Al-Moallem: President Putin Promised to Support Syria Politically, Economically and Militarily

MOSCOW, (ST)-Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Exptriates Walid al-Moallem, visiting Moscow, has stressed that he has got a promise from President Vladimir Putin of Russia to support Syria politically, economically and militarily.  

Al-Moallem, was speaking on Monday during a press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, said that President Putin told him that “there is a need to form a regional alliance to fight terrorism.”

Syrian army destroys car bomb in Hasaka, continues operations in southern and northern fronts

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has destroyed car bomb In Hasaka city and has continued to target terrorist organizations in the southern and northern fronts.

According to a military source, army units destroyed today a car bomb at Nashwa-Share’a bridge in Hasaka city and killed many of ISIS terrorists in al-Nashwa quarter and Villat al-Homr in the same city.

Haidar: Solving Crisis in Syria Needs International Concensus on Fighting Terrorism, Attaining Political Solution

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haidar has stressed that the solution of the crisis in Syria needs international will and decision to put an end to supporting and arming terrorists and to halt the flow of takfiri terrorists to Syria.

Meeting the South African President’s Envoy to the Middle East Zola Skweyiya and the accompanying delegation, Haidar affirmed the need for international consensus on political solution to the crisis in Syria, on fighting terrorism and on implementing related Security Council resolutions.

Mortar round fells in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_At least 3 persons were hurt when a mortar round, hit Umayyad Square in Damascus, a police command source declared Monday.

The source clarified that the mortar round, which was fired by terrorists, fell near Umayyad square tunnel.

Syria blames recent surge in terror attacks on international inaction over support for terrorism

Damascus - Syria blamed a recent surge in terror attacks against Syrian cities and a number of world cities on the international inaction over the support provided by certain countries to terrorist activities.

A wave of terrorist attacks has recently rocked Syrian cities including Daraa, Ayn al-Arab and others with the full backing of Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Elsewhere, Tunisia, Kuwait and Iraq have also come under similar attacks.

The dramatic spike in attacks is a “natural outcome” of the international silence over the conduct of the countries supporting terrorism which goes undeterred, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in two letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and president of the UN Security Council on Sunday.

Syrian army retakes hill in northeast Daraa, kills over 30 terrorists

PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has recaptured a hill in the northeastern countryside of Daraa and killed over 30 terrorists, a military source said Sunday.

The source clarified that army units recaptured today morning al-Sheikh Hsin hill in the northeastern countryside of Daraa in the wake of intensified operations against al-Nusra Front hideouts there.

Jordanian Regime Acknowledges its Hospitals Provide Treatment to Terrorists Injured in Syria


AMMAN, (ST) - Yousuf al-Tahat, Director of the Jordanian “al-Ramtha” Hospital acknowledged the death of four terrorists who were admitted to the hospital days ago after being injured in clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and the Terrorist groups in the Syrian southern city of Daraa. 

The acknowledgment came to confirm the persistance of the Jordanian regime in supporting the terrorist organizations in Syria and to reveal the role being played by the Jordanian government in the global war waged by western powers on Syria. It also uncovers the collusion between the Zionist occupation and the Jordanian government in backing the foreign-backed terrorist groups.