Lahham Open Message to Chairman of the US House of Representative:


Let 's Communicate Through  Civilized Dialogue 

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Dr. Mohammad Jihad  al-Lahham  yesterday sent an  urgent formal open letter to John Boehner Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives,  calling for  circulating  the message  immediately on every member of Congress before the start of the discussion of the  attack  on Syria.

Lahham said  that an  explanatory letter on the situation in Syria  was sent to "our colleagues"  in the British Parliament , who took the responsibility in using  all diplomatic means before it  committed  its  nation 's not to vote for  war against Syria ,  hoping  the US House of Representatives  will also follow a similar approach.

Lahham recalled  words of former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt , " If  civilization is  to remain alive, we must encourage  the art  of human relationships in order  to increase the ability of all peoples to live together peacefully in the same world "

Lahham  continued : Local  tragedies of people  are developing  into regional wars  and  will be later transformed into a global conflict due to the interruption of communication among peoples , so " we urge you to  communicate with us through  a civilized dialogue , not to be a dialogue with blood and fire .. We in Syria were born , with the American dream and  family values  in our mind , as well as the  opportunity to achieve success in an atmosphere of tranquility and peace ,  pointing to the words of James Troslo Adams in 1931 to that " Life must be  better and richer and filled with opportunities for success , according to ability and achievements of each person regardless of social class ,  religion and circumstances of his birth . "

Lahham stressed  that " Before your discussion in the Congress, let 's recall the following " common facts:

  • The main driver for the terrible crimes committed on September 11 was  the Wahhabi  jihadist ideology ,embraced and funded by the Saudis. 
  • The jihadist Wahhabi was born  from  the womb of the jihadist ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and  is a vivid example on  these is that  Omar Abdul- Rahman , who is now in your  prisons , while there are many parties that claim to be your ally,  seeking his release.
  • More than $ 3 trillion US dollars and hundreds of thousands of  American and Iraqi  were killed or  wounded and millions of Iraqi refugees are the  cost of the  ongoing military war on terrorism. 
  • Because  of the Saudi money , the " Wahhabi Salafi jihadist  religious schools  " still exist and every year thousands of children are graduated from  these terrorist factories .
  • The Wahhabi ideology has been  the main driver behind the horrific terrorist attacks all over the world , and the crime of Boston is a living example of the sleeping  cells.
  • Since the late seventies , Syria was the first country to face the fanatical Islamic terrorism .
  • Syria is fighting  today tens of thousands of non - Syrian jihadists .
  • Syria is the last truly secular state in the Middle East.
  • The US   and Syria had and  still suffer from  terrorism of the same enemy , which is the Wahhabi ideology of hatred which  has been embraced and funded by the Saudis.
  • Both our countries fully support  the UN Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1624 to combat terrorism.

As for  the  alleged chemical attacks , Lahham cited the following proofs on  militant terrorist groups  owning chemical weapons :

  • On 19/03/2013 , a chemical attack  was launched  against Khan al-Asal in rural Aleppo against  civilian and military people , and on  20/03/20 Syria demanded  a visit by the UN investigation teams to investigate the incident on the spot . A  visit that delayed by the US,  France and the UK  for more than 5 months .


  • On 30/05/2013 Turkey announced the arrest of a militant Islamic terrorist group , having in its possession two liters of sarin gas and therefore on 5/31/2013 Sergey Lavrov , Russian Foreign Minister urged the  Turkish government to cooperate in order to avoid the possibility of a chemical attack in the future in the  Middle East and Europe .
  • On 01.06.2013,  the Iraqi army arrested a militant Islamic terrorist group on the Syrian - Iraqi border and confiscated what they had  of chemical weapons and a remote control system for a small Helicopter  plane .
  • On  07/28/2013 the Syrian authorities handed over to the Russian and Chinese diplomatic missions in Damascus evidence that  " al-Nusra  Front "  possesses  chemical weapons and how they planned  to use these chemicals  in an attack on Ma'arrat Numan and Aleppo countryside .

He  questioned  what will  the Syrian government  benefit from committing the chemical attack  crime during a visit to the UN  Commission to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons in areas located less than 4 miles from the place of the Commission 's  residence in the " Four Seasons  " Hotel.

