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Foreign Ministry: Generous support for terrorist organizations contributes to continued terrorists’ crimes

DAMASCUS - Syria reaffirmed its determination to continue to combat terrorism, calling on the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to condemn the recent terrorist attacks on the city of Aleppo and to shoulder their responsibilities in combating terrorism and drying up its sources.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the UN Security Council on Thursday, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the terrorist organizations targeted on the 7th and 9th of December the city of Aleppo with random shells, claiming the lives of dozens of citizens and injuring many others, SANA reported.

Over 100 terrorists killed in Hama and Idleb, more killed in other areas

Provinces – The army units and air force targeted terrorist organizations’ positions in various areas on Thursday, destroying their headquarters and vehicles and killing dozens of terrorists, SANA reported.

Hama /Idleb

An army unit fired on movements of vehicle convoys for ISIS in al-Maakar al-Shamali village, northeast of Salamiyeh city in the countryside of the central Hama province.

Shaaban: Syrian-Russian Relations Achieved Great Development after Cooperation in Terrorism Fighting

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian-Russian relations have witnessed great development after cooperation between the two countries in fighting terrorism and following the accelerating events in the region and the world, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban  has stressed.

Interviewed by the Syrian TV last night, Shaaban said “Russia’s history in the region is that of an ally not an occupier as it is the case with the Americans in Iraq and the Gulf.”

Syria’s internal opposition parties reject Riyadh Meeting

On December 9, most of Syrian internal opposition parties and groups held a meeting in the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus.

Al-Halaqi: Syria remains the defender of the Arab causes

Damascus - Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that despite what Syria is faceing, it will never give up on its national principles and Palestine remains its central cause and will always remain the real defendant of the causes of the Arab Nation.

During a meeting with Ambassador Anwar Abdul-Hadi, director of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) politburo, al-Halaqi stressed that Syria pays the price of its stances towards the nation , yet Syria will never deviate from its path and will continue defeating all challenges that the region witnesses especially the Zionist- American schemes, pointing out that the main aim of the terrorist war against Syria is weakening resistance axis of the Palestinian cause to serve the interests of the racist Zionist entity and its expansion at the expense of Arab Nation, SANA reported.

National opposition forces hold conference in Damascus

DAMASCUS - A conference for the national opposition forces held a conference on Wednesday with the participation of a group of opposition parties at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus.

Secretary General of the People’s Party, Sheikh Nawaf Tarad Al-Melhim affirmed that the conspiracies that have been targeting Syria for over five years are aimed at undermining its unity and territorial integrity but are making the Syrians cling stronger to their national unity, SANA reported.

The army establishes control over two mountains in Lattakia northern countryside

Provinces – The army continued advancing in the northern countryside of Lattakia where its units have established control over two mountains, while the military operations against terrorist organizations in other areas across the country are going on, SANA reported.


The army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, established control over Brendi and al-Rabia mountains in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, after killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons.