Lebanon  because " the terrorists opened fire and missiles at his home" while said Sakina 9 years  said: "Since I am now in al-Sham  I'm not afraid any more . "

"We are returning back home, because no other place can compensate us our country," Maysa Isa mother of two sons and a daughter  said with outpouring nostalgia she had experienced, expressing hope that safety and stability  will be  back to all parts of Syria.

Haya Owaid said she is  returning with  her husband after nearly ten months of exile  and they had left their home as a result of repeated threats from terrorist groups , pointing out that " though they received great  attention and care from hosting  Lebanese families , Syria always remains the warm cuddling ."

She expressed hope that all Syrians will support the army to eradicate terrorism in all its forms.

Nada Al Zoubi, who returned with her husband and family said:  "we were forced nine months ago to get to Lebanon to escape the terrorist groups ", stressing that "Syria is our mother and we are her children and she is indispensable for all of us ". She called  on  all the displaced people to return immediately to the homeland.

In statements to pressmen , Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat  noted the  social welfare programs  provided for the arriving  families at the temporary residence centers  that include social and psychological care and rehabilitation," indicating  that assistance will be given  to all returning families in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

T. Fateh

AL Decision to Give Syria' s Seat to " Coalition" is Null- ambassador

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ " The decision by the Arab League to give Syria's seat to Istanbul  Council in its  amended copy  of the so-called   "coalition" is a Qatari industry ," said  ambassador Youssef Ahmad,   describing this decision  as  null and void and of no legal effect because it is not based on the Arab League  Charter nor its  statutes and regulations.

In an interview with Syrian TV on Thursday night , Syria's former ambassador to the AL explained that the AL exercises systematic counterfeiting of  its charter and  agreements in order to make decisions serve U.S. , Israeli , Qatari  and Saudi interests.

" The  AL's  decision ended any role to resolving the crisis in Syria by peaceful means and at the same time makes of it a party to the crisis, not part of the solution," he said., pointing out that its call for this "coalition" to  occupy Syria 's seat to the AL contrasts with the first article of its charter, stressing that the third paragraph of this  illegal decision is a flagrant violation  of Arab national security.

" If the AL accepts this opposition party and placesit on the Syrian seat , this means it has  to agree on placing other oppositions  to occupy the  seats of other countries  like the ones in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

He indicated that since the beginning of this "earthquake" that ravaged some countries in the Arab world, the AL has taken positions that serve policies of the sheikhdoms of money, oil and gas which kidnapped the Arab decision and pursued a different policy complies   with their work agenda against Syria.

"Qatar plays a conspiratorial role on behalf of all the enemies of Syria and the Arab world, in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and Mali." he continued

He explained  that the Syrian people are  to decide their  representative and no one else  is entitled , pointing out that the  small chiefdom of Qatar with its financial surplus managed to kidnap the AL 's  decision from  large Arab countries who have had an influential role .

"The issue of Palestine and its agendas were absent from the Arab League since the suspension of Syria 's membership, pointing out that the contradictory position of the AL Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi on Thursday  reflected this fact very clear when he said that the Arabs were unable to express the simplest of  what Israel is doing in the Palestinian territories while he said  the opposite when dealing with the Syrian crisis, the  ambassador stressed."

T. Fateh

Dozens of terrorists killed in five provinces

PROVINCES,(ST)_Terrorist groups suffer heavy losses in countryside of Damascus, Idleb, Aleppo,Raqqa, and Der Ezzour as a result of qualitative operations carried out by armed forces in these areas.

The armed forces killed today (Thursday) dozens of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and vehicles in the said areas.

According to SANA the armed forces also clashed with terrorist groups, who were committing criminal acts against innocent people in the aforementioned areas.

Most of the terrorists were killed or injured.

Moreover, several terrorists were killed when they were booby-trapping a car inside a shop in" Wadi Barad" market in Damascus countryside. No citizen was hurt.  

The terrorist groups, who perpetrate criminal acts against citizens all over Syria and destroy infrastructure, are being supported by Turkey,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, and the US.