For all the aforesaid  explanation, Lahham  urged  the American parliamentarians  to visit "our country in a , big or small delegation as soon as possible to know for yourself what is really going on here .. We invite you to Syria to assess the situation before making a decision  especially that such a decision is pertinent to  the lives of mankind , as  we can together  find a roadmap for  an effective joint effort against terrorism, and we believe that such an  unjustified act of aggression would be illegal for the following reasons :

  • Syria is a sovereign country and does not constitute any threat to the USA
  • The UN Security Council did not approve such aggression .
  • The UN report on the terrible incident in Damascus has not been issued yet and no one knows if it  will ensure that sufficient evidence of any of these allegations.
  • Otherwise,  the UN has actually reached a strong evidence  to that Islamic terrorists of " al-Nusra Front  ",  a terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda used  poison gas against Syrian soldiers and innocent civilians , and that by attacking people you honor,  without legal evidence , will hold these  people equal  with  criminals who used chemical weapons at a time when support is provided to the Takfiri Wahhabi  rebels who  were accused by  the UN  of committing the crime . A  matter , which is considered as a  fundamental breach of your principles of natural justice . 

T. Fateh

Dr. Shaaban: al-Qaeda-linked terrorists were responsible for a deadly chemical attack in the country last month




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential political and media Advisor rejected the Western allegations accusing the Syrian government forces of being responsible for the August 21 attack on the outskirts of Damascus.

The Syrian official said al-Qaeda was behind the attack just as it was responsible for “killing Syrian people, raping women, [and] kidnapping Christian clerics.”

“The same people who were on the London Tube and who killed British people, the same people who on 9/11 in New York killed American people, they are the same people in Mali, the same people in Libya, the same people in Iraq, the same people in Syria,” Press TV quoted Dr. Shaaban as telling Sky news TV.

She called on the United States and its allies, who have been blatantly issuing threats of war against Syria, to wait for the results of a report by the team of United Nations chemical weapons experts, expected to be completed later this month.

“They are using the same lies, the same fabrications, the same claims, in order to target our country and our people,” Shaaban said, comparing the chemical weapons accusations against Syria to those used to justify the Iraq war, which ultimately proved false.

Dr, Shaaban demanded that Washington provide the world with evidence backing its accusation against the Syrian government.






Syrian Arab army raids al-Nusra Front-affiliates near Ma'alola, launches tailored operation in Homs

PROVINCES,(ST)_Unprecedentedly, Ma'alola area, around 55km to the north of Damascus, has witnessed a fierce fighting lasted for long hours amid reports of launching accurate strikes at foreign-backed terrorists' hideouts in Homs and Aleppo  provinces.

According to media reports, the fighting flared up yesterday between the armed forces and al-Nusra Front-affiliates after a suicide bomber exploded a car at a checkpoint in the entry of Ma'alola area where many personnel martyred.

Most of the al-Nusra Front-linked terrorists, who scrambled towards surrounding mountains and valleys, were crushed today when the armed forces targeted them by warplanes.

These developments came in sync with continuous operations in areas of Jobar, Erbin, al-Hseneyeh, al-Dyabeyeh, Hajjira, Darayya , al-Zabadani's eastern mountains, and on al-Delbeh town outside the country's capital [Damascus].

An unknown number of terrorists including ringleaders were eliminated in the said areas.

Qualitative operation in Homs

Further terrorists, who had fired rockets on citizens' homes, were mowed down in a qualitative operation carried out by an army unit in Hosh Hajjo town in al-Saen area outside the central Homs province, according to an official source.

The source added that the armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in towns of Ein Hsen and al-Amereyeh and in quarters of al-Qarabis and Bab Hod in the same province (Homs).

29 thugs killed

The situation of terrorists operating in the northern Aleppo province was not better as the armed forces killed 20 of them at alMarjeh-Assan junction in the northern countryside and destroyed a large chunk of weapons.

On the other hand, the armed forces wiped out several hideouts and groupings of terrorists in 10 areas in Aleppo province and in 13 areas in Idlib province.

They also hammered 9 identified terrorists in the southern Daraa province – in Daraa al-Balad, Nawa, Da'el, eastern and western al-Mleha, according to SANA.

Al-Somareyeh explosion kills 4 citizens

In a separate incident, at least four citizens were martyred and six others wounded in an explosion of a car bomb near the Research Center which is affiliated  to the Ministry of industry in al-Somareyeh area in Damascus. 

Other three citizens were wounded when mortar shells- fired by terrorists- landed in the quarters of al-Tejara and Dwel'a in Damascus.

