President Al-Assad : intellectual steadfastness very important to combat foreign schemes


DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the  intellectual steadfastness is very important to combat  the foreign schemes and changes targeting the states and peoples of the Arab and Islamic world alike, underscoring  that the role of nationalist elites, forces and gatherings is crucial in consolidating the thought of Resistance at the popular bases,"said President Bashar Al-Assad.

 President Al-Assad's remarks came during a meeting  held on Saturday  with the delegation of the Arab and Islamic Rally for  Supporting  Resistance, headed by its Secretary-General Yehya Ghaddar.

The meeting dealt with the latest developments at  the Arab and Islamic arenas, particularly in Syria.

Members of the delegation reviewed the forum's agenda  which was organized by the Rally  in Beirut under the title "Supporting Syria against U.S.-Zionist aggression, Arab Reactionary and Terrorism".

" the steadfastness and awareness of the Syrian  people and army have  foiled all plots and schemes aimed at targeting its pioneering role in the Resistance, adding that the time has come for all Arab and Islamic peoples to shoulder their national responsibilities to boost Syria's steadfastness which is achieving victories and contributing to the prevention of dangers against Syria and all Arab and Islamic peoples, "members of the delegation underlined.


1 killed , 11 injured in terrorist attack in Damascus




DAMASCUS, (ST)- A mortar shell fired by terrorists claimed the life of a girl and wounded 11 passersby on Saturday near Dar al-Salam School in Damascus

" the shell caused material damage to the supermarkets and a number of cars in the scene,"a source at Damascus Police Command said.



" another mortar shell landed over a building in al-Najmeh Square in Damascus, causing material damage, "added the source.


Syrian Arab army mops up al-Dyabeyeh town, raids terrorists' vehicles

PROVINCES,(ST)_Units of the armed forces are mopping up the two areas that were recently cleansed of terrorists in Damascus countryside and have repelled infiltration attempts into safe areas in Aleppo and Homs provinces and further destroyed vehicles in Daraa, Idlib and Quneitra provinces.

According to military source, the mopping up operation in al-Dyabeyeh town in southern Damascus countryside resulted so far in discovering a conduit containing booby-traps plus confiscating Turkish-made cell phones, Jordanian passports, Palestinian document, military maps of Damascus countryside and a quantity of materials used in making bombs.

40-hour-long operation

On Wednesday, the armed forces imposed control over Al-Dyabeyeh and al-Hseneyeh towns after a 40-hour-long military operation during which hundreds of terrorists belonging to the so called 'Ahfad al-Rasoul', 'Hettin' brigade, 'Golan' brigade and al-Nusra Front died.

Tens of explosive devices, planted in towns' roads and homes, were defused and many terrorists were nabbed in the operation but the number was not reported.  

This strategic achievement will pave the way for restoring stability and security to the road linking Damascus- Sbeneh- Najha-and Sweida and clamp down on terrorists in the nearby towns of Hajjira and Bweida, a military source said.

As for operations in other areas in Damascus countryside, the official news agency reported that the armed forces wiped out armed terrorist groups in al-Qamo'a Hill in Yabroud area as well as in Khan al-Sheih, farms of Bet Jen and sheep market in al-Nabk area.

An unknown of terrorists perished in the said areas and in 4 areas- al-Qarabis, Bab Hod, al-Qosor, al-Dar al-Kabira- in central Homs province and in 10 areas in Idlib province.

Infiltration attempts

On the other hand, the armed forces thwarted terrorists' bids to infiltrate (from Lebanon territories) into al-Zara town outside Tal Kalkh in Homs province and into Salaheddin quarter in Aleppo city.

An official source announced names of 7 terrorists, mostly ringleaders, among the dead, in the past 28 hours, in the failed infiltration attempt into Salaheddin quarter in Aleppo province.

It noted that the armed forces destroyed many weapons-laden cars in Der Hafer, al-Jabbol, Eran, north the central prison, and on Aleppo-Raqqa road and on al-Kastillo road.

