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Baath Vanguards Branch in Lattakia Assesses a Celebration on the Occasion of the Tree Festival

LATTAKIA, (ST)_ Baath Vanguards  Branch held  a  celebration of art  on the  occasion of the Tree Festival in Dar al-Assad  for culture, where  a group of vanguards presented  dancer lyrical  theatrical  performances  inspired from  the occasion.

Cabinets approved Supply and Internal Trade Law, converted, "BOT" contracts to licenses

DAMASCUS, (ST) _  In its weekly meeting held yesterday under the chairmanship of Dr. Wael Halaqi, the Cabinet approved draft supply and internal trade act provides for e tightening sanctions and fines on violators, so as to save the rights of citizens and meet their basic needs of materials, goods and services.

5 girls hurt as Khan Dannon camp outside Damascus hit by mortar shell

PROVINCES,(ST)_Five girls have been wounded in mortar fire on Khan Dannon camp in al-Kesweh area outside Damascus, a police command source said Tuesday.

The source clarified that a mortar shell, fired by terrorists, fell in Khan Dannon camp in al-Kesweh town where five girls, aged 14-16, were wounded.

Syrian Arab army kills 2 terrorist leaders in Quneitra, wards off attacks on military posts in Daraa

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has killed a ringleader in the 'Syrian Revolutionaries Front' in Quneitra countryside and has warded off terrorists' attacks on several military posts outside Daraa, military sources declared Tuesday.

The ringleader in the 'Syrian Revolutionaries Front', Mohammad al-Q'eri, plus the leader of  the ' Shohada'a al-Harra' battalion [martyrs of al-Harra battalion], Sebhi Allosh, were among terrorists killed when Syrian army targeted their groupings on the outskirts of Tal Krom jaba and Tal al-Bzaq in Quneitra countryside.

Bogdanov-Haddad talks zero in on preparations for Moscow meeting

Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov has discussed with Syria’s Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad  preparations for the preliminary consultative meeting  to be held between representatives of the Syrian Government and the opposition in Moscow by the end of next January.

Syrian Army Units Ensure Safe Exit to Families Fleeing Terrorists’ Atrocities in Douma and Zibdin of Eastern Ghouta

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)-Within their national task to protect citizens countrywide, the Syrian Arab Army units ensured the exit of tens of families from the city of Douma and the town of Zibdin in eastern al-Ghouta. These families, who fled the atrocities and crimes of the terrorist takfiri groups against them, were taken to Qadsayya temporary staying center.

Mass grave of 70 bodies killed by ISIS uncovered in Der Ezzour

DER EZZOUR,(ST)_Bodies of 70 people killed by the ISIS found in mass grave uncovered by people of al-Bahra town in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour on Monday, according to local sources.

The sources told the official news agency (SANA) that the people of  al-Bahra town, which lies 100km far away from Der Ezzor, uncovered the mass grave on the outskirts of the town.