Terrorists open fire on a family

Another terrorist attack occurred in al-Meshrfeh town in Homs when an armed terrorist group opened fire on a family, killing the parents and seriously wounding two of their sons.

A third citizen was martyred when terrorists detonated an explosive device on al-Ma'qbara road in the same town which witnessed the fall of 6 rockets on citizens' homes.

Several citizens were wounded by the rocket attack, an official source said.


Al-Muallem to Visit Moscow Next Week

MOSCOW-Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Muallem will visit Moscow on Monday for talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday, according to RIA Novosti.

The talks “will focus on an all-encompassing consideration of all aspects of the situation in and around Syria,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement also reiterated Moscow’s position that a political process was the only way to solve the crisis in Syria and that any military action not authorized by the UN Security Council would be inadmissible.


Lahham : Syria Determined to Defeat Terrorism, Restore Security, Stability

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Speaker of the Syrian  parliament  Jihad al-Lahham stressed that Syria " will not be intimidated by " the US's threats  and its allies to wage aggression against it , rather " is  more determined than ever to defeat terrorism and restore security and stability to the country."

During his meeting yesterday  with member  of the National Security  Committee in the Venezuelan Parliament Adel al-Zagheir,  Lahham noted that any U.S. aggression against Syria aims  at serving the interests of "Israel" , that   terrorist groups failed  to achieve through weakening  the Syrian state and trying  to undermine Syria 's  positions of principle in support of  just Arab causes ,  especially the question of Palestine and to abandon its role in support of resistance forces in the region.

Lahham stressed the need to  thwart US aggressive  plans in  preventing  them from violating the sovereignty and independence of states and thwart  their attempts to change regimes in those countries by force for  systems loyal to their  policies , as the case  in the Arab region and Latin America countries , calling for  " unifying  the positions of friendly countries  parliaments in the international circles , in support of people 's just issues  and their right to self-determination and choosing   their political leadership . "

He commended positions of the  friendly Venezuelan people  and government and their  support for Syria and its people against the  media, political, economic and military  war  -led  by Western  colonialist  and Zionist countries , backed by Arab reactionary  countries, noting that " Syria is betting in its  current battle  against terrorism and its supporters on the attitudes of free  people , " who have become   aware of the reality of the conspiracy being hatched on Syria for more than two and a half years .

For his part al-Zagheir  viewed  the  conspiracy targeting Syria 's  security and stability  as an  episode " in a series of plots  prepared by the US  and its Western allies for a lot of countries that oppose its policies, based on  plundering  people 's wealth  and controlling  their resources."

He stressed  Venezuelan people and political groups support  for the people of Syria  in their battle against terrorism and its sponsors , and expressed confidence that the Syrian people " will be victorious,  thanks to their steadfastness , challenge of  the unjust economic blockade and the sacrifices of the brave  Syrian army ."


T. Fateh

Syrian Arab army eliminates 11 terrorists in Homs, defuses 12 booby-traps

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces press ahead with the military operation called 'Capital Shield' and inflict heavy losses on foreign-backed terrorists operating  in Homs, Daraa, al-Hassaka and Aleppo provinces.

According to media reports, the first achievement scored in the 'capital Shield' operation was the armed forces' advance in al-Moaddameyeh town, which has a strategic site because it is the western entry to Ghouta.

While the operation's second goal is to take control of Damascus-Homs highway in order to cut off supply lines to terrorists in the eastern Ghouta. So, gun-battles have remained unrelenting in suburbs of al-Qabon and Jobar to realize this goal.

Series of operations outside Damascus

Today, the armed forces clashed with terrorists near al-Manasher square in Jobar suburb and cracked down on the armed terrorist groups in suburbs of Barzeh, Zamalka and Doma. They also eliminated many terrorists in al-Dyabeyeh, al-Hseneyeh, Hajjira, Daraya, al-Zabadani and al-Rheba areas outside Damascus.

Several terrorists from al-Nusra Front including a sniper were reportedly among the dead in the said suburbs as a chunk of weapons were also destroyed.

Talbiseh's 'Sharia Court' pounded

In another development, the armed forces mowed down four terrorists in a tailored operation near the Post Office in al-Rastan area in  central Homs province and foiled terrorists' bid to detonate three explosive devices weighing 15-20 kg/ each between Qbibat al-Asi and al-Kerzli towns to the north of al-Rastan.