Quarrel between terrorists

The same province witnessed, according to locals, a quarrel between terrorist groups from al-Nusra Front in al-Helwaneyeh square and al-Indarat quarter where several terrorists perished.

Moving toward the south of the country, the armed forces reportedly eliminated many terrorists in Tal al-Mahs and destroyed vehicles for terrorists on Kafr Shams-Aqraba road outside Daraa province and al-Morabba'at area, to the north-west of Tal al-Hara outside al-Quneitra province.

Terrorist attacks

In a separate incident, at least a woman was wounded in a detonation of an explosive device- planted by terrorists- in al-Nasera quarter in al-Hassaka city.

Locals of the quarter arrested the terrorist who had planted the explosive device and surrendered him to competent authorities, a source at al-Hassaka governorate said.

While in Homs province, it was said that the terrorists fired shells and rockets on Joret al-Shayah quarter and towns of al-Mekhatareyeh and al-Ashrafeyeh causing material damages. No casualties reported.


Syrian Arab army advances in Quneitra and eliminates 119 terrorists--- shells hit Jaramana and RPGs hit Aleppo and Homs


PROVINCES,(ST)_Hundreds of foreign-backed terrorists, some belonging to al-Nusra Front and the so-called the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant', have been eliminated , as successive advances have been scored by the armed forces on three fronts in 48 hours.

Today, the official news agency said that the armed forces imposed control over Oqania and Ein al-Beda towns and the surrounding farms in Quneitra province in the wake of flushing out terrorist groups there.

It added that various types of rockets and 24 boxes containing munitions were destroyed in the two towns, noting that terrorists carrying foreign nationalities were among the dead.

This advance comes a day after the restoration of stability and security to al-Hseneyeh and al-Dyabeyeh towns in  southern Damascus countryside and to 8 towns- alSfera, Barakeh, Jbeseyeh, Tata, Berj alRemayeh, alJafra, Jabal alRemman, al-Amereyeh and nearby hills- in Aleppo province.

Two days ago (on Tuesday), the armed forces restored stability and security to other 11 towns in Aleppo province.

The successive advance on the said fronts synchronized with eliminating hundreds of terrorists in an unrelenting crackdown operations everywhere.

Lattakia countryside

A military source said that the armed forces wiped out terrorist groupings and pounded hideouts belonging to al-Nusra Front in towns of al-Najeyeh and al-Derra in  northern Lattakia countryside where 71 terrorists died and 76 others injured.

Furthermore, 48 terrorists were killed and 51 others injured, mostly from the ISIL, when the armed forces raided groupings in al-Rabe'a and Droshan towns in the same province.

Two weapons-laden cars and arms dump were also destroyed in al-Najeyeh and al-Derra towns, according to the military source.

Damascus countryside

The terrorists lost more weapons in Damascus countryside as the armed forces carried out a series of operations in the heart of  eastern Ghouta, Duma, Hajjira, Sbeneh areas and on the outskirts of al-Hseneyeh and al-Dyabeyeh, al-Mleha, and Yabroud  areas.

Dozens of terrorists perished not only in the operations but also in clashes that raged between the armed forces and armed terrorist groups in Jobar, Zamalka, Harasta areas, to the north-east of Damascus, and in surrounding farms of Bet Jen.

Aleppo province

In northern Aleppo province, the armed forces bombarded cars loaded with arms for terrorists in 8 areas in the eastern countryside and thwarted terrorists' attempts to sneak into Salaheddin quarter and the Omayyad Mosque in the old city of Aleppo.

Elsewhere, it was reported that the armed forces eliminated dozens of terrorist groupings in more than 3 areas in southern Daraa province and in 4 areas outside Hama province as well as in 8 areas in central Homs province.


The armed forces also mowed down 5 terrorists in an ambush in al-Beq'a area in Iz'raa city in Daraa province and nabbed 4 terrorists in another ambush in al-Hassaka city.

Other 3 terrorists from al-Nusra Front died when a bomb-making factory was exploded in Nasib town in Daraa province.

A military source clarified that the factory was inside a two-storey home.

