Al-Mikdad: So-called "Opposition Coalition Group of Agents for Foreign Powers

DAMASCUS, (ST)-"The so-called "opposition Coalition" represents a group of agents working for foreign powers, and the official delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic wasn't shocked by the shameful level of this body which has been lying to the Syrian people and the world, stressed Deputy Foreign and Expatriate Minister Faysal al-Mikdad on Saturday in an interview with the Syrian al-"Ikhbariya" channel.

The deputy minister said that the Syrian official delegation went to Geneva 2 conference with complete readiness to discuss items of Geneva 1 communiqué, holding the "coalition" side completely responsible for not reaching any results.

He clarified that the so-called "opposition coalition" refused what any Syrian should not refuse, namely certain principles related to Syria's unity independence, sovereignty and territorial safety.

He said that "Syria has welcomed Geneva 1 communiqué and showed readiness to discuss its items, but the United States had convinced the other side that it was going to Geneva to receive Damascus keys."

He pointed out that the Russians had an accurate understanding of what is called "transitional ruling body" and they stressed that it has nothing to do with "regime change" but with an agreement to ensure a chance for the Syrians to discuss Syria's present and future.

"The Russian friends aim mainly to stop the catastrophe in Syria not to change the ruling system, because they know that the crisis in Syria continues because of foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs," al-Mikdad said.

"From the very beginning, we said we won't allow anybody to choose for us our leadership, government or future, he stressed, pointing out the current in force constitution in Syria should continue to be applied until it is changed through national dialogue.

Al-Mikdad said that the coalition delegation refused to condemn the terrorism killing the Syrians and concentrated only on having control over power in Syria.

Concerning the US decision to arm the terrorist groups in Syria, al-Mikdad said "it was Geneva2 present to destroy Syria and abort political solution efforts, though the United States knows well that all the weapons and equipments it sent to its agents in Syria have become at the disposal of the al-Qaeda affiliated groups like the Islamic States in Iraq and Levant and al-Nosra Front."

H. Mustafa

Al-Zou'bi Condemns Hermel Terrorist Blast, Stresses no Place to Concessions in our National Issues

DAMASCUS- Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has condemned the terrorist bombing which targeted the city of Hermel, northern Lebanon.

"It is like the other terrorist attacks which target Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The only beneficiary from these criminal acts is the Zionist entity," said al-Zou'bi in an interview with "al-Mayadeen" channel on Saturday.

"We, as a Syrian state, people and government, condemn such terrorist acts and are sure that the Lebanese people will be able to confront and foil the evil schemes which target Lebanon's unity," the minister added.

On the recently-concluded first round of talks between the Syrian official delegation and the so-called "opposition coalition" at Geneva 2 conference, al-Zou'bi said that the Syrian delegation had proposed documents and ideas aiming to found a common base for solution  as 90% of the proposed ideas belong to Geneva1 communiqué.

"Since the very beginning of the talks between the two parties, the Syrian official delegation discovered that the so-called opposition coalition delegation hadn't read Geneva 1 communiqué," he added, pointing out that they jumped to the ninth item of the communiqué, which provided for a "transitional ruling body" according to the American interpretation, and ignored the first items which called for ending violence in Syria.

The minister pointed out that the Syrian delegation asked the UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to ensure a wide representation for the Syrian national opposition in the coming round of talks, because the so-called opposition coalition doesn't represent even a small part of the opposition inside Syria and abroad.

"We were aware that we are going to Geneva to talk to some people who, along with their masters, are involved in the war on Syria and in the shedding of the Syrian blood, but, for us, the national interests of the Syrian state were above all considerations," the minister clarified.

He reiterated that conceding Syrian national issues, constitution or institutions has no place in the agenda of the Syrian delegation, clarifying that "debate should be on the possibility of "opposition" forces' participation in a national government agreed on within a political process under the Syrian constitution in force."

On the future of the talks in case the second round of Geneva 2 is a failure or the "opposition" delegation doesn't expand to involve national opposition parties, al- Zou'bi said "the Syrian state hasn't excluded any party from dialogue. The state is also ready to talk to all opposition parties who didn't participate in Geneva2 conference and to openly discuss with them all topics with a high national spirit with the purpose of putting an end to blood shedding and destruction and to restore security to the Syrians.

H. Mustafa

Syrian Arab Army Defeat Terrorists From Surrounding of Oil Field in Der Ezzour, foil Bid to Smuggle Weapons From Jordan

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces have imposed control over the surrounding of the 'al-Taim' oil field in Der Ezzour province and thwarted a bid to enter a weapons-laden truck from Jordan.

The surrounding of the al-Taim oil field became on Saturday under the control of the army units in the wake of a fierce clash with terrorists there, according to the official news agency.

A military source declared that the army units eliminated the remaining terrorist groupings there and destroyed their weapons, adding that dozens of terrorists were killed when the army units wiped out hideouts and two cars equipped with heavy machineguns in the orchards of al-Mri'eyeh town in the same province [Der Ezzour].


