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Syrian Arab Army Recaptures Gas Fields and Jabal al-Sha’er in Homs Countryside

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Army units have regained control of Jabal al-Sha’er and gas fields in the eastern countryside of Homs and have advanced on the strategic Mliha town in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

The fresh gain was made after a concentrated operation in the eastern countryside of Homs where large numbers of terrorists from the so-called the ’Islamic State’ were killed, the General Command of Army and Armed Forces said in a statement released on Saturday.

Several shells hit Damascus and Aleppo

PROVINCES,(ST)_At least a civilian was wounded by a mortar attack on al-Abbaseyen quarter in Damascus a day after shells killed almost 8 civilians in Aleppo and Damascus, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency said today that a civilian was wounded when two shells- fired by terrorists- hit al-Abbaseyen quarter in Damascus.

Syrian Arab Army Wards off ISIS Attack on Hassaka City, Redeploys in Raqqa

PROVINCES,(ST)_Army units have warded off an attack by hundreds of Arab and foreign terrorists affiliated to the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIS) on Hassaka city, as division 17 of the army in Raqqa province has been redeployed to confront the armed terrorist groups on the outskirts of the province.

According to the official news agency (SANA), the army units inflicted heavy losses on the ISIS-affiliated terrorists that tried to attack a garrison to the south of Hassaka province.

Lebanese Patriarch: International Community should Terminate war of Absurdity on Syria

BEIRUT,(ST)_ Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai stressed that the war imposed on Syria is absurd in victimizing the innocents, reiterating his call on the international community to work to end this war and the tragedy of the Syrian people who are exposed to violence and killings in their territory and homeland.

In a speech yesterday, al-Rai indicated that the exacerbated tragedy in Syria with the increasing number displaced Syrians, stressing that it is the duty of the Syrian brothers to solve their problems peacefully, at the support of the international community and friendly countries.

Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Saudi, Tunisian, Kuwaiti and Egyptian Mercenaries in Several Areas

PROVINCES,(ST)-Mercenaries of Saudi, Tunisian, Egyptian and Kuwaiti nationalities were among the terrorists killed in todays' operations outside Damascus, Daraa, Der Ezzour, Homs, Lattakia, Quneitra and Idleb provinces and in and outside Aleppo province.

According to the official news agency (SANA), the army units obliterated a hideout for terrorists in Erbin town outside Damascus where many mercenaries, mostly non-Syrian, died.

Shamkhani : Syria will triumph by wisdom of its leader, People steadfastness

TEHRAN,(ST)_ Secretary of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security, Ali Shamkhani stressed that the expansion of the scope of terrorism and worries of Western nations against threats arising from terrorists return to these countries is a sign of poor judgment on the part of those who are disseminating the sedition of terrorism in Syria, noting, "one who ignites the fire, would be doomed to the bottom of hell ".

This came yesterday during Shamkhani ‘s meeting with the speaker of the Syrian Parliament Mohammed Jihad al-Lahham, in the presence of the Syrian ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

Islamic inter- parliamentary union calls for supporting Palestinian resistance by all means

The Islamic inter-parliamentary union troika has called for supporting Palestinian resistance by all means to confront the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In the final statement released yesterday, the union also appealed for lifting the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and asked the international community to fulfill its role in halting the aggression and trying perpetrators of Israeli war crimes before the International Criminal Court.