Terrorists kill 19 citizens and wound 44 others  

In a separate incident, terrorists fired mortar shells on Jaramana city, around 8km to the south-east of Damascus, killing 11 citizens and leaving 23 others wounded.

Three shells landed at the entry of Jaramana city while the fourth one landed near al-Ma'oneh Hospital causing serious damages at the scenes, according to an official source.

Earlier, the terrorists launched rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) on al-Insha'at quarter in Homs province and on al-Azameyeh area in Aleppo city.


At least 8 citizens were martyred and 21 others wounded in the two terrorist attacks.

Other two citizens (School students) were martyred and two others wounded when a booby trap- planted by terrorists- blasted in al-Mashtal quarter in Hama city.

Note: We use the term 'martyrdom' for citizens who are killed in terrorist attacks because they scarified something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of noble principles (for example: Homeland defense and rejection of terrorism..etc).

B. Qaddour

PA Delegation at the IPU Conference Explains Terrorist war against Syria

GENEVA-The People's Assembly (PA) Delegation taking part in the 129th International Parliamentary Union (IPU) Conference in Geneva held meetings with some participating delegations during which the Syrian side provided detailed information about the "systematic destruction" the Syrian institutions are being exposed to as a result of the armed terrorist groups' attacks. The delegation also explained the Syrian people's suffering caused by the terrorism of the takfiri groups and the mercenaries who keep killing and beheading citizens in Syria.

The PA delegation discussed with Andro Johnson, the Secretary General of the IPU, clarified Syria's stance on the topics listed on the agenda of the conference and explained Syria's political program to solve the crisis in the country within the framework of a political solution that meets the aspirations of the Syrians and guarantees their country's unity and sovereignty.

In another meeting with Secretary General of the Mediterranean's Parliamentary Society and Secretary General of the Arab Parliamentary Union Sergio Biazi, the Syrian delegation affirmed the role of regional organizations in confronting the danger of terrorism, preventing wars and solving internal conflicts diplomatically.

The Syrian delegation also handed the British House of Commons' delegation a letter from the People's Assembly hailing  the British House of Commons' rejection of the US and British threats of aggression against Syria. The Syrian side affirmed the importance of consolidating contacts between the People's Assembly and the British House of Commons to serve the interest of the citizens of the two countries.

The Syrian delegation also held talks with Parliamentarians from Iran, Cameron, Pakistan, France, Bolivia, Japan, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, Kuwait and Iraq on parliamentary cooperation, ways of combating international terrorism and on how to reactivate parliaments' role in pressuring their governments to prevent them from interfering in other countries' internal affairs. 

H. Mustafa

Urgent Humanitarian and Relief Aid to Aleppo Soon


DAMASCUS, (ST) – After the Syrian Arab Army had opened the main road to Aleppo and eliminated the armed terrorist groups, which used to prevent food and aid convoys from reaching the governorate, a batch of humanitarian assistance and foodstuffs is planned to be sent soon to the people of Aleppo.

In a statement to journalists following the Higher Relief Committee meeting on Wednesday, Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat said that part of the sum of money transferred by the Reconstruction Committee to the Higher Relief Committee was allocated to buying foodstuffs and to sending them soon to Aleppo, mainly to the most needed areas.

The minister pointed out that the international organizations were late in sending humanitarian assistance to Aleppo.

She stressed the government's keenness to ensure the safe return of displaced citizens to their houses through opening communication channels with the displaced families and providing them with temporary housing places until the reconstruction program starts.

For his part, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Husam Eddin Ala stressed the need to start mapping out Syria's Humanitarian Response Plan for the year 2014, urging full cooperation by all concerned parties.

H. Mustafa

Lahham, Halaqi: Syria is Fighting Terrorism on Behalf of the Whole World

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Parliament  Speaker Mohammed Jihad al-Lahham stressed  that the conspiracy Syria has experienced  is  targeting its security and stability and  is an integral part of series of schemes  prepared by the United States and its Western allies against many of the world 's anti - colonial policies countries,  based on plundering  peoples  wealth and controlling  their resources.

