Terrorist attacks hit Damascus, Aleppo

DAMASCUS/ ALEPPO, (ST)- Two mortar shells were fired on Saturday by terrorists on the area surrounding the French Hospital at al-Qasaa area, causing serious  injury to a woman who was admitted to the Hospital and died later,according to a source at Damascus Police Command .

Several cars were also damaged at the scene.

Terrorists also fired mortar shells on al-Abasiyyn area, causing material damage to the place but with no casualties.

"three  citizens were injured by a mortar shell fall in al-Qusour neighborhood's square, causing material damage to a number of supermarkets and cars,"added the source.

In Aleppo,a number of citizens were injured in a terrorist attack by rocket shells on the Municipal Palace building in Aleppo city on Saturday.

"five  rocket shells fired by terrorists from Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood landed on the building of the Municipal Palace, injuring of a number of citizens near the Immigration and Passports Department inside the building,"said a source at the police command.


On Correction March Anniversary, the Syrians Affirm Determination to Battle Terrorism, Rebuild Syria

 World Terrorism Forces have united against the Syrian state and people, waging a barbaric terrorist war in which they recruited thousands of mercenaries and thugs to destroy the all-out achievements attained in Syria over the past 40 years.

Forty three years ago, late President Hafez Al-Assad launched the March of Correction as a turning point in Syria's history to establish a modern, civilized, sovereign, independent, stable and resistant state.

Since November 16th, 1970, Syria has worked to cope with all developments in all fields to build a solid democratic system based on justice, equality, human dignity, strong economy, national belongingness, and on the availability of all services and equal job opportunities.

Syria also has been a key supporter to resistance forces against the Israeli occupation. It has played a key role in solving many crises in the region.

The Correction Movement anniversary comes while Syria is proceeding confidently towards victory and towards clearing the country from the foreign-backed mercenaries and terrorists whose hatred has targeted Syria's development and civilization. Schools, hospitals and economic sectors were destroyed in an organized plan to undermine the future of the Syrian state and to strip Syria from the elements of the modern country which was architected under the Correction era.

Moreover, in an attempt to hit the unity and national role of the Syrian people, the European countries, the United States and some reactionary regional and Arab countries have intended to destroy all the achievements attained over the past four decades by sanctioning the Syrian economy. However, because Syria was able to confront most of the repercussions of the unjust siege, these conspiring states ordered their agents and terrorist tools in Syria to destroy the strong state's elements including the economic, services and military structures.

The whole world have realized the crimes of the armed terrorist groups which targeted education, health and economic facilities thereby depriving hundred thousands of children from continuing their education, hitting the health sector and badly  affecting the daily life of Syrian citizens.

Despite the attacks which targeted their schools, houses, children as well as economic and services institutions, the Syrians along with the Syrian Arab Army continue with strong determination and confidence to fight terrorism till they win  victory.

They affirm that the course of correction will keep living in their minds to make reforms and rebuild their homeland on stronger bases away from any kind of subordination.

H. Mustafa

Army brings more areas under control

PROVINCES, (ST)- Units of the army on Friday  stepped up operations resulted in controlling of three towns in Homs and Tel Hassel in Aleppo and will continue hunting down foreign-backed terrorists nationwide.

The three freed areas  of Homs are:Mheen,Hawarin and al-Hadath.

Meanwhile, an army unit destroyed a car and a den for leaders of terrorist groups and killed 15 terrorists in Eidoun village in al-Saan area.

Other army units killed and wounded a number of terrorists in the village of ad-Dweir in ad-Dar al-Kabira, north of al-Mahmoud mosque, south of reservoirs, the land of Sheikh Ibrahim in al-Rastan and Khaleej Kissin.

In Idleb,an army unit carried out a special operation against an armed terrorist group in Saraqeb city, killing all of its members, according to a military source.

An official  source said that units of the armed forces killed and wounded numbers of terrorists and destroyed their weapons in the city of Maaret al-Numan and the villages of Ma'shamsheh and al-Za'laneh.

"the army units killed a number of terrorists in the youth housing compound, Bani Zeid, the vicinity of the central prison and al-Kindi hospital, Tel Shoihna, Kafr Da'el, and al-Rashedeen 4, Bab al-Nassr in old Aleppo, Anjarah, Orm al-Kubra, journalists' society, al-Mansoura and Arbid village,"a military source told the official news agency.

The source added  that other units destroyed vehicles and cars with all terrorists inside east of Deir Hafer, Karm al-Mayser, Karm al-Trad, Rasm Mayaleh, Bisha and al-Bakat in the southern rural area. 

In another development, several mortar rounds ,fired by terrorists, hit the residential area of Bab Touma in Damascus, causing material damage to al-Mansour School and the Chaldean, Latin and Syriac churches and two houses, according to a source at the Police Command.



Army General Command: Iron fist for eradicating terrorism nationwide

DAMASCUS, (ST)_"following  a successful military operation and accurate tactical maneuvers, units of the armed forces tightened  their grip over the towns of al-Hadath, Hawarin and Mhin and the warehouses nearby to the southeast of Homs city,'' underscored  he General Command of the Army and Armed Forces in a statement released  on Friday.

"the armed terrorist groups, who attacked civilians and military checkpoints in the area, suffered big blows at the hands of the Syrian Arab army , killing large numbers of terrorists and mercenaries and destroying hundreds of arm-equipped vehicles, added the statement.

The Army General Command underlined that the said  successful operation has  left large numbers of terrorists killed in a well-planned trap, punctured the delusions of terrorists and their masters in taking over vital areas in Homs countryside, and aborted their plans to ease pressure on the remaining terrorist hideouts  in the area, causing dramatic collapse in the morale of armed terrorist groups that are faltering under the strikes of the Syrian army.''

