Syria Categorically Rejects GCC's 'Provocative' Statement

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has censured the final statement released at the end of the summit of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) held in Kuwait, saying that it includes fabrications and lies produced by 'those who have the Syrian people's blood on their hand'.

It has categorically rejected the GCC's statement, stressing that the Syrians-made political solution is the only way out for the ongoing crisis in the country.

The rejection was made in a statement issued today by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

The ministry declared that the final statement of the GCC' summit contains lies and fabrications made by those who support and fund the Takfiri thought and terrorist groups that are shedding the Syrian people's blood.

'Crocodile tears'

It made it clear that Saudi Arabia, which is a member of the GCC, is mainly involved in shedding the Syrian people's blood and destroying the state.

"Feign crying over the Syrian people's suffering is but crocodile tears shed after killing the victim and it won't veil the reality of their [ those who are involved in shedding the Syrian people's blood] conspiracy against the people," the ministry said, reminding of the proverb: "Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at another."

It added that the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the provocative language of the GCC's statement on Syria as some members of the council are key players in supporting and practicing the Wahhabi Takfiri terrorism without moral, religious and human scruples  with blithe disregard for the international law.

"This proves the unprecedented involvement of these governments in the organized international terrorism," the ministry said.

It concluded by saying: "Syria reminds those who gathered in Kuwait that neither they nor others have anything to do with the Syrian people's aspirations and decisions. Only the Syrian people have the right to select their leader and shape their future."


Basma Qaddour

Interior Minister: Takfiri thought contrary to all divine religions and faiths

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Interior Minister Gen. Mohammed al-Shaar stressed that the Takfiri Terrorist attacks on mosques and churches unmasked the Takfiri thought, which is contrary to all divine religions and faiths.

The minister pointed during his visit to Patriarch John X Yazigi Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox church at the premises of the patriarchate in Damascus that these criminal extremist groups who attacked Maloula 's sacred religious legacy that Syria is proud of , abducted nuns of Saint Takla Monastery and kidnapped two bishops in Aleppo and targeting scientists, intellectuals and others citizens "have nothing to do with Islam at all."

The Minister of the Interior indicated that what is happening in Syria is a colonialist Israeli scheme aims to sow discord in the region and weaken Syria, stressing that the cohesion of the Syrian people is stronger than all acts of murder and sabotage, carried out by these terrorist Takfiri killers.


T. Fateh

Venezuela, Cuba Voice Solidarity with Syria

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Venezuela's  Ambassador in Damascus Imad Saab  stressed that the aggression experienced by  Syria today is very similar to what had happened in Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution , especially the " poisoning media that the Syrians know well," reiterating that his country " will remain in solidarity with the Syrian people ."

In a solidarity gathering held by the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus,   in Dama Rose  hotel yesterday to form the Bolivarian revolution front, ambassador Saab  said  that the aim of the front is to emphasize and continue the  revolution and the political process initiated by the late President Hugo Chavez , referring to the revolution 's achievements in  promotion of democracy , social and economic development and justice .

Ambassador  Saab continued that the  Syrian state with all its components have remained consistent despite the crisis it undergoes since  two-and- a-half years  because the Syrian citizen is like the  Venezuelan citizen , being " anti -imperialist and lover of justice."

The ambassador pointed to the media , political and economic war  against  President Chavez during his rule and what happened in 2002 when he "  and the Venezuelans  were exposed to a military coup sponsored by the owners of the media backed by the  U.S. imperialists " and to the suffering of President Nicolas Maduro today by U.S. imperialism .

For his part, the Cuban ambassador in Damascus Vernado Peres Massa  said that Syria is the best place to form a front of solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution because it " stands , together with its  great people and  army in the first line of resistance , in defense of the  international law and the rights of peoples to choose their representatives ."

The ambassador emphasized that the Syrian people , who have been  subjected to unprecedented conspiracy  , are  giving an example to the whole world in sacrifice and resistance , considering the Syrian people as  fighting for the Cubans and Venezuelans .

Chairman of the Syrian Cuban Friendship Association , Dr. Abdel Nasser Shafee  said that the  victory of President Chavez, 15 years ago,  in the Venezuelan presidential election was a turning point in Venezuela 's modern history and the Bolivarian Revolution , stressing that Syria will remain in solidarity with Venezuela and its people and Revolution .

