US Fabrications, Lies and Inventions

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry refuted Friday evening the claims made by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, about what the US Administration labeled as conclusive proof regarding the use of chemical weapons.

An official source of the Ministry stated in a communiqué broadcast by Syrian Satellite TV, that ''Mr. Kerry depended on old stories published by the terrorists more than a week ago, with all what they include of fabrications, lies and inventions''.

While the Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry does express astonishment that a great State would deceive its public opinion in such a silly manner through basing its claims on ''no-proof'', the Ministry, added the source, does express astonishment at the same time that the US would base its stances in war and peace on what was published through social interaction media means or on what was published on internet websites.

The Ministry considers this as ''underestimation for minds'' and as ''desperate bids to convince the world public opinion of a US coming aggression'', especially that the numbers cited by Mr. Kerry are utterly fallacious, and based on foreign opposition and the armed in Syria, who are keen on a US aggression, in reminiscent of the fabricated lies of Collin Powell before the invasion of Iraq.

The Ministry official source added that all what Kerry mentioned of accusations against the Syrian Government is but mere lies and fabrications for the following reasons:

1-    Syria has challenged the US to show but a single real and logical proof about the alleged use of chemical weapons before Kerry appears with fabricated internet footages, asserting that the issue about a phone call by a Syrian officer following the alleged attack is worthless as to be discussed.

2-  Syria has never obstructed nor restricted the work of the UN Investigation Commission, on the contrary the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, lauded during a phone conversation with Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, on Friday August 30th, 2013, the Syrian cooperation with the Commission, given the fact that Syria has allowed the Commission movement exactly as the signed agreement between the two sides stipulates.

3- The United Nations  has repeatedly said that the effects of any poisonous gas use never disappear with the passing of time, and the proof is when the UN dispatched an investigation commission after 5 months from the Syrian Government demand for an investigation into Khan al-Assal chemical attack by the terrorists. Thus, the Syrian Government has never been late in allowing access to the investigation commission to enter the alleged place of an attack and within 48 hours from the date of the arrival of the UN envoy Angela Kane to Damascus.

4-  The Syrian Government asserts that the claims by Kerry that the Syrian Arab Army knew three days before chemical use are lies, and the proof is when the Syrian Government asked the investigation commission to go to Al-Baharia region, where the Syrian Arab Army soldiers were hit by poisonous gases and where the commission met the poisoned soldiers in the hospital.

5-    If aggression against Syria were to be, as Kerry says, to stop the use of chemical weapons, we remind Kerry and the US that Syria was the first to present to the UN Security Council a draft resolution as to rid the Middle East from all kinds of mass destruction weapons and that the US foiled its issuance.

6-         The illusion by Kerry as to justify surpassing the Security Council under the pretext that the investigation commission has no responsibility to define the side that used chemical weapons and that its mission is to assert its use or non-use, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates asserts that the mission of the commission was defined by the Security Council and its resolution and that the US was a pressing side on the commission as to make its responsibility so limited.

The Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry asserts that the US pretext of defending the people is exposed for all, asserting that the US and all who would take part in any aggression, which would result in the killing of hundreds of innocent victims, are to be held accountable, and that such a unilateral US act would be but in the political US interest, but not in the interest of its people.

The Ministry underscored that any US aggression is but a flagrant violation of international legitimacy, UN Charter, and flagrant disrespect for all international laws and conventions. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Syrian Arab army advances in al-Moaddameyeh area, thwarts attack on Abo al-Dohor airbase

PROVINCES,(ST)_It has been said that units of the armed forces launched on Friday an operation in al-Moaddameyeh area –to the south of Damascus- and eliminated a host of terrorists, mostly linked to al-Nusra Front, in Darra, Homs, Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

The operation, which was reportedly launched from four sides, resulted in making a progress in the northern side of al-Moaddameyeh and tightening control over Bet Arafeh quarter and further discovering a smuggling tunnel, according to a military source.

Large numbers of terrorists were killed in this operation and in other ones carried out in Jobar, Erbin, Harasta, al-Zamaneyeh, Der Salman, Hajjira, al-Dyabeyeh, Yanroud and Adra areas outside Damascus.

The armed forces obliterated many of al-Nusra Front-affiliates' hideouts and weapons in the said areas.

In Daraa

Other hideouts were pounded in southern Daraa province, precisely in towns of Tafas, Inkhel, al-Sheikh saed, and al-Hrak, where an unknown number of terrorist were reportedly hammered.