"the Syrian Arab army is determined  to go ahead with eliminating terrorism and striking with an iron fist everyone who seeks to tamper with the security of the homeland," concluded the statement.


Terrorists prevented Workers from Reaching Electricity Breakdowns in Aleppo

ALEPPO,(ST)_ An official source in Aleppo said  that the armed terrorist groups prevented repair  and maintenance workshops  from following up repair of  high - tension lines affected by the crimes of terrorists and that resulted in  continued power outages in the city.

The source said in a statement to SANA  that the  terrorists today ( Friday ) stole  tools and equipment  of workshops and assaulted  a number of workers while trying to reach the affected sites of electricity networks .

During the few past days, the repair and maintenance workshops  fixed  two  high- tension lines that feed the city of Aleppo with  electricity  within the context of completing the maintenance  process of  two other lines, so as  to reposition the electricity  network to what  it was before the  last outage last before terrorists  had prevented workers from reaching  places of breakdowns yesterday. 

T. Fateh 

Syria Asks UN to Question Armed Terrorist Groups' Supporters about Crimes against Children

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syria has urged the international community to fulfill its role in fighting terrorism and to shoulder responsibility for supporters of the armed terrorist groups –operating in the country- for the massacres being perpetrated daily against citizens nationwide.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry made the call in a letter sent on Thursday to the UN Security Council, according to the official news agency.

The letter said that the armed groups randomly fire dozens of mortar shells on Syrian cities, especially on the capital [Damascus] to kill innocent citizens and scare them. It included details on the mortar attacks and the number of casualties.

At least 18 citizens, mostly school students, were martyred and 60 others wounded in mortar attacks targeting schools and residential areas in provinces of Damascus and its countryside and Aleppo.

The mortar attacks which were carried out by foreign-backed terrorists this month (between November 6 -11) triggered the stop of study in the targeted schools for three days -as of yesterday-the letter said.

It underscored that the school students, who survived after their schools were attacked, are suffering from psychological shocks as they saw their classmates stained with blood.

'Systematic crimes'

On the other hand, the ministry noted another type of crimes being perpetrated by the armed terrorists groups through recruiting children and training them to carry out killing and abducting them to blackmail their families as well as maiming them.

"The armed terrorist groups occupy schools and turn them into torture centers," the letter said, asserting that the terrorist groups have systematically worked to prevent students from going to schools since last year.

"They [terrorists] have distributed leaflets and planted explosive devices at schools and hindered arrival of the Syrian curriculum to schools in some areas to realize their goals," the letter added.

It blamed the spread of Polio in the eastern Der Ezzour province on the armed terrorist groups that impeded vaccination campaign there.

Serious steps 'a must'

The ministry appealed to the United Nations Security Council, The UN General Secretariat, Human Rights Council, the UNICEF, and the UNESCO to fulfill their duties and to lambaste the terrorist organizations' brutal acts as well as to adopt serious steps in order to obliterate terrorism resources.

It stressed that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries support terrorists- came from more than 80 countries to implement the agenda of al-Qaeda-linked groups - by all means.  

Basma Qaddour

Army takes full control of Jabal Maheen

PROVINCES, (ST)- Units of the armed forces on Thursday  continued their significant achievements nationwide as they managed to take control of Jabal Mheen al-Kabir area  in the eastern countryside of Homs.

The said daring operation has resulted in wiping out the terrorists' last groupings there plus their dens and weapons, reports a local media.

 Elsewhere, an official source said that units of the armed forces staged successful operations against foreign-backed terrorists across Syria inflicting heavy loses upon them.

In Homs, a number of  armed terrorist groups were faultlessly eliminated in a series of special operations that targeted their dens in a number of neighborhoods, villages and towns of Homs.

"the army units repelled a terrorist group that tried to infiltrate al-Dweir village coming from al-Ghasbiyeh and another infiltrating al-Qarabis neighborhood from al-Waer, leaving all the terrorists dead and injured,an official source told a media.

Two terrorists' cars equipped with heavy machine guns and a bulldozer were destroyed in Talbiseh.

Terrorists' grouping s were also eliminated in the villages of al-Khaldiyeh, Khalij Kiseen , al-Hadath, al-Ghanto,al-Qusour, Bab Hood and al-Warsheh

In Hasaka,a unit of the armed forces destroyed a terrorists' den along with the weapons and ammunition inside in al-Tweineh town in the western countryside of Hasaka, an official source told a local media reporter.

Terrorist groupings in the villages of Khirbet al-Saddeh, ar-Rhaia, Kharab Askar and Abo Qasayeb in the countryside of Qamishli have receive big blows at the hands units of the armed forces.

In Lattakia, some 19 terrorists were killed in al-Ghneimeh village.

Most members of an armed terrorist group calling itself "Al-Fath al-Mubin Battalion" were killed and cars equipped with heavy machineguns and a cache including launchers and mines were destroyed in al-Dweirkeh village.

Three terrorists also  killed in Salma town and 16 others in Torous, in addition to destroying a rocket launcher. An Egyptian terrorist was identified among the dead.

A special army operation carried out in al-marouniat village resulted in the killing of 23 terrorists and the destruction of two cars loaded with launchers and Grad rockets.

In Lattakia countryside, In another context, a fight erupted among terrorists affiliated to the so-called "The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham", which is linked to al-Qaeda, in the villages of Salma, al-Dweirkeh, Ta'ouma, al-Eido, al-Ghneimeh and Ein al-Hour.

In Daraa countryside, an army unit killed 20 terrorists, some are non-Syrians, in an ambush near the national forest on Tsil-Nawa road in Daraa countryside, a military source told the official news agency.