President Assad's top priority is Syrian citizen and the fight against terrorism, Minister al-Zou'bi

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Information Minister, Mr. Omran al-Zou'bi pointed out that the Syrian Government is all open for dialogue.

''President Bashar Assad's top priority is the Syrian citizen and the fight against terrorism and we all have to help in this respect,'' said Minister al-Zou'bi to Syrian TV presenter, Alisar Moa'la.

Following are the main topics and statements highlighted by Minister al-Zoubi during his live interview with Syrian TV this evening:       

There is ongoing escalations in the attacks against Syria, whether media attacks or military attacks and based on intelligence information from the terrorists themselves.
Syria is under attack because of what Syria is.
Syria has been throughout ages since the evacuation of the French colonials an obsession for many, the people of Syria are masters and free in general.

Syrian army wards off attacks on military posts, kills large numbers of terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has repelled terrorist organizations' attacks on military posts in and outside Daraa city and has killed large numbers of al-Nusra Front and ISIS terrorists in Aleppo and in the countrysides of Homs, Damascus, Sweida,  Aleppo, Hama and Idlib.

A military source declared today that army units killed 7 al-Nusra Front terrorists and destroyed 3 vehicles belonging to them in al-Yadodeh town in the southwestern countryside of Daraa.

Syria slams Friday's terror attack in Tunisia

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syria has slammed Friday's terrorist attack that targeted the brotherly country Tunisia, calling on the international community to adopt serious stances to counter terrorism.

The condemnation came in a statement released today by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.

Terrorists fire hundreds of rockets and gas canisters on Daraa city, killing 9 in 48 hours

DARAA,(ST)_Terrorist organizations fired today rockets on Daraa city, killing at least one person and wounding several others.

A source in the province of Daraa declared that a rocket, fired by terrorists, fell on the building of the General Establishment of Drinking Water, killing a worker and causing damage to the building.

Mikdad: Terrorists and their supporters are removed from any homeland, religion, or morals


Damascus – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that terrorists and their supporters are far removed from any homeland, religion, or morals, calling for stopping the funding, arming, and harboring of terrorists and holding the states responsible for terrorist actions accountable.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV on Friday, Mikdad said Syria has always opposed terrorism and warned against it and its spread to other Arab country time and again, adding that it’s not surprising that terrorist attacks took place on Friday in several states, particularly in Kuwait and Tunisia.

Information Minister: Defending Hasaka from terrorists is the duty of all its people

Damascus – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that defending Hasaka city from terrorists is the duty of all its people and the Syrian Arab Army, calling on all those who are capable to bear arms to defend the city.

In a telephone call with the Syrian TV, al-Zoubi said that army units, police forces, popular defense forces, and locals from Hasaka are positioned in the city to defend it, and that the situation in the city isn’t simple, stressing it’s unacceptable to let ISIS terrorists run amok and therefore everyone who is capable of bearing arms must do their part in confronting the threat of ISIS.

Damascus censures terror attack perpetrated by ISIS in Kuwait

Damascus has strongly condemned the terror attack that ripped through a mosque in Kuwait.

It described the terror act as a 'coward' act coming within the terrorist war being launched against the Arab and Islamic nations in particular and the world peoples in general.