Miqdad: Syria will Spare no Effort to secure Palestinian Needs in the Camps

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr Faisal Miqdad yesterday discussed with Director of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Anwar Abdul Hadi bilateral relations, latest developments in the region , and the situation in Syria and its consequences on the Palestinian camps.

Miqdad was briefed on the latest developments in the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, from Abdul Hadi , who noted that "the negotiations have not made any progress because of the Israeli intransigence," stressing the Palestinian people' consistent stand in "rejecting any Israeli presence on the Palestinian territory."

Abdul-Hadi indicated that "the PLO will spare no effort to end the crisis in the Yarmouk refugee camp for the return of residents to their homes," stressing his country's position in support of international efforts to hold an international conference on Syria Geneva 2 and resolve the crisis in Syria through dialogue among all components of the Syrian people .

For his part, Miqdad stressed Syria 's stand with the Palestinian people and support for the liberation of their land noting that Syria "will spare no effort to secure the needs of the Palestinians in the camps and for the return of Yarmouk refugee camp residents to their homes, especially the agreed upon initiative by all Palestinian factions of the Palestinian People 's Reconciliation Commission to settle the situation, repair the damage and compensate people at full speed. "

He pointed out that Syria is ready to attend the Geneva conference 2 unconditionally, noting that the most important goal is the "approval of all the attendees to fight against terrorism."


T. Fateh

Armed Groups' Horrible Massacre in Adra Condemned

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The horrible massacre committed by the armed terrorist groups against civilians in the city of Adra in Damascus countryside has been a source of condemnation by Moslem scholars and representative of political parties and labor institutions and trade unions.

Dr. Mohammad Tawfik al-Bouti, Head of the Levant Scholars Union, has urged the world and Moslems to adopt a decisive stance on the horrible crime committed in Adra against residents of workers buildings.

In a statement on Sunday, al-Bouti said that "this unprecedented crime will be written down in the black pages of history, because it was committed in the name of Islam aiming to distort its sublime meanings, values and instructions."

"How killers claim that they are Moslems, yet they do what beasts don't do," said scholar al-Bouti, stressing that those criminals are implementing enemies' schemes in destroying Syria.

For its part, the Ministry of Labor urged, in a message of protest, the International Labor Organization to condemn the terrorist acts committed by the armed takfiri groups against civilians in Adra and to pressure the governments and bodies which provide arms and financial support to these groups.

Barbaric Act

The Kurdish National Movement for Peaceful Change described the crime as a barbaric act which comes within the framework of the massacres which have being committed against the Syrian people over the past three years at Saudi and Turkish orders in implementation of a Zio-American agenda.

The International Federation of Arab Trade Unions stressed that Adra massacre is a completely condemned act banned by all religions and conventions and which is inconsistent with human nature and morals.

"This coward criminal act reflects how much hatred perpetrators have in their hearts and minds, the Federation's statement said, calling for pursuing the murderers and putting them on trial.

Iraq's Workers Union condemned the Crime committed in Adra by enemies of live and humanity. It stressed that the crime continues the coward terrorist acts being committed in Syria and Iraq.

Arabs' Socialists Movement held the countries, which provide terrorists in Syria with arms and money, responsible for the savage crime in Adra, stressing that such criminal acts serve only Imperialism and Zionism.

H. Mustafa

Supporters of Takfiri Wahhabi Mindset Should Be Blacklisted as Terrorists, Put on Trial: Al-Lahham

 DAMASCUS, (ST) - Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham has warned the world against the danger of the extremist takfiri Wahhabi mindset phenomenon prevailing in different parts of the world and called for preventing further spillover.

 Addressing speakers of the Arab and foreign parliaments, al-Lahham explained the serious threat this phenomenon poses to the security of countries of the region and the entire world. He affirmed Saudi Arabia's involvement in supporting the armed terrorist groups which have been committing daily crimes against innocent people in Syria.

"This cancer-like phenomenon has grown clearer during the crisis in Syria. It has revealed to what extent Saudi Arabia has been involved in disseminating the sedition and takfiri mindset invading the world and which has claimed thousands of lives," al-Lahham said, stressing that this Saudi behavior is a blatant violation of human values and an unprecedented distortion of tolerant Islam which is based on amity and respect.

The PA Speaker clarified that despite international efforts to enhance the dialogue of civilizations and to promote tolerance, amity and respect among religions, some parties are keen to undermine human values and disseminate hatred and the culture of killing others only because they are different in belief or opinion.

"Some countries with UN and international parliamentary membership, work hard to systematically promote the extremist takfiri wahhabi thinking either through their consulates abroad or through preachers or books taught to children and teenagers who are easy to exploit," al-Lahham said.

He urged international parliaments and cultural institutions to unify efforts in the confrontation of this terrorist mindset and its promotion means which encourage takfiri ideas and sow in the minds of the young generation the seeds of suicide and bloodshed in the name of Islam.

Al-Lahham called for blacklisting the names of all "men of religion" who issue takfiri and inciting fatwas against other religions, as terrorists, and urged putting them on trial.