An attack on Abo al-Dohor airbase repelled 

Meanwhile, the armed forces warded off an armed terrorist group's attack on Abo al-Dohor airbase in Idlib countryside and crushed many terrorists in al-Hamamah, Ariha, Jabal al-Arba'en, Kafr Najd, al-Hamedeh, Em Jren, Tal Salmo, al-Shweha, and al-Majas areas, according to a military source.

Mortar attacks

The province witnessed a terrorist attack when mortar shells landed on funeral procession in the city claiming the life of a citizen and leaving several others wounded.

Another mortar attack occurred in al-Dwer area in Homs province where several citizens were wounded.

In Aleppo and Homs

Back to developments elsewhere, the armed forces wiped out many terrorist groupings in areas of al-Hamedeyeh, al-Warsheh, al-Rashedin, and al-Dar al-Kabera in central Homs province and in more than 12 areas in northern Aleppo province.


Al-Mouallem to Ki-moon: Syria rejects any UN interim report on alleged chemical weapons attack

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Syria rejects any interim report to be issued ahead of carrying out the mission of the UN investigators they had intended to complete, stressing that the possible  US-led aggression on Syria will torpedo efforts of the political solution.  

Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Mouallem, said: "Syria rejects any partial report to be issued by the UN before the investigators complete their mission, defining the results of  the samples test collected out by them, and investigating the sites in which the Syrian soldiers were exposed to toxic gas".

The rejection came during a telephone conversation made on Friday between al-Mouallem and the UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, on the mission of the UN investigators.

According to SANA, Ki-moon thanked the Syrian government for its cooperation with the investigation team and said: "they (the investigators) will return to complete their mission."

The team is due to leave Syria on Saturday, before completing their mission.. 

Al-Mouallem underscored that Syria expects Ban Ki-moon to be objective, to reject pressures, to fulfill his role in preserving international peace and security and to back efforts of convening Geneva 2 conference.

"Syria sees that the political solution is the only exit and any aggression will torpedo efforts being exerted to bring about political solution to the ongoing crisis," the minister said, according to SANA.

Basma Qaddour    

Defense Minister: Syria will respond to aggression decisively

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Commander General of the Army and Armed Forces and defense minister  Maj. Gen. Fahd Jasem al-Freej stressed during a telephone call  he received from Iranian Defense Minister Brig.  Gen.  Hussein Dehqan that "terrorists used  chemical weapons , killed  women and children and innocent people to get more support from regional  and world major countries to gloss over their  , alienate the public  opinion and justify their continued crimes. "

Gen. Freej stressed  readiness of the armed forces and the brave Syrian people to deal with any form of military aggression  launched by the major powers , vowing to  respond decisively.

For his part, Iranian Defense Minister stressed  that the main loser in any war in the region is  the one who  starts it .

Brig Dehqan said that Iran is precisely and closely  pursuing the security developments in the region and the crisis taking place in the friendly country,  Syria, stressing the need to take advantage of the political and peaceful means to resolve security problems.

Brig.  Dehqan  also stressed that the use of force and violence will lead to the escalation of the crisis and its circulation to political units , a matter  which will not lead to elimination  of tension .

The Iranian army chief also expressed his appreciation for the  message of congratulations sent by Gen. Freej him on the occasion of  assuming his new term of office.


T. Fateh 

Syrian Arab army tightens control on Palmyra's southern farms, seizes big quantity of C-4

PROVINCES,(ST)_ Most of the areas that have turned to be battlegrounds in 10 provinces are still witnessing either sporadic or continuous fighting, as mopping up operations are being carried out in the areas to which stability and security have been restored.

These areas reportedly became battlegrounds after the foreign-backed terrorists had entered them and forced citizens to flee their homes in order to use them as hideouts to plot terrorist attacks and to store weapons.

Among these areas, which are just few kilometers away from the country's' capital (Damascus), we can enumerate- alQabon, Jobar, and Harasta where unrelenting fighting between the armed forces and the armed terrorist groups has been reported.

The outcome of today's operations in the said three areas, as SANA said, ended in killing and injuring many terrorists, mostly affiliated to the so-called 'Islam' brigade.

The same news agency added that other terrorists were eliminated in the areas of al-Bahhareyeh, al-Eb farms (in Doma), al-Shefoneyeh, al-Hseneyeh, Hajjira, Darayya, and Yabroud. It announced the names of 14 identified terrorists including three ringleaders.

Most of the terrorists killed in these areas were from the so-called 'Shabab al-Houda' battalion and the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant'.


