The army stages fresh series of operations against terrorists

Provinces, (ST)-The Syrian Arab army on Wednesday started a new round of mop-up operation against terrorist  groupings in various cities across Syria.

In Lattakia countryside,the army units killed and injured dozens of terrorists most of  them affiliated to the "Islamic State of Iraq and Levant" (ISIL)terrorist gang.

"the army targeted terrorists' hideouts in the areas of Dorshan, Nawwara, al-Kaber, Otaira, al-Furlug and al-Amleek, killing scores of terrorists, many of them of non-Syrian nationalities, and destroying a number of warehouses, "a military source told the state-run news agency SANA.

The army destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun in the area of Salma and killed three terrorists and injured others in the town of Doreen. And eliminating four suicidal terrorists who tried to infiltrate al-Nabi Ashe'a Mount.

Terrorists also sustained heavy losses in Kansiba town and al-Furluq reserve.

In Damascus and Damascus countryside, a unit of the army discovers a tunnel in Harasta and  makes significant advance  in pursuing terrorists in Barzeh

Elsewhere, an official source said that units of the army destroyed terrorists' cars loaded with weapons and munitions at al-Batra to the east of al-Rahiba, north of Jabadeen , east of Deir Atteih and in south-west of Adra.

Back to the tunnel, an official source told SANA that a 200-meter-long and 15-meter-deep tunnel was discovered underneath Damascus-Homs Highway .

A number of terrorists were killed  in al-Qaboun,Jobar,Zamalka ,al-Delbeh ,Hijjera ,al-Sbeineh ,Rima farms in al-Nabek farms .

In another notable development, a military source said that the army regained security and stability to al-Buwaida area.

In  Hama countryside,an official source said that army units destroyed dens for terrorists with the weapons and ammunition inside in the villages of Kissin, al-Ghajar and Akrab in Homs countryside.

Scores of terrorists have also been killed and injured in an armed confrontation between two terrorist groups on the road linking the villages of al-Sultanieh and Salam Gharbi in Job al-Jarrah east of Homs. 


Halaqi: Syria Reconstruction Continues by National Hands , Expertise.

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE,(ST)_ Prime Minister Dr. Wael  al-Halaqi yesterday  inspected services provided  in  Damascus International Airport , Tishreen  electric power generation  station and the educational complex in Qudsia  suburb of Rural Damascus .

The prime minister  talked to reporters  about the increasing number of passengers trafficking  to and from  the Syrian territory via the ground and air compared to the beginning of the crisis, noting that Damascus International Airport continues to provide  services and facilitate the arrival and departure procedures and that the  rehabilitation of the passenger terminal at the airport is  under implementation by national companies .

He gave his directives to  organizational and management staff at the airport to provide more facilities for travelers and simplify entry and exit  procedures , pointing out that the road to the airport is  safe and air traffic is  continuous  and growing daily and that all claims by  misleading satellite channels  on  the closure of airport , or that the road to it is  unsafe are categorically untrue .

The Prime Minister explained  that Tishreen Electricity generation station , which is one of the largest complexes in Syria , and  the most important in the southern region feeds five provinces ,  and  generates about  1100 MW , noting the employees  seriousness  in controlling  work around the clock.

Premier al-Halaqi  also indicated that Qudsia educational  compound  is a culmination of a  distinct  effort of both the government and the civil society ,and  is the first compound to host affected citizens  who had  left the  homeland  , especially those coming from Lebanon ,comprises about 4 thousand people , given all  requirements of a decent life , especially during  the Eid.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Government, in collaboration with civil society and international organizations provide everything that would raise  the level of services and citizens standard of living  and that the process of reconstruction in Syria continues despite the repercussions of the crisis , by Syrian money , hands  and expertise.

He  renewed his call for the displaced Syrians abroad to return home and participate in its  reconstruction ,  pointing to the actions taken by the government in terms of securing temporary accommodation centers , pending  the re- restoration of their areas that they  were expelled from , at the hands of terrorist groups.