For his part, Secretary General of the Arab Socialist Movement , Ahmed Al-Ahmad indicated  the close relationship between  the Syrian people and peoples stand in the face of the American western imperialist project and  seeks to preserve its land and sovereignty , stressing solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution .

The first Secretary-General of the Syrian Unified  Communist Party Hnein Nimersaid that  the achievements of President Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution will remain inspirational to peoples and liberation movements in the world , stressing that Syria will be victorious in the war of barbarism it is facing,  as the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba triumphed and achieved  sovereignty and their  independent decision.

The debated  interventions emphasized support for the Bolivarian Revolution , the approach pursued by late President Hugo Chavez and the strong ties of friendship between  the two countries , the struggle for the preservation of sovereignty and national decision and challenging  conspiracies hatched by world imperialism .

The event was attended by several  parliamentarians ,youth and party activists  and  members representing the   Venezuelan and Cuban communities in Syria.

T. Fateh

Syrian Army Seizes Control Over Al-Nabek City

Provinces,(ST)-Army units continued operations against terrorist groups in several provinces, eliminating a number of terrorists and destroying their weaponry to restore security to the country.

On Monday, units of the armed forces seized full control over al-Nabek city in Damascus Countryside after a series of successful operations, a military source told a local media.

The source added that the army continued tracking down the terrorist groups in the farms surrounding the city.

Units of the armed forces eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group and destroyed their cars  in Tal al-Kharnoubeh to the northeast of al-Dmeir and in al-Maghar mount to the east of al-Rheibeh, as well as in the area surrounding the electricity Institute in Adra area in Damascus Countryside.

In Aleppo,  a military source told a local media that large numbers of terrorists were killed and injured in operations carried out in the neighborhood of al-Sukkari, al-Zubdiyeh, Salah-Eddin, al-Haidariyeh and al-Ashrafiyeh.

The terrorists' weapons and ammunitions were destroyed.

The source added that the army units destroyed terrorist groups' dens and killed all its members in the villages and towns of al-Sheikh S'eed, Abtin, Azzan, Khan Touman, al-Wedeihi and al-Lairamoun and the surrounding of Aleppo Central Prison and near al- Kindi Hospital.

Other units of the armed forces destroyed 6 of the terrorists' cars loaded with weapons and ammunition in al-Zurbeh village and 5 other cars in Abo Jabbar, Deir Hafer, Kafif and the industrial city.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured to the north of al-Mislmiyeh and to the south of Mare'a.

In Idleb, army units carried out a series of special operations in Sarmin area and Nahleh town in the countryside of Ariha, resulting in the elimination of armed terrorist groups and destruction of several cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.

In Homs province, units of the armed forces eliminated a number of armed terrorist groups in Bustan al-Diwan, al-Hola and the Old Town of Homs, killing all of the groups' members, including ones of  Saudi, Turkish and Libyan nationalities.

O. Al-Mohammad

Haidar: Solving the crisis in Syria Should Start with Halting Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Solving the crisis in Syria should begin with halting terrorism and drying its resources, stressed Ali Haidar, Minister of State for National Reconciliation.

Interviewed by the Syrian TV last night, Haidar reference should be clear to the countries which are supporting terrorism and interfering in Syria's internal affairs, because they are the same parties which hinder the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

"As we are proceeding towards a political process to solve the crisis in Syria and are talking about Geneva-2 conference, we need to start from the right place," said the minister.

He stressed that from the very beginning there was foreign and regional interference in the crisis in Syria in different forms, particularly by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Haidar reiterated that the letters sent by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the UN and the international Security Council on the Saudi regime's incessant and blatant interference in Syria's internal affairs constitute a good start in the rig

The direction aiming to hold countries sponsoring, funding and supporting terrorism, responsible for the bloodshed in Syria.

"We will not allow Geneva-2 Conference to present the Syrian issue, which is a crisis that can be solved by the Syrians themselves, as a Syrian dispute to achieve the interests and agendas of foreign countries," said Haidar.