During a meeting yesterday with a  French Lawyers delegation, Lahham noted  that Syria , since more than two years  has been facing  armed takfirist Wahhab terrorist  groups and facing an unfair  economic war and a  misleading media that seeks to distort facts , events, and falsification of facts ,indicating that attempts to block the Syrian National  media channels aimed to hide the crimes of terrorists against the Syrian people and prevent the formation of an anti public opinion against  their most heinous massacres on the Syrian people.

He explained  that the armed terrorist groups backed by the United States and Western colonial and funded by some Arab reactionary countries continue  to destroy churches, mosques , oil  transportation pipelines,  railway lines and the theft of antiquities and looting   and smuggling Aleppo city grain silos and factories, to Turkey, stressing that the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their defiance of this global war were a result of their  faith in the homeland and adherence to their sovereignty and rejection of foreign dictations and interference in their  internal affairs.

He  also explained that the incitement against the Syrian state and accusing it of using chemical weapons in Damascus intended to justify any possible U.S. aggression against it,  in support of the armed terrorist groups which are beaten daily by the Syrian army.

For their part, members of the delegation said that their visit to Syria aims to see the truth closely away from the disinformation practiced by a number of Western media channels to serve their governments agendas , drifting behind personal interests , noting the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their sacrifices to maintain  their homeland and sovereignty.

Halaqi:  Syria derives its powers and sovereignty from cohesion of its  people , army and leadership

For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi  during a meeting yesterday with the  European jurist delegation  stressed that Syria is a country of civilizations , cultures , diversity and brotherhood , religious  fraternity and a crossroads of peoples  and that no  Takfiri thought  can destroy the structure of its  homogenized  society and culture, spanning thousands of years and will remain an inspirational for new  and emerging  civilizations because it is the origin  of  all world Civilizations.


He called on  foreign  and Arab delegations that come to Syria to monitor what is happening on the ground and convey the truth  with realism and transparency to the  world public opinion and not to look to Syria as French, British and Turkish governments  do ,  through intervention in our internal  affairs " ignoring " we are an institutional independent  state that derives its powers and sovereignty from the cohesion of its people , army and leadership.

The  Prime Minister  assured that the Syrian people are the owner of the right to grant legitimacy  and had granted President Bashar Al- Assad legitimacy and that the Syrian government does not derive its legitimacy from foreign  dictates , stressing that Syria is an independent country, which builds itself by its potential and qualified national scientific ,technical and technological cadres  , who proved  excellence in various parts of the world wherever they exist .

He gave  detailed explanation about the reality of the crisis in Syria and the systemic  destruction inflicted by armed terrorist groups  which came  from 83 countries, including 14 European countries on  its economic infrastructure in a global war of  multi- military, economic, political and media components against the state and the people in order to destroy and weaken the capabilities of the Syrians and the attempts of  these groups  to spread terrorist takfirist  and Salafi thought s, noting that thanks to the army solidarity and insistence to  defending the homeland ,  heavy losses were inflicted on terrorist groups .

The Prime Minister pointed out that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world and that the  continued support of some European countries to armed groups will rebound on them  , a fact  confirmed by the Coordinator of Terrorism  affairs  in the European Union.

He pointed that the government is  drawing plans and programs for the reconstruction phase , and continues to enact legislations that touch the lives of citizens and immunize them against the takfiri cultural invasion , reiterating Syria support for all international political  initiatives , including the Geneva Conference 2 without preconditions.

The meeting dealt with mechanisms to open channels of communication with the Syrian expatriates and framing their work ,to provide the Arab  and foreign delegations with  documents about  the criminality and practices of armed terrorist groups and the mechanism of the contribution of world  human rights activists and journalists in the world to  face the war waged against Syria .

For their part, members of the delegation expressed  realization of the peoples of Europe to the size of the plot imposed  on Syria and the extent of distortion and misinformation which exercised against it  ,  their " resentment of the policies of their governments in supporting terrorists and their willingness to defend Syria in international  forums and l conferences " and to enlighten the world public opinion to reveal the facts ,  expressing appreciation for the will of the Syrian people in withstanding the crisis.


T. Fateh