Panic and confusion among terrorist organizations in Idleb, Hama, Daraa

Panic and confusion have prevailed among terrorist organizations in Idleb, Hama and Daraa provinces due to the losses they have been inflicted during the recent airstrikes carried out by Russian air forces in cooperation with Syrian ones.

Local sources  in Idleb and Hama provinces confirmed that panic and confusion broke out among al-Nusra Front terrorists after the destruction of many of their arms depots and command centers during the intensified airstrikes in jesr Es-Shougur , Maaret al-No'aman, al-Latamneh, Kafer Zetta and in the eastern countryside of Salameyeh.

Two cars laden with 800kg of explosives seized east of Homs city

HOMS,(ST)_The competent authorities seized two cars loaded with around 800 kilograms of explosives in Sadad town, about 60 km east of Homs city, according to the Syrian television channel.

The TV channel's reporter quoted a source in the province of Homs as saying that the two cars were coming from al-Qaryateen town to be exploded by remote control after driving them into safe areas in Homs city.

Justice Minister to French Delegation: Syria to Sue States Supporting Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Minister of Justice Najm Hamad al-Ahmad has stressed that “Syria will sue the countries which have supported terrorism”.

The minister made the remarks during his meeting with a French delegation visiting Syria to discuss the situation in the country and be briefed on developments on ground particularly after the gains achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in confrontations with the terrorist organizations.

Al-Zoubi: Effectiveness of Russia’s raids in Syria worries the West


DAMASCUS – Minister of information Omran al-Zoubi said the effectiveness of the air raids carried out by the Russian army in Syria have driven the armed terrorist groups and their backers crazy while they remained silence when the US announced its coalition which supposedly aimed at targeting the ISIS in Syria.

Syrian army kills hundreds of terrorists in Aleppo, as Russian airstrikes destroys ISIS command centers plus arms depots in Idleb and Raqqa

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has killed hundreds of terrorists and destroyed 25 vehicles for them in Aleppo province, as Russian airstrikes destroy terrorists' command centers and arms caches in Idleb and Raqqa.

According to a military source, Syrian warplanes bombed ISIS sites in Hmimeh and Em al-Amad town in the eastern countryside of Aleppo in parallel with carrying intensified operations against ISIS terrorists in towns of Der Hafer, Tridem, Blat, Tal Sabee, al-Jadedeh, Ein Saeb, Tallet al-Shawaya and al-Sheikh Ahmad in the same province.

10 wounded in terror attacks in Quneitra and Damascus countryside

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least 10 persons were wounded today in terror attacks in Damascus countryside and Quneitra.

A source in Quneitra province said that terrorists fired 10 rockets from al-Samdaneyeh al-Gharbeyeh and Em batneh towns on al-Baath city, wounding 3 persons and causing damage to 10 cars.

Terror blast at traffic light in Homs city

HOMS,(ST)_Terrorist blast killed one person and wounded 21 others in Homs city, the official news agency (SANA) reported Sunday.

The agency quoted a source in the city of Homs as saying that terrorists exploded a car bomb at the traffic light on a road linking al-Zahraa and al-Mowasalat quarters, killing one person and wounding 21 others.