The  Prime Minister provided  the children of martyrs and their families in the educational complex with symbolic gifts ,  hoping to achieve  further  security and stability and maintaining victory , thanks to  the successive victories  of the Syrian Army that would restore the nation 's  sovereignty and stability , stressing  the determination of the Syrian people to overcome the crisis .

The Prime Minister was accompanied on his tour by the  Deputy Prime Minister for Services and  Minister of Local Administration  Omar  Ghalaounji , Electricity Minister Imad Khamis , Minister of Transport , Mahmoud Saeed and the Governor of  Rural Damascus Hussein Makhlouf.


T. Fateh

Defense Minister: victory inching closer

DAMASCUS, (ST) _ "actually, enemies and friends alike have recognized the Syrian people's victory, "underscored  Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij .

Al-Freij was speaking during a field visit to one of the military formations to inspect the soldiers' situation and circumstances, wishing them a happy Eid Al Adha.

The defense minister told the military formations that  President Bashar al-Assad is proud of their  heroic deeds in the war against the vicious conspiracy.

''victory inching closer thanks to the resolve and bravery of our soldiers and the martyrs' sacrifices,'' underlined al-Freij.


Gen. Ayoub visits injured army personnel on Eid Al Adha

Chief of the General Staff of the Army and Armed Forces, Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub paid a visit to the injured army personnel at Martyr Youssef al-Azmah hospital in Damascus on the occasion on Eid Al Adha, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Gen. Ayoubwas quoted as saying:"the heroics of the Syrian army will make the victory".




For their part, the injured personnel expressed readiness to do their utmost  to preserve the dignity of the homeland.

Meanwhile, military commanders on Tuesday paid visits to the martyrs' tombs and laid wreathes of flowers on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad on the occasion of Eid Al Adha.


Syrian army smashes terrorists in Damascus Countryside


Provinces, (ST)- "the army units on Tuesday eliminated armed terrorist groups in Rima farms, al-Nabek, Yabrood, west of Qara, Adra, west of Jarajer in Damascus countryside and destroyed cars equipped with heavy machineguns, "a military source told a local media.

Elsewhere, the army continued its advances in a series of operations killing and wounding countless number of terrorists.

In another development, mortar shells fired by  terrorists were landed at the residential area of al-qanawat in Damascus causing the injury of four citizens.

Terrorists also targeted  the Lady Church and Constantine and Helena Church in Yabroud in Damascus Countryside with two explosive devices .No causalities reported.

Earlier, the armed terrorist groups targeted many Christian and Muslim worship places, especially the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, al-Omari Mosque in Daraa and al-Latin Church in Deir Ezzor.

In Daraa, "the army units destroyed terrorists' gatherings and dens with all weapons inside in Busr al-Harir, Nawa, Tafas, Atman, farms surrounding Tafas and Da'el in Daraa countryside, "according to a military source.

In Idlib and Aleppo,the army units destroyed two cars loaded with weapons and ammunition north Hamimeh and three others on al-Kastello axis, north of al-Nairab airport and east of Haritan, killing all terrorists inside the cars.

Other  cars were destroyed in Binnish and Sarmin in Idleb countryside as terrorists' groupings were hit in the area surrounding al-Arba'en mountain, Ma'rplait, Binnish, Sarmin, al-Shoiha, al-Majas al-Huteh and around Abu al-Dhour.


Halaqi: Providing all Guarantees for Returning Displaced Syrians

 Damascus, (ST) _Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi  stressed that return of the displaced Syrians is an evidence of their cling  and love  to their homeland as to contribute to the rebuilding of renewable Syria .

The Prime Minister told reporters yesterday during an inspection tour on Jdedit  Yabous border center that the aim of the tour on this important border crossing, which is one of the main border crossings with brotherly Lebanon is to be acquainted with actions taken to facilitate and simplify procedures for citizens coming to Syria or departing from it .