On the other hand, the armed forces continued advancing in Palmyra and imposed control over the southern farms there. They also defused tens of explosive devices planted by terrorists in the farms during a mopping-up operation, according to an official source.

Two days ago (on August 27th), the armed forces took control of the eastern and southern sides of Palmyra city.

Big quantity of 'C-4' seized

This advance coincided with cracking down on terrorists in quarters of al-Hamedeyeh and al-Warsheh and shelling terrorists' hideouts in Tal al-Omari, al-Rastan and al-Dar al-Kabira, Talbiseh, Ein Hsen in central Homs province.

An official source declared that the armed forces seized a big quantity of C-4 substance as they thwarted terrorists' bid to sneak into Qazhal town outside Homs.

35 areas

Elsewhere, the armed forces crushed an unknown number of terrorists, mostly affiliated to al-Nusra Front, and destroyed rocket launchers and heavy machine guns in more than 35 areas in Aleppo, Daraa, Quneitra, and Idlib provinces.

Idlib hit by shells

In a separate incident, it was said that 4 citizens were martyred and several others wounded when mortar shells landed in the faculties of Literature, Education, and Science and in residential areas in Idlib province.

The shells fired by terrorists also caused serious damages at the scenes.

Earlier, the Syrian TV channel reported that 4 citizens were wounded in a detonation of booby-trap near al-Kahra square in al-Hasaka city.

Terrorists' supporters

Syria is facing a foreign-backed war that aims at weakening its army and debilitating its national economy to serve Israel's interests in the region.

The US, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia supply the terrorist groups, who perpetrate heinous crimes against citizen and destroy Syria's infrastructure, with arms, money and media coverage.

Now, these countries are working around the clock to justify an illegal military aggression against the county in order to aid and abet the defeated terrorists, mostly  affiliated to the blacklisted al-Nusra front.


Al-Assad: Syria will defend itself against aggression

DAMASCUS, (ST) – "Syria will defend itself against any aggression .The threats to launch a direct aggression on Syria would only enhance its firm principles and independent decision simply because this stems from its people's will, "emphasized   President Bashar Al-Assad .

President Al-Assad's confirmation came during a meeting H.E. held Thursday with a Yemeni delegation comprising a number of political dignitaries and MPs of the Yemeni Parliament.

During the meeting ,President Al-Assad made it clear that Syria, based on its people's steadfastness and brave army, will continue eradicating  terrorism which is utilized by Israel and the western countries to serve their interests in fragmenting the region.

The President highlighted  the popular awareness in the Arab world  ,branding this awareness as an essential factor  in foiling  the schemes targeting the region.

 " The peoples are the genuine makers of relations among countries and the popular state guarantees victory and this is what is happening in Syria, "asserted Al-Assad.

Members of the delegation, for their part, voiced  support to Syria in face of all attempts aimed at undermining its position and role. 


Al-Zou'bi: Syria to Go Ahead with War on Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Syria will go ahead with its war on terrorism and it won't allow the aggression, planned by Western states and some Arab countries, to achieve its goals through their agents and terrorist takfiri tools in the country, underscored Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi.

During his meeting on Wednesday with Jordanian popular and parliamentary figures, visiting Damascus, al-Zou'bi said Syria is ready to fight back the aggression which comes in reaction to the failure of the conspirators' scheme to target Damascus and because of the successful military operations by the Syrian Arab Army against the armed terrorist groups, particularly in eastern Ghouta.

"Allegations accusing the Syrian state of using chemical weapons are all untrue and based on fabricated videos," the minister said, adding that the Syrian government will provide the international committee, tasked with investigating the possible use of chemical weapon, with clear-cut evidence that the foreign-backed terrorist groups have used the chemical weapon against the Syrian people and army personnel.

He affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army absolutely didn't use such a weapon and that a number of soldiers were exposed to chemical attacks by the gunmen.

Commenting on the meeting of the chiefs of staff of 10 countries in Jordan to make a decision regarding the aggression on Syria, the minister said "it is inconsistent with good neighborhood relations, but Jordan's announcement that it would not allow its territories to be used in any aggression against Syria is a normal stance."

Al-Zou'bi hailed the Jordanian people's rejection of the ongoing anti-Syria campaign and of the possible Western aggression Syria may be exposed to.

He stressed that the Western strike on Syria will cause dangerous repercussions that endanger the entire region.  

For their part, the guest delegation voiced the Jordanian people's support to Syria in the confrontation of this aggression and affirmed their confidence that Syria's steadfastness will not be broken, due to the strong cohesion between the Syrian people, army and leadership and due to the support of Syria's real friends.

H. Mustafa