Meantime, it was said that the competent authorities destroyed a weapons-loaded truck coming from Jordan to terrorists inside Syria.

The truck was destroyed in an ambush at the border Jleghem checkpoint, around 180km to the south-east of Palmyra.

Operations in Homs, Daraa, Aleppo

Towards the west of Palmyra, precisely in central Homs province, several terrorist groupings were eliminated in towns of al-Dar al-Kabera, al-Khaledeyeh, al-Sa'en aqnd Ein Hussien and in areas of Souq al-Hashish and Joret al-Shayyah in the city.

More terrorist groupings were reportedly crushed in an unrelenting operations in several restive areas outside Damascus province and in Aleppo and Daraa provinces.

There were also clashes between the army units and the armed terrorist groups that tried to attack garrisons in towns of Shaqra and Izra'a in southern Daraa province.

Elsewhere, the army units obliterated a hideout for terrorists in Kafr Zeta outside Hama province, killing and injuring all the terrorists inside. 

Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.

The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar sponsor the terrorist groups operating in Syria, media reports say.




Mouallem: Coalition Delegation should Abandon Illusions before Returning to Geneva

Geneva,(ST)_ Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Waleed al-Mouallem, who is also Head of the Syrian delegation to Geneva conference stressed that the Syrian side rejected a U.S. request in Montreux to dialogue directly with the Syrian coalition delegation , the so-called opposition unless U.S. Secretary of State , John Kerry, apologizes for what he said in his speech at the opening of the conference .

In remarks to the media delegation accompanying the official delegation on board the plane to Damascus, Mouallem said in response to a question about the coalition delegation refusal of the paper presented by the Syrian official delegation to condemn terrorism " it is not surprising that they rejected the paper ".
In response to a question about the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, Mouallem said that "We are dealing with an international community that is mostly unfair .. doubled- standards and dominated by the United States .

Responding to a question about the concentration of the coalition delegation on the topic of presidency transition , he said: " We are in a country of Constitution , institutions ,government , a parliament and a President of the Republic and we will not accept anything that is contrary to our Constitution , which won a majority of the people ."

On the non-participation of Iran in the conference he said that , " the UN failed in not inviting Iran to Montreux conference and the components of the national opposition and the bodies of civil society , as stated in Geneva document ".

On the powers of the interim government Mouallem added , " If the other party holds illusions that the transitional governing body or the next government will limit the powers of the president , in contrast with the current constitution , this is an illusion that they should abandon before they came to Geneva ."

On whether the Syrian delegation held side meetings ,al-Mouallem explained , " It is important to note that in the Syrian diplomacy , unannounced meetings are not conducted and we do not work under the table with any party whatsoever ."

T. Fateh

Defense Minister Inspects Garrisons in Aleppo—Competent Authorities Seize Explosives-laden Car in Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_Competent authorities have confiscated a car loaded with explosives in Damascus province, as the army units wiped out terrorist groups and weapons in seven provinces.

The Syrian TV channel reported on Friday that the competent authorities, in cooperation with locals, seized a car loaded with explosives in a quarter in Damascus province, without defining the quarter.

It added that the engineering units defused the explosives while the competent authorities started investigation.

Shells hit Damascus

The same province [Damascus] witnessed two terrorist attacks when shells hit the surrounding of the Omayyad Mosque and al-Abbaseyen stadium.

A police command source told the official news agency that a shell, which was fired by a Takfiri terrorist group, landed on the northern side of the Omayyad Mosque wounding 9 citizens, 2 children and a woman. 

It added that other two shells hit the surrounding of al-Abbaseyen stadium causing material damages without casualties.

Accurate strikes 

The mortar attacks occurred as the army units pressed ahead with targeting terrorist groupings in Damascus countryside province where dozens of terrorists and several ringleaders died.

The terrorists were eliminated in accurate operations in Khan al-Sheih, Alya farms, Erbin town and in al-Qadam area and in clashes which raged in Darayya, Adra and Jobar areas.

Terrorists of Saudi and Tunisian nationalities were among the dead in Khan al-Sheih area, around 25km to the south-west of Damascus.

More Saudi terrorists belonging to the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' perished in Lattakia countryside when the army units targeted terrorist groupings in Rabe'a town.

Some 38 terrorists were killed there, according to a military source.

In  further developments, it was reported that the army units crushed armed terrorist groups in Homs province, precisely in the quarters of al-Qarabis and al-Waer and in towns of Salam Gharbi, Tal Ein Hussien, al-Dar al-Kabira and al-Zara, and in Daraa al-Balad in southern Daraa province.

Terrorist attacks thwarted

While on Homs-Palmyra road, the competent authorities foiled terrorists' bid to detonate 4 booby-traps, weight 40kg/each, near Hannora town. 