The prime minister indicated that the growing movement of arrivals from Lebanon  was the result of gradual stability of the security situation in all Syrian governorates  and the exposure of the reality of  the conspiracy hatched against our country and the great achievements realized by the Syrian Arab Army , coupled  with the government's measures  at both the service and the economic levels  and the provision of all the requirements of citizens' living conditions.

The prime minister renewed the call  for displaced  citizens abroad to return to the homeland noting that Syria can accommodate all , and that the government is providing  all security , legal, and administrative guarantees  and simplifying  procedures to ensure the return of all the Syrians to the bosom of the  country, in addition to securing temporary residence for those affected , noting what happened two days ago  temporary accommodation centers for thousands of people , mostly women and children were secured for civilians got out of al-Madameya area.

The prime minister  pointed out that Syria is making its  way to a brilliant victory, thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the sacrifices of the valiant army , in carrying out    every day epics of heroism and sacrifice in the face of global  war being waged against our country and our people.

For his part, Minister of Finance Dr. Ismail Ismail said that the facilities provided at the border  centers for those coming to Syria and  the returning displaced people , are but  "Permanent procedures and not confined to the Eid al-Adha  holiday ," pointing to the increasing numbers of returning to Syria compared  to the number of departing persons during the recent period , particularly through Jdedit Yabous  center with  Lebanon.

He explained that the tour aims to follow the procedures provided to citizens and simplify the way to get the citizens' satisfaction and acceptance .

Participated in the tour were  Interior Minister Major General Mohammad al-Shaar,  Governor of Damascus Hussein Makhlouf and the Secretary of the Damascus branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Mohammed Bakhit . 

More food supplies and oil derivatives  for  Aleppo in the coming days


In a telephone call with the Syrian Arab TV last night the Prime Minister confirmed  that, after the road to Aleppo was opened , thanks to the successive  victories of the  Syrian Arab army against  armed terrorist groups ,  the government began sending convoys containing requirements for  both the  supply and health sectors and oil derivatives, pointing out that more aid  baskets ,food supplies and oil derivatives will be sent  to Aleppo in the coming days .

He explained that the Higher Relief Committee has over the past few months run a group of trucks loaded with food baskets  to Aleppo in spite of all the challenges and difficulties experienced by the city,  due to the criminal practices of armed terrorist gangs .

Halaqi added that  : Aleppo history, geography and ancient industry are targeted , noting that the government accorded  great  interest to the city on the basis of a political and strategic goal which  is to achieve security and stability on the entire national territory.

" We communicate with all activists  and events in order to secure more cars and tankers to transport all the needs to the people of Aleppo," the prime minister stressed ,  pointing out that the Ministry of Health is committed to ensuring all requirements of this sector of preventive or therapeutic  medicines . 

T. Fateh 

President Al-Assad Performs Adha Prayers

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad performed Eid Al-Adha Prayers at Hassiba Mosque in Damascus.

Chairman of the Levant Scholars, Sheikh Mohamad Tawfiq Al-Bouti, delivered the Prayers ceremony, citing the sublime meanings of Eid Al-Adha and the importance of amity, and fraternity among the people of the homeland.

Sheikh Al-Bouti underscored the need for restoring the correct understanding of Islam, the religion of tolerance, amity, moderation and unity and never of division and extremism, highly lauding the role of the Syrian hero Army, who have exerted every effort  and sacrificed their blood in defence of Syria and the Nation.

H.E. President Al-Assad was embraced by the crowds of Syrians following the Prayers.

Syria's top officials from the State, Party, as well as several members of the People's Assembly, and crowds of citizens, Syria's Grand Mufti and men of Islamic religion performed the Prayers along with President Al-Assad. 


President Al-Assad receives congratulation cables on Eid al-Adha

DAMASCUS, (ST) – President Bashar Al-Assad received on Thursday a cable from First Religious Judge of Damascus Mahmoud al-Mirawi .

In his cable,al-Mirawi said that the Religious Court in Damascus announced that Tuesday October 15th is the first day of Eid al-Adha.

President al-Assad also received a congratulatory cable from Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, Justice Minister Najm al-Ahmad and Grand Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ahamad Badreddin Hassoun.