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New Vision on Tourism Promotion in Syria Tackled

Syria, the cradle of civilizations, is planning to have an active tourism media to explain the attractive image of the Syrian society and heritage sites to the peoples all over the world.

Ministries of Information, Tourism and Culture are the key parties in such a plan which also requires the support from the Syrian expatriates,  businessmen and foreign reporters and writers.

The main reason behind raising this topic during the current crisis in Syria is that most world media outlets systematically work to distort the image of the Syrian society and to portray Syria as hotbed of terrorism, extremism,  Minister of tourism said.

Syrian Arab Army Advances on Al-Layramon Town in Aleppo, Ambushes Terrorists in Idleb

PROVINCES,(ST)_Several buildings in al-Layramon area in Aleppo province have been retaken by army units who are moving forward in the area  amid reports of ambushing an armed terrorist group outside Idleb province.

According to the official news agency (SANA), the army units regained control of the buildings, located to north of the western side of al-Zahra’a area, in the wake of defeating terrorists.  

The advance in al-Layramon area synchronized with warding off a terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from al-Maysar quarter into safe areas.

Terrorists Cut Off Power and Water to Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_Terrorists have cut off power and water supplies to people in northern Aleppo province, the official news agency reported on Monday.

The agency also quoted a source at the Ministry of electricity as saying that the armed terrorist groups blasted three high-voltage towers in an area between al-Sekhneh and al-Hil outside Homs province after booby trapping them.

The line that feeds al-Sekhneh transformation station was cut off by the blast.


Damascus Condemns Terrorist Blast of China’s Xinjiang Station

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has strongly condemned the deadly terrorist blast which hit Xinjiang railway station in China on April 30th, 2014.

 In a statement released today by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, it underscored that the terrorist act which struck a friendly state is similar to the terrorism targeting the Syrian Arab Republic and it proves that the Syrian state’s vision that terrorists and terrorism are the arch enemies of peoples and humanity. 

“Syria which is fighting terrorism deserves support from all world states,” the statement reads.

Syrian Artistic Message Calls For Love and Peace

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ “The infamous criminal Takfiri Wahhabi thinking can’t defeat the peace-loving Syrians and the civilization thoughts emanating  from  our deep history” stressed Prime Minister Dr. Wael Al-Halaqi, on Monday, during a meeting with members of the executive bureau of the artists syndicate headed by Fadia Khattab in Damascus.

“The Syrian Artists had a genuine culture and political background and carry an artistic message to be promulgated to the whole world calling for peace and love and enhancing dialogue among civilizations that would help to contribute to the strengthening of security and stability in the world.” Premier added.

Presidential Elections a Turning Point in Syria's Democratic Development

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Syria's enemies and all who targeted the country's sovereignty and independent decision didn't imagine that three years after a complicated foreign-made crisis in the country, the Syrians will manage to witness bright days of victory by holding the constitutional obligation of electing the president of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) yesterday announced the acceptance of candidacy bids submitted by Mr. Maher Abdul Hafeez Hajjar, Mr. Hassan Abdullah al-Nouri and Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad in accordance with the state's constitution and elections law. With this announcement, Syria completes the first phase in the process of electing the president.

Syrian Arab army advances on strategic town outside Damascus, eliminates many terrorists on several fronts

PROVINCES,(ST)_Concentrated operations against foreign-backed terrorist groups have been carried out by army units in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and in Adra al-Balad in Damascus countryside, the official news agency (SANA) said on Sunday.

The agency quoted military sources as citing that terrorist groups were inflicted heavy losses in Damascus countryside and in Aleppo, Homs, Idleb and Daraa provinces.

The concentrated operations in the heart of al-Mliha town resulted in crushing more than 13 terrorists, mostly non-Syrians, and making major advances on the town, which is located southeast of Damascus.