Around 45km to the north-east of Homs province, the army units repelled terrorists' infiltration bid into al-Arshoneh town outside al-Salameyeh of Hama province, according to a military source.

The sources added that the army units warded off an attack on a garrison on the road stretching from Soran to Morek to the north of Hama province.

Moreover, the army units eliminated an unknown number of terrorists in several areas in northern Aleppo province.

Defense Minister in Aleppo

Alikhbaria al-Soreyeh TV channel said that Defense Minister General Fahd Jassem al-Frej paid an inspection visit to several garrisons in Aleppo. It quoted the minister, who also occupies the position of deputy commander-in-chief of the army and the armed forces, as stressing that terrorist groups will be flushed out from Aleppo province soon.

Syria is fighting terrorism exported from around 83 countries.

The US, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France sponsor terrorist groups operating in Syria, media reports say.


Syrian , Arab Communities Gathered in Solidarity with Syria in Geneva

GENEVA,(ST)_ Hundreds of the Syrian community in Europe , together with members of Arab communities and foreigners gathered today before the UN headquarters in Geneva in support of Syria and its people and army and in rejection of terrorism , Syria is experiencing , backed by the regional and in support for the Syrian delegation in Geneva .

Talking to the participants in the solidarity rally, Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi pointed out that Geneva Conference 2 did not reach the results as the coalition delegation refused to condemn terrorism and the provision of foreign non-interference noting that " Neither those nor the U.S. , Saudi Arabia and Qatar are able to impose their conditions on the Syrian people , who are supported by 300 million Arabs and millions Liberals in the world. "

In turn, Political and Media Advisor at the Republic Presidency, Dr. Butheina Shaaban confirmed said Syria will remain a country for all Arabs and all liberals of the world , pointing out that the secret of Syria 's strength lies within its great people .

Shaaban stressed that Syria did not and will not give up any of its rights and the rights of the Arabs.

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad said that the Syrian people are standing against terrorism noting that Syria has remained steadfast, thanks to people 's continued support for President Bashar al-Assad .

Syria's Permanent Delegate to the UN , Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, told the participants in the solidarity rally that "the Syrian people are the ones who decide the future of Syria , while the coalition  delegation , called the " opposition " thinks that it came to hand over power as they were told by their masters ."


T. Fateh

Al-Mouallem Blames US and 'Opposition coalition' for Deadlock in Geneva 2 Talks

GENEVA,(ST)_Foreign and Expatriates Minister has underscored that the 'opposition coalition' delegation and the United States have hampered arriving at common grounds in the week-long Geneva-2 talks.

Walid al-Mouallem, who led the Syrian official delegation to Geneva 2 talks, clarified at a news conference that the talks ended with no tangible results due to the US flagrant intervention in the talks and the non-seriousness and immaturity of the other side [coalition delegation].

"The other side had threatened to abort the talks for several times in the past week and it was obstinate to debate one topic as if we came to the Geneva talks to hand over everything in one hour. This reflects their delusions," the minister said.

He added that the US intervention in the talks was the other reason for not reaching tangible results.

Al-Moualem reiterated that the Syrian official delegation accepted to discuss all topics to bring about a common ground on which all Syrians agree.

"But, it seems, that the other side did not read the initial Geneva deal and it rejected the common ground.. Are those Syrians ? and can they be partners in building Syria's  future? "the minister asked.

No moderate opposition in Syria, only terrorists

He lambasted the double-standard policy of the US which supports Iraq in fighting the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) and at the same time arms this organization (ISIL) and al-Nusra Front to kill the Syrians.

As for the US decision to resume arming terrorist groups in Syria, Al-Mouallem underlined that the US knows well that there is no moderate opposition in Syria , only terrorist organizations destroying the country's infrastructures and killing innocent civilians. 

"Last night, I told Lakhdar Brahimi that he should call the US Secretary of State John Kerry to assert his keenness on the political solution and not a military one," al-Mouallem said.

Forthcoming talks

On the other hand, the minister pointed out that there is a national opposition inside Syria and it must be invited to the talks."The Syrian government will seek to hold the talks in the homeland."

"We represent the concerns and interests of our people and if we find that coming back to the talks in Geneva is their demand, we will do that..We, the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation, will return home to brief our people about what happened. Here I praise the awareness of the people who stood by us," al-Mouallem said.

Evacuation attempts

Regarding the humanitarian issue, the minister unveiled that there were attempts to evacuate civilians from the old city of Homs but they  failed because the ringleader of the gunmen there threatened to prevent  evacuation.

"The other side 'coalition' and their supporters have no control over gunmen on the ground," he said.

Transitional government

As for the transitional government, al-Mouallem asked:"Who represents the opposition in the forthcoming government?", adding : "We have first to know the identity of the other side- whether it is Syrian or not- we did not say that the issue of transitional government was not debated. It is  clause No.8 in the 2012 Geneva Communiqué,".

He asserted that Syria's destiny is to be determined by the Syrians themselves.

Basma Qaddour