They, in addition, pounded a hideout of terrorists to the west of the Citadel and destroyed headquarters of the so-called 'Sharia Court' and six weapons-laden cars in Talbiseh area, according to an official source.

Well over seven terrorists, who were inside the court's headquarters, perished.

Another source noted that the armed forces dismantled nine booby-traps weighing 40-50 kg/each in Palmyra city and found a rocket launcher in the city's southern farms.

Elsewhere, the armed forces crushed many terrorists in more than 20 areas in Aleppo, Daraa, and al-Hassaka provinces.

Shells hit al-Fayhaa stadium

In a separate incident, at least a citizen was martyred and 8 others wounded, over the past 24 hours, in mortar and rocket attacks targeted al-Mesh'rfeh town in Homs province and al-Fayhaa Stadium in Damascus.

The mortar attack, which took place today morning at 9:00 am (local time), targeted al-Fayhaa Stadium and caused martyrdom of, Mohammad Ali Ne'ameh, a Taekwondo player, leaving 7 citizens wounded.

The rocket attack occurred when the terrorists, hiding in Ein Hsen town,  last night fired three rockets on citizens' homes  in al-Mesh'rfeh town leaving a woman wounded and big damages to homes at the scene, according to an official source.


Lahham Message to French Parliament: Aggression on Syria Illegal

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Speaker of the Syrian parliament Mohammed Jihad al-Lahham   stressed that the misleading media campaign against Syria is similar to the allegations that prompted many deputies from a number of Western countries to ratify the allegations about the existence of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq .

In two identical  letters  he addressed yesterday to the President of the French Senate Jean-Pierre Bel and the President of the French National Assembly Claude Bartolon,  Lahham indicated  that  in spite of the tragedies that have occurred previously in Iraq, some want another war to  destroy secular  Syria, a matter which  will lead to an explosion of sectarian conflict in the whole region and thereby increasing  humanitarian  suffering .

He indicated that  that such aggression against Syria would be illegal because,  Syria is a sovereign country and does not constitute any threat to the French Republic, adding that such aggression  is not approved by the UN Security Council in addition to the UN report on the terrible incident in Damascus countryside  have not composed yet.

He explained that the UN has  actually reached a definitive evidence that terrorists, fundamentalists  of " al-Nusra  Front " used chemical weapons against the Syrian soldiers and innocent civilians .

"When  you attack people without any legal evidence you hold these people equals to the  criminals who used chemical weapons,  while some  Western circles support Wahhabis and fanatics  terrorists  who were accused by the UN  of committing the crime, in a  violation of your  basic principles without which it is impossible to achieve justice ," Lahham said,  adding that those  who are responsible for this attack against Syria will appear before your court  and peoples courts , because the Syrians are the victims of this aggression.

He added that each  French deputy encourages this aggression or demands it  will bear  the humanitarian responsibility  for all the losses and destruction that will be suffered by individuals , families and the whole of Syrian society,  calling for the need to realize the moral  and humanitarian  responsibility of the  human losses resulting from such aggression .

He continued that  the  Western intervention in Iraq dragged chaos and calamity to it and that  that adventure of  President Sarkozy put Libya on the track , noting " if you do the same thing in Syria, your  hands will be stained with the blood of thousands of Syrians .

He pointed out that Syria fully  cooperates  with the UN  and  is involved   in the official investigation about what happened, noting that the Syrian experts are also  investigating crimes committed against the  Syrian people .

" We,  the Syrian Parliamentarians are determined to get  the  truth and to bring all these criminals to justice , regardless of who they were , " Lahham stressed,  calling not to rush in implementation of a  reckless criminal act because "   it is your authority  to  move the French Republic  from the  path to war to that of  diplomacy .

" Instead of fighting us , we  should work together for the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1624 against terrorism, rather than to become  enemies we should be allies so that we proceed  together towards  peace, truth and reconciliation." He underscored.

He went on that  the  French Republic is famous  of its deeply rooted  democracy , which is considered a  role model , reminding of   the French  soldiers who were killed and wounded in Afghanistan ,  to thousands of American  and British soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan , not to mention  the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties during the war and chaos that occurred after that , as well as tens of thousands of Libyans who were  killed because of French participation in the aggression against Libya.

Al-Lahham  invited  the French parliamentarians to visit Syria to find out what is really happening .  " Visiting  Syria will avail  you the opportunity to know facts  before making a decision , especially that the matter is pertinent  to  the life and death of thousands of people ".


T. Fateh