He also urged countries and publishing houses to prevent printing, publishing or circulating books promoting takfiri Wahhabi ideas.

H. Mustafa        

Participants in International Youth Festival Voice Solidarity with Syria

Quito– Participants in the 18th International Youth and Students Festival, which recently concluded its activities in the Ecuadorian Capital, Quito, voiced their solidarity with the Syrian people in their confrontation of global terrorism.

In their statement on Saturday, the youths and students condemned the direct and indirect Imperialist foreign intervention in the Syrian internal affairs and the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist takfiri groups against the Syrian people.

They called for an immediate lifting of the unjust sanctions imposed by western countries against the Syrian people targeting their steadfastness in the confrontation of the foreign-backed takfiri groups.

They also affirmed the need to attain a political solution to the crisis in Syria and urged the Syrians to holding national dialogue as the only way out, calling for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan.

H. Mustafa

Supporting Terrorism in Syria a Crime

Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, asserted that Syria has been exposed to a foreign aggression by armed terrorist groups targeting all  Syrians and every component of the Syrian State.

Interviewed by the Syrian Satellite TV, Minister al-Zoubi, pointed out that the terrorist groups have perpetrated heinous crimes against all Syrians in the city of Adra, about 30 kilometers from Damascus.

Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the Syrian national media is encountering the terrorist attacks against Syria by all available tools and shoulder to shoulder with the brave heroes of the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces.

More than 75 percent of the terrorists in Syria are non-Syrians, declared Minister al-Zoubi, blasting the Saudi Takfiri support and backing to terrorists fighting the Syrians.

Minister al-Zoubi underscored that the most important item on the agenda of the proposed Geneva 2 is the combating of terrorism, hoping that Geneva 2 would be the opportunity to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to stop their backing to terrorists.

Those who support terrorism in Syria are criminals according to international law and the resolutions pertaining to terrorism combating , underlined Minister al-Zoubi.



Army kills non-Syrian terrorists

PROVINCES, (ST)- Units of the armed forces  continued on Saturday  their massive operations against terrorists in several areas , killing lots of them including non-Syrian terrorists  and their  vehicles, weapons and munitions were  destroyed.

Army units killed numbers of terrorists, including a Saudi and a Libyan, in the framework of special operations that targeted terrorists' groupings  in several areas in Damascus Countryside, including in the surrounding of Adra city Adra.

Other army units destroyed a terrorists' den near Aqil Mosque in Harasta city, in the farms of al-Shifouniyeh, Alieh and al-Ebb in Douma city , Yabroud and in the farms of al-Dmeir.

Abdul-Rahman al-Ghadamseh from Libya was identified among the dead, in addition to Ayham Ammoureh and Mohammad Esheish.

Elsewhere, a Saudi terrorist named Abdullah al-Dousari was identified among many other terrorists killed in Daraya city.

In Damascus city, an army unit hunted down a terrorist group in al-Qaboun neighborhood and killed one of its members named Anas Shahoud.

In Aleppo and its countryside,lots of terrorists were eliminated and their cars- loaded with weapons and ammunition and fitted with heavy machineguns-were destroyed  in  the vicinity of Aleppo Central Prison, al-Kindi Hospital and the Journalists Association in Khan al-Assal , al-Mansoura, Abtin,Al-Bab-Aleppo road, Handarat camp, al-Owijeh, Erbid ,Kwairis,Tall Zarzour, north of Tayyara village, in the neighborhoods of al-Zabdieh, al-Jandol, al-Haidariya and Sheikh Saeed .


Mother Agnes Warned against Systematic Expulsion of Christians from Syria

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Team Leader of  the Catholic Information Center Mother Agnes Mary al-Saleeb stressed  that  nuns of  Mar Takla monastery who were abducted by armed terrorist gangs from  Maloula are kidnapped , rather than being  held.

In  a radio interview yesterday , mother Agnes said that , "The  broadcast video, which had shown the nuns   constituted in  itself a media scandal, adding that there is always a tendentious TV channels that stand beside  such operations."

She added:  "This is against the profession  and human rights.  I am surprised  that no one  raised the voice to ask a media as such  to refrain from inciting crime and kidnapping," noting that the nuns were forced to speak in this way and  that the biggest proof on  that they are forced is the  disappearance of the Cross from  their chests . "

Mother Agnes indicated that there is a systematic  expulsion of  Christians in Syria from their own country and hometown,  because there are villages that were not taking a position concerning  the war of aggression against Syria and were  invaded,  revealing that the issue  has become global and there is a systematic program and a will hidden by a global  external cover to erase the traces of ancient civilizations in the region for  evil motives..

One  armed terrorist group attacked earlier this month the monastery of Mar Takla  in Maloula of Rural Damascus and detained the head of the monastery Lagia Sayyaf and several  nuns who work in the convent and its affiliated orphanage,   and  carried out acts of killing and destruction in the city.

The Vatican Pope Francis made an appeal for the release of the nuns and all the people who were kidnapped in Syria.


T. Fateh