He added that the international community takes part in the conference to provide a suitable environment for its success not to confiscate the Syrian people's opinion.

He pointed out that Syria and the Arab countries' experiences with the international community have been very since 1946.

H. Mustafa

National Reconciliation Committee Visits Damascus Churches to Affirm Syrians' National Unity

DAMASCUS, (ST) - In an initiative to affirm national unity among the Syrians, a delegation representing the People's Assembly's National Reconciliation Committee, visited a number of patriarchates and archbishoprics in Damascus to express solidarity with the kidnapped Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Archbishops of Aleppo Paul Yaziji and Yohanna Ibrahim as well as the abducted nuns of Tecla Monastery in Maaloula of Damascus countryside.

The delegation said that thanks to the Syrian people's awareness about the nature of the aggression which has been targeting their homeland and to their steadfastness in the face of the Zionist-Western scheme, the conspiracy was foiled and the values of fraternity, amity and tolerance were enhanced among components of the Syrian society aiming to confront the extremist Wahhabi takfiri mindset and the fragmentation attempts.


Acts of kidnapping and abduction have nothing to do with Islam

"The kidnapping of the two archbishops and the abduction of the nuns are inhuman acts which have nothing to do with Islam," stressed members of the delegation, pointing out that such crimes aim at distorting the image of Islam to serve foreign agendas.

Patriarch Youhanna X Yaziji of Antioch and All East for the Greek Orthodox, has asserted that "the values of tolerance, amity and fraternity will continue to be strong among the Syrians.

"Attacking the different worshipping places in Syria targets the Moslems and the Christians alike," Yaziji said, urging people of the homeland to adopt dialogue as a guarantee to preserve their national unity.

Other archbishops and metropolitans hailed the deeply-rooted state of religious and social coexistence in Syria, calling for maintaining the social diversity in the country as a source of strength.

For his part, Head of the National Reconciliation Committee at the people's Assembly Omar Osi said that the abduction of the two Aleppo archbishops and the Nuns of Tecla Monastery will strengthen the Syrian people's determination to cling to their national unity and to confront the unjust war waged against their homeland.

Syrians stand side by side to confront terrorism

"The Syrians from all spectra of society stood side by side to fight the foreign-backed terrorism targeting their country and to keep Syria united," Osi added.

Earlier in Beirut, Patriarch Gregorios III Lahham of Antioch and All East for Greek Catholic has affirmed that pressuring the countries which support armed groups in Syria and the issue of holding the international conference on Syria (Geneva-2) are main issues in the coming era.

He reiterated his call for the immediate release of the abducted Tecla monastery nuns and for their safe return to the church.

H. Mustafa         

Syrians Make Their Own Decisions: underscores al-Lahham

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, Speaker of the People's Assembly described what is going in Syria as the outcome of a deliberate political and military plan backed by armed takfiri groups funded by some media channels that spread sedition and hatred among religions.

"The armed terrorist groups were and are still shedding the blood of the Syrian people as a result of the fatawas that scholars are issuing every time," said al-Lahham at the 6th plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

Syria's participation in APA is indeed a dire need to find a political solution in Syria by seeking diplomatic efforts and forming a diplomatic front that could confront terrorism which is led by regional and Western countries.

He added that The Syrian government had introduced several measures through a number of amendments, laws and legislations to reach a political solution in Syria backed by a full comprehensive national dialogue.

"Syria will participate in Geneva 2 conference without any preconditions, asserting that the political solution is considered as a must to solve the ongoing crisis in Syria," underscored Lahham.

He also referred to the opposition that urged a military intervention to execute the foreign scheme.

"Syria is facing and exposing the armed terrorist groups for more than two years because of the countries that collect all takfiris from all over the world and facilitate their entry to wreak havoc in Syria. Those countries who funded terrorism could not be further from democracy, violating the human rights and the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1373," indicated al-Lahham.

Syrians are the only one to decide their right in the future through dialogue and the ballot box, not the mercenaries who come from 83 countries to plant and breed terrorism in Syria, affirmed al-Lahham.

Stressing the importance of bolstering co-operation and co-ordination among Asian parliaments and the active role they will have in combatting terrorism.